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Liberty Hill (partial) Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Liberty Hill (partial) Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Photographed by Michael and Rebekah Sheppard on 9 June 2001. We estimate that there are well over 1000 markers in this cemetery. We've abandonded additional transcription of this cemetery because the owner of the Fort Tumbleweed website copied our transcription data and posted a variation of it on his website instead of linking to this site.
Location The cemetery is located on the south side of the road about five miles west on US 29 from the intersection with US 183 in Williamson county, Texas.
Condition This cemetery is very large and well maintained.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 226
Earliest Burial  Trannie L Benson (1962)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  George Shanks (2001)
Average age at death 70
Age of oldest person  Allie Mills (1899-2001) age: 102

People listed in the timeline

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Adney, Erma (2000)Cook, Dorothy (1992)Kyle, Robert (2001)Schumann, Cynthia (1999)
Allman, Leslie (2000)Cook, Henry (1973)Lawson, Dana (2000)Seward, Clemmie (1997)
Altman, David (1999)Cook, Jessie (1974)Lockhart, Roy (1976)Shanks, George (2001)
Anderson, Bessie (1997)Cook, L (2000)Matthews, Cornelia (2001)Sharp, Charles (1997)
Antolak, Thomas (2000)Coose, Erlene (2000)Matthews, Eula (1969)Shaw, Marion (2000)
Atkinson, Claire (1997)Copeland, Ella (2000)Matthews, William (1985)Shelton, Billy (1997)
Atwood, Clyde (1982)Crawford, Norma (2000)Mensinger, Helga (2001)Simmons, Billy (1998)
Atwood, H (1970)Crawford, Oma (2000)Mills, Allie (2001)Simmons, J (1997)
Barker, Nina (1997)Davis, Claude (1998)Mitchell, Edna (1967)Simons, Martin (1998)
Barton, Mary (1966)Dayton, Mary (1991)Mitchell, Grover (1968)Smith, Bernice (2001)
Barton, Thorpe (1965)Dayton, Merlin (1998)Moore, Raymond (2000)Smith, James (1997)
Baughn, Kerry (1997)Dayton, Warren (1984)Myers, Sharon (1998)Smith, Opal (1997)
Beane, Dorothy (1998)Dean, Edgar (2000)Nelson, Nancy (2000)Smith, Tracy (1998)
Becker, Harold (2001)Deneve, H.G. (2000)Newell, John (1999)Smith, Victor (2000)
Beggs, Beverly (1998)Despain, Ada (1999)Newell, Sally (1999)Smith, Winnie (1999)
Behrens, Thomas (1997)Dorbandt, Nancy (2000)Nolen, Jack (2001)Snow, Ruel (1999)
Belk, Alice (1993)Dunn, Frank (1998)Nolen, Lula (2000)Solis, Clara (2000)
Belk, Cleburn (1990)Dycus, William (2000)Norton, Gordon (1998)Spencer, Vernon (2000)
Benedetti, Barbara (2001)Elliott, Vera (2000)Nucholson, Charles (1997)Spivey, Willie (2000)
Benedetti, Richard (1998)Ender, Timothy (1989)Nunnery, Glendon (1998)Stanley, Hazel (1998)
Benson, John (1974)Ercanbrack, Billie (1997)Ojeda, Lee (1998)Stone, Dorothy (1999)
Benson, Trannie (1962)Ercanbrack, Christy (1997)Parker, James (1999)Stork, Florence (2000)
Blesing, Cordie (1981)Faldyn, Ricky (1999)Parker, Melvin (1999)Strickland, James (1999)
Blesing, Nute (1968)Ferrell, Charles (2000)Paterson, Mildred (1999)Stubblefield, Charles (2001)
Blocker, John (2000)Ferris, Lelia (1999)Patrick, Paul (1998)Terry, Elton (1998)
Bowman, Tuck (1997)Foust, Ruth (2000)Patton, Mamie (2000)Thomas, Ina (2000)
Breon, Everett (2000)Fowler, Frank (1999)Perrin, David (2000)Thomte, Jeffrey (1997)
Brinson, Jim (1997)Fowler, Lonzo (1998)Perrin, Katheryn (2000)Tinnin, Lavivian (1998)
Brodnax, Lucille (2000)Franz, Monroe (2001)Pettit, Allan (1976)Townsend, Cleo (1999)
Brown, Archie (1998)Freeman, Wilburn (2001)Phillips, Eloise (1998)Townsend, James (1997)
Bryson, John (1998)Gaddy, Hirschell (1990)Phillips, Robert (1963)Tucker, Claudie (1999)
Bryson, Raachel (2001)Gallatin, Gilbert (2001)Pierce, Orville (2001)Vaughan, Francis (2000)
Buchanan, Jack (1999)Gauthier, Carolyn (2000)Poehl, Raymond (1999)Vaughan, James (1998)
Buck, Athalee (1997)Gilliam, Bird (2000)Potts, Anne (2000)Vaughan, Mary (1999)
Byler, Kenneth (2000)Gregory, Dudley (1968)Preece, Bobby (1999)Walker, Glenda (1999)
Callaway, LeWella (1997)Grove, Chester (2001)Punch, Robert (1999)Wallace, Jewel (1997)
Campbell, H (1971)Hanawalt, Naomi (2000)Punch, Sharon (2000)Ware, Christine (1998)
Campbell, Opal (1970)Hanley, Charles (1967)Ray, Mamie (1999)Watyka, Bernard (1997)
Cannon, Vicki (1998)Hanley, Maggie (1985)Reagan, R (1995)Weed, Naida (1998)
Carlman, Helen (1998)Hauppelsheuser, Mary (2001)Redford, James (1998)Wentreck, Florence (2000)
Casey, Samuel (2000)Henry, Christopher (1969)Reed, Freddie (1999)West, Billy (2001)
Cassell, Lucille (2001)Henry, Pocahontas (1988)Reed, John (2000)Wetzel, Nathan (2001)
Castleman, Bo (1999)Henry, Vader (1987)Reyna, Priscilla (1998)Whisenant, Georgia (2000)
Castro, Brigida (2000)Hill, James (2001)Robbins, Nora (1999)Wickson, Leonard (1973)
Chadwell, Joan (1998)Hyden, Elmer (1994)Robertson, Morris (1998)Wickson, Marie (1987)
Chance, Clara (1999)Isaaks, Floyd (2001)Rosenblad, Clyde (1998)Williams, Golda (1999)
Childers, Jerry (1999)Jennings, Arthur (2001)Rosenbusch, Rosada (2000)Williams, Nona (1998)
Clopton, Robert (1998)Johnson, Eloise (1983)Ross, Lee (1963)Wilson, Jewell (1998)
Cole, Charlie (1963)Joiner, Angel (2000)Ross, William (1988)Witcher, Floye (1998)
Cole, Margie (1977)Joiner, Trisha (2001)Rovillard, Margaret (2001)Yates, Maggie (2000)
Collins, Ralph (1999)Kaplan, Lillian (2000)Rowley, George (1997)Yokshia, Antoinette (1998)
Conklin, Norma (1998)Killeen, Susanne (2000)Russell, James (1965) 
Conner, Clara (2000)Koen, Zoe (2000)Russell, Margaret (1984) 
Conner, Clarence (2001)Kunoff, Peter (2000)Schnelle, Berneta (1998) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

