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New Hope Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in New Hope Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael and Rebekah Sheppard on 6 Jul 2001. Photographed by Michael Sheppard on 1 Oct 2006 and 26 Nov 2006
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location The cemetery is located on the west side of US 183 in Leander.
Condition This cemetery is well maintained but some of the older stones are near the road and are being eroded by vehicle exhaust.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 320
Earliest Burial  J.K. Burch (1844)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Kay Gwindoline Pearson (2006)
Average age at death 57
Age of oldest person  Euna V Simpson (1872-1973) age: 101

People listed in the timeline

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Adams, Alice (1983)Davis, Margaret (1928)Lentz, Mary (1957)Schneidewind, Johanna (1920)
Adams, Henry (1981)Davis, Marvin (1958)Lentz, Oscar (1992)Simpson, Bessie (2004)
Altum, Danny (1996)Davis, Sarah (1884)Lentz, Otto (1939)Simpson, Denton (1981)
Anderson, Fae (1993)Davis, Virgil (1973)Long, Emma (1911)Simpson, Elvie (1996)
Anderson, Lary (1965)Davis, W. (1955)Lunsford, Ethel (1973)Simpson, Elvin (1944)
Ange, Robert (1982)Davis, William (1983)Lunsford, Jessica (1943)Simpson, Euna (1973)
Berry, David (1966)Davis, William (1932)Lynch, James (1958)Simpson, Ewell (1991)
Berry, Effie (1965)Dearing, Eurial (1999)Marshall, I.F. (1900)Simpson, Jesse (1968)
Billings, Ima (1969)Dearing, Johnathan (1974)Marshall, James (1979)Simpson, Lester (2002)
Blair, Joe (1982)Dearing, Ouida (1999)Marshall, Jinie (1901)Simpson, Lucy (1970)
Blair, Mary (1973)Eisenbeck, Oscar (1965)Massingill, Andy (1956)Simpson, S (1918)
Bolt, Ola (1982)Estepp, Margaret (1892)Massingill, Benjamin (1963)Simpson, Thelma (1995)
Bonnet, Blanche (1992)Evans, Lula (1978)Massingill, Maudie (1982)Simpson, Vernon (1911)
Bonnet, Bonnie (1928)Ferguson, Evie (1980)Mauldin, Edger (1944)Smith, Alba (1993)
Bonnet, Felix (1995)Ferguson, Irene (1982)Mauldin, Jean (1946)Smith, Carma (1879)
Bonnet, Laura (1920)Ferguson, Marvin (1934)Mauldin, Nancy (1969)Smith, Elisia (1889)
Bonnet, Lelia (1919)Ferguson, Vonnie (1967)May, James (1889)Smith, Emma (1911)
Bonnet, Mary (1947)Fisher, Virginia (1919)May, Matilda (1903)Smith, Ralph (1982)
Bonnet, Willie (1949)Freeman, Vera (1957)Maynard, Ira (1975)Smith, Roy (1993)
Bonnett, Felix (1950)Gilleland, Clara (1969)Maynard, Louisa (1960)Smith, Wilma (1999)
Bonnett, Tobitha (1938)Glenn, Rebecca (1852)McDonald, Lillian (1963)Stiles, Billie (1991)
Brooks, John (1966)Glimp, Jewel (1988)McFarland, Ada (1981)Swaney, J (1946)
Brooks, Vergia (2004)Glimp, Thad (1969)McFarland, Annie (1959)Taylor, Davis (1974)
