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John Galloway was born about 1779 possibly in Virginia and died in 1864 in Transylvania County, North Carolina. There has been speculation that he is the son of John and Mary Harrison Galloway, but more research is needed to document this. He was married to Kizzia (Kizziah/Kizzie)Mauldin, the daughter of John Godfrey Mauldin (1765-1832) and Mary Sarah Blake (1767 - ), who was born about 1782 in North Carolina and died before 1864 in Transylvania County, North Carolina.

They made their home in the area of North Carolina that is known today as Transylvania County. Both are said to be buried in the Folly Gap Cemetery.

When not working the farm and taking care of the house and children they attended Cathey's Creek Baptist church which was first organized in 1795 and from record Book #2 in the hand of Church Clerk and on file with the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, microfilmed May 14, 1978 is this note: The records show the following members joined prior to the permanent organization of the Church in 1822:

John Aikens Sallie Aiken Francis Allison Mrs. Francis Allison
Hannah Ball Phebe Burrell Peggy Davis Surry Davis
Kizzie Duckworth Betsy Galloway John Galloway, Jr. Kizzie Galloway
Sarah Galloway William Galloway Millie Gillespie Robert Gillespie
Sallie Gillespie William Gillespie Esther Glazener David Hadden
Nancy Hogsed Peggy Hooper Susanna Nicholson Vicey Nicholson
Robert McMinn Hannah Nern Anna Owen James Owen
Jane Rea Betty Reed Jonathan Siniard Peggy Siniard
Priscilla Spigle Sallie Sutton Isaac Trunwet (Trammell) Zilpha Turnwel
Anna Wilson Mary Wilson xxx xxx

The children Of John and Kizzia are:

  • Sophia b. 1801 d. Jul 1882 married Enoch Reese
  • William Frazier b. 2 Jul 1802 d. 29 Oct 1883, married Lavisa McClure
  • Caroline Matilda b. abt 1804 d. ? married James L. Morgan
  • Jane b. abt 1806, d. ??, married Christopher Whitmire, Jr.
  • Margaret b. 1811 d. ??, married Henry Lance
  • Letha Ann b. abt 1813 d. ??, married Daniel Lance
  • Simpson Reese b. abt 1815
  • Patsy b. abt 1815 d. ??, married William Dickson
  • Joab b. abt 1818, d. ??, married Nancy Cisson
  • Thomas G. b. abt 1820, d. ??, married Sarah Galloway
  • Winnie B. b. abt 1825 d. ??, never married
  • Sarah E. b. abt 1830 d. ??, never married

After John's death, there was a dispute among the children as to the disposal of his estate, I have these records

Transylvania County, North Carolina Special Proceedings 1885

(note: need to send for second side of page 25)

respectfully showeth unto the Honorable Court that John Galloway died sometime in about the year 1864 intestate leaving him surviving S.R. Galloway, Sophia N. Reece, William F. Galloway, Matilda C. Morgan, Jane G. Whitmire, Margaret D. Lance, Patsy Dickenson, Letha Ann Lance, Joab Galloway, Thomas G. Galloway, Winny B. Galloway, Sarah E. Galloway, his only heirs at Law. Upon whom his Real Estate descended between them equally to be divided as Tenants in Common, each of his children being entitled to one twelfth part thereof.

Your petitioners further showeth that Joab Galloway and Margaret D. Lance sold their interest in the Real Estate of their Father to Winny B. Galloway.

Your petitioners further show that the said interest at the time of his death was seized in fee simple of the following described tract of land lying in Transylvania County.

Bounded as follows: Beginning on a small white oak by the path that leads by Picklesimmers to Hoopers house and near one fork of the creek or branch and runs south seventy poles to two chestnut trees. Thence south 40 degrees East one hundred poles to a Sourwood. thence East sixty poles to a stake. Thence North 48 degrees one hundred poles to a Black Oak by a path that leads over the Mountain by the Table Rock. thence North forty poles to a stake. Then West Seventy poles to a stake. Thence North 60 degrees West, eighty five poles to a stake crossing the creek. Then west seventy poles to the beginning. Containing one hundred and twenty acres more or less. Fifty acres in the above boundary having been sold.

