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The COPTIC departed London on 13 June, 1891 and arrived in Wellington on 29 July, 1891 with Captain C H Kempson in command.




Transcribed from the Evening Post, 29 July, 1891. Page 2






The S.S. & A.Co.'s RMS Coptic, Captain Kempson, arrived in harbour at 7.30 this morning from London. She left Plymouth at 1.23 pm on the 13th June, had light variable winds, and arrived at Teneriffe at 6.48 am on the 18th, leaving same day at 2.31 pm; had the usual trade winds, and reached Table Bay at 8 pm on 4th July, but was unable to enter till 7.49 next morning, owing to a dense fog; sailed at 2 pm same day, and ex­perienced westerly winds until 22nd July, when light variable winds and smooth sea were met with until her arrival at Hobart, at 2.30 am on 24th; after landing 34 passengers, 8 pkgs mails, and about 200 tons cargo, and taking in as much coal as required, she proceeded to New Zealand with 53 passengers, and a full complement of cargo; from thence light easterly winds were ex­perienced until arrival at this port as above. The entertainments were not numerous, owing to so small a complement of passengers, but those that took place were most enjoyable. Since she was here last some changes have taken place in her officers—Mr G. Wright is now chief officer, and Mr J. M. Cables fourth; Dr W. H. Murray, sur­geon; and W. S. Inman, purser.


Following is a list of the Coptic's passengers:—


For Wellington:

Saloon— Misses Bothamley and Lucena(2), Mr and MrsLucena

Second saloon— Messrs G. Drew and Richardson

Steerage— Miss Crawford, Messrs Corey, Donnelly, Henderson, Thurgood and Wat­son


For other ports:

Saloon— Messrs T. Wyatt and C.Dowsett

Second saloon— Miss Bilby, Mesdames Nicoll and Whittaker, Messrs Israel, De Vaux, Nicoll, Penhey, Richardson, Montague and Wilkinson

27 steerage


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