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Type Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Type Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Rebekah Sheppard on 25 Dec 2002.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location CR 466 near CR 467 east of Type, Texas
Condition Well Maintained.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 47
Earliest Burial  John L Carlson (1909)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Ruby L Andes (2001)
Average age at death 64
Age of oldest person  George D Andes (1902-1996) age: 94

People listed in the timeline

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Alolete, Jansio (1926)Gay, Neill (1996)Jordan, Henry (1993)Ortego, Maria (1919)
Andes, George (1996)Gonzales, E (1919)Kosensky, Sigmund (1999)Ramsey, Barbara (2001)
Andes, Jack (1995)Hansen, Anna (1910)LaRoque, Blanche (1999)Ray, Mary (1993)
Andes, Lucille (1990)Hanson, Dale (1979)LaRoque, Richard (1994)Samuelson, Wilma (1995)
Andes, Ruby (2001)Hanson, Edwin (1967)Lindberg, Lena (1909)Sanders, Bobby (1998)
Branham, Anna (1996)Hanson, Ellen (1933)Moss, William (1997)Swenson, Dina (1944)
Carlson, John (1909)Hanson, Harvey (1936)Nygaard, Christine (1928)Swenson, Eric (1964)
Fredrickson, Christina (1915)Hanson, John (1978)Nygaard, Peder (1929)Swenson, Esther (1937)
Garcia, Concepcion (1922)Hanson, Ruth (1988)Nygard, John (1977)Swenson, Gottfried (1977)
Garcia, Francisco (1910)Jacobson, Cristina (1919)Nyman, Amanda (1948)Swenson, Henry (1946)
Gay, Jewel (1993)Jansson, Wilhelmina (1909)Nyman, August (1923)Swenson, Laura (1976)


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

Samuelson, Carlb. 10 May 1924 Note: s/w Wilma
Sanders, Carolynb. 29 Dec 1938 Note: s/w Bobby
Garcia, Santigob. 1888 d. About 1923 


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