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July 19, 2005


Allmon History

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A Little Allmon History


I haven't yet discovered where the Allmon family originated. But I've traced them back to about 1730 in Virginia. History says that most immigrants in Virginia came to the New World from England.


According to "The Dictionary of Surnames", the name Alman and it's variations is an English ethnic name for someone from Germany, from a Germanic tribal name, probably meaning simply 'all the men'. This may mean that our ancestors were originally from Germany and went from there to England and then to America.


The first ancestor that I've located was Nathaniel Almond who was born in Virginia. The Allmon family moved a lot and seemed to move in large groups with other families who were usually related by marriage. From Virginia our line moved to North Carolina then Tennessee. At that point some of the family went to Texas, some to Marion County, Illinois and our line (William) moved to Missouri where they lived for some thirty years. After William's death his children and wife moved to Macon County, Illinois and then to Texas. As early as the mid 1800's there was an Allmon ancestor in Tarrant County, Texas. This was pre civil war days. The first Allmon born in Texas that I found was Adaline Allmon born in 1857 which was during the early years of Texas' statehood. Adaline was a cousin of David Calvin Allmon. Hattie Alice Allmon Cash ("Nannie" to most of us) died at the age of 91. She lived more years than any other Allmon that I've found.


There are several variations in the spelling of the ALLMON name. Some of the names you will find for Allmon are Almond, Alman, Almon, Allman, Allmon, Almand. The different spellings come mainly from the old census forms. Census takers in the 1800's were paid by the name, sometimes at a penny per name. So, they did not spend a lot of time worrying over how to spell a name. They wrote it down as it sounded and sometimes, that spelling was what the family eventually used. Just say the name "Allmon" out loud and you will see that all the variations in spelling make sense. All of these variations are used today by people who descended from Nathaniel Almond.


I have corresponded with lots of our "cousins" from all over the United States who have helped me considerably. Thanks to: Phillip Allmon, the grandson of Emmett (Nannie's brother); Chuck & Judy Allmon ; Crystal Atwood, the great-great grandaughter of David Calvin Allmon's sister, Martha; Edwin Basinger, the grandson of Mary Jemima Allmon, another of David Calvin's sisters; and Yvonne Perkins, the widow of the grandson of Hattie's brother, Edwin. It has been really fun.


Please contact me if you find any mistakes or if you want to share information.



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