Bryant, April (1975)Goodson, Adrian (1975)McFarland, Daisy (1943)Thompson, Elizabeth (1886)
Bryant, James (1977)Green, D (1917)McFarland, Elmer (1957)Thompson, J (1912)
Burch, J.K. (1844)Green, Mary (1949)McFarland, Emmie (1983)Thompson, James (1884)
Burch, M (1922)Green, Tempie (1929)McFarland, George (1994)Thompson, Joe (1941)
Burk, Peggie (1942)Hall, James (1947)McFarland, Greene (1919)Trammell, Andrew (1941)
Cantrell, Alvey (1974)Hall, Joe (1929)McFarland, Hubert (1969)Trammell, Andrew (1885)
Cantrell, Ethel (1972)Hammack, Anne (1957)McFarland, infant (1931)Trammell, Annie (1965)
Cantrell, J (1920)Hammack, D.E. (1960)McFarland, infant (1921)Trammell, Elizabeth (1887)
Carter, Georgia (1930)Hammack, G.W. (1898)McFarland, J (1965)Trammell, Isiah (1899)
Carter, Melba (1941)Hammack, Lorene (1985)McFarland, James (1938)Trammell, J.M. (1881)
Carter, Samuel (1922)Hammack, Marvin (1961)McFarland, Jettie (1932)Trammell, James (1894)
Chandler, Ameluia (1977)Hammack, William (1964)McFarland, John (1952)Trammell, John (1969)
Chandler, Archie (2006)Hampton, William (1884)McFarland, Louisa (1922)Trammell, Talitha (1937)
Chandler, Emma (1973)Harris, Helen (1969)McFarland, Mamie (1990)Tubb, Elizabeth (1914)
Chandler, Loyce (1990)Hastings, Clara (1984)McFarland, Margaret (1900)Tubb, J (1918)
Chandler, S (1925)Hastings, John (1977)McFarland, Marvin (1988)Tubb, Nancy (1873)
Chandler, Thomas (1958)Hayden, infant (1931)McFarland, Myrtle (1951)Tyler, Hy (1968)
Clark, Frank (1904)Heath, Francis (1900)McFarland, Oliver (1994)Ward, Allen (1997)
Clark, Henry (1930)Henry, Artie (1999)McFarland, Orville (1979)Ward, Ella (1985)
Clark, Rhoda (1959)Henry, Charley (1906)McFarland, R (1960)Ward, Isabelle (1960)
Cluck, Aaron (1980)Henry, E (1920)McFarland, Samuel (1900)Ward, Marvin (2003)
Colley, Mary (1940)Henry, Howard (1915)McFarland, T (1927)Ward, Willie (1957)
Collier, Effie (1992)Henry, John (1965)McFarland, Vera (2000)Warren, Andrew (1968)
Collins, Patricia (1998)Henry, Lena (1964)McFarland, Walter (1904)Warren, James (1933)
Coursey, Goldye (1992)Henry, Leslie (1989)McFarland, William (1938)Warren, Mary (1958)
Coursey, James (1978)Henry, S (1929)McFarland, William (1962)Warren, Matthew (1899)
Cox, Eligah (1946)Hirdin, Lilly (1916)Moore, Care (1941)Warwick, Pamala (1963)
Cox, Florence (1940)Howard, Essie (2005)O'Connor, Donald (1998)Watts, infant (1966)
Cox, Hugh (1979)Hyatt, Vera (1997)O'Connor, Willa (1996)Whit, infant (1924)
Cox, Jimmie (1973)Inman, Julia (1987)Patterson, Tammy (1990)Whitley, Effie (1992)
Cox, Mattie (1945)Inman, Martha (1869)Pearson, Gearldine (1924)Whitt, Bobby (1972)
Cox, Roy (1983)Inman, Mary (1937)Pearson, Helen (1943)Whitt, Clifford (1972)
Cox, Vivan (1899)Inman, S (1906)Pearson, J (1983)Whitt, Daniel (1981)
Crooks, Charles (1903)Jackson, Pearl (1971)Pearson, Jesse (1988)Whitt, Elizabeth (1963)
