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Weir Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Weir Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael, Rebekah and Michelle Sheppard on 28 Dec 2002.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location CR 120 southwest of Weir, Texas
Condition The cemetery is in good condition with markers laid out in rows. The contact for the Weir Cemetery is Mervin Walker, Box 82, Weir, Texas 78674 Telephone No. 512 863 5179 or Cell 512 818 0922.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 491
Earliest Burial  Henry H Breneke (1896)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Dewey Elrod (2002)
Average age at death 60
Age of oldest person  Jefferson Davis Taylor (1861-1985) age: 124

People listed in the timeline

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Abel, Mary (1988)Dill, Floyd (1989)King, Irvin (2002)Robertson, Gertie (1996)
Almazan, Isaias (1995)Dill, James (1918)King, Jennie (1958)Robertson, Miles (1968)
Almazan, Leonor (1991)Dill, Lettie (1974)King, John (1954)Sanders, Jodie (1983)
Ashby, Joel (1993)Dooley, Jeffrey (1979)King, Joseph (1921)Sanders, Mollie (1988)
Ashby, Vera (1994)Dotson, George (1990)King, Lizzie (1958)Schaefer, Leona (1972)
Bailey, E.L. (1904)Doughty, William (1996)King, Mary (1988)Schneider, Ben (1996)
Ballard, Patsy (1999)Dowda, Bernie (1963)King, Virgie (1904)Schneider, Myrtle (1997)
Balliew, Sarah (1907)Dowda, Herman (1961)Kirby, Annie (1915)Schunek, Emma (1966)
Barber, Donald (1994)Dowda, John (1941)Kirby, Author (1900)Schunek, Joe (1944)
Barrington, Eula (1902)Dowda, Narcissus (1953)Kirby, Robert (1940)Schunek, Joe (1968)
Barrington, Ola (1905)Dowda, W.D. (1940)Kirby, Robert (1908)Schunek, Nora (1959)
Benad, Cynda (1993)Durrenberger, Camilla (1979)Kirby, Ruth (1912)Scott, Lucy (1937)
Bizzell, Infant (1932)Elegria, Rumaldo (1997)Kirby, Sarah (1959)Scott, Richard (1988)
Bizzell, Morris (1966)Elliott, Irene (1985)Kirby, Thomas (1945)Sheridan, Jess (1974)
Bizzell, Ola (1974)Elliott, John (1999)Kirk, Thomas (1971)Shiplett, Curtis (1923)
Bizzell, Pearl (1907)Elrod, Dewey (2002)Kirk, Thomas (2002)Shirkey, Mary (1977)
Bizzell, R. (1917)Emerson, Bertha (1972)Knauth, Roberta (1984)Shofner, Warren (1987)
Bizzell, Susan (1937)Emerson, Clyde (1993)Knauth, Sally (1936)Smith, Alma (1988)
Bizzell, Zach (1921)Emerson, George (1909)Knauth, Victor (1991)Smith, Mae (1923)
Bohanan, Irene (1981)Emerson, Hugh (1919)Kveton, Brenda (2000)Spillers, Roey (1969)
Bowen, Alice (1923)Emerson, John (1941)Kveton, Richard (2000)Spillers, Virgina (1932)
Bowen, Infant (1941)Emerson, John (1929)Labenski, Effie (1978)Sralla, Clifton (1970)
Boyd, James (1909)Emerson, John (1995)Labenski, Jno.W. (1916)Sralla, Emilie (1990)
Boyd, James (1928)Emerson, L. (1929)Langenegger, Carl (1988)Stone, Delma (1952)
Boyd, Lou (1909)Emerson, Lethia (1908)Leach, Jewel (1958)Stone, Ethel (1964)
Boyd, s/w (1903)Emerson, Martha (1926)Leach, Jonna (1998)Stone, Infant (1938)
Boydston, J.C. (1919)Emerson, Nannie (1959)Lee, Jesse (1994)Stone, John (1970)
