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The GOTHIC departed London on 4 July 1900 and arrived in Wellington, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 22 August 1900. Captain William H Kidley was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 2 August 1900, Page 4



Up to the 29th June the following: passengers had booked for New Zealand by the White Star liner Gothic, which sailed from Plymouth on 7th July for Wellington via Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart:


For Wellington

Miss Holst,

Mesdames - Bennett, Jenner, Joseph, Lapraik,

Rev Jenner,

Messrs - Bennett (2), Burnett, Middelton, Joseph.

For other ports

Misses - Baker, Browne, Cook (2), Knowles, Kohler, Roggiero, Sutherland, Hill, Whitelaw,

Mesdames - Hallenstein, Kohler, Melitus, Thomas,

Messrs - Babcock, Brugg, Hill, Hallenstein, Kowin, Randall, Rigby, Sutherland, Tonkard, Turle, Master Melitus,


For Wellington

Misses - Archibald (3), Eastwood, Haslett, Hogg (2),

Mesdames - Archibald, Bird, Eastwood, Hogg, Lonsdale, May,

Messrs - Bennett, Archibald, Bird, Blomfield, Brough, Burnham, Court, Eastwood, Haslett (2), Hogg, Lonsdale, Nicholson, Nordon (2), Phillips, Swift,

Masters - Archibald (2), Hogg,

and 56 for other ports.

There were also nine saloon booked to South Africa and three for Australia, and 31 third-class for South Africa. The Gothic is due in Wellington on the 20th August.


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