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Berry Creek Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Berry Creek Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael and Michelle Sheppard on 4 August 2005.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location This cemetery is located northwest of Georgetown. Berry's Creek Cemetery on WikiMapia
Condition This cemetery is well maintained.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 554
Earliest Burial  Roxana Elizabeth --cell (1853)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Betty J Jennings (2005)
Average age at death 53
Age of oldest person  Henrietta Perriraz Rader (1880-1990) age: 110

People listed in the timeline

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, (1859)Grumbles, Rosco (1913)Lemond, James (1872)Stanford, Michael (2002)
, E.T. (1863)Guice, Timothy (1994)Lemond, Jimmie (1870)stiles, Myrtle (1984)
, Fred (1904)Hampton, John (1893)Lemond, V.J. (1908)Stiles, Bessie (1985)
[Drobbin], Martha (1858)Hampton, Malinda (1919)Lemons, Queenny (1880)Stiles, Charlie (1971)
Alsup, Amanda (1897)Hampton, William (1892)Lemons, Robert (1880)Stiles, Tom (1961)
Alsup, B.F. (1909)Hampton, Willie (1887)Lewis, John (1985)Stiles, William (1896)
Alsup, John (1880)Hanshaw, (1891)Lundy, Mary (1926)stirling, James (1892)
Alsup, Johney (1883)Hanshaw, Clarence (1894)Lykins, Joshua (1887)stirling, Louise (1977)
Aurand, Eliza (1869)Hanshaw, Kittie (1899)Lykins, Willis (1892)Stirling, Marshall (1979)
Aurand, Fred (1907)Harper, Charlie (1900)Malone, Cecil (2004)Sudduth, Bertha (1995)
Aurand, Margaret (1867)Harper, Dorcey (1900)Malone, Charles (1936)Sudduth, Billy (1940)
Barker, Mamie (1996)Harper, John (1903)Malone, Eva (1975)Sudduth, Cleo (1998)
Barker, Walter (1973)Harper, Lona (1900)Malone, Isia (1938)Sudduth, Fannie (1966)
Barnett, Ephraim (1891)Harper, Quille (1900)Mankins, Nettie (1913)Sudduth, Ida (2004)
Beaver, Everett (1984)Harris, Ethel (1991)Marrs, Bertha (1900)Sudduth, J. (1985)
Becknell, Clarence (1992)Harris, Jesse (1967)McClure, Loyce (2003)Sudduth, Joe (2000)
Bentley, J.T. (1900)Hausenfluck, Dwight (1925)Millard, Eunice (1981)Sudduth, John (1994)
Bentley, J.T. (1900)Hausenfluck, Frank (1994)Millard, Henry (1914)Sudduth, Joseph (1932)
Bishop, Carrie (1962)Hausenfluck, Iva (1974)Millard, Marvin (1996)sybert, Loy (1991)
Bishop, Cleo (1980)Hausenfluck, Lillie (1991)Millard, R.H. (1871)Sybert, J. (1973)
Bishop, Eskalana (1947)Hausenfluke, Este (1995)Millard, Susan (1874)Sybert, John (1983)
Bishop, Fred (1971)Hausenfluke, I.M. (1999)Miller, Adolf (1995)Sybert, Leslie (1993)
Bishop, James (1991)Havins, Robert (1969)Miller, Hertha (1993)Sybert, Nelda (1999)
Bishop, Jessie (1919)Head, Virgil (1934)Miller, John (2000)Taylor, Harry (1984)
Bishop, Joseph (1935)Heflin, Julia (1981)Miller, Thelma (1994)Taylor, Rita (2004)
Bishop, Margaret (1992)Helms, Alvin (2003)Montgomery, Martha (1899)Teague, Melva (2002)
Bishop, Mattie (1916)Helms, Dorothy (1995)Montgomery, Mirtle (1900)Terrell, Marvin (1963)
Bishop, Nallie (1989)Henderson, Mabel (1989)Montgomery, Sam (1973)Thomas, Carrie (1999)
