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Jonah Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Jonah Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael, Rebekah and Michelle Sheppard 28 Dec 2002.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location HW 29 east of Jonah, Texas
Condition The cemetery is in good condition.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 243
Earliest Burial  George N Northcott (1902)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Connie Roberts (2002)
Average age at death 59
Age of oldest person  Amy Stella Barrington Marshall (1898-2000) age: 102

People listed in the timeline

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Allbritten, Claude (1928)Hays, Etta (1953)McAnulty, Mary (1945)Rowlett, Flora (1977)
Allbritten, Rosa (1952)Hays, Harl (1955)McCarroll, Hattie (1963)Rowlett, Valdi (1966)
Anderson, Alfred (1961)Hays, Katherine (1977)McCarroll, John (1934)Sain, G.E. (1926)
Anderson, Beaulah (1916)Hays, Lina (1965)McCarroll, Thomas (1936)Sain, Minnie (1960)
Barkley, Zora (1919)Hays, Park (1907)McDonald, Infant (1916)Sartor, Clyde (1975)
Barrington, A.E. (1919)Hensley, Infant (1907)McDonald, John (1966)Sartor, George (1966)
Barrington, Annie (1972)Hensley, J. (1918)McDonald, Mary (1936)Satterfield, Gano (1956)
Barrington, James (1923)Hensley, Jennie (1928)McDonald, Sula (1917)Satterfield, James (1938)
Barrington, Margaret (1950)Hensley, Mary (1957)McMakin, Sarah (1920)Satterfield, Joe (1998)
Barrington, Mary (1978)Hensley, William (1947)McMakin, Willie (1903)Satterfield, Leonard (1982)
Barrington, Mary (1988)Hicks, Alfred (1916)Mitchel, R. (1963)Satterfield, Nettie (1989)
Barrington, P.C.B. (1902)Hicks, I. (1911)Mitchel, Susie (1917)Satterfield, Rhoda (1961)
Barrington, Rufus (1948)Hicks, Mary (1961)Montgomery, J. (1961)Sawyer, Bernard (1995)
Barrington, Sidney (1950)Hicks, Robert (1937)Montgomery, L.L. (1937)Sextra, Henry (1929)
Barrington, W. (1964)Hicks, Wildy (1917)Montgomery, Mary (1944)Shamrock, C.L. (1952)
Barron, Marion (1923)Hodd, Annie (1991)Montgomery, William (1947)Simonton, Annie (1961)
Boyd, Ida (1931)Hodd, Homer (1980)Moody, Joe (1941)Simonton, Henry (1955)
Boyd, Mabe (1949)Holder, Leonard (1993)Moody, John (1947)Spillers, T.A. (1907)
Boyd, Sarah (1941)Honeycutt, Forest (1912)Moody, Luther (1922)Starnes, Iva (1932)
Boyd, Thomas (1975)Honeycutt, Letitia (1974)Moody, Lydia (1956)Starnes, Jeff (1940)
Bryan, Ruby (1939)Honeycutt, Rhoney (1945)Morgan, Anele (2001)Starnes, Jeff (1990)
Bucy, Eleanor (1905)Howell, Annie (1916)Morgan, Donald (1996)Starnes, John (1945)
Bucy, Lourennie (1965)Howell, Walter (1922)Morgan, Elvis (1988)Starnes, Joshua (1945)
Bucy, Lucy (1920)Jarrell, Bessie (1905)Morgan, Jackie (1943)Starnes, Lenora (1953)
Busshart, Maxine (1975)Jenkins, Albert (1943)Murphy, Nettie (1998)Starnes, Olga (1997)
Chapman, Dura (1971)Jenkins, Josephine (1978)Northcott, George (1902)Starnes, Olive (1943)
Chapman, Gifford (1982)Jolly, Lonie (1980)Ransom, Defie (1954)Starnes, Sallie (1905)
Cole, Mable (1911)Jolly, Mattie (1955)Ransom, Irean (1908)Thompson, Gene (1935)
Cole, Martha (1930)Jolly, Will (1966)Ransom, J.W. (1932)Thornton, Elmer (1915)
Cole, Robert (1928)Jones, J. (1943)Ransom, Thomas (1966)Thornton, Elwood (1915)
Cole, Susie (1915)Jones, Millie (1962)Ransom, Virginia (1931)Thornton, Mary (1951)
Crawford, Glenn (1983)Kelly, Fred (1986)Redman, Mitchell (1996)Thornton, Mattie (1915)
Crawford, Keith (1989)Kyle, Mollie (1917)Reeves, James (1990)Thornton, William (1935)
Crawford, Kevin (1982)Leming, Della (1973)Robbins, Aaron (1958)Threadgill, Mollie (1956)
Davis, Johnice (1989)Leming, Willie (1942)Robbins, Addie (1929)Threadgill, Samuel (1940)
Foster, Samuel (1984)Love, Bertha (1965)Robbins, Cleo (1928)Threadgill, Welden (1907)
Fredrickson, Albert (1948)Love, Eva (1981)Robbins, David (1920)Tittle, Timothy (1964)
Fredrickson, Julia (1968)Love, Homer (1963)Robbins, Dedrick (1934)Tolbert, William (1989)
Fredrickson, L. (1961)Love, Jessie (1981)Robbins, Ellie (1972)Tubbs, Alice (1955)
Gattis, Alene (1927)Love, Leon (1976)Robbins, Ethel (1967)Tubbs, Amy (2002)
Gattis, Claud (1967)Love, Mae (1958)Robbins, Eula (1911)Tubbs, Audrey (2000)
Gattis, Fannie (1989)Love, Minnie (1973)Robbins, Fannie (1977)Tubbs, F. (1981)
Gattis, Frances (1986)Love, Robert (1956)Robbins, Frank (1937)Tubbs, Infant (1943)
Gattis, Gary (1949)Love, Thad (1963)Robbins, Georgie (1912)Tubbs, Ninnie (1912)
Gattis, Herman (1920)Marshall, Amy (2000)Robbins, Henry (1964)Tubbs, Ray (1969)
Gattis, Herman (1959)Marshall, Brady (1978)Robbins, James (1947)Tubbs, Robert (1955)
Gattis, Jack (1985)Marshall, Danty (1910)Robbins, James (1925)Walker, Mervin (2000)
Gattis, Leon (1970)Marshall, Elizabeth (1961)Robbins, L.R. (1906)Walker, Sarah (1926)
Gattis, Oran (1927)Marshall, Fitzhue (1981)Robbins, Mamie (1966)Walker, Wilbur (1924)
Gattis, Sarah (1970)Marshall, Florence (1912)Robbins, Mary (1908)Walton, Elvira (1932)
Geren, Ethel (1940)Marshall, Harry (1912)Robbins, Sarah (1956)Walton, Meridth (1930)
Geren, John (1955)Marshall, Lilla (1950)Roberts, Connie (2002)Walton, William (1919)
Gresham, Maritza (1997)Marshall, Martin (1942)Roberts, Jerlene (1969)Weston, Joel (1911)
Gresham, Weniford (1983)Marshall, Mary (1940)Rowlett, Bruce (1943) 
Hays, Billie (1961)McAnulty, B.B. (1986)Rowlett, Dimmos (1958) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

