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Hopewell Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Hopewell Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michelle Sheppard on 31 Dec 2002.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location The cemetery is located on Sam Bass Road west of I35 in Roundrock, Texas.
Condition This cemetery grounds are well maintained but many of the markers are in poor condition.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 311
Earliest Burial  Frinkie Mayharn (1880)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Debra Mays (2002)
Average age at death 59
Age of oldest person  Mary F Washington (1873-1977) age: 104

People listed in the timeline

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Adams, Mary (1945)Dixon, Henry (1922)Jones, Oscar (1947)Sauls, Ethel (2001)
Allen, Jesse (1952)Dixson, Gilbert (1908)Jones, Samuel (1938)Sauls, Jessie (1997)
Allen, Thomas (1915)Dixson, Weighty (1894)Kennedy, Hilda (1999)Sauls, Joe (1988)
Anderson, Annie (1984)Dobbins, Ethelene (1999)Knox, Helen (1966)Sauls, Louisa (1939)
Anderson, Sterling (1985)Earl, Birdie (1973)Landren, Pearly (1978)Sauls, Ollie (1971)
Babb, Joel (1989)Earl, Clarence (2001)--ldman, Cor (1914)Sauls, Ollie (1968)
Babb, Marjorie (1994)Earl, James (1976)Lewis, Luellyn (1994)Sauls, Otto (1988)
Bailey, Lee (1987)Earl, John (1956)Lias, Frankie (1983)Sauls, Wade (1948)
Baker, Dalton (1932)Earl, Leona (1978)Mayes, Steve (1891)Sauls, Wade (1986)
Baker, Joe (1901)Earl, Mary (1998)Mayharn, Frinkie (1880)Sauls, Willie (1990)
Baker, Joe (1941)Earl, Nancy (1991)Mays, A.C. (1935)Schooley, Artie (1993)
Baker, P.F. (1941)Earl, Vicki (1997)Mays, Alex (1935)Schooley, Bessie (1966)
Baker, Robert (1944)Earl, William (1918)Mays, Annie (1925)Schooley, J.H. (1969)
Baker, Sarah (1966)Earl, William (1993)Mays, Berley (1913)Sedwick, Ernestine (2002)
Barnes, Willie (1992)Earl, William (1989)Mays, Debra (2002)Shepard, Roger (2001)
Beal, Pat (1914)Everett, Donia (1978)Mays, Della (1971)Singleton, Andre (2000)
Blackburn, George (1923)Fuouay, Caroline (1976)Mays, Dorthy (1957)Sorrels, M.J. (1915)
Bradshaw, Berta (1968)Garner, Barbar (1997)Mays, Earl (1959)Steiner, Edward (2000)
Bradshaw, Cleora (1988)Gibbs, Rebekah (1981)Mays, Gene (1990)Taylor, David (1980)
Bradshaw, Eliza (1945)Gibbs, Standford (1982)Mays, Hope (1929)Taylor, Thomas (1918)
Bradshaw, George (1958)Gibson, Victor (2002)Mays, Jack (1915)Thomas, Almeda (1919)
Bradshaw, Hester (1916)Glover, Aubra (1902)Mays, Julius (1964)Thomas, Cornelious (1975)
Bradshaw, Kelley (1978)Glover, B.G. (1938)Mays, Kathaleen (1981)Thomas, Maggie (1975)
Bradshaw, Sandy (1942)Glover, Weighty (1899)Mays, Lem (1961)Tisdale, Caroline (1975)
Caldwell, Chester (1967)Gray, Rosie (2002)Mays, Lucy (1999)Tisdale, Jessie (1966)
Caldwell, Chester (1969)Hamilton, Dixie (1996)Mays, Luther (1981)Tisdale, Katie (1986)
