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The Harkrider History

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The Harkrider History

Johannes Harkrader - The First Generation

Will of Johannes Harkrader

 Descendants of Johannes Harkrader

David Harkrader - The Second Generation

Descendants of David Harkrader & Anna Miskell

Reese B. Harkrider - The Third Generation

      Descendants of Reese B. Harkrider

Frances Elizabeth Harkrider - The Fourth Generation

      Descendants of Frances Elizabeth Harkrider and David Calvin Allmon

Descendants of Abraham Horton, Sr. Through Five Generations








The Harkrider History




The first Harkrider I was able to find was Johannes Harkrader who came to the New World in 1733 from the area we know as Germany. He settled in Philadelphia and later moved with his family to Maryland. Most of his children were christened in the Zion Moslem Lutheran Church. There is also evidence that his wife's family were Quakers.


His son, David, moved to Virginia and lived there for over 20 years. David's son, Reese Harkrider, was born in Virginia and moved to Tennessee about1840 where he married Mahala Horton.


Mahala's grandfather, Daniel Horton, served with the North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War. He served for nine months beginning in June 1778 and fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain in North Carolina. He was originally in the company commanded by Captain Martin in the regiments of both Colonels Armstrong and Shelby. As a Quaker, he was not permitted to enter military service, and as a consequence, was ejected from the Quaker Church.

There is record of his having received a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War. He received $80 Sept 1832 and March 1833; also his children were paid $40, his pension from March 4, 1838 to August 18, 1839 "the day of his death". There is much known about the Horton family.


Reese Harkrider moved his family to Macon County, Illinois about 1854. It was there that his daughter, Frances Elizabeth Harkrider, met and married David Calvin Allmon. They moved to Texas about 1878.


There are several variations in the spelling of the HARKRIDER name.  Some of the names you will find are Herrgeroder, Hercheroder, Herchelroder, Harkrader, Harkrider, Harkerader, Hargerader, etc. People who descended from Johannes Harkrader may use any of these variations today. There are Harkrider's in Brady and San Saba, Texas today.




Johannes Harkrader (Herrgeroder)



Johannes Herrgeroder, a Palatine, arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Elizabeth in 1733 at the age of 19.  It isn't known where he was born, but safe to say it was probably in the area we know as Germany.


Generally speaking, a "Palatine" is someone who came from the region of Germany known as "The Palatinate". Prior to 1871, what is now Germany was a number of separate states, such as Wurttemberg, Prussia, Bavaria, etc. In the 18th century, the term "Palatine" was used in America to describe immigrants from this area and other adjoining German-speaking areas. Therefore, being from the "Palatinate" may not point to a specific place of origin, but rather an approximate location in or near western or southern Germany.


He served as Captain of Berks and Northampton County Militia in the War to suppress Indian outrages against settlers in the spring of 1756. "A company of volunteers formed by frontier inhabitants of Berks and Northampton Counties. The Maxatawney and Allemangle Independent Guard. 24 men served for 39 days - April 3 to May 11. Johannes Hergerder was the captain - paid 5 shillings daily. Privates were paid 16 pence. 6 Pence allowed for rations and a gill of rum served daily to each man. A gill is about four ounces. (1914 History of Lehigh Co., PA (Vol 1) from Jim Allen June 1997, 2268 Emily Ave, Lakewood OH 44107)


He married twice. His first wife, Anna, was the daughter of Christian and Christiana Mahneschmidt of Maxatawney, Berks Co., PA. Their name has been spelled in various ways including Mahneschmidt, Manschmidt, Monasmith, Manneschmidt or Monismith but not Messersmith. They had five children.


His second wife, Anna Maria DeHoff, was the daughter of John Philip DeHoff. The DeHoff name has also been spelled THEHOF in Pennsylvania and THEBAULD in Louisiana. Anna Maria DeHoff was the mother of our ancestor, David Harkrader. Johannes and Anna DeHoff had eight children.


He died about 1774 in Frederick County, Maryland.




