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Hutto Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Hutto Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael, Rebekah and Michelle Sheppard on 1 Jan 2003.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location The cemetery is located south of Hutto, Texas.
Condition This cemetery is vary large and well maintained.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 890
Earliest Burial  Joseph Metcalfe (1887)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Harry Alkire (2002)
Average age at death 63
Age of oldest person  J.M. Cross (1832-1937) age: 105

People listed in the timeline

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, (1996)Downing, Infant (1912)Hyslop, Ora (1914)Nygrin, Tom (1938)
Adams, Alice (1971)Downing, J. (1940)Hyslop, Thomas (1951)Nygrin, Victor (1986)
Adams, Bessie (1951)Downing, Mary (1927)Inman, David (1999)Nygrin, Will (1988)
Adams, Clyde (1954)Downing, Minnie (1980)Israelson, Johannes (1915)Olander, Adolph (1949)
Adams, Floyd (1958)Downing, Ossa (1973)Israelson, Stina (1912)Olander, Ebba (1967)
Adams, Green (1996)Downing, Ruby (1996)Izard, Alice (1894)Olander, Kristine (1951)
Adams, Levi (1977)Downing, Samuel (1938)Izard, Carrie (1894)Olander, Oscar (1971)
Adams, Nellie (1936)Downing, Will (1959)Izard, Mollie (1902)Olander, Segred (1989)
Adams, Pansy (1962)Eastburn, Yvonne (2001)Jackson, Dorothy (1993)Olson, Bertha (1939)
Adams, William (1941)Easton, Eliza (1901)James, Mary (1970)Oman, Emma (1954)
Ahlberg, C.G. (1956)Easton, Mary (1949)Janssen, Esther (1998)Oman, Klaus (1929)
Ahlberg, C.G. (1942)Easton, T.C. (1899)Jennings, Howard (1974)Ortiz, Belen (1999)
Ahlberg, O.H. (1933)Easton, Thomas (1942)Jennings, Paula (1958)Osborne, Eliza (1898)
Ahlberg, Ruth (1921)Ekland, Eric (1944)Johnson, Amel (1929)Patterson, Annie (1968)
Alkire, Earl (1991)Eklund, Ed (1939)Johnson, Andrew (1957)Patterson, James (1966)
Alkire, Harry (2002)Eklund, Eva (1926)Johnson, Anna (1960)Patterson, Joel (1958)
Almquist, Arnold (1991)Eklund, George (1957)Johnson, August (1946)Perrin, Joseph (1981)
Anderson, Alfred (1913)Engdahl, Carl (1950)Johnson, Bernice (2002)Perrin, Mildred (1991)
Anderson, E.C. (1992)Engdahl, Carrie (1979)Johnson, C.P. (1939)Peterson, Anna (1928)
Anderson, Mable (1921)Evans, A.B. (1907)Johnson, Charlie (1962)Peterson, Anton (1970)
Anderson, Nan (1972)Evans, A.L.H. (1954)Johnson, Chas (1941)Peterson, Axel (1950)
Anderson, W.T. (1935)Evans, Frank (1951)Johnson, Clara (1987)Peterson, Dudley (1967)
Anderson, William (1974)Evans, Kathryn (1940)Johnson, Dean (1956)Peterson, Edyth (1970)
Applin, Agnes (1958)Evans, Mary (1924)Johnson, Emmy (1933)Peterson, Freida (1961)
Applin, Christine (1998)Everhard, Abram (1942)Johnson, Freddie (1976)Peterson, Robert (1979)
