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The HENRY FERNIE departed Liverpool on 11 April, 1861 and arrived in Auckland, via Portsmouth and Cork, on 25 July, 1861, with Captain W Hamilton in command.



Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 26 July 1861, Page 2.


The fine clipper ship, "Henry Fernie," from Liverpool, 1549 tons register, W. Hamilton, commander, arrived here on the night of Wednesday, the 14th inst., from Cork, with about 700 troops on board, consisting of detachments from the 12th, 14th, 40th, 57th and 70th Regts, in charge of Capt. Rutherford. The "Henry Fernie" left Liverpool on the 11th April, Portsmouth on the 18th, and Cork on the 24th of that month. She reports having experienced very light winds to the equator, which, having sighted the Cape de Verd Islands on the 12th May, she crossed on the 28th day of her passage, in long. 25 W. The S E trades were also very light, and were cleared in lat. 22 S., long. 39 40" W., westerly winds being first got in lat. 23 S. On the 13th June she passed the meridian of Greenwich, in 42 S. Fresh westerly gales then ensued, till she arrived off the south coast of Van Dieman's Land, when she passed the meridian of Hobart on the 80th day out, having passed that of Melbourne the day previous. She then had heavy N.E. winds, for three days, and was driven as far as 50 S., after which, southerly winds pervading, she made a run of 1169 miles in 4 days. The Three Kings were sighted on the 88th day, and anchor was dropped on the 91st day from leaving Cork. The following is a list of those on board Captain Rutherford, 70th Regt. (in charge of troops) Mrs. Rutherford and infant, Staff-Surgeon I. H. Bews, Assist. Staff-Surgeon Everet, Rev. L. Parsley, R C. Chaplain 12th Regt. -- Lieut. Crawhall, 149 non-commissioned officers and men 14th Regt. -- Lieuts. Armstrong and Beamish, and 188 non-commissioned officers and men: 40th Regt. -- Ensigns Stack, Phillips, and Simeon, and 160 non-commissioned officers and men 57th Regt. Ensigns Barton, Powell, and Powys, and 107 non-commissioned officers and men 70th Regt. -- Lieut. Cay, Ensigns Bally, Greatwood, Whidboone, Cuppage, and 65 non-commissioned officers and men. The total amounted to 761 souls, including 69 women and children. Three births took place onboard and no death. Every care and attention has evidently been paid to the troops on board, and we believe that the encomium passed on the "Henry Fernie," by the Times, in April last, regarding her peculiar aptness for the service she has been engaged in, has been fully justified, The admirable arrangements for the comfort of those on board, the cleanliness of the ship, and the good health apparently enjoyed by all, speak largely in favour of the conduct of those to whom the management of affairs was entrusted. This ship is not the American built, and is the property of Messrs. Fernie Bros., Liverpool. She flies the famous "black ball" flag, and is the second ship of this line which has come to Auckland within the last four months. She proceeds to Calcutta, to complete her voyage.


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