Descendants of Johannes Harkrader




                   i.    CHRISTINA2 HARKRADER, b. Bef. 13 May 1746.

                  ii.    CONRAD HARKRADER, b. Bef. 1748.

                 iii.    ANNA DORETHEA HARKRADER, b. Bef. 06 April 1748.

                 iv.    JOHN HARKRADER, b. 01 October 1750.

                  v.    SUSANNA MARI HARKRADER, b. 04 March 1752.




                 vi.    BENJAMIN2 HARKRADER.

                vii.    CATHARINE HARKRADER.

               viii.    ELIZABETH HARKRADER.

                  ix.    ISAAC HARKRADER.

                   x.    JOHAN HEINRICH HARKRADER, b. 24 January 1755.

                  xi.    JOHAN PHILIP HARKRADER, b. 28 May 1756.

                 xii.    JACOB HARKRADER, b. 04 September 1757.

                xiii.    DAVID HARKRADER, b. Abt. 1774, Frederick Co, MD; d. Aft. 1834; m. ANNA MISKELL, 18 February 1799, Franklin Co., VA; b. 02 July 1777; d. Unknown.






Will of Johannes Harkrader


Johannes Hargerarader made his will 1 October 1770 (Liber A, No 1, F479):


"In the name of God, Amen. I John Hargarader of Frederick County, Province of Maryland Farmer being weak in body but of a sound mind, memory & understanding thanks be given to Almighty God for it, and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all I remand my soul into the hands of God that gave it & my body I remand to the earth to be buried in decent and Christian burial at the discretion of my executors hereafter named nothing doubting but I shall view the same at the general resurrection by the mighty power of God and as touching such estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise and dispose of in the following manner... just debts to be my beloved wife Mary Hargarader & my trusty and well beloved friend George Wister whom I ordain my executor of this my last will and testament.

Item..I give.... my wife Mary Hargaradar my best bed which I have with its furniture & my best chest(?) besides her thirds the rest of my movable estate I desire should be sold and the money equally divided among my eleven children.

And so desire that my wife Mary Hargaradar should have quiet peaceable possession of all my lands & plantation to raise my children until my youngest child that shall be living shall come to age except she marries again at which time, that is to say when my youngest child shall come to age or if my wife should marry before that time then I desire all my lands and plantation should be sold and the money equally divided among my children that shall live to attain to their due age for that purpose and if any of my children should die before they come, then I desire their part should be equally divided among the rest of my children that shall be living & ....first day of October 1770. Signed John Hargereder. Witnessed by Michael Wagner, Daniel Heath, and Daniel Richards.


16 January 1774 Daniel Heath and Daniel Richards made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see John Hargarder sign...and that they did see Michael Wagoner the other witness sign his name.


20 October 1775 Mary Harrigirder, executrix of John Harrigirder late of Frederick, deceased, filed the final account in court. Some of the disbursements Mary made as John's executrix were to G Scott collector of quit rents, to Tho French, sheriff.



David Harkrader



DAVID HARKRADER was born about 1774 in Frederick Co., Maryland sometime around the time that his father died. David died after 1834.  He married ANNA MISKELL 18 February 1799 in Franklin Co., VA, daughter of GEORGE MIEXEL and MARIA KITTERMAN.  She was born 02 July 1777. It isn't know when or where she died.David and Anna had ten children. Not a lot is known about the children because it is so difficult to find information before 1850.


I estimated David Harkrader's birth year from census records and from his date of marriage.


From the early 1790's until about 1830 he was in Virginia. He is listed in 1792 in tax records of Russell Co., VA with one poll but no land tax. He was also found in census records for 1810 and 1820 in Montgomery Co., VA and Tazewell Co., VA.


By about 1830 he and his family are in McMinn Co., TN.



Last name could be Miexel, Mikesell or Mitchell.