Bishop, Vashti (1986)Herton, Dora (1899)Montgomery, Susan (1988)Thomas, Ernest (1986)
Bishop, Willie (1947)Hester, Stewart (1997)Montgomery, T.H (1914)Thomas, Victoria (1988)
Bishop, Willie (1981)Holle, Barbara (1998)Morgan, J.C. (1864)Thompson, Blanche (1990)
Bizzell, Mabel (1999)Holmes, Bubba (1969)Murray, Aline (1934)Thompson, Clifford (1958)
Bockmon, Rex (1996)Holmes, Bernice (1993)Murray, baby (1932)Thompson, William (1964)
Bradford, Gertrude (1997)Holybee, R.A. (1891)Murray, baby (1925)Thompson, Zona (2004)
Brooks, (1923)Holybee, W.C.P. (1881)Murray, baby (1933)Townsend, Berneice (1936)
Brooks, A.L. (1912)Hood, Arba (1963)Murray, Edna (1964)Townsend, Dell (1966)
Brooks, Bertha (1962)Hood, Martin (1918)Murray, Mary (1928)Townsend, Giles (1999)
Brooks, Effie (2000)Hood, Sarah (1968)Murray, Thomas (2004)Townsend, Giles (1937)
Brooks, James (1937)Hood, Solan (1906)Murray, Thomas (1966)Townsend, Katherine (1993)
Brooks, Louis (1904)Howell, Bennie (1948)Murray, Thomas (1955)Townsend, Oakley (1993)
Brooks, Martha (1899)Howell, Elizabeth (1920)Newman, Evalea (1998)Trammell, Nancy (1893)
Brown, Rachel (1888)Howell, I.K. (1964)Neyhard, Eliza (1940)Trevino, Betty (1973)
Bryant, Minnie (1897)Howell, Irena (1898)Neyhard, J.B. (1891)Tribur, Candace (1995)
Buchanan, Betty (1941)Howell, Irene (1988)O'Dell, Rose (1975)Tribur, Mirielle (2000)
Buchanan, Irene (1924)Howell, Jack (1909)Parker, F.W. (1994)unknown, Elizabeth (1872)
Buchanan, Jim (1983)Howell, Jack (1914)Parker, William (1982)Walker, Annie (1944)
Buchanan, Velma (1986)Howell, Mary (1902)Parsons, Mamie (1973)Walker, Bucker (1999)
Burroughs, Harold (2002)Howell, Mollie (1899)Perriaz, Mary (1931)Walker, Claude (1910)
Case, Mary (1889)Howell, Spencer (1920)Perrira, Clarence (1923)Walker, Clingman (1907)
Caskey, Edna (1994)Howell, Tom (1956)Perriraz, Alfred (1923)Walker, Jack (1957)
Cating, Charles (1994)Howell, W.M. (1909)Perriraz, Bennie (1993)Ward, James (1898)
Cating, Elizabeth (1966)Hubble, Belinda (1989)Perriraz, Blanche (1979)White, Stewart (2001)
Cating, Emma (1979)Huggins, John (1884)Perriraz, Charles (1939)Whiteaker, Donald (1997)
Cating, Robert (1974)Huggins, Susan (1884)Perriraz, Henry (1968)Whitfield, George (1977)
--cell, Roxana (1853)Hughes, Annie (1950)Perriraz, Leon (2004)Whitfield, Gertrude (1999)
Chambers, Ruby (1943)Hughes, Charles (1998)Perriraz, Louis (1928)Whitfield, Otha (1967)
Compton, Mary (1902)Hughes, Charles (2002)Perriraz, Mary (1942)Widmer, George (2002)
Conaway, Barbara (2004)Hughes, Lewis (1898)Perriraz, Mattie (1991)Widmer, Jimmy (2004)
Conaway, Clara (1994)Hughes, Lois (1995)Peyton, Homer (1892)Widmer, Nellie (1993)
Conaway, Claud (1942)Hughes, Mabel (1958)Pierce, Allen (1996)williams, (1874)
Conaway, Emma (1959)Hughes, Martha (1926)Price, Edwin (1908)williams, Aaron (1900)
Conaway, J.J. (1960)Hughes, Thomas (1957)Rader, Alice (1965)williams, Alice (1977)
Conaway, Ruby (2003)Hughes, William (1967)Rader, Dan (1995)williams, James (1968)
Conaway, Thelma (1964)Hurt, America (1936)Rader, Dan (1959)williams, James (1891)