Your petitioners further show that four of the above named heirs are dead, to wit, Jane G. Whitmire, wife of Christopher Whitmire, Sophia N. Reece, wife of Enoch Reece, Thomas G. Galloway and Patsy B. Dickenson, wife of William Dickenson leaving surviving the following named children: Margret E. Pettitt, Andrew S. Whitmire, John C. Whitmire, Sarah Ann Trotter, Thomas R. Whitmire, the five above named being the heirs of Christopher Whitmire and Jane Whitmire. Sidney Reese, John Reese, Huldoh E. Reese, Joshua N. Reese, Thomas E. Reese and Keizah Moore, these being the children of Sophia Reese. Sarah J. Galloway, Calvin L. Galloway, Mary M. Richard, Julia A. Galloway, heirs of Thomas G. Galloway. Ira C. Dickenson, James M. Dickenson, Julia A. Dickenson, Rufus C. Dickenson, Walter Dickenson, Thomas M. Dickenson heirs of Patsy B. Dickenson, all of the above named heirs being twenty one years of age.

Your petitioners further shown that they desisre to have partition of said lands made amongst them according to their respective rights and interest therein. But that owing to the size of the tract of land, the number of the parties interested, the nature and quality of the soil and other causes, it is impossible that actual partition thereof can be made without serious injury to the parties interested.

Your petitioners therefore pray the Honorable Court to order a sale of said Real Estate on such terms as may be just and reasonable and that the proceeds of the sale may be divided among them according to their respective shares and interest in the said Lands and may be paid to or secured for them according to Law and to make such other and further Orders, Decrees, Judgements and Decisions in the premises, and to grant any and all general relief as may seem just upon a full investigation of the matter arising upon the pleadings and all necessary amendments thereto so as to effectiate Justice and ----------- among all the parties interested. And your petitons in duty bound will ever pray.

Signed: W. B. Duckworth
Atty for Petitioners

State of North Carolina}
Transylvania County }

In the Superior Court Clerks Office

Before the undersigned personally came this day S.R. Galloway one of the petitioners and made oath that the statements in the foregoing petition which are of his own knowledge are true and those not of his own knowledge he believed to be true.

Signed: S.R. Galloway

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of January 1885
J. H. Duckworth
Clerk Superior Court

State of North Carolina}
Transylvania County }

In the Superior Court
Affidavit of Nonresidence

S.R. Galloway and others }
William F. Galloway and others}

Affidivait of Nonresidence

Before the undersigned personally appeared this day S. R. Galloway and maketh oath that of the above named defentants, William F. Galloway, James M. Morgan and wife Matilda C. Morgan, William Dickenson and wife Patsy Dickenson, Andrew S. Whitmire, Ashley Moore and wife K. B. Moore, Ira C. Dickenson, James M. Dickenson, Julia A. Dickenson, Rufus C. Dickenson, thomas M. Dickenson and Walter R. Dickenson are nonresidents of this state and that a cause of action exists in this state against the said defendants.

Signed: S.R. Galloway

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of January 1885
J. H. Duckworth
Clerk Supr. Court

State of North Carolina}
Transylvania County }
In the Superior Court

J. A. Gillispie and H. C. Gillespie maketh oath that they are well acquainted with the tract of land described in the petitions of S.R. Galloway and others vs. William F. Galloway et al, and that owing to the size of said tract, the quality of the land and the number of peprsons entitled to share therein they do not believe that actual partition of the land could possible be made without serious injury to the parties.

