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The DINAPORE departed Gravesend on 17 April, 1857 and arrived in Auckland on 5 August, 1857. Captain James Loutit was in command.


Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 7 August 1857, Page 3


August 5 Dinapore, ship, 789 tons, James Loutit, commander, from London.



Mr. Andrew Buchanan

Mrs. Buchanan

Misses Emma, Agnes, Edith, Fanny, Janet, and Emily Buchanan

Masters Arthur and Noel Buchanan

Mr. Saul Yates

Mrs. Saul Yates

Miss Emily and Master Theodore Yates

Mr. Andrew Tait

Mrs. Tait, and infant

Major General Dixon

Lieut. Col. Dixon


Henry Jones

Henry Harkness

Alex. Clerk

F. M. Seymour

Henry Higham

Thomas Gillon


Emily Jones

Dorothy Harkness

Jane Wilson

Dinah Young



Julia Dickson

Anne Maxwell

Anne Heyfrom

Anastatia Mahie

Catherine Delaney

Jane Gostrell (Sisters of Mercy)

James Bowden

Geo. Tonnecliff



Norman Morris

J. Brinkley

Edward Mathews and wife

William Bells

Charles Laurence and wife

Mary Louisa, Martha, Susannah, Charles, and Ann Laurence

William J. Marks and wife

Annie and Frederick Marks

Elizabeth Barber

James Mcllroy

John Bryant

William Kilgour and wife

Ann Kilgour

Daniel Pearce and wife

John Mullampy and wife

Patrick and Anne Mullampy

James Hogan and wife

Patrick Quigley

Mary Ann Quigley

William Finch and wife

Charles Sutton and wife

Alfred Sutton

Ann Jackson

James Reehill

Catherine and Elizabeth Reehill

William Bowles

John Glynn

Susan Glynn

John Law

Wm. Gaylaid

William Martin

Lydia Mason

Mary Jane Patton

Eliza Hennessey

Emma Neale

George Douglas


29 first-class passengers and 50 second


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