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The AOTEA departed London on 8 August, 1895 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth and Capetown, on 27 September, 1895 with Captain W Scotland in command.




Wellington, September 28.The Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company's steamer Aotea, from London, arrived in harbour at 10.30 o'clock last night, but owing to the late hour no communication was held with the vessel till this morning.


The following is her passenger list:


Misses - Leca and Scotland,

Mesdames - Harper, Mackin, Pink and four children, Howie,Cathro and two children, Platt, Riley, Muirhead, Inspector Pender, Dr. Mackin,

Messrs - Pink, Howie, Cathro, Lee, Rogers, Scobie, Hillis, Rickertsen, Wilson, Henricksen, McKay, Cranvick, McGregor, French, Rainey, Russell, McVeigh, Duncan, Drummond, Hilroy, Riley, Muirhead,

and 67 steerage.


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