Applin, John (1984)Everhard, Ida (1916)Johnson, Hannah (1931)Peterson, William (1990)
Applin, Ralph (1978)Farley, Annie (1996)Johnson, Harvey (1991)Pierce, Donna (2001)
Applin, Virgil (1944)Farley, Arthur (1906)Johnson, J. (1959)Pierce, S.E. (1968)
Arnel, Freda (1949)Farley, Ava (1959)Johnson, James (1992)Porter, John (1971)
Arnold, Mary (1994)Farley, Davidson (1967)Johnson, James (1933)Porter, John (1916)
Arnold, Paul (1980)Farley, Harold (1996)Johnson, John (1972)Porter, Laura (1932)
Bacon, Joseph (1974)Farley, Iona (1990)Johnson, Lillian (1945)Porter, Laura (1908)
Baird, Elizabeth (1899)Farley, Kathryn (1956)Johnson, Lilly (1992)Porter, Madge (1990)
Baird, Miles (1900)Farley, Mary (1952)Johnson, Loraine (1976)Porter, Meva (1973)
Baird, Robert (1897)Farley, Maud (1916)Johnson, Mary (1912)Priem, Abbie (1985)
Baker, Charles (1996)Farley, Pearl (1986)Johnson, Paul (1987)Priem, Paul (1988)
Baker, Martin (1996)Farley, W.P. (1946)Johnson, Selma (1960)Rankin, James (1979)
Barker, Mary (1901)Farley, William (1966)Johnson, Steven (1999)Ransome, Mary (1899)
Barnes, (1970)Farley, William (1940)Johnson, Theodore (1909)Ray, Adelia (1911)
Barnes, A.W. (1912)Farley, William (1926)Johnson, Wesley (1925)Ray, B.F. (1946)
Barnes, Anna (1929)Farris, Ruby (1985)Johnson, William (1921)Ray, Ben (1994)
Barnes, Bess (1998)Farris, Trigg (1912)Jones, Sallie (1890)Ray, Ben (1933)
Barnes, Bessie (1981)Flaherty, Edward (1956)Juvenal, Frances (1973)Ray, Bertha (1968)
Barnes, Dave (1952)Flynn, C.W. (1923)Juvenal, John (1956)Ray, Birthel (1962)
Barnes, Electa (1938)Flynn, Eliza (1937)Juvenal, Sarah (1948)Ray, Carol (1949)
Barnes, Fannie (1899)Flynn, Infant (1892)Juvenal, Tobe (1939)Ray, Dora (1915)
Barnes, Frank (1939)Fowler, Grace (1958)Juvenal, Wm (1897)Ray, Electa (1941)
Barnes, George (1928)Fowler, Pessell (1970)Kaizer, H.W. (1946)Ray, George (1936)
Barnes, George (1945)Frame, Edwin (1930)Keen, Vivian (1981)Ray, John (1952)
Barnes, Gertrude (1982)Frame, Maggie (1947)Kelly, Denna (1954)Ray, John (1965)
Barnes, Ida (1948)Franzen, Andrew (1966)Kelly, Ernest (1957)Ray, Jones (1915)
Barnes, Infant (1928)Franzen, Signe (1995)Kelly, Franklin (1900)Ray, L.E. (1931)
Barnes, Infant (1924)Gainer, Allan (1944)Kelly, Lola (1908)Ray, L.F. (1936)
Barnes, Infant (1930)Gainer, Barbara (1936)Kelly, T.W. (1904)Ray, Mannie (1934)
Barnes, Jim (1967)Gainer, Bessie (1948)Kennedy, Becky (1998)Ray, Margaret (1931)
Barnes, John (1958)Gainer, Elisabeth (1936)Killgore, Florina (1938)Ray, William (1912)
Barnes, Lucy (1988)Gainer, Emma (1994)Killgore, William (1928)Reeves, Earl (1933)
Barnes, M.A. (1974)Gainer, G.M. (1987)King, Alvin (1988)Reeves, Hettie (1977)
Barnes, Mabel (1970)Gainer, H. (1978)King, Annie (1917)Reeves, James (1934)