Boydston, Tennessee (1901)Emerson, Sena (1933)Lee, Marcus (1979)Stone, Myrtle (1978)
Bradshaw, Infant (1909)Emerson, Susan (1944)Lee, Mary (1976)Stone, T. (1951)
Brady, Billy (1935)Emerson, Thomas (1929)Lewis, Anna (1917)Stovall, A.L. (1909)
Brady, Dolph (1989)Emerson, Thomas (1943)Lewis, Johnnye (1928)Streety, Bert (1907)
Brady, Edith (1994)Emerson, Victor (1975)Lewis, Kitie (1923)Streety, Carrie (1957)
Brady, Edward (1948)Farr, Jimmie (1925)Lopez, Maria (1997)Streety, Henry (1957)
Brady, Ethel (1926)Farr, Margaret (1925)Lovergne, Louise (1925)Streety, Infant (1902)
Brady, Fannie (1979)Finley, Earnest (1993)Mariner, Lorena (1904)Streety, Opha (1973)
Brady, Grace (1911)Flores, Gabrielle (1996)Marshall, F.L. (2001)Streety, William (1951)
Brady, Joe (1979)Flores, Manuel (1997)Marshall, Sueva (1916)Sudduth, W.W. (1991)
Brady, Loyd (1984)Ford, Marshall (1983)Martinka, John (1977)Swenson, Johana (1918)
Brady, Myrtle (1986)Ford, Ruby (1990)Martinka, Vergie (2001)Taylor, Jefferson (1985)
Brandstetter, Darcy (1988)Forehand, infant (1932)Massie, Delia (1941)Taylor, Mary (1967)
Brandstetter, Jimmie (2000)Fox, Curtis (2001)Massie, Glenn (1930)Taylor, Ray (1996)
Breneke, Henry (1937)Fox, Donald (1994)May, Lena (1927)Taylor, Wayne (1992)
Breneke, Henry (1896)Fox, L.D. (1926)May, W.T. (1944)Taylor, William (1973)
Breneke, John (1927)Fox, Martha (1934)Miles, Katherine (1994)Tegge, Edith (1918)
Breneke, Martha (1925)Fox, Mary (1949)Miller, Betty (1996)Tegge, Ina (1976)
Breneke, Robert (1945)Fraze, Charles (1995)Miller, Robby (1982)Tegge, John (1925)
Burdell, Jesse (1965)Gibbs, Charles (1941)Millholin, B (1940)Tegge, Tom (1955)
Burkle, William (1984)Gibson, Terence (1984)Millholin, James (1947)Tieken, Alton (1995)
Burnap, Anna (1967)Gill, Hallie (1965)Montgomery, Keith (1964)Townsend, Alvena (1998)
Burnap, Evie (1926)Gill, Ruby (1939)Moore, Irene (1958)Townsend, Charles (1953)
Burnap, Sam (1953)Green, Freddie (1990)Moore, Robert (1957)Townsend, James (1943)
Burnap, W.E (1912)Green, H.S. (1977)Morgan, Betty (1989)Townsend, James (1995)
Burnap, William (1939)Green, Hilda (1990)Morris, Fannie (1913)Townsend, Mattie (1944)
Burris, Fannie (1929)Green, Howard (1967)Morris, Mary (1904)Townsend, Willie (1975)
Burris, J.H. (1921)Green, James (2000)Morris, Queen (1903)Townsend, Wordy (1978)
Burris, Rhoda (1924)Green, James (1987)Morris, Sylvan (1934)Trigg, John (1925)
Burris, William (1907)Green, John (1980)Mott, Davis (1933)Trigg, Mary (1931)
Burrow, CallieA (1972)Green, John (1948)Mott, Hardy (1946)Tucker, Infant (1921)
Burrow, Elma (1993)Green, Letha (1987)Mott, Mary (1943)Waggoner, J.C. (1917)
Burrow, Ernest (1941)Green, Nancy (1935)Mott, Ruthel (1987)Waggoner, William (1990)
Burrow, Finis (1930)Green, Ollie (1978)Neas, Hester (1915)Walden, Donald (2000)
Burrow, Finis (1994)Guentzel, Joe (1974)Neas, Isaac (1919)Walker, Bertha (1976)
Burrow, Walter (1959)Guentzel, Wiliam (1999)Nehring, Odie (2002)Walker, Charley (1962)
Butler, Edward (1956)Guentzl, David (1983)Nelson, William (1993)Walker, Claudine (1931)
Butler, Lela (1944)Gunn, Beulah (1975)Norton, Pauline (1924)Walker, Cody (1984)
