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The AFRICAN departed London on 12 May, 1862 and arrived in Auckland on 27 August, 1892, under the command of Joseph Gibson.


Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 28 August 1862, Page 3



The good ship 'African', Captain Gibson, came to an anchor yesterday afternoon, in the harbour, after a good run of 107 days from the Downs. She brings 105 passengers, and a cargo of general merchandise. Left the Downs on May 12th, and crossed the Line on the 13th of June, in long. 22° 30' W. SE trade winds were indifferent up to 36° 20' W, Lat. 26° 30' S. Much southerly wind was experienced to the Cape of Good Hope, which point was passed on July 13 in 37° 40' S. Southerly and SW. winds here prevalent. Continued to the northward of 40° lat until long 100° was passed, and then steered to pass the south of Tasmania, which was effected on the night of the 16th August, with strong southerly wind. Fine weather from Tasmania to the North Cape. The Three Kings were passed on the 23th of August; S.W. and westerly winds being experienced along the New Zealand coast. Anchored on Tuesday night under the Wangapoua peninsula, and came to an anchor in Auckland harbour at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Fine weather prevailed throughout the voyage. During the passage two seamen fell overboard, but were rescued by aid of the boats. Spoke with only one vessel, when near the equator. No sickness of any moment was recorded by the surgeon; one birth took place during the voyage. This is the fourth visit of Captain Gibson to this city, and the appearance of the 'African' on this occasion under his command, both as regards cleanliness and sea-going requisites, was in every respect worthy of the highest commendation.



Cabin —

W. E. Blyth

W. H. Blyth

Henry Cartwright

Mrs Cartwright

Arch. C. Turner, Eleanor, Charles B, Fairfax H, and Ada C Turner

Samuel L. Revans

W. T. Emmens

Herbert Taylor

Mrs. Taylor

Mary Ann Smith

Elizabeth Smith

J. S. Nicholls

Rhoda Marriner

Lieutenant Pye

Mrs. Pye

Miss Pye

Dr. Vine


Steerage —

M. Hautrive, farmer

John Boase, gardener

Ellen Henderson, servant

Robert Dunlop, farmer

Alexander Dunlop, ditto

Janet Dunlop, servant

Joseph R Walker, farmer

John Allen, ditto

Duncan White, lith. artist

Geo Giddinqs, farmer

Thomas Adams, ditto

Robert M. Perston, agriculturist

Edward Noble, clerk

Henry Moncrief,labourer

John Williams, ditto

Hugh O'Neil, ditto

Joseph McGurnaghan, ditto

John Sink, ditto

John Miller, baker

John Ebert, ditto

Jacob Young, ditto

Philip Sugden, ditto

Jacob Perret, ditto

Adam Berg, smith

Edward Hubbard, baker

Henry Long, farmer

Mrs. Jane Jacques, servant

Alexander McLaren, labourer

Francis McLeary, farm servant

James Penteney,labourer

Elizabeth Penteney

Robeit McKibbon, farmer

Adam McKibbon, ditto

James McCaudless, carpenter

Joseph Tanner, farmer

Farquhar McGilvray, draper

John Haigh,labourer

Henry Maguire, farmer

Hugh McCavery, ditto

Henry Fitzsina, ditto

Edward O'Connor, ditto

Robert Arbuckle, painter

Mrs. Arbuckle

Francis Arbuckle

Mark Jones, gardener

Henry Bowman, plumber

Esther Bowman

Francis Croft, butcher

John Harker, laborer

Charles McMurray, farmer

Sarah Fisher

William Fisher

John Fisher

Thomas Milligan, labourer

J. M. Simpson, ditto

Robert Long, carpenter

Charles Duff, ditto

John R. Houghton, gardener

Pat Welby, farmer

John Martin, ditto

Daniel Martin, ditto

Albert Galbraith, ditto

Thomas Smith, ditto

Thos. Thompson, labourer

John Kearney, ditto

John Flower, ditto

Geoige Perry, ditto

Henry Coombe, ditto

John Grey, ditto

Mary Grey

H. J. Alderslade, carpenter

Elizabeth Alderslade

Daniel Clifton, farm servant

William Chifton, ditto

John Soley, ditto

J. C. Blackmore, gardener

Thos. Blackmore, farm servant

Walter Payne, ditto

John Stevenson, carpenter

James Stevenson, ditto

Robert Hall, moulder

Henry McCuteheon, farmer

Ellen McNamara, servant

Andrew James, labourer

Francis Day, sawyer

Charles McMurray, farmer

George McCauslin, ditto

Robert Gilespie, ditto

Peter Corston, carpenter

Robert McCallum, farm servant

Samuel Reeve, labourer

James Still, ditto

John Falkner, ditto

Charles Neeson, ditto

Joseph Hall, merchant

Eleinor Hall

Joseph Hall

Robert Hall

Richard Pouder,labourer

Thomas Hughes, farmer

Isaac Pye, ditto

William G. Cook, farm labourer

Thos. Wm. Cook, ditto

Francis Amy, blacksmith

Robert Fawcett, labourer


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