Caldwell, Richard (1942)Hamilton, George (1938)Mays, May (1942)Tisdale, Marnett (1982)
Caldwell, Richard (1923)Hamilton, James (1983)Mays, Ned (1978)Tisdale, Riley (1975)
Caldwell, Ruthie (1920)Hamilton, Texana (1937)Mays, Rogers (1982)Tisdale, Uleyses (1965)
Caldwell, Teresa (1929)Harbert, Arnell (1971)Mays, Villa (1969)Tisdale, Willie (1989)
Caldwell, Violet (1983)Harbert, Elworth (1956)Mays, William (1966)Tisdale, Zachariah (1975)
Caldwell, Willie (1925)Harris, Gearl (1971)McConico, Charity (1980)Toliver, Tillie (1981)
Campbell, Asilea (1993)Haskins, Charles (1969)McConico, Hettie (1994)Wagoner, Arbertha (1923)
Campbell, Verley (1989)Haskins, Harry (1945)McConico, Isaiah (1936)Ward, Bertha (1905)
Caperton, Robert (1996)Haskins, Rebecca (1961)McGee, Archie (1953)Warren, Ada (1996)
Clark, Alice (1892)Haynes, Alice (1914)Mercer, Annie (1894)Warren, infant (1914)
Clark, Azariah (1958)Haynes, Thomas (1911)Mercer, Carrie (1946)Warren, Louia (1918)
Clark, Caroline (1968)Hill, Fannie (1991)Mercer, Clark (1956)Warren, Otho (1967)
Clark, Floyd (1944)Houston, Alice (1995)Mercer, Coma (2002)Washington, Effie (1944)
Clark, George (1972)Hrud, Claude (1939)Mercer, Edward (1967)Washington, Geneva (1973)
Clark, George (1972)Hurd, Clarence (1990)Mercer, Emma (1906)Washington, Lucinda (1898)
Clark, Lenzo (1997)Hurd, Mamie (1949)Mercer, Emma (1990)Washington, Mary (1977)
Clark, Wallace (1984)Hurd, Monique (1970)Mercer, Emmit (1905)Wheeler, Lee (2002)
Clark-Allen, Ardie (1977)Hurd, Willie (1996)Mercer, Garthaniel (1967)Wheeler, Lee (2002)
Clarke, George (1974)Isaac, David (1998)Mercer, Isiah (1977)Wheeler, Tom (1985)
Clarke, Ralphina (2000)Jamison, Robbie (1945)Mercer, J.R. (1952)Wheeler, Will (1980)
Clarke, Willie (1985)Jefferson, Jackie (1971)Mercer, James (1958)Wheeler, Zadie (2002)
Clemons, Mitchell (1985)Jefferson, Lester (1963)Mercer, John (1950)White, Harold (1995)
Conner, M.C. (1890)Johnson, Abraham (1984)Mercer, Lucinda (1988)White, Venus (1996)
Corzine, Rosie (1964)Johnson, Allie (1936)Mercer, Mable (1972)Wiley, Donna (1995)
Corzine, Rosie (1963)Johnson, Alonzo (1945)Mercer, Monroe (1932)Williams, Luda (1987)
Cummings, Evans (1966)Johnson, Alonzo (1976)Mercer, Monroe (1984)Williams, S.L. (1990)
Cummings, Learlean (1993)Johnson, Andrew (1978)Mercer, Nathaniel (1990)Woods, David (1962)
Currie, Doris (2000)Johnson, Benjamin (1988)Mercer, Rawl (1932)Woods, Emzie (1942)
Dale, William (1936)Johnson, Bertram (1976)Mercer, Samuel (1983)Woods, Ernestine (1927)
Daniels, (1902)Johnson, Lakesha (1985)Miller, Mary (1943)Woods, Henretta (1974)
Daniels, Carrie (1967)Johnson, Maryetta (1987)Morrison, Alecia (1969)Woods, Louis (1974)
Daniels, Elroy (1972)Johnson, Massie (1958)Pearson, Olen (2002)Woods, Louis (1926)
Daniels, Eva (2001)Johnson, Sarah (1977)Penosca, Sallie (1891)Woods, Morris (1970)
