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The FERNGLEN departed London on 9 December, 1876 and arrived at Napier
on 20 March 1877. Captain Fraser was in command.

Transcribed from the passenger list images on the Family Search website.


Female Age County Occupation Comments

ALDERSON John M 45 Yorks Joiner

Jane F 41

HORSLEY Esther J F 21 Yorks Dressmaker

Elizth. F 18 Yorks Millener
ALDERSON Sarah F 12 Yorks

Jno. Thos. M 6

Jane D F 3

BEER William M 42 Kent Farm Labr.

Sarah F 36

Ann F 16 Kent

James M 8

Emily F 5

BISHOP George M 33 Kent Farm Labourer

Adelaide F 28

James M 9

L Albert M 5

Alice A F 7m

BRENKLEY John M 33 Yorks Farm Labr.

Alice F 38

Fanny P F 18 Yorks Dressmaker

Alice F 16 Yorks Servant

Wm. M 14 Yorks

Isabella F 9

John I M 5

Henry M 3

BUTLER Hugh M 28 Antrim Groom

Rose A F 26

CONSILL Jno. Wm. M 33 Yorks Painter

Emma F 35

Emily A F 14 Yorks

COWAN Francis J L M 28 Fermanagh Farm Labr.

Jane F 29

Eliza A F 5

Margt. J F 5

John R J M 3

Samuel J M 1m

DICKINSON James M 25 Durham Coppersmith

Elizth. F 20

DIVER Thomas M 36 Donegal Farm Labr.

Nelly F 35

Grace F 18 Donegal Servant

Madge F 17 Donegal Servant

Mary F 14 Donegal

Peggy F 13 Donegal

James M 12 Donegal

Cathne. F 9

Jane F 5

Patrick M 2

DOOHAN Edwd. M 35 Donegal Farm Labr.

Margt. F 38

Mary F 17 Donegal Servant

Wm. M 16 Donegal Labourer

Kate M 10

Nancy F 3

Hugh M 1

EWBANK John M 25 Yorks Cabinet Maker

Elizth. F 27

Jno. W M 2

Fred M 1

Olive F 1m

FEVER John M 30 Kent Farm Labr.

Emily F 24

John M 5

Esther A F 3

Emily F 2

Samuel M 8m

GAMON Richard M 32 Londonderry Ploughman

Alice F 29

Mary F 12 Londonderry

Bridget F 10

Alice F 8

Richard M 6

Maggie F 4

HARMAN Richard M 39 Sussex Sailmaker

Christina F 34

HOPKINS Henry M 39 Kent Farm Labr.

Emily F 29

Henry M 9

Fredk. M 2

Robert M 3m

HAMMOND Daniel M 23 Kent Farm Labr.

Fanny M F 18

Charles M 3m

JONES Wm. M 19 Kent Farm Labr.

Mary F 20

Walter W M 1

MCCARTHY Denis M 42 Cork Farm Labr.

Bridget F 35

John M 17 Cork Labourer

Margaret F 13 Cork

Honora F 10

Michl. M 7

Denis M 14 Cork

Bridget F 5

MCLAUGHLIN Jas. M 26 Londonderry Ploughman

Maggie F 27

Alice F 5

Mary F 2

John M 8m

MILLINGTON Richd. M 24 Staffordshire Farm Labr.

Elizth. F 19

Edith A F 3m

NEWTON James M 32 Herts Bootmaker

Jemima F 24

OAKENFULL George M 22 Kent Farm Labr.

Sarah A F 19

O'BRIEN Patrick M 28 Cork Farm Labr.

Julia F 22

PETERS William M 25 Kent Farm Labr.

Harriet F 26

Wm. Geo. M 3

Fredk. M 1

SMITH James M 29 Lancashire Schoolmaster

Rebecca F 28

Jno. A M 4

Edith M F 3

Jas. Wm. M 1

TAYLOR George M 28 Lincoln Carpenter

Fanny E F 28

Chas. R M 7

George M 7m

THOMAS Henry M 25 Monmouth Gl. Labourer

Mary F 25

THEAKSON John M 26 Yorks Gardener

Frances F 40

STAIRMAND Henry M 20 Yorks Wire Worker

Wm. M 16 Yorks Plasterer

Simon M 10

Joseph M 5

Fanny F 5

DUNCAN Geo. E M 27 Lancashire Labourer

Mary F 21

WILLIS Luke M 23 Durham Blacksmith

Elizth. H F 24

HERLIHY Jno. M 26 Kerry Labourer

Honoria F 26

MATTHEWS Wm. M 36 Wilts Blacksmith

Mary A F 32

DOHERTY Patrick M 23 Londonderry Ploughman

Bridget F 25

SALISBURY Matthew M 33 Dorset Farmer

Mary F 36

Jane F 9

Anne F 6

WRIGHTSON George M 42 Hants Labourer

Ann F 40

Mary J F 20 Hants Servant

Anna M F 18 Hants Servant

Elizth. F 16 Hants Servant

John Wm. M 14 Hants

Tom M 11

Meggy F 9

George M 7

Albert E M 5

Louisa F 2

SMITH George M 30 Lincolnshire Joiner

Alice F 28

Jno. Wm. M 6

Alice C F 4

MCUTCHEON Oliver M 24 Tyrone Farm Labr.