Descendants of David Harkrader




                   i.    GEORGE3 HARKRIDER, b. Bet. 1800 - 1810; m. ELIZA.

                  ii.    JOHN HARKRIDER, b. 18 December 1801, Suffolk, Virginia; d. 27 January 1865, El Paso, AR; m. EUNICE HORTON ASBURY, 23 October 1825; b. 1807, Virginia; d. April 1873.

                 iii.    DAUGHTER HARKRIDER (CHRISTINA?), b. 1807, Virginia; m. RICHARD RIGGINS.

                 iv.    SARAH HARKRIDER, b. 1808; m. JOHN STEED, 29 December 1829, McMinn Co., TN.

                  v.    POLLY HARKRIDER, b. 10 March 1814, Virginia; d. 17 November 1861, Missouri; m. JAMES RANDOLPH WITT, 15 September 1833; b. 23 August 1813, Jefferson Co, TN; d. 1890, Moody, McLennen Co, TX.

                 vi.    REESE B. HARKRIDER, b. 12 August 1821, Tazewell Co., VA; d. 06 October 1875, Macon Co., IL; m. (1) MAHALA HORTON, 23 March 1841, McMinn Co., TN; b. 01 May 1822, Washington Co., TN; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, Macon Co., IL; m. (2) AMANDA M. ALLMON, 20 November 1870, Macon Co., IL; b. 1846, Missouri; d. Aft. 1880.

                vii.    DAUGHTER HARKRIDER, b. Unknown.

               viii.    ELIZAH HARKRIDER, b. Unknown.

                  ix.    SUSAN HARKRIDER, b. Unknown; m. DE ARMAND.

                   x.    VICE HARKRIDER, b. Unknown; m. HIRAM HAVENS.





Reese B. Harkrider



REESE B. HARKRIDER was born 11 October 1821 in Tazewell Co., VA, and died 06 October 1875 in Macon Co., IL.  He married twice. First he married MAHALA HORTON 23 March 1841 in McMinn Co., TN, daughter of JESSE HORTON and ANNA DYKES.  She was born 01 May 1822 in Washington Co., TN, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Macon Co., IL.  He married second his daughter’s sister-in-law, AMANDA M. ALLMON, 20 November 1870 in Macon Co., IL, daughter of WILLIAM ALLMON and JANE COWAN.  She was born 1846 in Missouri, and died Aft. 1880.


In 1850 Reese, Mahala and two children were in McMinn County, Tennessee. The Harkrider family moved to Macon Co., IL ca 1855. Although we don't know why they moved to Illinois, we do know that Mahala's parents and siblings also moved from McMinn County, TN to Macon Co., IL about the same time. Many Horton's are buried in North Fork Cemetery, Decatur, Illinois.


By 1860 they are in Macon Co., IL with five children including Frances Elizabeth age 8.  They were living near several Wheeler families and that is probably how Reese met Amanda Allmon Wheeler whom he later married in Macon Co., IL after both their spouses died.


In 1865 and 1866 he is listed on the rolls of Personal Property Taxpayers of Macon Co., IL, Long Creek Township.


31 March 1868-Rees B. Harkrider purchased 40.00 acres at $15.00 per acres for a total price of $600.00 in Macon County, IL. Legal description: north west quarter of the south west quarter section 12, range 3E of the third principal meridian, township 16N. Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database vol 791 page 410.


In 1870 Reese and three children, Matilda, Frances and Martha are living in Long Creek Township, Macon Co., IL.  Mahala and two of their sons, James and Jessie, have apparently died by that time.  In November of that year, he and Amanda Allmon Wheeler married.


I don't know exactly when Amanda's first husband, John Wheeler, died but they were only married a few years. Their son William was born in 1868 and by Nov. 1870 John had died and she married Reese B. Harkrider. I have a copy of the Marriage Register from Macon County, Illinois. The listing shows Reason B. Harkrader and Mrs. Amanda M. Wheeler got marriage license number 263 on November 19, 1879 and were married by W.L. Bankston, Minister of the Gospel, on Nov. 20, 1870. I wonder if his given name was "Reason" or "Reese"? He had a sister named "Vice".


Amanda and Reese were married less than five years when he died in 1875 leaving her pregnant and with two small daughters. It appears that her third child by Reese, Hattie C., died before 1880. I've not yet located Amanda beyond 1880 and don't know if she remarried again nor when she died.


