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The DOUGLAS departed London on 2 July, 1874 and arrived in Wellington
on 22 October, 1874. Captain Wilson was in command.

This passenger list was transcribed from the images on the Family Search website.


Age Children Gender County Occupation Remarks

Selected by the Colonist Aid Corporation

Families & Children

ALLEN Edward 25 A male Surrey Carpenter

Mary 24 A

PEARSON Jonathon 39 A male Yorkshire Carpenter

Susannah 36 A female

William 9 C male

Edward 5 C male

Arthur 1 C male

HOSKING Charles 34 A male Cornwall Blacksmith

Mary Jane 33 A female

Mary S 11 C female

Charles E 9 C male

Elizabeth G 6 C female

Louisa 3 C female

William 1 C male

WELLS John Wm 28 A male Middlesex Farm Labr.

Mary T 26 A female

Mary T 8 C female

Elizabeth 4 C female

CLARK Wm. H 49 A male Middlesex Gl. Smith

Sophia E 43 A female

Wm. Hy. 13 A male Middlesex

James E 10 C male

Charles A 8 C male

TUNDELL James 27 A male Middlesex Labourer

Sarah 31 A female

SMITH Sarah 11 C female

MARSH Benjamin 35 A male Middlesex Sawyer

Mary Ann 34 A female

Edward 11 C male

Mary Ann 8 C female

Benjamin 8 C male

Emma 6 C female

Louisa 3 C female

Alice 1 C female

MARSH Robert 34 A male Surrey Sawyer

Emma 32 A female

George 7 C male

Emma 4 C female

WHITCOMBE Fredk. G 19 A male Cornwall Smith

Mary 19 A female

Emily 6m C female

DAVEY Thomas 42 A male Cornwall Gardener

Mary Ann 40 A female

Thos. H 17 A male Cornwall Gardener

Mary A 12 A female Cornwall

Marion 9 C female

Lilian M 6 C female

William D 2 C male

GARDENER Thomas 42 A male Berks Gardener

Charlotte 42 A female

Mercy 13 A female Berks

Ruth 12 A female

Frederick 10 C male

Alfred 6 C male

Arthur 4 C male

Charlotte 8m C female

TREVENA Joseph 35 A male Cornwall Labourer

Elizabeth J 25 A female

Clara A 6 C female

Simon 2 C male

STEVENS William 43 A male Dorset Tailor

Elizabeth 46 A female

Mary 18 A female Dorset Servant

Walter 16 A male Dorset

Bessie 13 A female

Helen 12 A female

Florence 9 C female

Minnie 5 C female

Charlie 3 C male

PRESTON Richd. R 21 A male Cornwall Carpenter

Ellen 20 A female

TONKIN Hugh G 59 A male Cornwall Carpenter

Mary A 59 A female

FOY John 32 A male Cornwall Labourer

Matilda 25 A female

John E 1 C male

TREVENA Richard 39 A male Cornwall Labourer

Mary R 39 A female

Henry D 15 A male Cornwall Labourer

Mary E 12 A female Cornwall

Elizabeth J 10 C female

Susan A 8 C female

Louisa 6 C female

SALISBURY Willm. 38 A male Lancashire Carpenter

Elizabeth 39 A female

POPE Frederick 39 A male Stafford Carpenter

Margaret 40 A female

Emily S 4 C female

Elias 2 C male

Martha 16 A female Stafford Servant

BALSON Arthur 38 A male Devon Carpenter

Ellen 34 A female

Emily 4 C female

Matthew 3 C male

HICKEY Charles 32 A male Antrim Baker

Jane 30 A female

Mary 12 A female Antrim

Charles 9 C male

Patrick 5 C male

Francis 3 C male

Robert 1 C male

FITZSIMMONDS Mary 23 A female Antrim Servant

THOMPSON Fairfield 30 A male Down Cabinet Maker

Lizzie 22 A female

PENDER John 30 A male Stirling Miner

Jane 24 A female

Agnes 6 C female

Jane 5 C female

Margaret 1m C female

WOODHOUSE Wm. 25 A male Stafford Labourer

Betsy 22 A female

SOUFFLOT Augusta 44 A male France Labourer

Marie 34 A female

Albert 14 A male Paris

Auguste 12 A male

Henrietta 8 C female

Marie 3 C female

PALMER Thomas 35 A male Staffordshire Farm Labourer

Jane 36 A female

Emma 15 A female Staffordshire

George 11 C male

Thomas 8 C male

BYFORD Willm. 31 A male Yorks Millwright

Sarah 31 A female

Amy 2 C female

William 6weeks C male

NEWSON Mark 39 A male Yorks Labourer

Eliza 37 A female

Mark 3 C male

CHIPCHASE John 18 A male Yorks Blacksmith

Samuel S 12 C male Yorks

BARR James 23 A male Lanark Miner

Mary 23 A female

Mary 5 C female

Margaret 3 C female

David 1 C male

HOARE Frederick 28 A male Hampsh Farm Lab.