Fanny F 17

Single Men

STEWART Robert M 21 Monaghan Farm Labrourer

BAILEY Charles M 22 Cornwall Pattern Maker

BRYAN Joseph M 25 Kent Farm Labourer

BURNS George M 19 Wicklow Farm Labourer

CHIPPING Geo. Wm. M 33 Surrey Farm Labourer

COOKE Thomas M 21 Tyrone Farm Labourer

COOK Wallace M 23 Tyrone Labourer

COULSON Thomas M 22 Durham Labourer

CROSLAND Ellis M 21 Yorks Painter

CROWE Patrick M 23 Tipperary Farm Labr.

DALY Bartly M 21 Clare Farm Labr.

BLACK Denis M 28 Antrim Labourer

DOLAN Michl. Jas. M 34 Lancashire Carpenter

DOYLE John M 26 Kerry Farm Labourer

DRURY John M 21 Kent Farm Labr.

DWYER John M 21 Kent Farm Labr.

EKE Willm. M 37 Loncoln Farm Labr.

FISHER Walter W M 21 Somerset Painter

FLEMING James M 23 Tipperary Farm Labourer

HALPIN John M 21 Wicklow Farm Labourer

James M 22 Wicklow Farm Labourer

HARRIS Alexr. M 32 Monaghan Farm Labourer

HARRIS Henry M 21 Salop Farm Labourer

HUTCHINSON Wm. M 27 Durham Carpenter

LAFFERTY Thomas M 21 Tyrone Farm Labr.

LITTLE Robert M 21 Tyrone Farm Labr.

MCKENZIE Jas. M 25 Ross Shepherd

MCKENZIE Francis M 33 Lancashire Carpenter

MCMULLEN Robt. M 30 Antrim Labourer

MIDDLETON Adam M 27 Lanarksh. Gl. Labourer

MILLS F Geo. M 32 Sussex Carpenter

NORRIS John M 19 Tyrone Farm Labourer

NORRISH E W M 22 Middlesex Gl. Labourer

NEWRICK Wm. M M 23 Durham Fitter

OAKENFULL Edward M 16 Kent Farm Labourer

ORR Hugh M 24 Antrim Farm Labourer

OSBORNE Sidney M 22 Middlesex Carpenter

DICK George M 20 Lincoln Farm Labr.

PIKE George M 18 Wilts Shepherd

POWELL Wm. M 30 Wilts Gl. Labourer

POWER Patrick M 20 Tipperary Farm Labr.
O'BRIEN Michl. M 20 Tipperary Farm Labr.

PRITCHARD Jas. M 19 Salop Gl. Labourer

QUINN James M 22 Wicklow Farm Labr.

ROCHFORT John M 27 Westmeath Farm Labr.

SINCLAIR John M 38 Argyleshire Labourer

SLATTERY Patrick M 28 Limerick Labourer

SURRIDGE Wm. L M 25 Essex Farm Labr.

Thos. R M 33 Essex Farm Labr.

TEHAN John M 28 Kerry Farm Labr.

THOMAS Francis M 24 Glostershire Labourer
TURM Henry M 22 Glostershire Labourer

THOMPSON Wm. M 22 Monaghan Farm Labr.

TWOMEY Daniel M 21 Kerry Farm Labr.

WATKINS George M 19 Middlesex Gl. Labourer

WATSON George M 24 Down Farm Labr.

HERLIHY Patrick M 21 Kerry Farm Labr.

DOUGLAS Robt. M 21 Monaghan Farm Labourer

DUNNE Michael M 21 Wicklow Farm Labourer

DREWETT James M 28 Wilts Shepherd

HUNTER Henry M 24 Londonderry Farm Labr.

KIELY James M 20 Tipperary Ploughman

MURPHY edmond M 27 Tipperary Farm Labourer

O'CONNELL Timothy M 18 Cork Farm Labourer

DIVER Patrick M 35 Donegal Farm Labourer

Denis M 18

Grace F 16 Donegal Servant

Nelly F 12 Donegal

John M 8

Colonial Nominated Emigrants

CLARKE Robert M 16 Armagh Farm Labr.

Single Women

CARROLL Anne F 20 Donegal Servant

CLARY Cathe. F 17 Tipperary Servant

COLLICT Anne F 35 Cornwall Cook

GLASHUN Alice F 19 Tipperary Servant

KELLY Cathe. F 35 Tipperary Dairymaid

Edmond M 16

Johanna F 14

Cathe. F 10

RUCK Mary F 20 Glostershire Nursemaid

SCATLIFFE Mary F 33 Surrey Servant

WALSH Johanna F 19 Tipperary Dairymaid

CURRY Alice F 30 Waterford Dairymaid

CURRY Margaret F 22 Waterford Dairymaid

DOOHAN Margaret F 19 Donegal Servant

MERRYMAN Emma F 24 Glostershire Housemaid

STEVENS Elizth. F 16 Lancashaire Servant

WILLIAMS Rebecca F 17 Devon Servant

Colonial Nominated Emigrants

HENDRY Mary F 39 Fife Milliner

Andrew M 13 Fife

John M 5

Jesie F 3

WILSON Cathe. F 21 Down Servant

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