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The GOTHIC departed London on 29 October 1897 and arrived in Wellington via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 13 December 1897. Captain William H Kidley was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, Monday, 13 December 1897,  Page 4.





At 5.45 this morning the favourite White Star liner Gothic, Captain Kidley, from London via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart, dropped anchor in the stream. The examination of the Health Officer (Dr James) was satisfactory, and the big vessel was snugly berthed at No 1, Queen's Wharf, by Captain Johnston, Harbour Pilot. From Mr. Inman, purser, to whom we are indebted for late files, we learn that the vessel left Plymouth at 4.20 pm on the 30th October. Had moderate SE to NE winds to anchorage off Santa Cruz at 7.58 am on 4th November. A supply of coal was taken on board, and the steamer re­sumed her voyage at 6.40 pm same day. Encoun­tered SE trades in 5deg north, and from thence to Capetown strong SE winds, with high sea at times. Arrived in Table Bay 3.35 pm on 19th, landed 108 passengers and embarked 83, and pro­ceeded on her voyage to Hobart at 10.50 am on 20th. Carried SW winds to 40deg east longitude, thence to arrival at Hobart, at 4 pm on 8th De­cember, light north to NNW winds and fine weather. Discharged cargo and landed passen­gers, and proceeded on voyage at 4.17 am on 9th, and met with SW to ENE winds and calm, fine weather until arrival in harbour as above. The usual entertainments, sports, &c, were much enjoyed, also golf, which was tried for the first time, and found most successful and interesting. The voyage throughout was a most phenomenally smooth one, with hardly a day's bad weather, which was most fortunate, as the ship had a greater complement of passengers than on any previous voyage.


The following is her passenger list:-


For Wel­lington:


Saloon —


Misses - Cash (2), Duncan, Tay­lor,


Mesdames - Cash, Crawford and son, Elder, Seabright, Strang, Glanfield,

Sir K. Cumming, Rev Fitzgerald,


Messrs - Crawford, Hundford, Jefferson, Jones (2), McNab, McEldowney, Ottley, de Peele (2), Pickard-Hawkins, Strang, Glanfield, Whitton,


Masters - Cash, Elder (2), Strang;


Steerage —


Misses - Arnold, Grant, Snowsill,


Mesdames - Arnold, Crispe, Grant, Powell,


Messrs - Black, Day, Golder, Grant, Gilpin, Murray, Quigley, Rochtiffe, Searle, Taylor, Nicholson, Atkin, Leslie, Fidler, Bradley, Pearson, Gunn.


For other ports:


Saloon —


Misses - Baldwin, Neelson, Beaumont, Duday, Singleton-Hooper, Heald, Mit­chell, Kettle, Watson, Christie, Harrison, Jessop, Skelton, Taylor, Boor, Green, Roberts (2), Munn, Thornton,


Mesdames - Bluck, Coates, Thornton, Singleton-Hooper, Kettle, Watson, McIntyre, Nevill, Phillips, Roberts, Thompson, Sharpe, Kennedy, Bishop Nevill, Revs Hudson, Buss, Kewley, Drs Nathan, Boor, Hon Mossman, Pro­fessor Coates,

Messrs - Fish, Crombie, Pearson, Webster, Hickson, Watson, Lyons, Kettle, Len­nox, Christie, Smart, Skelton, Fletcher, Munn, Hutchinson, McClelland, Nathan, Phillips, Trepplin, Roberts, Thompson, Haney, Nicholson,


Master Bluck;


For other ports:


Steerage - 129.


The officers are the same as when the steamer last visited Wellington. There are 5000 tons cargo on board, of which 3160 tons will be dis­charged at Wellington. According to present arrangements she will leave on Thursday for Lyttelton, sailing thence to Napier and Welling­ton, and finally leaving this port for London on the 6th January.


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