Davis, Irene (1964)Johnson, Willie (1982)Pratt, Clyde (1929)Woods, Samuel (1891)
Davis, Jose (1921)Jones, Cleave (1927)Pratt, Rutha (1918)Woods, Thelma (1989)
Davis, Ruby (1925)Jones, John (1998)Robertson, Joe (1930)Wright, Isadoria (1915)
Dillard, Annie (1926)Jones, Johnny (1999)Rodriguez, Hermelinda (1998) 
Dimry, Lewis (1929)Jones, Leslie (1975)Sauls, Bertram (1961) 
Dimry, Stella (1989)Jones, Olgave (1927)Sauls, Cora (1989) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

, Note: Wooden cross; no name
, Olivia M Note: Names eroded; s/w Wayne; hand carved concrete
, Moses Note: Hand carved concrete
, Note: Wooden cross; no name
, Note: Wooden cross; no name
, Wayne N Note: s/w Olivia
Bailey, Mamieb. 20 Jan 1920 Note: s/w Lee
Baker, Angelito Note: No dates; s/w Robert
Beale, Moses Note: Worn paint on concrete; s/w another Beale
Beale, Note: Worn paint on concrete; s/w Moses
Bradshaw, Mamieb. 22 Nov 1896 Note: s/w Kelley
Burkhalter, Madison Eb. 29 May 1926 Note: s/w Evelyn
Burkhalter, Evelyn Rb. 9 Mar 1927 Note: s/w Madison
Caldwell, Lonieb. 1876 Note: s/w Richard
Caldwell, Eugeniab. 26 Aug 1895 Note: s/w Willie
Clark, Decon Note: First name and dates eroded
Clark, Rev George Marker Text: Father Note: No dates
Clark, M.C. Marker Text: Infant of Elizabeth Clark
Clark, Missie Marker Text: Mother Note: No dates
Earl, Note: Wooden cross
Everett, Johnb. 1896 Note: s/w Donia
Hurd, Elona Bb. 1919 Note: s/w Clarence
Lewis, Allyneb. 13 Nov 1918 Note: s/w Luellyn
Lily, Mrs Nellie Note: No dates
May, infant Marker Text: child of Sallie & M.C. May
Mayes, Mr. Huldayb. 1861  
Mays, W.H.b. 25 Dec 1879 Note: s/w J.D & G.
Mays, Sarahb. 23 May 1877  
Mays, Jamesb. 20 Apr 1939 Marker Text: Texas Pvt 412 Res Labor BN
Mays, Gb. 6 May 1909 Note: s/w W.H. & J.D.
Mays, J.D.b. 28 Aug 1907 Note: s/w W.H. & G.
Mays, Pearl Note: Eroded hand carved concrete
Mays, Roger (R.H.) Jrb. 23 Jul 1930 Note: s/w Lucy
Mays, Roll Note: Eroded hand carved concrete
Mep---, Infant Marker Text: Infant of Mrs. Mep--- Note: eroded
Mercer, Emma Marker Text: baby
Mercer, Willie Cb. 17 Nov 1919 Marker Text: Mother Note: s/w Samuel
Miller, Johnb. 22 Dec 1896 Note: s/w Mary
Morris, Marebel Note: Painted wooden cross
Pool, Henryb. 1834 Marker Text: Age 93; wife of Henry Pool
Taylor, T Note: Hand scratched on a stone
Tisdale, Joyce Marie Marker Text: Baby
Warren, Josie Note: Dates eroded
Williams, J.H. Note: no dates
Williams, Deal Note: no dates
Williams, Emerline Note: no dates
Williams, Louis Marker Text: Father Note: no dates
Williams, Edd Note: no dates
Williams, Sussie Marker Text: Mother Note: no dates
Woods, Sam Note: No dates
Pool, Aliceb. 4 Mar d. 14 JulMarker Text: age 60 Note: No years
Lewis, Mr T.J.b. 6 Aug '7x d. 15 Mar '4xMarker Text: 71y Note: worn paper marker
Bradshaw, Rev E.J.b. 24 Nov 1825 d. 20 Aug 197xNote: Broken stone


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