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Departed from London on 20th February, 1900 and arrived in Wellington on 6th April 1900,
via Plymouth. Captain William H. Kidley was in command.

This passenger list and information about the 'Gothic' were kindly supplied by Bruce McLean.
Mr W (William Henry) Richardson, a passenger on this voyage, was Bruce's Grandfather. If you have a connection 
to this family, you can make email contact with Bruce, by clicking on his name above.

To view copies of original sailing documents, Click Here

Family Name

Family Name


Third Class

Angus Mr H J

Adams Mr A

Ashby Miss

Baxter Mr F W

Atkinson Mr J

Baker Mr R

Bedford Miss K

Ball Mr R

Barkley Mrs

Begg Mr W B

Barkley Mr A

Barkley Mr W

Brown Mr W

Benn Mr R

Blackwood Mr W

Browning Mrs

Blair Mr E

Browning Miss A

Bratt Mr W

Bromley Mr M

Burnett Miss M

Bromley Mrs

Britton Mr C

Carrick Miss

Burnaby Mr

Burnside Mr R

Chichester The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Byrne Mr W

Chalmers Mr J

Cooper Mr W M

Charry Mr J

Cooper Mr J

Cree Mr L E

Cooper Mrs

Cooper Miss M

Dees Miss B

Cooper Master W

Dees Miss M

Cooper Miss M

Cooper Miss M

Denny Mr J

Cooper Miss A

Denny Mrs

Cooper Mr L

Corcoran Mr J

Dicks Mr V

Corcoran Mrs

Dicks Mrs

Craig Miss M

Davis Mr S

Dulcken Mr H C

Deitrich Mr R

Dimond Mr W

Duncan Miss

Dobbs Mr

Dooley Mr M

Ewart Mr E St. John

Dowling Mr A

Elmes Mr J

Finlayson Mr H P

Fairbank Mrs

Flowers Mr C

Foster Mr Hylton

Foster Mr P

Foster Mrs Hylton

Gibbs Mr G

Gooden Mr J

George Mr W C

Gordon Mr R

George Mrs

Griffiths Mr J

Griffiths Mrs

Glover Rev. G

Hansen Mr J

Harper Mr J

Godfrey Miss A W

Harvey Mr G

Hawes Mr E

Goodwin Mr Wycliffe

Hawkes Mr A

Goodwin Mrs Wycliffe

Horton Mr D

Humphries Miss O

Guimaraene Mr H E

Huntington Mr R

Hunter Mr J

Hancock Mrs

Hurley Mr H

Hancock Miss F

Huston Mr S

Hancock Miss K

Johnson Mrs

Johnson Master D

Hill Miss M

Johnson Miss J

Jones Mr H

Hillcoat Mr R

Jones Miss N

Kelsky Mr W

Holman Miss

Klevonsky Mr J

Knott Mr H

Holmes Mr W J L

Knott Mr R

Lacy Mr A

Jeffery Mr W

Lashlin Mr C

Lake Mrs R

Jones Mr O

Lawton Mr J

Lawton Mrs

Law Miss

Leith Mr H

Lichtenstein Mr E

Moller Miss D

Lockhart Mr R

Lynch Mr D

Nevins Miss

MacDonell Mr P

McGill Mr J

Oxspring Miss S A

McGill Mrs

McGill Master P

Phillips Mrs

McGill Master J

McGill Miss M

Richardson Miss M A

McGill Miss R

McGill Mr W

Sykes Mr F H

MacGuire Mr J

McKay Mr D

Tayler Mrs W

McLeod Mr R

McMurdo Mr R

Tebb Mr R H

Marks Mr A

Mahood Mr A

Thompson Mr W A

Mahood Mr S

May Mr H

Thomson Mr M C

Moore Mr M

Moore Mrs

Todd Mr W

Moore Master W

Orrell Mrs

Todd Mr G F

Page Mr G

Patch Mr E

Ware Mr E

Pawsky Mr W

Pearce Mrs

Whishaw Miss

Pearce Miss D

Peattie Mr W

Wilson Miss M

Pepper Mr L

Pepper Mrs

Wilson Mr R E

Pilkington Mr J

Pochin Mr A

Poole Mr T

Poole Mrs

Poole Miss F

Poole Master J

Potter Mr W

Pullen Mr K

Reynolds Mr F

Richardson Mr W

Roberts Mrs

Roberts Miss M

Roberts Miss A

Roberts Mr A

Robertson Mr G

Rohling Mr F

Rowlands Mrs

Sharpe Mr R

Sheridan Mr J

Shorter Mr A

Smillie Mr W

Smith Mr J

Smith Mr W

Spain Mr J

Spriggs Mr H

Stewart Miss M

Straiton Mr W

Sutcliffe Mr J

Thompson Mr F

Toner Mr R

Truscott Mr W

Turnbull Mr C

Turner Mr W

Turvey Mr J

Tyne Miss

Walker Mr C

Walker Mr J

Watson Mr W

Welch Mr M

White Mr

Willis Mr H

Willis Mr J

Wisdom Mr S

Wood Mr G

Wyatt Mr R

Wyatt Mrs

Yourrell Mr J

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