Cain, Christine (1975)Gunn, J (1934)Page, Berna (1978)Walker, Don (1997)
Cain, Earl (1987)Gunn, James (1966)Page, infant (1910)Walker, Douglas (1990)
Cain, Effie (1994)Hanacik, Henry (1986)Page, J.A. (1920)Walker, Elizabeth (1907)
Cain, Joyce (1961)Harper, Travis (2000)Page, John (1936)Walker, Fred (1963)
Cain, Lela (1980)Hausenfluck, Howard (1939)Page, Joyce (1931)Walker, Howell (1995)
Cain, Margie (1983)Hausenfluck, Nannie (1918)Page, Minnie (1977)Walker, J.H. (1926)
Cain, W.C. (1966)Hausenfluke, Carl (1988)Page, Nancy (1930)Walker, James (1989)
Carlile, Jemmima (1927)Heiney, Joyce (1999)Page, Ralph (1968)Walker, Lena (1946)
Carlile, John (1936)Henshaw, Gladys (1996)Page, Sallie (1936)Walker, M.B. (1942)
Carlson, Lenus (1922)Hernandez, Jose (2000)Page, Thomas (1925)Walker, Merle (1915)
Carroll, Ralph (1906)Herren, Henry (1902)Page, William (1969)Walker, Ralph (1929)
Carter, Infant (1914)Hill, Hazel (1959)Parks, Lorene (1930)Walker, Violet (1992)
Carter, Mabel (1958)Horton, Claude (2002)Parrish, J.W. (1939)Walker, Wallace (1962)
Carter, Robert (1954)Horton, Marie (1987)Parrish, Mary (1921)Welch, David (1938)
Clark, Amanda (1936)Howse, Charles (1996)Pate, Douglas (1994)Welch, Mollie (1954)
Clinkscale, Drury (1967)Hugg, Charles (1979)Pate, Holly (1983)Wheeless, Elizabeth (1926)
Clinkscale, Maud (1939)Hugg, Leola (1975)Pate, John (1980)Wheeless, Frances (1918)
Collier, Bessie (1939)Hughy, Pete (1973)Pettijohn, Arthur (1997)Wheeless, Infant (1904)
Collier, Howard (1964)Ischy, Albertine (1961)Pollan, Jeanne (1990)Wheeless, J.D. (1920)
Collier, Infant (1922)Ischy, Alfred (1952)Pyle, Jesse (1978)Wheeless, James (1945)
Collier, Infant (1920)Ischy, Emil (2002)Pyle, Lester (1984)Wheeless, Lillian (1945)
Collier, Lucy (1914)Ischy, Tullia (1995)Pyle, Lydia (1993)Whitehead, Ira (1996)
Collier, Merl (1916)Jacob, Susie (2002)Pyle, Thomas (1934)Whitley, Annie (1990)
Cooke, Lucy (1945)Janak, Agnes (1917)Reeves, Lucious (1947)Whitley, Emmett (1948)
Cooke, W.L. (1940)Janak, Anton (1954)Reeves, Rosemary (1958)Whitley, Eula (1912)
Cooper, Dewey (1988)Janak, Infant (1912)Reid, Stephen (1996)Whitley, Grace (1997)
Cope, L. (1989)Jenkins, Marion (1964)Rems, Estla (1960)Whitley, Ira (1970)
Cope, Matterson (1985)Jenkins, Thomas (1996)Rice, Arthur (1947)Whitley, J. (1987)
Creel, W.T. (1916)Joiner, Sallie (1933)Rice, Glynn (1968)Whitley, King (1956)
Cruse, infant (1905)Joiner, Walter (1927)Rice, James (1940)Whitley, Louie (1971)
Danner, J.F. (1911)Jones, Beverly (1933)Rice, Jessie (1980)Whitley, Mary (1955)
Dark, Eva (1909)Jones, Gladys (1994)Rice, Lula (1932)Whitley, Ralph (1948)
Dark, Georgie (1918)Jones, Macon (1985)Ridings, J.A. (1955)Widmer, August (1922)
Dark, Lawrence (1928)Jones, Mollie (1944)Ridings, Sarah (1929)Widmer, Bertha (1940)
Dark, Lucy (1906)Jones, Morean (1998)Ridings, T.U. (1935)Wier, Charles (1947)
David, Edward (1993)Jones, Oscar (1948)Ridings, William (1926)Wier, Garland (1983)
Deloe, Audley (1977)Jones, Timothy (1999)Robbins, Fred (1997)Wier, Jimmie (1938)
Deloe, John (1994)Keese, Clarence (1974)Roberts, Frances (1995)Wighaman, Robert (1983)