Barnes, Maggie (1982)Gainer, Ida (1947)King, D.G. (1981)Reeves, Joseph (1953)
Barnes, Robert (1903)Gainer, James (1945)King, Effie (1988)Reeves, William (1939)
Barnes, William (1972)Gainer, James (1978)King, Jessie (1967)Rickard, Buell (1960)
Barnes, Wm (1946)Gainer, Leon (1974)King, Larry (2002)Rickard, Richard (1936)
Barron, Martin (2002)Gainer, Lonnie (1967)King, Lillie (1974)Rickard-Pratt, Sarah (1999)
Barven, Charles (1934)Gainer, Milfred (2000)Kirk, Buford (2002)Ritchey, Cora (1994)
Barven, Mary (1947)Gainer, Ruby (1994)Koehler, Eliz. (1996)Roark, Albert (1974)
Bateman, Shirley (1995)Gainer, Samuel (1990)Koehler, Elwood (1973)Robinson, Alfred (1960)
Bayer, Willie (1902)Gainer, Samuel (1908)Koger, Halley (1925)Robinson, Bartlett (1920)
Bearden, William (1995)Gato, Bennie (1931)Krueger, Louis (1985)Robinson, Emmar (1922)
Bergstrom, Nome (1977)Gato, George (1909)Kruger, Ewalt (1970)Robinson, Ida (1945)
Bergstrom, Walter (1966)Gauntt, Defsie (1958)Kruger, John (2001)Robinson, Jno. (1932)
Bird, I. (1918)Gauntt, Elizabeth (1924)Kruger, Louis (2001)Robinson, Mollie (1928)
Bird, Laura (1930)Gauntt, J.F. (1924)Kruger, Margarie (1942)Robinson, Richard (1944)
Bishop, Addie (1977)Gilbert, Alvin (1999)Kuykendall, Lou (1891)Rodgers, Barbara (2002)
Bishop, Joe (1979)Gilbert, Opal (1979)Kyle, Alice (1985)Rogan, Sallie (1952)
Bishop, Kate (1968)Gill, Mildred (1999)Kyle, Henry (1949)Rogan, William (1972)
Bishop, Mary (1933)Gillberg, Jno.A. (1915)Kyle, Henry (1930)Rundberg, Sonny (1996)
Blackman, A. (1939)Gillberg, Johanna (1918)Kyle, Jessie (1976)Rundberg, Margaret (1950)
Blackman, A.E. (1903)Gilliland, Annie (2002)Kyle, Loutishie (1922)Rundberg, Martha (1942)
Blackman, Agnes (1968)Gilliland, George (1978)Lane, Alvie (1998)Rundberg, Simon (1927)
Blackman, Alex (1961)Glendenning, A. (1915)Lane, Opal (1991)Russell, Alta (1983)
Blackman, Aubrey (1940)Glendenning, Blanch (1977)Lee, Frances (1999)Russell, Vilena (1977)
Blackman, Cyntha (1911)Glendenning, Hugh (1981)Lee, Ruth (2001)Sain, Herman (1984)
Blackman, Emery (1993)Glendenning, Jane (1961)Lefler, Clyde (1928)Sain, Thelma (2002)
Blackman, George (1902)Glendenning, Jessie (1918)Lefler, Thomas (1945)Salazar, Joe (1998)
Blackman, Hubert (1954)Glendenning, Lou (1973)Lefler, William (1966)Sandel, Eugenia (2001)
Blackman, Jack (1960)Glendenning, Thomas (1972)Leverett, Roberta (1986)Sanders, C.H. (1898)
Blackman, Jim (1925)Glendenning, Will (1972)Leverett, Roger (1988)Sanders, E. (1964)
Blackman, Joseph (1975)Glendenning, Zona (1985)Lister, H.M. (1944)Sanders, Iona (1976)
Blackman, Lola (1909)Goodwin, Alice (1967)Little, Azalete (1997)Sanders, Lou (1952)
Blackman, Lucile (1977)Goodwin, Hugh (1909)Lott, Arthur (1952)Sanders, Mabel (1976)
Blackman, Marie (1980)Goodwin, Hugh (1890)Lott, Gritta (1975)Sanders, R.S. (1895)