Jane 23 A female

Charley 5m C male

MURRAY Willm. 25 A male Ayr Farm Lab.

Janet 21 A female

Mary 1m C female

BROOM Daniel 23 A male Lanark Miner

Christina 21 A female

Janet 2 C female

Elizabeth 1 C female

James 2m C male

HYDON Willm. 33 A male Stafford Bricklayer

Harriet 27 A female

Sarah 6 C female

Clara 4 C female

William 2 C male

John 3m C male

BROWNING Albert 33 A male Somerset General Labourer

Eliza 29 A female

Elizabeth 6 C female

Emily S 4 C female

John 1 C male

CUTLER Charles 30 A male Somerset Carpenter

Annie 28 A female

Harry C 9 C male

Ada L 5 C female

Geo L 2 C male

Alfred 19 A male Somerset Shoemaker
GOUGH Mary A 40 A female

MOORE Thomas 25 A male Somerset Fiter

Lititia N 25 A female

Reginald H 3 C male

Albert N 1 C male

MILLER Geo. P 31 A male Surrey Carpenter

Mary A 22 A female

Florence E 7 C female

Emily F 5 C female

JONES Edwin 37 A male Staffordsh Carpenter

Amelia 31 A female

Arthur 3 C female

Florence 1 C female

Alfred 7m C male

FRASER Joseph 31 A male Banff Farm Lab.

Annie 24 A female

SMITH Charles 49 A male Bucks Farm Lab.