Deloe, Robert (1982)Keese, Lonnie (1956)Roberts, Frances (1968)Williams, Myrtice (1979)
DeLoe, Lillie (1993)Keese, Lou (1919)Roberts, Guy (1980)Williamson, Lee (1985)
Denson, Donald (1983)Keese, Rodney (1950)Roberts, J.W. (1980)Yeager, James (1962)
Denson, Joseph (1978)Keese, William (1945)Roberts, John (1923)Young, Grace (1980)
Denson, Joyce (1986)King, Alena (1978)Roberts, Katie (1967)Young, J. (1907)
Denson, William (1987)King, Burris (1941)Roberts, Raymond (1948) 
Dill, Annie (1939)King, D (1944)Roberts, Royce (1998) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

, Marker Text: "Twelve" Note: no name
Ashby, Ila Lb. 3 May 1931  
Bohanan, Thomas Ob. 13 May 1910 Note: s/w Irene
Burdell, Srilda Jb. 17 Feb 1888 Note: s/w Jesse
Cain, Willie E Srb. 26 Oct 1928 Note: s/w Effie
Cain, Hollis Note: Scratched in granite cross
David, Dorothy Ab. 1 Jun 1929 Marker Text: Mg 2 Feb 1948 Note: s/w Edward
Deloe, Dorothy B "Dot"b. 23 Mar 1925 Note: s/w Robert
Dill, Oran Darrell Note: US foreign legion funeral plate; no dates
Eckert, James Dudleyb. 18 Aug 1935 Note: s/w Mary
Eckert, Mary Kathrynb. 3 Dec 1938 Marker Text: Mg 5 Apr 1958 Note: s/w James
Fox, W.P Note: No dates
Fox, Maybellb. 19 Apr 1917 Note: s/w Curtis
Hanacik, Mary Ann Martinkab. 20 Aug 1930 Marker Text: Mom Note: s/w Henry
Hank, Howard Note: No dates
Hass, Mrs Ella A Note: No dates
Hass, Mr Note: No dates
Hausenfluke, Allie Norab. 8 Dec 1902 Note: s/w Carl
Heiney, Ira Eakerb. 15 Oct 1930 Note: s/w Joyce
Horton, Louise Walthallb. 23 Jun 1916 Note: s/w Claude
Howse, Willie Mae Townsendb. 8 Aug 1920 Note: s/w Willie
Ischy, Note: Funeral plate; no dates
Jenkins, Rachel Note: No dates
Jenkins, Nannie Note: No dates
Jenkins, Byrem Note: No dates
Knauth, Letha Bb. 8 Mar 1922  
Langenegger, Alice Mb. 1 Jul 1919 Note: s/w Carl
Lee, Eunice Whitleyb. 2 Nov 1916 Note: s/w Jesse
Lee, Infant Note: No dates
Lee, infant Note: No dates
Lowen, Mayerb. 26 Jun 1941 Marker Text: Sgt QM Corp NY
Mayes, Baby Note: No dates
Nehring, Janet Ruthb. 17 Nov 1953 Marker Text: Mg 1 Jul 2000 Note: s/w Odie
Nelson, Joyce Erline (Green)b. 15 Jan 1928 Note: s/w William
Powell, F Note: No dates
Schwertner, Bernice Mb. 27 Oct 1935 Note: s/w Anton
Schwertner, Anton Pb. 30 Jun 1932 Marker Text: mg 10 Oct 1959 Note: s/w Bernice
Spradling, Note: No dates
Stovall, Mrs Note: No dates
Strickland, Note: No first name or dates
Sudduth, Nettie Gunnb. 28 Mar 1910 Marker Text: Mg 23 Dec 1928 Note: s/w W.W.
Taylor, Shirley Vb. 4 Jun 1944 Marker Text: Mg 27 Dec 1963 Note: s/w Wayne
Walden, V. Joyce (Peters)b. 2 Feb 1931 Note: s/w Donald
Walker, Paulineb. 3 Apr 1914 Note: s/w James
Whitehead, Juanita J (Knox)b. 26 Mar 1925 Marker Text: Mg 19 Oct 1943 Note: s/w Ira
Whitley, R.S Note: No dates
Whitley, Willie Bb. 28 Apr 1917 Note: s/w J. Milton
Denson, Vernan Hallb. 18 Aug 1914 d. 27 Aug 19xx 
Taylor, Terry Rb. 15 Mar 1953 d. 29 Feb 1955 
Kemper, Susied. Jul 18??Marker Text: Aged 21y 6m 16d; wife of T.J. Kemper; stone is broken across the death date


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