Blackman, Maude (1986)Goodwin, Mary (1919)Machlinger, William (1983)Sanders, Sarah (1952)
Blackman, Rachel (1925)Goodwin, Spencer (1964)Mackey, Odis (1977)Sanders, Thelma (1962)
Blackstone, Ranetta (1991)Goodwin, Will (1926)Mackey, Ruby (1985)Saul, Brianna (1995)
Blanton, Greenup (1894)Gordon, Jack (1987)Malm, Carl (1939)Saul, Chas. (1895)
Blanton, James (1939)Green, H. (1998)Malm, Edith (1973)Saul, Jack (1993)
Blanton, John (1910)Gregory, Mabel (1995)Malm, Lambert (1944)Saul, John (1933)
Blanton, Mattie (1906)Gustafson, A.G. (1917)Malone, Marcus (1984)Saul, John (1983)
Boatright, E.B. (1888)Gustafson, Elizabeth (1932)Markham, Elizabeth (1998)Saul, Josephine (1954)
Boatright, J. (1946)Gustafson, Jenny (1946)Markham, W. (1989)Schroeder, Adolph (1985)
Boatright, Sally (1939)Gustafson, Mildred (1918)Martin, Alexander (1974)Schroeder, Rosalee (1986)
Boatright, T.A. (1915)Gustafson, Ruth (1899)Martin, Alexander (1987)Scott, Elbert (1997)
Bohannon, Lee (1971)Gustafson, S.F. (1930)Martin, Audrey (1963)Shafer, Jerome (1938)
Bones, Miles (1959)Gustafson, Tillie (1920)Martin, Barbara (1903)Shafer, Lucy (1952)
Bowden, Ida (1944)Hackett, Lenita (1976)Martin, Cecil (1963)Shafer, Norman (1933)
Bowden, William (1930)Hackett, Merton (1998)Martin, Emma (1927)Shafer, Queen (1909)
Bowen, Jack (1980)Hall, Claude (1961)Martin, Geo. (1919)Sharpe, Edward (1992)
Brinkmeyer, Barbara (2002)Hall, Myrtle (1998)Martin, Jemima (1967)Sharpe, Ronald (1955)
Brinkmeyer, John (1950)Halton, Helen (1976)Martin, Jennie (1982)Shugart, Infant (1907)
Brinkmeyer, Stephen (1956)Halton, John (1990)Martin, John (1967)Sims, John (1920)
Brinkmeyer, William (1998)Ham, Lola (1983)Martin, Lola (1997)Smith, Alice (1993)
Brinkmeyer, Willie (1995)Hammer, August (1936)Martin, Mabel (1987)Smith, Doris (2000)
Brogan, Edward (1932)Hammer, Carl (1958)Martin, Peter (1925)Smith, James (1918)
Brogan, Edward (1991)Hammer, Frank (1965)Martin, Peter (1984)Sorenson, Andrew (2000)
Brogan, Hannah (1909)Hammer, Ida (1945)Martin, Raymond (1967)Sorenson, Mark (1990)
Brogan, Mae (1996)Hammer, John (1949)Martin, Walter (1906)St. John, Addie (1986)
Brown, Alexander (1956)Hammer, Leroy (1912)Martin, Walter (1992)St. John, George (1980)
Brown, C.R. (1919)Hammer, Olga (1914)Martin, William (1964)Stephens, Alice (1953)
Brown, James (1929)Hansen, Ann (1946)Mathews, Anna (1958)Stephens, Hirem (1932)
Brown, Jessie (1966)Hansen, Axel (1894)Mathews, Paul (1938)Strickland, Myrtle (1975)
Brown, Laura (1907)Hansen, Carl (1926)Mayhall, Alta (1967)Suttles, Celess (1924)
Brown, Mary (1956)Hansen, Martha (1893)Mayhall, C.G. (1902)Suydam, Warren (1975)
Brown, Milton (1986)Hanson, Alan (1970)Mayhall, Joseph (1963)Swanson, Louise (1916)
Brown, Ollie (1916)Hanson, Carl (1960)Mayhall, Martha (1917)Swenson, Elsa (1938)
