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The AORANGI departed London on 8th December, 1892 and arrived in Port Chalmers on 27 January, 1893, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart. Captain J A Sutcliffe in command.


Transcribed from the Press, Friday, 6 January, 1893



The following is a list of passengers booked up to the 26th November per R. M. S. S. Aorangi, which left London on 8th December, and Plymouth 10th December, 1892:—




Mr. R. B. Bennett, Mrs R. B. Bennett, Master R. L. Bennett, Miss M. Bennett; Colonel S. Beckett; Mr Edward Bibby, for Lyttelton

Mr H. S. Waller, Mrs Waller, for Auckland

Mrs P. Oppe, Miss J. Oppe, Mr A. Oppe, Masters H., T. and E. Oppe and nurse, for Wellington

Rev. W. E. Mulyan, Mrs Mulyan, Miss C. A. Mulyan, for Auckland

Mr R. S. Matthews, Mrs Matthews, Master L. W. A. Matthews, for New Plymouth

Mr G. A. Hill, Mr O. Ilbert, for Lyttelton

Mr H. D. V. Unmark, for Wellington

Mr A. Heathorn, for Melbourne

Misses A. J. and L. C. Farquhar-Smith, for Wellington.


Mr T. V. Dalgleish, Mrs Dal­gleish, Master R. W. Dalgleish, Miss V. Dalgleish, Miss V. Dalgleish, Master J. J. Dalgleish, Master W. Dalgleish, Master J. Dalgleish, for Port Chalmers

Mr E. Priestley, for Auckland

Miss R. Reader, Miss B Reader, for Wellington

Mr J. W. Jenner, for Wellington

Mr J. Hutton, for Port Chalmers

Mr A. J. Peterson, for Wellington

Mr A. Turner, for Auckland

Miss J. Ireland, for Greymouth

Miss C. Ireland, for Greymouth

Miss A. Selwood, for Timaru

Miss E. O'Neil, for Napier

Mr J. Turner, for Auckland

Mr R. J. Turner, for Auckland

Mr W. Thomas, for Bluff

Mr W. S. Shilton, for Greymouth

Mr J. Forrester, Mrs Forrester, Miss A. M. Forrester, Master W. Forrester, Miss K. Forrester, Master R Forrester, for Lyttel­ton

Miss R. G. Muldren, Miss S. Muldren, Miss M.Muldren, Master W. J. Muldren, Master H. Muldren, for Oamaru

Miss H. Curley, for Wellington

Mr C. E. Lock, Mrs Lock, and Miss Lock


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