Hannah 43 A female

George 20 A male Bucks Plasterer

William 18 A male Bucks Plasterer

COOPER Robt. O 28 A male Oxford Labourer

Eliza 29 A female

CLAXTON Charles 33 A male Cambridge Brickmaker

Elizabeth 28 A female

RUSSELL Henry 23 A male Middx Carpenter

Kate 19 A female

Ellen 5m C female

HANCOCK Tom 24 A male Somerset Gl. Labourer

Emma J 21 A female

Amelia J 1 C female

BOWLES Wm. I 40 A male Kent Station Master

Mary A 41 A female

Walter 10 C male

Alfred 8 C male

Agnes 6 C female

Arthur 4 C male

Lavinia 2 C female

Bertie inft. C male

WILSON William 28 A male Kent Farm Labourer

Sofa 30 A female

Emily 3 C female

Alfred 5 C male

RUSSELL Lewis 22 A male Kent Blacksmith

Clara J 21 A female

WICKENDEN Saml. 32 A male Kent Blacksmith

Emily 29 A female

George 8 C male

Anne 6 C female

GIBSON James 37 A male Kent Farm Labourer

Elizabeth A 37 A female

Charles 11 C male

Mary E 9 C female

Jane C 7 C female

Francis J 1 C male

EARL William 24 A male Kent Coachpainter

Elizabeth 25 A female

Ellen 4 C female

William 2 C male

James 8w C male

PALMER George 38 A male Kent Coachpainter

Jane 37 A female

Charles 7 C male

Jane 6 C female

Thomas 4 C male

George 2 C male

Arthur 6m C male

Edward 6 C male

USMAR Alfred 33 A male Kent Labourer

Mary 33 A female

Alfred 9 C male

Rodrick 7 C male

Charles 5 C male

Henry 2 C male

MARCHANT John 41 A male Sussex Labourer

Mary A 39 A female

Arthur 11 C male

WATERMAN Henry 31 A male Hants Labourer

Eliza 25 A female

Anne E 1 C female

COLLINS Charles 43 A male Donegal Farm Labourer

Mary 21 A female

Edward 4m C male

COOPER James 30 A male Oxford Labourer

Sarah 26 A female

Mary A 5 C female

William 4 C male

Albert 2 C male

RENDALL Wilfred 30 A male Yorks Shoemaker

Barbara 30 A female

KELLY Patrick 31 A male Donegal Blacksmith

Mary A 26 A female

John 9m C male

WELLS William 35 A male Kent Wheelwright

Sarah 35 A female

John T 11 C male

Louisa 4 C female

Flora 2 C female

RIOUSE William 27 A male France Farm Labourer

Marie 20 A female

WHITE Walter W 42 A male Hants Blacksmith

Emma J 40 A female

Elizabeth 21 A female

Albert 19 A male Hants Carpenter

Harry 17 A male Hants Gardener

Alice S 4 C female

Annie E 2 C female

RIDDIFORD A W 32 A male Hants Painter

Sarah A 32 A female

Arthur I 8 C male

Ernest W 2 C female

Fanny 5 C female

FLETCHER Henry 22 A male Hants Labourer

Sarah 22 A female

QUAINTANCE Josh 34 A male Devon Farm Labourer

Mary Ann 32 A female

Bridget I 7 C female

Mary J 5 C female

Elizabeth J 1 C female

CHEEK James 34 A male Herts Bricklayer

Sarah 31 A female

Mary Ann 9 C female

Alice 6w C female

DIXON Eli Nathl. 35 A male Kent Labourer

Elizabeth 25 A female

Frank N 4 C male

Nathl. B H 2 C male

Mabel J A 4m C female

PEARSON Henry Y 23 A male Northampton Shoemaker

Eliza 21 A female

Agnes 7w C female

BIARD Philip 26 A male Jersey Farm Labourer

Susan 19 A female

ARNOLD Levi 39 A male Beds Carpenter

Matilda 29 A female

Joseph 7 C male

Frederick 5 C male

Alfred 2 C male

Frank 5w C male

CRESWICK James 26 A male Berks Labourer

Mary 25 A female

Arthur 6 C male

Esther 6m C female

BROOKER John 26 A male Sussex Labourer

Jane 23 A female

John 4 C male

George 2 C male

Agra 4m C female

PAKER Richard 38 A male Gloustershire Farm Labourer

Ann 37 A female

Edwin 2 C male

GRIFFIN Chas 12 A male Gloustershire

William 10 C male

Maria 9 C female

SHORTER Alfred 38 A male Middlesex Navvie

Shopie 35 A female

Louisa 8m C female

GAZZARD Jesse 32 A male Essex Navvy

Sarah A 31 A female

Eliza C 6 C female

Charlotte 3 C female

WHITMORE Eliza 33 A female Essex Cook

CONROY Daniel 39 A male Clare Gardener

Ellen 28 A female

Mary 4 C female

John 3 C female

DAVIES John 26 A male Monmouth Mason

Eliza 26 A female

Emily M 3 C female

Austin 1 C male

DAVIS Charles 29 A male Monmouth Carpenter

Elizabeth 29 A female

George L 6 C male

Isabel E 2 C female

Elizabeth M 4m C female

WALLER George 25 A male Beds Farm Labourer

Matilda 25 A female

BROWN Richard 25 A male Herts Farm Labourer

Maria 27 A female

Edward 2 C male

Helen 3 C female

PURSALL Patrick 43 A male Kilkenny Farm Labourer

Bridget 43 A female

Thomas 19 A male Kilkenny Farm Labourer

Annie 16 A female

Elizabeth 11 C female

MORRISON Wm. 34 A male Ross Shepherd

Margaret 21 A female

BANKS Ann 55 A female Devon Smith ??
CODRINGTON Saml. J 30 A male

Alice Mary 25 A female

Selected by the Colonist Aid Corporation

Single Men