Signed: J. A. Gillespie
Signed: H. C. Gillespie

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 26th day of Feby 1885
J. H. Duckworth
Clerk Supr Court
Transylvania County

Order of Sale
State of North Carolina}
In the Superior Court Transylvania County }
In the Superior Court
April 24th 1885

S. R. Galloway et al }
William F. Galloway et al}

Decree for Sale

This cause coming on to be heard upon the petitions and affidavits filed and being heard the Court doth decree that the Plaintiffs and Defendants are Tenants in Common in the lands described in the pleading that that each of the children of the late John Galloway are entitled to one twelfth part of the Real Estate mentioned in the petition except Joab Galloway and Margaret D. Lance who sold their interest to Winny B. Galloway which entitled her to three twelfths in said land by th epurchase. And it appearing to the Court that actual partition of said lands cannot be amde without serious injury to the parties, it is therefore ordered, ajudged and decreed by the Court that the Real Estate mentioned in the petition be sold by W. H. Nicholson as commissioner herby approved for the purpose of conducting sai sale and reporting to as required by law. Who shall after thirty days advertisment at the Court house door in the Town of Brevard and at there on Mon publish pleas in this County proceed to sell said land to the highest bidder at publick auction on the following terms to wit: Twenty five percent cash and the remainder on a credit of twelve months with interst from date the purchaser being required to give good and approved security for the payment of the purchase money and then reports to this Court.

J. H. Duckworth
Clerk Supr Court

Report of Sale
North Carolina }
Superior Court Transylvania County}

Superior Court
July 9th 1885

S. R. Galloway et al }
vs }
William F. Galloway et al}

To the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County:
By virtue of a decree of the Superior Court of said County I, W. H. Nicholson Commissioner, did proceed to sell the land named in the pleadings in the above Cover, at the Court House in Brevard on the 6th day of July 1885. After first having advertised the same at the Court House door in Brevard and thru other publick places in said County. When and where J. L. Cantrell became the purchaser at the sum of one hundred and one dollars and fifty cents he being the last and highest bidder. The said sum to wit $101.50 was paid by the purchaser on the day of sale. I further report that the land sold for ......... (note: need to send for the other side of page 30, did not realize when originally ordered that pages had a front and back side)

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Jane Galloway was born about 1806 in North Carolina and married before 1837 Christopher Whitmire, Jr. Their children are:

  • Margaret E., married William W. Pettit
  • Andrew Simpson, married Rebecca Trotter
  • John Christopher, married Margaret E. Lamb
  • Sarah Matilda, married James S. Trotter
  • Thomas Richard, married Julie Ann Gillespie

Margaret D. Galloway, was born about 1811 in North Carolina, she married before 1835 Henry Lance, the son of Valentine Lance. Their children are:
  • Jane
  • Letty
  • Martha
  • Samuel
  • Harriett
  • William H.
  • Martin N.
  • Emily
  • Scarborough

Letha Ann Galloway was born about 1813 in North Carolina, she married before 1837 Daniel Lance.(Was he also a son of Valentine Lance?) Their children are:
  • Anderson M., married Sarah Jane Moore
  • J. V.
  • Kizza
  • J. H.
  • Charles C.
  • Hannah
  • Winnie B., married T. W. Paxton
  • Caroline M.
  • Merrett

Patsy Galloway was born about 1816 in North Carolina, she married William Dickson, their children are:
  • Ira C.
  • James M.
  • Julia A.
  • Rufus C.
  • Walter
  • Thomas H.

Joab Galloway was born about 1818 and married before 1842 Nancy Cisson, their children are:
  • James
  • Caroline
  • Emma
  • Lucy Ann
  • Jefferson
  • Whitfield
  • E. Lelia

Thomas G. Galloway was born about 1820 in North Carolina and married before 1854, Sarah Galloway. Their children are:
  • Dorcas
  • Sarah Jane, married Walker Galloway
  • Calvin, married Mary Jane Garren
  • Mary H., married Robert Rykard
  • Caroline
  • Julia


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