Gaddy, Dorothy Allenb. 27 Jun 1925 Note: , m. 30 May 1947, s/w Herschell B, ``children: Allen and Becky Elaine''
Gregory, Judy Lb. 7 Jan 1904 Note: s/w Dudley J
Hanley, James Ob. 11 Nov 1925 Note: s/w Virginia I
Hanley, Virginia Ib. 20 Mar 1928 Note: s/w James O
Johnson, Allen Munrob. 22 Oct 1915 Marker Text: m. 20 Sep 1942 Note: s/w Eloise Geneva
Reagan, Wilma Fb. 7 Mar 1935 Marker Text: "mimi" Note: s/w R.M.
Rogers, Ollie Db. 22 FEb 1895 Note: s/w Dollie P
Rogers, Dollie Pb. 4 Apr 1898 Note: s/w Ollie D
Rosenblad, Allene Jb. 13 Apr 1949 Marker Text: m. 10 Jun 1967 Note: s/w Clyde L
Ross, Rubyb. 12 Mar 1912 Note: s/w Lee
Ross, Martha Job. 27 May 1938 Note: s/w William Levi
Vaughan, Frank Herschelb. 22 Jan 1910 Note: s/w M Isabelle Poole
Vaughan, M Isabelle Pooleb. 6 Mar 1914 Note: s/w Frank Herschel


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