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The ATHENIC departed London on 8 January 1909 and arrived in Wellington via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 20 February 1909. Captain Charles H Kempson was in command.



Transcribed from the Evening Post, Wednesday, 17 February 1909.




On Sunday next the Shaw-Savill steamer Athenic should arrive from Lon­don via Capetown and Hobart. She is bringing the following passengers:—


First Saloon:


For Wellington:


Mrs. Ritchie, Messrs. J. M. Ritchie, R. A. Mather, J. Grant, J. Grant, jun.


For Port Chalmers:


Miss M. Crawford, Mrs. C. A. Nisbet.


From Capetown to Wel­lington:

Marquis and Marquise de Favernay.

From England

Second Saloon:

For Wellington:

Misses Benington (2), E. F. Marsh, C. W. Russell, D. M. Smith, M. Tyler, M. Wheeler, Mesdames E. Benington, S. B. Ferguson, Hanley, L. Marsh, Smith, Wheeler, Messrs. R. H. Cooper, C. E. T. Hanley, J. F. Hornsby, W. J Kennedy, W. F. Kerr, J. L. Lovell, J. Paterson, T. Paton, R. P. Simonds, E. Stuckey, A. Tapp, P. Watton, Colonel J. Wheeler, Rev. A. J. B. Page, Rev. G. K. Smith, Rev. O. M. Stent.

For Lyttelton:

Misses C. Blakeney,

M. Brane,

R. Burley, Mesdames Brane, M. Burley, Watts, Messrs. E. Brane, F. Poskitt, R. Watts.  

For Auck­land:

Misses M. C. Chennells, R. A. Crawford, D. Gulde, E. Stone, M. C. Worsell, Mesdames   Gulde, Oetzmann, York, Messrs. C. G. Casebourne, E. H. Edmonds F. A. Fabian, G. T. Gulde, F. D. Holmer, W. H. Jones, G. C. Oetzmann, P. Twiss, F. Van Cant, J. E. York.  

For Port Chalmers: 

Misses L. M. Freeman, H. Tompkins, Messrs. F. L. Chapman, F. S. Douglas, W. Macleod, Rev. T. Perkins.

For Timaru:

Mes­dames P. Austen, Dorrieott, Messrs. G. Dorricott, B. Unwin.

For Wanganui:

Mrs. Houson, Mr. H. J. Houson.

For Nelson:

Mr. W. G. Humphreys.

For Napier:

Captain H. S. Williams.


For Wellington:

Misses - I. Aitken, Ballard (5), M. Bergemann, J. Boyd, E. Brayne, M. Brett, Brewer (5),  G. Car-ling, Carr (4), A. Cave, M. Chapman, B. Colville, G. Cooper, M. Devine, G. Felton, L. Ford, Fraser (2), J. Gray, Hay, G. Hills, A. Jackett, C. Jarvis, J. Johnstone,  A. Kerslake, Latham, M. McAlister, L. Maxwell, C. Neill, Oldham (2), Richardson (3), C. Robertson, N. Ross, C. Short, Somer, M. Sutton, K. Tatham, Wheeler (3), E. Wilson;


Mes­dames - E. Allan, Ballard, Bergeman, Boyd, Brewer, Brightwell, C. Carr, Clarke, Clear, M. Felton, L. Cooper, M. Dunvard,  Greer,  Dymock,  Fry, Hills, Hobbs, Howard, S. Jarvis, Johnson, F. Latham, Leadbeater, McAlister, L. Old­ham, H. Richardson, Richardson, Sutton, Sweet, Valentine, Watt, S. Wheeler, Yates; 


Messsrs - J. Aird, J. and A. Aitken, V. Alfredson, R. Ballard, H. and J. Ballard, E. Beasley, W. Beattie, jun., W.  Beresford, L. Bergemann, T. Boulton, G. Boyd, T. Brewer, A. and S. Brittain, F.  Brown, A. Buckley, A. Butterworth, S. Carson, A. Caughey, G. Caulder, C. Clarke, C. Clear, C. Colwell, B. and E. Culloty, L. Delahunty, E. Dymock, A. and D. Findlay, A. Florence, J. Fry, R. and A. Graham, T. Greer, J. Hamilton, H. Hede, H. Hills, T. Hills, H. Hooper, C. Howard, J. Howl, E. Hubbard, E. Hunter, H. Jarlov, E. Johnson, V. Johnson, P. Kalis, S. Kenall, H. Leadbeater, J. and F. Lloyd, J. MacDowell, J. McCulIough, D. McDougall, McLeod, A. McSkimming, P. Mann, A. Maxwell, T. Moseley, J. Nethery, P. and E. O'Callaghan, J. E. A., and H. Richardson, G. Samson, W. and S. Scarr, R. Short, E. Somer, J. Spence, T. Sutton, H. Sutton, T. Sweet, J. and T. Tatham, J. Thomppon, D. Torpy, A. Urquhart, T. Valentino, H. Walkden, M. Walsh, j. Watt, Wheeler (5), W. Wilson, H. Yates,


Masters - J. and T. Allen, G. Ballard, C. and A. Brewer, V. and L. Cooper, W. Fry, T. Greer, J. Howard, A. Johnson, E. Latham, J. McAlister, Maxwell (2), J. and N. Watt, C. Yates.

In addition to these, there are also a large number of third-class passengers for various other New Zealand, ports.


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