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The HARKAWAY departed from Gravesend on 16 February, 1857 and arrived in Auckland on 31 May 1857. Captain Daniel W Stephens was in command.


Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 2 June 1857, Page 2


May 31 Harkaway, ship, 898 tons, Stephens from London.



First Cabin:

Mr. Alfred Griffiths

Mrs. Griffiths

Mr. John William Lewis

Mrs. Lewis

Master Henry Lewis

Mr. William Battersby

Mr. Wm. Oliver

Mrs. Oliver


Hugh Fraser

William Ackland

John Draper

Captain Y. T. Mairis

Mrs. Mairis

Master Valentine P. D. Mairis

Misses Mary and Florence Brownlow

Mr. Frederick Jones

Mrs. Jones

Mr. Philip Herapath

Mrs. Herapath


George Hancock

John Daley

Charles Crawford

Frank Stanley

William C. Johnson

Mrs. Parker and infant

Mr. Topp, surgeon


Second Cabin:


Joseph F. Woolley

Mark E. Shuttleworth

Charles Abbott

Edwin Owen Nicholas



Elizabeth Banks

George Curtis

Arthur Curtis

Michael Faye

Hannah Reirdon

Daniel Reirdon

Charles A. Goodall

John Brown

Thomas M. Roberts

Jane Roberts

Mary Roberts

Joseph W. Parkins

Mary Hardy (servant to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver)

Summary: Chief Cabin, 28 Second Cabin, 4 Steerage, 13 total, 45, or 42 statute adults.


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