Davis, Agnes (1969)Jackson, Percy (1911)Pearson, Karey (1950)Whitt, Eula (1924)
Davis, Annie (1892)Jeffrey, Elizabeth (1885)Pearson, Kay (2006)Whitt, John (1978)
Davis, Carmey (1975)Joslin, Charles (1948)Pearson, Mary (1961)Whitt, L (1984)
Davis, Dock (1970)Joslin, Luther (1971)Pearson, Thomas (1947)Whitt, Melroy (1982)
Davis, Edith (1953)Joslin, Signa (1985)Pearson, Thomas (1932)Whitt, Millie (1947)
Davis, Ellen (1999)Kaufman, Aubrey (1964)Pearson, Tony (2000)Whitt, Millie (1991)
Davis, Fountene (1909)Kaufman, Mary (1980)Pearson, William (1984)Whitt, Robert (1983)
Davis, infant (1932)Kerby, Elizabeth (1901)Pennington, Ollie (1897)Whitt, William (1946)
Davis, J (1977)Kerby, George (1897)Pennington, Pebbele (1906)Wilkerson, Amber (2002)
Davis, James (1970)Kerby, Sarah (1881)Pennington, Ted (1899)Williams, Curtis (1998)
Davis, Joe (1880)Lackey, Marvin (1912)Roberts, Kathy (1978)Williams, Gayland (1960)
Davis, Lindsey (1890)Lee, John (1986)Roe, Thomas (1934)Williams, Hannie (2004)
Davis, Lindsey (1897)Lee, William (1976)Russell, Susan (1951)Williams, Iris (1948)
Davis, Lola (1994)Lentz, Ima (2002)Schneidewind, August (1917)Workman, Randal (1965)
Davis, Lucy (1970)Lentz, Jessie (1946)Schneidewind, Frank (1942)Young, Christopher (1932)
Davis, Margaret (1880)Lentz, Laura (1948)Schneidewind, Fritz (1967) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

, Allie May Note: no dates
Bryant, Alma Lb. 10 Jan 1939 Note: s/w James W
Chandler, Ruth Bb. 26 Apr 1912  
Chandler, Dorothy Lb. 9 Oct 1919 Note: s/w Loyce Lester
Cluck, Frances Eb. 16 Sep 1909 Note: s/w Aaron Clinton
Davis, Mattie Mb. 3 Nov 1916 Note: s/w William O
Goodson, Bessie Lb. 25 Feb 1921 Note: s/w Adrian L
Hammack, Sadie Jb. 28 Oct 1886  
Hampton, Mary Note: broken stone
Henry, Mary Ellab. 15 Jul 1919 Marker Text: m. 2 May 1936 Note: s/w Leslie James
Henry, Betty Jo Blairb. 18 Sep 1929 Note: s/w Artie Lee
Hill, Elisabeth Jb. 22 Jan 1860  
Howard, Everett Tb. 16 Aug 1913 Marker Text: m. 15 Feb 1946 Note: s/w Essie
Kerby, G. M. Note: stone leaned against a tree
Lackey, Marsha E Note: stone is decomposing
Lentz, Glory Anna Graceb. 15 Aug 1930  
Lunsford, Jesse Mb. 1 Mar 1910 Note: s/w Ethel E
Marshall, Ruth Mb. 26 Apr 1904 Note: s/w James E
McFarland, Mary Ann Note: no dates
McFarland, Orbie Lb. 12 Sep 1949 Note: s/w Mary, Oliver, Myrtle
McFarland, B.U. Margueriteb. 1909 Note: s/w Elmer Londrew
McFarland, Mary Rb. 21 Sep 1950 Note: s/w Orbie, Oliver, Myrtle
Roberts, David Leeb. 28 Nov 1951 Note: s/w Kathy Marie
Simpson, Jimmyb. 3 Sep 1952 Note: funeral marker
Sims, W.J. Note: no dates
Sullivan, infant Note: no dates
Taylor, Elizabeth Mb. 1920 Marker Text: m. 6 Jan 1941 Note: s/w Davis M
Tubb, R.E.  
Watts?, infant Marker Text: [very worn]


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