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The ALLAHABAD departed London on 31 May, 1873 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 2 September, 1873, with Captain Crispin in command.


Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times, Tuesday, 2 September, 1873, Page 4.


In our Shipping Summary, which appears in page 3 of this day’s issue, the Allahabad is amongst the expected arrivals. Since that was written she has arrived safe and sound, reaching Port last night, 92 days out. The passengers are healthy, but we regret to have to chronicle three deaths on the passage, viz., one from pleuro pneumonia, one from diarrhoea, and another from heart disease. As the vessel was not cleared last night, we were unable to get the names of the deceased. No infectious disease occurred, and the passengers and immigrants, numbering 273, have been happy and comfortable during the voyage, and we learn that each and all of the compartments - married couples, single women, and single men's - are exquisitely clean, reflecting credit on the passengers and ship.

The latter is a powerful vessel of 1200 tons register, built of iron, a fine model, large carrying capacities, and a good sailor. The Allahabad arrived at the Heads yesterday afternoon, and was towed up by the tug Geelong to a berth close to the Railway Pier last night, being brought up under the management of Mr Pilot L.P. Stevens, preparatory to being taken alongside the Pier. The vessel will be cleared this morning, and passengers and immigrants allowed to disembark.

The Allahabad left Gravesend on the 31st of May; had favourable weather, and crossed the Line on the 24th day out, in longitude 29.10 W. The S.E. Trades were light. After losing them she succeeded in rounding the Cape of Good Hope, and ran her easting down between the parallels of 43 and 45, characterised by moderate weather. On the 13th August, however, she encountered a terrific S.W. gale, which blew away every small sail set, the mainsail out of the gaskets, and through the truss bolts, breaking the lower topsail-yard. - Since writing the above, we learn that there were three births on the voyage, thus keeping the population of the ship intact. The last death was on the 7th July, when Mrs Henderson, aged 64 years, succumbed.

The ship has, by adverse winds, been detained on the coast for four days, and comes into harbour neat and tidy alow and aloft.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Report on “Allahabad”

Immigration Office

Dunedin 6th Sept 1873



      We have the honor to report that the ship “Allahabad” arrived from London on the 1st inst, with equal to 227˝ Statute adults Government Immigrants, having made a passage of 94 days from Gravesend. There were five births and three deaths on the voyage two of the number being adults, the diseases being Pleuro-pneumonia, and ascites - one child died of diarrhoea. The Immigrants arrived in excellent health, and expressed themselves as well satisfied with their treatment. The ship came into Port in fine order, being very clean in every compartment. We have to express our satisfaction at the admirable manner in which she was fitted for the conveyance of the Immigrants. The bunks were erected fore and aft, instead of horizontally, and a passage of about three feet was left clear from each side of the ship thus allowing ample space for motion.

The ventilation by Port holes and Ventilators through the deck, was most complete and affective.

The Galley and Condenser were equal to their requirements. The hospital on deck was not used, the Surgeon Superintendent having objected to it on account of its proximity to the ship’s Galley’s.

The Immigrants speak in flattering terms of the Surgeon Superintendent Dr Gibson, the Captain and Officers of the Ship, all of whom appear to have performed their several duties very satisfactorily.

We recommend that they be paid the Gratuities assigned to them.

We have the honor to be


Your Obt Servants

Colin Allan, Commissioner

The Under Secretary,

Lands and Immigration Office,




Died during the passage:-

(1) Joseph Burgess, at 37, Porter, England - June 7th Pleuro-pneumonia

(2) Mary Avery, at 8 1/2, months - July 5th Diarrhea

(3) Catherine Henderson, at 56 (?) Ireland - July 7th Acute Heart

Born during the passage:-

(1) Fredk Wm Crispin Stimpson - June 18th/73

(2) Fredericka Fanny Margt Naish - July 14th/73

(3) Fredk Wm Bone - August 1st/73

Mrs Dickson gave birth to female (Still born) July 30th


Emigrants not included in Corrected list

John McElhenny, at 3 1/2 months

James McArthur, at 15 years England Gardener

Lilias Thomson, at 4 1/2 months

Bridget Connell, Adult


Ship “Allahabad” from London

Colin Allan

Immig Officer


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Otago Daily Times, 13 August 1873, Page 3


The Immigration Officer reports that the ship Allahabad left London for Otago on 31st May, with 275 souls, equal to 229 statute adults. The following is the summary:-

43 Families, representing 119 stat. ad.

42˝ Single men              42˝   "

67˝ Single women          67˝   "

                          Total,  229


Their trades and professions are as follows: —

Gardener, 1; farm labourers, 39; farmers, 2; ploughman, 1; navvy, 1; shepherds, 2; butchers, 2; bricklayer, 1; blacksmiths, 2; smiths, 6; plate-layer, 1; miner, 1; cooper, 1; carpenters, 5; cabinet-maker, 1; joiner, 1; bootmakers, 2; carrier, 1; baker, 1; housekeeper, 1; porter, 1; mechanic, 1; grocer, 1; domestic servants, 26; cooks, 5; housemaids, 5; dairymaids, 3; weavers, 4; dressmaker, 1; brickmaker, 1; nurse, 1; housekeepers, 2.

Their nationalities are as follows:-

English                  170

Scotch                   36

Irish                      58

French                   2

Channel Islands     10

                 Total   270



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