Brown, Thomas (1948)Hanstrom, C.E. (1928)Mayhall, Olivia (1966)Swenson, Henrietta (1981)
Browning, Evelyn (2000)Hanstrom, Clara (1941)Mayhall, Samuel (1913)Swenson, Infant (1919)
Browning, Harvey (1927)Hanstrom, Clarence (1919)McAdams, Ovella (1985)Swenson, Lillian (2000)
Browning, Mary (1987)Hanstrom, Gerda (1953)McBride, Fred (1986)Swenson, Nellie (1950)
Bryan, Charles (1941)Hanstrom, Gustaf (1924)McClendon, Arthur (1987)Swenson, Nels. (1935)
Bryan, Ethel (1899)Hanstrom, Hannah (1943)McClendon, Blanche (1983)Swenson, Pier (1955)
Bryan, Lillie (1917)Harkins, Connie (1895)McCormick, Gus (1968)Swenson, Swen (1954)
Bryan, Sudie (1948)Harkins, Cora (1902)McCormick, Pearl (1946)Swenson, Wallace (1976)
Burns, Melissa (1897)Harkins, David (1919)McCormick, Wilson (1987)Swindoll, Ann (1987)
Burson, James (1949)Harkins, Ethel (1980)McCrary, Willie (1992)Swindoll, Elizabeth (1943)
Burson, Sussie (1957)Harkins, Infant (1897)McCutcheon, Annie (1958)Swindoll, George (1995)
Burt, Augusta (1964)Harkins, Louise (1990)McCutcheon, B.K. (1964)Swindoll, Irma (1983)
Burt, Jeanie (1989)Harkins, Martha (1925)McCutcheon, Cleo (1974)Swindoll, J.B. (1976)
Burt, Robert (1978)Harkins, Marvin (1973)McCutcheon, J.W. (1945)Swindoll, Jackie (1925)
Burt, Robert (1947)Harkins, Wm. (1919)McCutcheon, John (1993)Swindoll, Jesse (1925)
Callaghan, William (2002)Harrison, Myrtle (1891)McCutcheon, Katie (1962)Swindoll, Jesse (1954)
Carlson, Edward (1936)Hassler, D.W (1939)McCutcheon, Lady (1967)Swindoll, Jimmie (1982)
Carlson, Ethel (1892)Hausenfluck, Anna (1919)McCutcheon, Leslie (1978)Swindoll, Nanette (1989)
Carlson, Gustaf (1968)Hausenfluck, J.R. (1948)McCutcheon, William (1957)Swindoll, Warren (1924)
Carlson, Hildur (1980)Hausenfluck, Jacob (1902)McElroy, Annie (1904)Tate, Alfred (1973)
Carlson, John (1975)Hennech, Amelia (1981)McElroy, Elizabeth (1908)Tate, Spencer (2001)
Carlson, L.W. (1922)Hennech, Mattie (1922)McElroy, Frank (1955)Taylor, Beulah (1940)
Carlson, Lilly (1926)Hennech, Perry (1978)McElroy, Robert (1902)Taylor, Charles (1957)
Carlson, Wilhelm (1934)Henry, John (1995)McLellan, Pennie (1993)Taylor, Robbie (1992)
Carrow, Christopher (1996)Higgins, C. (1930)McMackin, Leah (1920)Taylor, Robbie (1987)
Carter, Lester (1985)Higgins, Elsie (1991)McMeem, Mary (1981)Tayor, Chaney (1983)
Carter, Nellie (1999)Higgins, Harland (1947)Menielle, Ed (1935)Teichelman, Herbert (2000)
Case, Eunice (1974)Higgins, Mary (1966)Menielle, Sallie (1935)Thiel, Frances (1992)
Case, Lloyd (1955)Highsmith, Anna (1945)Merris, Alice (1943)Thiel, Henry (1994)
Case, Pearl (1980)Highsmith, E.Wm (1898)Metcalfe, Joseph (1887)Tinning, Edwin (1939)
Cearley, Lucy (1927)Highsmith, H.A. (1930)Metcalfe, Mattie (1956)Tinning, Farley (1906)
Cearley, Marion (1958)Highsmith, Sarah (1930)Metcalfe, Thomas (1930)Tinning, James (1938)