WOOLCOCK Willm. 25 A male Cornwall Blacksmith

TAYLOR Thomas 21 A male Middlesex Labourer

GRANDFIELD Edwin 41 A male Berks Gardener

William 20 A male

Lucy 19 A female Berks Servant

Sarah 17 A female

Jane 15 A female

Eliza 13 A female

Edwin 12 A male

Ellen 9 C female

HOCKING James 19 A male Cornwall Farm Labourer

MARSON Willm. 50 A male Middlesex Gardener

William 19 A male

Charles 17 A male

Jane 15 A female Middlesex

Thomas 13 A male

George 11 C male

Frederick 9 C male

Ellen 7 C female Middlesex

MACARTNEY James 20 A male Amagh Labourer

Isabella 19 A female Amagh Servant

SIMPSON Benjamin 24 A male Staffs Gl. Labourer

LANE John 18 A male Cornwall Gl. Labourer

Samuel 16 A male Cornwall

EDWARDS George 24 A male Essex

SLATTERY Andrew 19 A male Kerry Labourer
HARNETT John 30 A male Kerry Labourer

ARMSTRONG Richd. 23 A male Fermanagh Labourer

JEUSS John 17 A male Kent

SHEPHARD Henry 20 A male Hants Platelayer

MOORE Robt. 20 A male Fermanagh Farm Labourer

CAIN George 18 A male Ayr Farm Labourer

BARNETT Chas. 23 A male Surrey Carpenter

CLEARY James 28 A male Clare Farm Labourer

HAMILTON John 30 A male Lanark Miner

MCANULTY Wm. 22 A male Lanark Labourer

RUTLEDGE John 23 A male Lanark Miner

BEADLE George 25 A male Kent Farm Labourer

MARGORAM Wm. 19 A male Kent Farm Labourer

BOWLES Geo. E 15 A male Kent Engine Cleaner

CHAMBERS Jno. W 25 A male Kent Labourer

TURNER Nathan 22 A male Kent Farm Labourer

WILLIS Charles 25 A male Berks Farm Labourer

ASHBY John 16 A male Kent Farm Labourer

DOE Thomas 21 A male Kent Farm Labourer

FULLER George 38 A male Kent Farm Labourer

KING Edward 18 A male Kent Farm Labourer

SMITH George 28 A male Kent Farm Labourer

MARCHANT Wm. 21 A male Kent Labourer

BOORMAN Chas. 17 A male Kent Labourer

TIBBELLS Charles 17 A male Oxon Labourer

SANDREY Henry 19 A male Gloucestershire Navvy

GREENLESS Robt. 22 A male Renfrew Labourer

BRAND Charles 21 A male Forfar Ploughman

LAURIE Robert 26 A male Dumfries Farmer

George 30 A male

SMITH Wm. A 22 A male Middlesex Butcher

PARSONS Geo. E 26 A male Middlesex Painter

BURNS John 29 A male Kings Co. Labourer

COOPER Reuben 22 A male Oxford Labourer

SMITH Nicholas H 22 A male Cornwall Carpenter

TINGLEY George 32 A male Sussex Labourer

GOODING Albion 27 A male Somerset Farm Labourer

ASHLEY James 40 A male Kent Farm Labourer

Frederic 11 A male

Walter 9 C male

BEER Henry 19 A male Devon Farm Labourer

JENKINS Mossington 28 A male Middlesex Painter

GOULD John 25 A male Devon Farm Labourer

BROSNAN Robt. 24 A male Kerry Labourer

ROWE Wm. A 26 A male Devon Schoolmaster

Single Women

LANE Catherine 35 A female Cornwall Dairyman

Maria 19 A female

COLLINS Thomasina 32 A female

HODGSON Annie 40 A female Cumberland Servant

Annie 21 A female Cumberland

GOUGH Mary 40 A female Somerset Laundress

WHITE Elizth. 21 A female Hants Housemaid

PURSALL Annie 16 A female Kilkenny Housemaid

O'LOUGHLIN Ellen 20 A female Limerick Housekeeper

TREACY Honora 22 A female Clare Dairymaid

BREWER Caroline 34 A female Somerset Dairymaid

SHENNON Marion 28 A female Kircudbright Dairymaid

HOULERHON Annie 24 A female Surrey Nurse

LINEHAN Mary 25 A female Cork Servant

MURPHY Bridget 20 A female Cork Servant

BOWLES Clara 12 A female Kent Servant

ASHLEY Charlotte 18 A female Kent Servant

PALMER Elizth. 19 A female Sussex Housemaid

MARCHANT Mary 19 A femake Kent Servant

MARCHANT Emily 14 A female Kent Servant

BOWLES Ellen 17 A female Kent Servant

ASHLEY Clara 14 A female Kent Servant

BOWLES Elizabeth 19 A female Kent Servant

CATAN Sarah 26 A female Essex Servant

MADDEN Bridget 31 A female Surrey Garden Women

HARROD Mary A 23 A female Norfolk Cook

MCWILLIAMS Mary A 19 A female Tyrone Housemaid

CANTY Julia 30 A female Cork Housemaid

SMITH Barbara 20 A female Kent Housemaid

CAMERON Jessie 25 A female Ayr Dairymaid

LAWRIE Elizth. 28 A female Dumfries Servant

PHILLIPS Fannie 18 A female Kent Nurse

HANCOCK Jane 26 A female Somerset Cook

CARWARDINE Grace 24 A female Gloucestershire Cook

JENKINS Elizabeth 28 A female Middlesex Laundress

CHAPMAN Eliza 26 A female Somerset Servant

LOWRY Sarah 26 A female Suffolk Parlormaid

LAINCHBURY Emma 21 A female Oxford Servant

BANKS Ann 55 A female Devon Housekeeper MATRON

Colonial Nominated Immigrants

MCDOWALL Roberta 18 A female Kircudbright Servant

NEIL Mary 30 A female Cork Rag Sorter

JENKINS Levina 30 A female Middlesex Laundress

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