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The CHAPMAN departed Gravesend on 22 November, 1861 and arrived in Auckland on 17 March, 1862, with Captain Robert Harland in command.


Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 18 March 1862, Page 3




The ‘Chapman,’ Captain Harland, arrived yesterday, from London, after an almost uneventful voyage of 113 days. She left Gravesend on November 22nd, and the Downs on the 24th; but did not clear the Channel until December 2nd. Passed Madeira on December 15th, and crossed the equator on January 4th, in long. 25° west, the meridian of Greenwich on the 25th in latitude 43° 30’ south. On January 28th passed the meridian of the Cape in latitude 44° south. The highest latitude attained was 48° south, near the Desolation Islands. Passed the meridian of Hobart on February 28th, and from thence to Auckland the ‘Chapman’ encountered a series of foul winds. On the 28th ult., William Hodge, a seaman, died suddenly, apparently of disease of the heart. The ‘Chapman’ brings 72 passengers.



Mrs. B. Atkin, Wm. Atkin, Edwd. do.,

Alfred Lonsdale, Frank do.,

Edwd. Penny,

John McNeill,

James C. Warren,

Harry C. Wrigg,

Alphonso Jonson,

Thomas E. Bush,

John Styak,

Edward Pearson,

John A. Heros,

Dr. W. A Hope,

Ann Atkin,

Hannah Boyle,

Agnes Anderson,

Cecil Erson,

Henry, Elizabeth, John, Elizabeth, Frances, and Jane Smeed,

Ann, William, Thomas, and Mary Mooreds,

Mark Earl,

Charles H. Vercy,

Peter Stewart,

Samuel Bennett,

Mary A. Phillips,

Jane and Elizabeth Winstone,

George and Pauline Ridings,

Edward and Anna Villensworth,

Peter and Julia Leonard,

Mary A., Philip, and Mary Wilson,

James, Honoria, James, and Thomas Simpson,

Sarah, Sarah, Mary, and Susannah Pearce,

Tom Church,

Nicholas Bawden,

Charles Powell,

John Harris,

Allan Taylor,

Malcolm F. Ramsay,

Walter Long,

Daniel, Anne, Mary Ann, Ann, and Emily Hanson,

Richard H. Cartman,

John Fortune,

J. Powell,

Anna Douelly,


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