Cearley, Marion (1925)Highsmith, William (1953)Metcalfe, Tom (1948)Tinning, James (1990)
Chambers, Harry (1946)Hill, E.S. (1912)Meyers, Billy (1978)Tinning, Jean (1971)
Chambers, Lila (1943)Hillyer, Justin (1996)Meyers, Clara (1958)Tinning, Phyllis (1998)
Chapman, Ethel (2000)Hirstius, Cody (1991)Meyers, Eva (1996)Tisdale, Cora (1929)
Chapman, Kenneth (1987)Hirstius, Jules (1983)Meyers, Gus (1948)Tisdale, James (1894)
Charnquist, Carl (1910)Hirstius, Marjorie (2001)Meyers, William (1977)Tisdale, S.O. (1911)
Charnquist, Carolina (1908)Hirstius, Michael (2000)Miller, Mae (1970)Townsend, Maria (1978)
Charnquist, Hannah (1959)Hislop, Arthur (1919)Miller, Sidney (1952)Tumlinson, S.J. (1912)
Charnquist, Harris (1953)Hislop, Flora (1943)Monday, Ellen (1902)Valdez, Santos (1999)
Chernosky, Bessie (1924)Hislop, W.F. (1960)Monday, J.S. (1906)Vansura, Bruce (1984)
Christensen, Anders (1961)Hislop, W.H. (1926)Moore, Connie (1989)Voss, Arthur (1975)
Christensen, Martin (1927)Holman, Allyson (1999)Moore, Elbie (1996)Voss, Eloise (1975)
Christensen, Soren (1964)Holman, Carrie (1910)Moore, John (2000)Wahrmund, Elgin (1979)
Cobb, Everett (1974)Holman, Ila (1984)Morris, W.J. (1999)Wahrmund, Wallace (1990)
Coker, Cyrus (1987)Holman, Jean (1946)Mueller, Elaine (1997)Walker, Charles (1891)
Cole, Clinton (1994)Holman, Jim (1971)Nels, Vincent (1919)Walker, Fannie (1958)
Cole, Lucile (1994)Holman, Roy (1963)Nelson, Carl (1972)Walker, Federal (1935)
Collins, Daisy (1998)Holman, W.D. (1943)Nelson, Caroline (1939)Walker, Lucy (1936)
Collins, James (1976)Holman, W.D. (1968)Nelson, Esther (1962)Walker, Nolan (1959)
Collins, Mauze (1987)Holman, W.D. (1917)Nelson, James (1944)Walker, Porter (1960)
Cooper, James (1924)Holstrom, Liane (1963)Nelson, Jessie (1976)Walling, Alvin (1931)
Cooper, Nancy (1970)Holt, Rosa (1963)Nelson, Marye (2002)Walling, Isabella (1930)
Cooper, Sam (1941)Humphrey, Frank (1956)Nelson, Oscar (1952)Walling, Vera (1972)
Cooper, Samuel (1949)Humphrey, Geo. (1905)Nelson, Paul (1962)Walters, Baby (1968)
Coward, Gary (1949)Humphrey, Lela (1949)Nichols, Charles (1974)Walters, Richard (1976)
Crislip, James (2001)Humphrey, M.A. (1930)Nolte, Wm. (1994)Walton, Nellene (1975)
Crosby, Johnny (1947)Humphrey, Mary (1912)Norman, Alex (1906)Ward, Alec (1909)
Cross, J.M. (1937)Humphrey, P.J. (1918)Norman, Amanda (1915)Ward, Annie (1941)
Davenport, Billie (1991)Humphrey, T.D. (1966)Norman, Annette (1906)Ward, David (1949)
Davenport, Hugh (2000)Humphrey, Tilmon (1899)Norman, Howard (1943)Ward, Francis (1911)
Davenport, Huldah (1973)Hutto, Bennie (1958)Norman, Howard (1992)Ward, Jane (1948)
Davenport, John (1990)Hutto, C.W. (1919)Norman, Isaac (1935)Warner, Amos (1991)
Davenport, Mary (1976)Hutto, Cornelia (1924)Norman, Mary (1962)Warner, John (1989)
