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Pond Springs Cemetery - A Historical Reconstruction Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Pond Springs Cemetery - A Historical Reconstruction Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael, Rebekah and Michelle Sheppard on 23 Nov 2000.
Location East 0.6 miles on FM 620 from US 183, then south 0.1 miles on Lakeline Drive, the cemetery is on the left across the street from Wal-Mart.
Condition Many graves appear to be unmarked, and many others have been broken or damaged. At the time of our transcription a large apartment complex was being built on three sides of the cemetery. The fourth side is a divided four lane road (2 lanes each way) across which is a Wal-Mart Super Center.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 185
Earliest Burial  Jacob Leonce Glenn (1860)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Granville A Hammack (1993)
Average age at death 49
Age of oldest person  James A Walden (1849-1945) age: 96

People listed in the timeline

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??, ?? (1946)Franklin, Benn (1885)King, Elizabeth (1871)Shannon, Andrew (1936)
Adams, Dasie (1880)Franklin, John (1925)King, Fannie (1889)Shannon, Aslee (1936)
Anderson, Lucy (1916)Gaddy, B.O. (1902)King, W. (1888)Shannon, James (1903)
Anderson, May (1939)Garcia, Jesse (1957)Lee, Edgar (1900)Shannon, M.B. (1884)
Avidevdo, Lola (1920)Garcia, Jesus (1957)Lee, Jesse (1913)Smith, Sally (1926)
Barnett, Rose (1968)Garcia, Lucy (1936)Lee, Lucy (1896)Stewart, Agness (1894)
Bingham, Flora (1958)Gault, Polly (1869)Lee, Mollie (1907)Stewart, Burney (1905)
Bingham, James (1933)Gault, Susan (1869)Lee, Roy (1918)Stewart, Dink (1955)
Blanco, Doroteo (1972)Glenn, Edna (1929)Lee, Sarah (1938)Stewart, Fannie (1905)
Boateright, John (1890)Glenn, Jacob (1860)Long, George (1909)Stewart, Laban (1885)
Boateright, Spencer (1892)Glenn, Paisley (1940)Long, Lena (1908)Stewart, Nancy (1883)
Booker, Elizabeth (1878)Glenn, Sarah (1943)Long, William (1936)Stewart, P[leasant] (1899)
Brooks, John (1894)Glenn, W (1929)Long, Willie (1892)Thompson, Margaret (1915)
Brooks, W.H. (1882)Hammack, Annie (1935)McClure, Green (1881)Thompson, W (1915)
Buttery, Ann (1883)Hammack, G (1948)McClure, Nancy (1890)Thompson, William (1928)
Buttery, William (1885)Hammack, Granville (1993)McClure, S[usan] (1932)Toungate, Mildred (1920)
Campbell, Laura (1892)Hammack, W (1974)McClure, W[alter] (1918)Tuttle, James (1922)
Cantwell, Fora (1958)Hartson, Claude (1934)McKamy, A (1911)W, A. (1937)
Cantwell, John (1954)Hartson, Hiram (1920)Nelson, (1933)Walden, Ara (1946)
Cantwell, Sarah (1936)Hartson, Mary (1930)Nelson, Vera (1977)Walden, Clara (1928)
Carothers, (1948)Heaton, Martha (1917)Nelson, Willie (1966)Walden, James (1945)
Champion, Calvin (1899)Heaton, W. (1896)Oliver, J[essie] (1896)Walden, Laura (1934)
Chapman, Edna (1921)Henry, Bertha (1923)Oliver, Mary (1890)Walden, Margaret (1896)
Chapman, Lavina (1929)Henry, Eula (1891)Oliver, Parrisade (1887)Walden, Mary (1914)
Chapman, W (1905)Henry, Vivian (1892)Petri, Arther (1927)Walden, William (1939)
Crumley, Marietta (1884)Henry, Wade (1886)Petri, Chas (1922)Walden, William (1877)
Cunningham, Lillie (1924)Houghton, Louis (1894)Petri, Clara (1908)Ward, Bird (1932)
Cunningham, W (1927)Houghton, Sarah (1899)Petri, L[ouise] (1902)Ward, Charlsie (1930)
Davis, Blanche (1931)Hunter, Cecil (1986)Pointer, Richard (1933)Ward, John (1902)
Davis, Ethel (1921)Hunter, Clara (1965)Preece, Richard (1963)Ward, Pinkie (1904)
Decker, Joseph (1898)Hunter, Cornelia (1933)Prewitt, Alice (1915)Warren, Cora (1977)
Douglas, Nancy (1944)Hunter, Floyd (1946)Rhodes, S (1886)Warren, Cora (1920)
Ehrhardt, Gottfried (1913)Hunter, James (1932)Richards, Emily (1934)Warren, James (1920)
Eller, Lydia (1925)Hunter, Viola (1910)Richards, Lavern (1933)Warren, William (1946)
Eller, Pleas (1969)Hunter, Walter (1975)Richards, Vernon (1932)Warren, William (1967)
Eller, Robert (1951)Jackson, Annie (1922)Rutledge, Beulah (1892)White, M. (1933)
Eller, Thomas (1960)Jackson, Frank (1959)Rutledge, infants (1900)White, P. (1933)
Ennis, J[ames] (1908)Jackson, James (1883)Rutledge, James (1909)Woody, Wilson (1884)
Faglie, Margaret (1937)Jackson, Jefferey (1962)Rutledge, Mary (1927)Zimerman, E (1877)
Finley, David (1961)Jackson, Mary (1923)Rutledge, William (1890) 
Franklin, Annie (1923)Jackson, Richard (1912)Shannon, ?? (1885) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

??, Sarah  
Anderson, Thomas Marker Text: 73 years Note: s/w Lucy L. Anderson
Beck, Eddie Marker Text: d Aug 30 to Sept 15 1888 Note: s/w Emily, Harry and Scottie; siblings of J. Lewis and Helen M. Beck, alternate stones
Beck, Harry Marker Text: see Eddie
Beck, Scottie Marker Text: see Eddie
Beck, Emily Marker Text: see Eddie
Eller, Mamie Note: concrete
Eller, Andy Note: no stone, info from the 1964 transcription
Foster, T.H. Note: "T.H.F.", last name from 1964 transcription
H, W  
H, R  
Long, infant Marker Text: infant of W.F. and W.A. Long
Nelson, Elizabeth [Ann] Note: wife of Thomas Nelson, dau of Green C. O'Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Tudor
Nelson, Thomas [Jefferson] Note: husband of Elizabeth, son of Alfred Nelson and Nancy Gill
Preece, [Cora A.]b. 26 Mar 1876 Note: stone gone, info from the 1964 transcription, dau of J.M. and Nancy J. Ennis
Rutledge, infant Marker Text: infant of W.O. and S.C. Rutledge Note: child of William Obed Rutledge and Susan Catherine Oliver
Rutledge, Effie Note: no stone, info from the 1964 transcription
Stewart, Joyce Elane  
Stewart, Asenath M.b. 10 Nov 1862 Marker Text: age 20 years, ? Mo, ? Days Note: stone gone, info from the 1964 transcription
Thompson, Martha Ab. 1 Sep 1854 Marker Text: his wife Note: s/w William H. Thompson
Ward, Virgil Von Marker Text: 1918 [b. or d.?] Note: concrete
Ward, Ellen Kd. 19?2 
Ward, Richardb. 17 Jan 1862 d. Jan 195?Note: husband of Charlsie Ann, lightly carved limestone, first name and d. date from 1964 transcription


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