Conaway, William (1969)Hurt, Claude (1910)Rader, Henrietta (1990)williams, Louis (1966)
Cook, Orpha (1874)Hurt, Cleora (1956)Roberts, Elizabeth (1855)williams, Sue (1930)
Cosper, Royce (2000)Hurt, Doris (2001)Roberts, Priseilla (1857)Williams, (1906)
Cowards, Margaret (1881)Hurt, Dorothy (1987)Rogers, Amanda (1937)Williams, A.J. (1926)
Crum, Miria (1895)Hurt, Horace (1966)Rogers, Arthur (1957)Williams, A.J. (1954)
Crum, S.W. (1886)Hurt, Horace (1981)Rogers, Georgia (1908)Williams, Alvia (1894)
Crum, Winnie (1878)Hurt, J.W. (1994)Rogers, James (1923)Williams, Amanda (1933)
Cummings, Esther ([1869])Hurt, James (1973)Rogers, Jannett (1904)Williams, Anna (1926)
Damron, Henretta (1871)Hurt, James (1913)Rogers, L.B. (1885)Williams, Annie (1956)
Damron, James (1872)Hurt, Jesse (1990)Rogers, Norman (1966)Williams, Annliza (1898)
Darrall, C.E. (1901)Hurt, Jessie (1926)Rogers, Rosa (1951)Williams, Berenice (1933)
Darrall, Luke (1922)Hurt, Rucker (1956)Rogers, Wanda (1998)Williams, Carrie (1906)
Davis, Archie (1969)Hurt, Rucker (1986)Rogers, William (1938)Williams, Clara (1992)
Davis, Mabel (1988)Hurt, Vickie (1953)Rossie, Louise (1984)Williams, David (1865)
Dodson, Minnie (1990)Irvine, Donald (1998)Rossie, Paul (2004)Williams, E.W. (1919)
Dodson, William (1982)Ischy, Callie (1982)Rucker, Margaret (1992)Williams, Edgar (1903)
Doniteli, Martha (1878)Ischy, Frances (1927)Salmons, Mattie (1916)Williams, Edmon (1927)
Donnell, Emory (1983)Ischy, Fred (1980)Salmons, N.J. (1917)Williams, Eliz. (1908)
Donnell, M (1948)Ischy, Louis (2000)Salyer, T.J. (1998)Williams, Elizabeth (1937)
Donnell, Ted (1948)Ischy, Violet (2000)Salyer, Austin (1987)Williams, Emzy (1943)
Donnell, William (1885)Ischy, Walter (2002)Salyer, Bessie (1962)Williams, Frances (1947)
Dufner, Arthur (2001)Ischy, William (1968)Salyer, Eugene (1989)Williams, Hattie (1930)
Duncan, Adrian (2004)Jackson, Herman (1941)Salyer, Katie (1999)Williams, Ike (1998)
Edwards, A.S. (1936)Jackson, Howard (1974)Salyer, Ray (1925)Williams, Ike (1977)
Edwards, Jewell (2000)Jackson, James (1859)Schneider, Wilford (2004)Williams, Isaac (1916)
Edwards, Marvin (1989)Jackson, Joseph (1888)Scoggins, Franklin (1994)Williams, James (2003)
Fellers, Bessie (1952)Jeffrey, George (1974)Scott, George (1880)Williams, Joe (1983)
Fellers, John (1953)Jeffrey, Gladys (1978)Sedberry, Henry (1925)Williams, Jun (1864)
Fox, Ethel (1908)Jenkins, Geneva (2004)Sedberry, Hubert (1926)Williams, Kelse (1921)
Fox, John (1920)Jenkins, Hassell (1981)Sedberry, Lawrence (1991)Williams, King (1897)
Fox, Lora (1906)Jennings, Betty (2005)Sedberry, Sarah (1956)Williams, L.M. (1874)
Fredrickson, Ray (2003)Jennings, Sampson (2002)Seymoor, Stephen (1861)Williams, Mable (1903)
Gammon, Thalia (2005)Keener, Ann (1889)Shell, Walter (2003)Williams, Marinda (1976)
Gardner, Cleddie (1987)Kelley, Charlie (1912)simpson, Mamie (1910)Williams, Medora (1939)
Gardner, Lila (1999)Kelley, Johney (1909)Simpson, Ben (1930)Williams, Nancy (1930)
Gaswint, Sylvia (2004)Kelley, Mary (1898)Simpson, Ethel (1890)Williams, Pete (1966)