Davenport, Philip (1960)Hutto, Emma (1980)Norman, Will (1931)Warner, Mary (1992)
Davis, Barnett (1955)Hutto, Eva (1891)Norman, Winnie (1979)Waters, Lincoln (1897)
Davis, David (1889)Hutto, Genevieve (1942)Nowlin, Daniel (1937)Willis, Nancy (1924)
Davis, Grace (1972)Hutto, Henry (1950)Nowlin, Mary (1927)Winston, Earl (1998)
Davis, J.P. (1892)Hutto, James (1964)Nugent, Willard (1965)Womack, Ida (1948)
Davis, Rachel (1923)Hutto, Mary (1943)Nygrin, Albert (1987)Womack, Robert (1900)
Davis-C.N. Long, Jenny. (1928)Hutto, Ora (1958)Nygrin, Arthur (1977)Womack, Robert (1941)
Dodson, Don (1985)Hutto, Robert (1944)Nygrin, Caroline (1989)Wright, Charles (1984)
Downing, Annie (1937)Hutto, Willis (1943)Nygrin, Ed (1929)Young, Ernest (1946)
Downing, Bennie (1972)Hyslop, Blanche (1977)Nygrin, Edith (1985)Young, Jessie (1965)
Downing, Bertha (1988)Hyslop, Infant (1921)Nygrin, Emma (1949)Young, Porter (1999)
Downing, E.M. (1955)Hyslop, John (1957)Nygrin, Mary (1984)Young, Weldon (1991)
Downing, Frances (1955)Hyslop, Myrtle (1942)Nygrin, Norman (1986)Zimmerman, Jonathan (1986)


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

, Note: brick with eroded names
Almquist, Dodyb. 13 Jun 1925 Note: s/w Arnold
Baker, Ruth D Note: No dates; s/w Charles
Barkley, Fred  
Barnes, Note: No name or dates; Barnes assumed as is buried in the middle of that plot
Bateman, Leonard Rb. 21 Oct 1946 Note: s/w Shirley
Bearden, Norma Jeynkcsieb. 24 Oct 1933 Marker Text: Mg 9 Dec 1950 Note: s/w William
Blackman, Bessieb. 1885 Note: s/w Alex
Bowen, Agnes Downingb. 12 Feb 1915  
Browning, C.R. "Bow"b. 27 Jul 1922 Marker Text: US Navy WWII Note: s/w Evelyn
Burleson, Ruth Mb. 4 Mar 1905 Marker Text: Mg 11 May 1935 Note: s/w Rufus
Burleson, Rufus Hb. 14 Nov 1910 Note: No death date but recent burial; s/w Ruth
Burson, Ella Nealb. 24 Feb 1884 Note: s/w James
Crislip, Margaret Ab. 22 May 1923 Marker Text: Mg 17 Jul 1947 Note: s/w James
Davenport, Bernice Mayb. 1912  
Davis, Wallaceb. 7 Jul 1912  
Edmunds, Billy Jb. 8 Nov 1931 Marker Text: Truck driver Note: s/w Earl
Ekland, Etoileb. 6 Aug 1904 Note: s/w Eric
Franzen, Dorothy Kb. 11 Nov 1921 Note: s/w Anton
Franzen, Anton Ab. 8 Aug 1914 Note: s/w Dorothy
Gainer, V. Loisb. 20 Aug 1920 Note: s/w Samuel
Gainer, Hester wb. 26 Dec 1912 Note: s/w James
Glendenning, William Mb. 19 Jan 1903 Note: Recent burial as fresh funeral flowers; s/w Bea
Glendenning, Bea Bb. 27 Jan 1904 Note: s/w William
Gustafson, Note: Joint stone with names concreted over
Hanson, Jacqulin G Sorensonb. 26 May 1929 Marker Text: Mg 28 Aug 1946 Note: s/w Harry E
Hanson, Harry Eb. 6 Aug 1918 Note: s/w Jacqulin
Hanstrom, Clarice Ab. 28 Jul 1926  
Hanstrom, Charles Eb. 23 Apr 1920  
Heath, Mamie Note: Wooden cross with no dates