Bevill, J. H.b. 24 Dec 1828 Marker Text: Age 78y 10m 8d
Busshart, Edith Starnesb. 23 Feb 1915 Note: s/w Maxine
Davis, Richard Lb. 7 Jul 1937 Note: s/w Johnice
Dearing, Phyllis Anneb. 15 Aug 1938 Marker Text: Nurse
Foster, Frances Job. 9 Oct 1940  
Foster, Alta Belleb. 9 Oct 1915 Note: s/w George
Foster, George Wb. 28 Jun 1915 Note: s/w Alta
Gattis, Euniceb. 8 Jul 1928 Note: s/w Jack
Geren, "Jack" Note: s/w Ethel, John; no dates
Holder, Nickolas Fb. 9 Dec 1942 Note: s/w Diann
Holder, Betty M Riddleb. 11 Apr 1919 Note: s/w Leonard
Holder, Diann Lynnb. 18 Apr 1945 Marker Text: Mg 23 Apr 1962 Note: s/w Nickolas
Howell, Rosa  
Kelly, Willie (Billie)b. 1 Apr 1913 Marker Text: Mother Note: s/w Fred
Lee, R  
McAnulty, Mary Elizabethb. 23 Sep 1907 Note: s/w B.B.
Montgomery, Oscar  
Murphy,b. 1937 Note: No first name
Reeves, Ivela N Netheryb. 6 Aug 1926 Note: s/w James
Sawyer, Tommy L (Thornton)b. 24 Feb 1935 Note: s/w Bernard
Simonton, Herbert Lb. 1904 Note: s/w Annie
Simonton, Jewelb. 25 Sep 1887 Note: s/w Henry
Tolbert, Martha J (Morgan)b. 12 Nov 1940 Marker Text: Mg 13 Jul 1956 Note: s/w William
Tubbs, Marthab. 11 Feb 1914 Note: s/w Ray


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