In the probate records of Macon County, Illinois I found records showing that Reese B. Harkrider died 6th day of October 1875. The administrators of his estate were David Calvin Allmon and Amanda Harkrider. He died owing money to several people. As a result his estate was appraised and many items were sold to pay creditors.


I think it is interesting to see the list of items sold, which bought them and how much was paid. Listed below are some of the more interesting ones.


 Mowing Sythe & Wheel sold to N.W. Rucker (brother in law of Mahala)                           $ 0.15

 Lot Irons                                         D. Daniels                                                                       $ 0.18

Lot Old Plows                                N.W. Rucker                                                                    $ 0.10

 One half Reeper & mower           D.C.Allman (brother in law)                                           $10.00

Four Bushels Buckwheat              D.C. Allman                                                                     $ 2.50

White Cow                                     Wm D Spain (brother in law of Amanda)                      $30.00

Five Shoats                                    Andrew Haines (may have been related)                         $28.00

One Stack Hay                                Wm D Spain (brother in law of Amanda)                      $ 1.50

3 Acres Corn                                  Wm D Spain (brother in law of Amanda)                      $45.00


Reeses' personal estate was appraised at $1,373.05, which included livestock, farm equipment and about 40 acres of corn. The value of personal property taken by the widow was $579.05 and the remainder of the estate was sold for $790.54.  From those funds various items were paid out to administer the estate including $30 for a coffin. In the final settlement Amanda received $339.95 with another $82.38 being paid to the administrators as a 6% commission. I assume that was paid to David C. Allmon and Amanda M. Harkrider.  "The administrators represent that they have paid the first, second, third, fourth and fifth class claims in full; that all seventh class claims were prorated at fifty-four & 39/100 cents on the dollar."


The value of real estate was listed as $1400.00 being "the north west quarter of the south west quarter section twelve township sixteen range three east of the third principal meridian".


Some of the items that Amanda got in the settlement and their appraised value were:

One Coal Stove......................................$10.00

One Bedstead & bed..............................$12.00

One Spinning Wheel..............................$ 4.00

Gun.........................................................$ 2.00

Barrel of Molasses..................................$19.00

Fruit Jars & Contents.............................$10.00

24 Acres Corn........................................$216.00


18 Dec. 1877-Proof of Notice for Final Settlement of Estate of Reese B. Harkrider was filed. It lists Frances E. Allmon, Matilda C. Moody, Martha A. Harkrider, John W. Harkrider, and Amanda M. Harkrider guardian of Ida Harkrider, Ella Harkrider and Hattie C. Harkrider. Administrators were David C. Allmon and Amanda M. Harkrider.


Reese was buried in North Fork Cemetery, Macon Co., IL.


In 1880 Long Creek Twp, Macon Co., IL we find Amanda Harkrider age 34 widowed with three children ages 4-12, William Wheeler, Ida and Ella Harkrider.



Descendants of Reese B. Harkrider



                   i.    JOHN MARION4 HARKRIDER, b. 06 January 1843, McMinn, TN; d. 18 November 1908, Chenoa, McLean Co., IL; m. CATHARINE MARY SANDHAM, 16 June 1864, Decatur, Macon Co., IL; b. 03 August 1844, Butler Twp, Montgomery Co., OH; d. 02 May 1905, Chenoa, McLean Co., IL.

                  ii.    MATILDA C. HARKRIDER, b. 1849, McMinn, TN; m. JAMES C. MOODY, 13 October 1870, Sangamon Co., IL.

                 iii.    FRANCES ELIZABETH HARKRIDER, b. 24 November 1852, McMinn Co., TN; d. 30 January 1940, Petersburg, Hale County, TX; m. DAVID CALVIN ALLMON, 06 August 1871, Macon Co., IL; b. 25 February 1849, Springfield, Greene Co., MO which is now Webster County, Missouri; d. 08 May 1915, Petersburg, Hale County, TX.

                 iv.    JAMES H. HARKRIDER, b. 1854, Macon Co., IL; d. Bef. 1870, Macon Co., IL.

                  v.    JESSIE M. HARKRIDER, b. 1858, Macon Co., IL; d. Bef. 1870, Macon Co., IL.