Inman, Linda Rb. 6 Apr 1949 Note: s/w David
Jackson, Dauphen Jesseb. 24 Jun 1919 Note: s/w Dorothy
Johnson, Freddye B (Bland)b. 27 Mar 1930 Marker Text: Mg 12 Sep 1952 Note: s/w Marvin
Johnson, Marvin Earlb. 24 Feb 1929 Note: s/w Freddye
Johnson, J.Paul Jrb. 21 Jan 1927 Marker Text: US Navy Amphibian. S 1/C Combat Utility Bn 17
Johnson, Doris Mb. 2 Feb 1923 Marker Text: Mg 31 Oct 1942 Note: s/w Harvey
Johnson, Faye Ola Grahamb. 22 Jun 1926 Marker Text: Mg 24 Aug 1944 Note: s/w James
Johnson, Anna Note: No dates
Keen, Harold Mb. 28 Dec 1911 Note: s/w Vivian
Krueger, Mary Pb. 9 Feb 1926 Note: s/w Louis
Kruger, Janeyb. 29 Jul 1917 Note: s/w Ewalt
Lefler, Infants Marker Text: Infants of Jack & Helen Lefler
Leverett, Lee Roy Marker Text: Roberta Lee Leverett Family
Machlinger, Ethel Luiseb. 26 May 1918 Note: s/w William
Matlock, Infant Note: No dates
McLellan, H. Kennethb. 15 Jan 1918 Note: s/w Pennie
Morris, Dorothyb. 14 Apr 1927 Marker Text: Mg 23 Nov 1945 Note: s/w W.J.
Nelson, Alma Marieb. 3 Apr 1907 Note: s/w Carl
Nolte, Evelyn Mb. 15 Jun 1907  
Nygrin, Edith Maeb. 26 Dec 1925 Note: s/w Albert
Nygrin, Albert Rayb. 24 Aug 1926 Note: s/w Edith
Olander, Joyce Collinb. 16 Apr 1922 Note: s/w Harvey
Olander, Harvey Fb. 15 Jul 1921 Marker Text: Mg 8 Jun 1947 Note: s/w Joyce
Pate, Note: Board with Pate on it
Peterson, Curtis Lb. 12 Mar 1925  
Ray, Ethel J Note: No dates; s/w Birthel
Reeves, Joyce Mb. 1929 Note: Shares metal funeral plate; s/w Joseph
Reeves, Joseph Lb. 1922 Note: Shares metal funeral plate; s/w Joyce;
Rundberg, Irene Lb. 9 Sep 1919 Marker Text: Stepmother
Rundberg, Sharon Fayeb. 25 Jan 1947 Marker Text: Daughter
Salazar, Alvinab. 1 Mar 1934 Note: s/w Joe
Sanders, Robertb. 1930 Note: s/w James
Sanders, Jamesb. 1862 Note: s/w Robert
Saul, Tresban Rb. 25 Sep 1910 Marker Text: Mg 18 Sep 1927 Note: s/w John
Saul, John Mabrayb. 19 Aug 1943 Note: s/w S.D.
Saul, S.D. Dennieb. 31 Jan 1945 Marker Text: Mg 29 May 1976 Note: s/w John
Scott, Elsieb. 6 Jan 1920 Note: s/w Elbert
Sorenson, Violab. 14 Dec 1914 Marker Text: Mg 27 Aug 1938 Note: s/w Andrew
Suydam, Eula Jb. 1897 Note: s/w Warren
Tate, Alice Louiseb. 17 Oct 1922 Marker Text: Nee Goodwin; mg 16 Nov 1946 Note: s/w Alfred
Teichelman, Virginia Tb. 9 Aug 1921 Note: s/w Herbert
Valdez, Eles Ab. 4 Aug 1932 Marker Text: Mg 1 Dec 1951 Note: s/w Santos
Vansura, Connie Cb. 28 Sep 1931 Marker Text: Mg 17 Aug 1952 Note: s/w Bruce
Victor, Milraeb. 1 Jun 1929 Marker Text: Mg 29 Jun 1947 Note: s/w William
Victor, William L.b. 24 Aug 1925 Marker Text: Milrae
Ward, Arthurb. 1873 Note: s/w Jane
Wright, Mildred Mb. 1916 Note: s/w Charles
Benham, Infantb. 6 Aug xxxx d. 29 Aug xxxxMarker Text: infant son of C.J. & Minnie Benham Note: No year


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