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The ARAWA departed London on 14 July 1887 and arrived in Port Chalmers, via Capetown and Hobart, on 29 August 1887. Captain John Stuart was in command.


Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times, 30 August 1887, Page 2


Arawa s.s. 5026 tons, Stuart, from Plymouth (July 16th), via Teneriffe, the Cape of Good Hope, and Hobart. Dalgety and Co. agents.



For Otago:

Saloon Mr. F Elliott

Second saloon - Miss Begg, Rev C Bradbury

Third cabin Mr. and Mrs. C?iffey, Miss Anglin. Messrs Ahlfeld, Henderson, T?ckey, Whitwain


For the Bluff:

Mr. W Witsey


For Canterbury:

Saloon - Colonel Adams, Mrs. Findlay, Dr Preston and child, Mr. L Taverner

Second saloon Mr. A Todd

Third Cabin Misses - Findlay, Hassett. Messrs - Conn, Cossar, Cartwright, Eddy (2), Inksted, Mackay, Nugent, Wakeling, Woods, Way

For Wellington:

Saloon Mrs. C C Graham, Misses Tarquand, Rev Mr. Beard

Second saloon - Miss Playle, Mr. and Mrs. Bromsden and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Hatton and infant, Mr. and Mrs. Woodhouse and two Children

Third Cabin Mr. and Mrs. Brown and four children, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson and child. Misses - Harvey, Smith. Messrs - Berry (2), Chapman, Fawthrop, Harvey, Johnston, Laing, O'Halloran, Shea, Temple, Watts


For Napier:

Third cabin Misses - Humphrey, Elliott, Hammond, McPhair. Messrs Ainscough, Maxley, McPhair Shaw


For New Plvmouth:

Third cabin Mr. and Mrs. Bates and family, Mrs. Weale


For Greymouth:

Third cabin Messrs - Hopkinson, Walls


For Wanganui:

Second saloon Mr. P Daniell


For Auckland:

Saloon Messrs - Bow, Hankey (2)

Second saloon Mrs. and Miss Proudfoot, Mr. and Mrs. Lane, Mr. P Edwards

Third cabin Miss Birch, Mr. and Mrs. Walton and child, Mr. and Mrs. Sterner, Mr. and Mrs. Whitelaw and infant. Messrs - Cooper, Dow, Gibson, Hall, Kimmins, Ottway, Porter


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