                 vi.    MARTHA ALICE HARKRIDER, b. 06 January 1862, Decatur, Macon Co., IL; d. 10 October 1941, Gainesville, Cooke Co., TX; m. HENRY SELZ, 01 December 1881, Denton Co., TX; b. 13 July 1849, Tiffin, Seneca Co., OH; d. 25 January 1917, Pilot Point, Denton Co., TX.




                vii.    IDA4 HARKRIDER, b. 1872, Macon Co., IL.

               viii.    ELLA HARKRIDER, b. Bef. 1875.

                  ix.    HATTIE C. HARKRIDER, b. Bet. 16 October 1875 - 18 December 1877, Macon Co., IL; d. Bef. June 1880, Macon Co., IL.






Frances Elizabeth Harkrider



FRANCES ELIZABETH HARKRIDER was born 24 November 1852 in McMinn Co., TN. She was the daughter of Reese B. Harkrider and Mahala Horton.  She married DAVID CALVIN ALLMON 06 August 1871 in Macon Co., IL at the age of 18.


Frances and David Allmon lived in Macon County, Illinois for about seven years and then packed up their family and moved to Grayson County, Texas.  We don't know why they moved to Texas but there were a number of David Allmon's cousins, aunts and uncles living in nearby Denton and Tarrant Counties by that time. Frances and David had three young sons at that time aged 1 - 5 yrs. Their fourth child, Hattie, was born in 1879 in Grayson County, Texas. So, it's possible that Frances was pregnant with Hattie during the long 700+ mile wagon trip to Texas. Frances' sister, Martha Alice, came to Texas with them. Martha later met and married Henry Selz. Frances and David had seven children in all. Only one, Bessie May, did not live to adulthood.


After living in Grayson County about 12 years David and Frances moved to Floyd Co., TX.. where they remained the rest of their lives. Their daughter, Hattie, remembered that 300+ mile wagon trip across Texas all of her life.


In the 1910 census of Floyd Co., TX  David C. Allmon is 61 yrs old and Frances E. 57. Their son, Charlie L. 25 is living with them. David Calvin lists his occupation as "County Officer".


Frances died 30 January 1940at the age of 87 in Petersburg, Hale County, TX.  Frances is buried at the Allmon Community, Floyd Co., TX. Her son, Charlie, committed suicide in May of the same year, distraught over his mother's death.



Descendants of Frances Elizabeth Harkrider



                   i.    DAVID ALBERT5 ALLMON, b. 12 July 1873, Macon County, Illinois, near Decatur; d. 13 November 1938; m. BIRDANAH ARNOLD, 25 December 1897, Hale Co. TX; b. August 1882.

                  ii.    WILLIAM REECE ALLMON, b. January 1875, Macon County, Illinois, near Decatur; d. Aft. 01 February 1940; m. ETTA M. GREGG, 24 December 1896; b. November 1880, TN.

                 iii.    EDWIN ELMORE ALLMON, b. 25 February 1877, Macon County, Illinois, near Decatur; d. 03 December 1958, Bernalillo Co., NM; m. LOLA FITZGERALD, 30 September 1905, TX; b. 16 August 1883, San Saba Co., TX; d. 03 November 1965, Randall Co., TX.

                 iv.    HATTIE ALICE ALLMON, b. 12 June 1879, Grayson County, TX; d. 31 January 1970, Floydada, Floyd County, TX; m. JOHN SINGLETON CASH, 1902, Floyd County, Texas; b. 31 October 1876, Clifton, Bosque County, Texas; d. Unknown, Unknown.

                  v.    EMMETT MAYNARD ALLMON, b. November 1881, Grayson County, Texas; m. EDITH STEVENS.

                 vi.    CHARLES LEROY ALLMON, b. 12 December 1885, Grayson County, Texas; d. 05 May 1940, Floyd Co., TX; m. SUSAN ETHEL HARRY, 25 December 1910, Quitman, Wood County, Texas; b. 22 September 1888; d. 21 September 1965.

                vii.    BESSIE MAY ALLMON, b. Abt. 1886; d. Abt. 1886.