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The GOTHIC departed London on 27 November 1895 and arrived in Wellington via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 12 January 1896. Captain William Kidley was in command.

Transcribed from the Evening Post, Monday, 13 January 1896, Page 2



The White Star liner Gothic left Plymouth on 30th November at 5 pm, and arrived at Teneriffe at 6.14 am on 5th December; left at noon the same day, crossed the Equator on the 12th in longitude 9deg 46min W., and fell in with the S.E. trades in latitude 8deg N., arriving at Capetown at 5.40 pm on the 19th; left at 2.42 pm next day, and experienced light N.E. winds and foggy weather for the first five days after leaving; crossed the meridian of Cape Leuwin on the 3rd January, and arrived at Hobart at 5 am on the 8th; left at noon same day, and had moderate N. winds and fine weather the first day out, thence strong N.W. winds and hazy weather; at 2 am yesterday Farewell Spit light was abeam, and at 10.20 am dropped anchor in Wellington. After the usual health inspection the vessel was berthed at the Queen's Wharf. Her cargo consists of 2500 tons, of which 1800 tons are for Wellington. She sails for Lyttelton on Saturday, returning to Wellington, and leaving here finally for London on 6th February. Messrs W. and G. Turnbull and Co are the local agents. The passenger list is:


For Wellington

Misses - Brownlee (2), Holmwood, Stafford, Davy, Taylor, Duckworth, Harper, Ritchie, Head, Lady Carbery,

Mesdames - Stafford, Collins and infant, Wells, Anderson, Leicester, Porter, Denton, Strong, Simeon,

Lord Carbery,

Dr Collins,

Rev Porter,

Messrs - McGusty, Wells, Stafford, Davy, Noble, Winch, Martin (2), Paynter, Lord, Williams, Druce, Lambie, Pearce, Ashworth, McLaren, Goodfellow, Deer, Barnsley, Denton, Galloway, Strang, Simeon, East,

Master Collins;



Miss Milliken,

Mesdames - Morrison and 2 children, Smith,

Messrs - Miller, Fryer, Taylor, Keobane, Webb, Barber, Jones, Davis, Walker, Stewart, Valentine, Moir, Boyer, Morris.



For other ports

Misses - Linton, King, Lee, Menzies, Stogdon, Russell, Roberts, Carter, Warman,

Mesdames - Ingram, Lee, Shepphard, Fyfe-Jameson, Russell, Roberts, Duckworth, Hansard, Dr Gabites,

Messrs - Linton, Williams, McJannett, Webster, Junet, Scott, Shepphard, Brewis, Lee, McCullock, Cunningham, Harrison, Hildesham, Koens, Skelton, Russell, Boberts, Fyfe-Jameson, Baker, Spaul, Warman, Arbukle;

51 steerage


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