George, Minnie (1963)Kendrick, Helen (1935)Simpson, Lawrence (1893)Williams, Robert (1941)
George, Will (1927)Kibodeaux, Angelia (2004)Simpson, Mary (1914)Williams, Robert (2004)
Gibbs, C.B. (1966)Killcore, Charles (1886)Simpson, Mary (1892)Williams, Sarah (1862)
Gibbs, Edna (1993)Kimbro, Jerry (2002)Simpson, Mary (1886)Williams, W.C. (1914)
Gibbs, Richard (1976)Kimbro, John (1944)Simpson, N.B. (1894)Williams, W.M. (1888)
Gillmore, William (1891)Kimbro, Rebecca (1978)Simpson, N.K. (1882)Williams, Walter (1931)
Gilmore, James (1978)Kimbro, Tommie (2000)Smith, Barbara (1913)Williams, Willie (1867)
Gilmore, Sarah (1976)Kleen, J.H. (1929)Smith, Eulala (1903)Wilson, Frances (1979)
Gilmore, Vera (1933)Kleen, Lora (1887)Smith, Martha (1892)Wilson, Harold (2001)
Gower, Bernice (1997)Kramer, Margaret (1997)snowden, William (1934)Winiger, Nora (1956)
Gower, Brian (1997)Lairamore, Harrell (1999)Snowden, Annie (1936)Wininger, Albert (1942)
Green, Mary (1885)Lambert, Billie (1993)Snowden, Nalley (1968)Wininger, Bessie (1921)
Green, Riley (1900)Landrum, Elma (1892)Snowden, Wilma (1906)Wittera, Bohous (2003)
Griffin, A.M.A.B. (1856)Landrum, Julius (1884)Spain, Ola (2000)Wittera, Doris (1979)
Griffin, Andy (1987)Lane, Tommy (1947)Speck, Carlos (2003)Young, Rolland (2000)
Grumbles, Bettie (1913)Lemond, Bettie (1883)Spratley, Jackson (1994) 
Grumbles, Mildred (1913)Lemond, J.N. (1870)Spratley, Loretta (2002) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

, Marker Text: no name or dates Note: with Charlie Albert Harper
, Marker Text: unknown Note: with Charlie Albert Harper
, Note: unknown
, Note: unknown
, Mrs. D.L. Note: hand carved on a stone; cannot read
[Tacker], M. Note: dates eroded
B., W. Note: no dates
Barker, Betty Sb. 10 Oct 1931 Note: s/w wilburn
Barker, Wilburn Lb. 19 Feb 1926 Marker Text: mg 6 Mar 1952 Note: s/w Betty
Barker, R.V. Sr.b. 21 May 1931 Marker Text: mg 1 Sep 1952 Note: s/w Shirley
Barker, Shirley Jb. 20 Mar 1935 Note: s/w R.V.
Bishop, Marvin Donnellb. 15 May 1914 Note: s/w Margaret
Bockmon, Barbarab. 28 Feb 1926 Note: s/w Rex
Bradford, Clarence Wilbur Marker Text: buried in Idaho, remembered here Note: s/w Gertrude
Cosper, Josieb. 20 Dec 1940 Note: s/w Royce
Donnel, S.W. Note: dates eroded
Dufner, Robbie Jean (Gibbs)b. 7 Jul 1933 Note: s/w Arthur
Gammon, Jack Albertb. 5 May 1919 Note: s/w Thalia
Griffin, Viola J.b. 1915 Note: s/w Andy
Hausenfluke, Larry Vb. 27 Nov 1939 Marker Text: mg 27 Sep 1958 Note: s/w Rosalie
Hausenfluke, Rosalie A Smithb. 8 May 1940 Note: s/w Larry
Havins, Frances Fb. 30 Oct 1925 Note: s/w Robert
Henderson, Hollisb. 21 Jun 1912 Note: s/w Mabel
Holle, Eugene Db. 8 Jun 1941 Marker Text: mg 5 Sep 1964 Note: s/w Barbara
Holybee,b. 28 Aug 1884 Marker Text: infant son of J.H. & R.A.
Hughes, Lois Annetteb. 12 Jan 1964 Marker Text: daughter
Hurt, Joyce Ab. 8 Jul 1951 Note: s/w Samuel
Hurt, James Ab. 31 Jul 1953 Note: s/w Susie
Hurt, Samuel Lb. 28 sep 1943 Note: s/w Joyce
Hurt, Grace P.b. 10 Oct 1928 Marker Text: funeral marker says died 2004 Note: s/w Jesse
Hurt, Estelle Hb. 24 Aug 1921 Note: s/w J.W.
Hurt, susie T.b. 1 Oct 1955 Note: s/w James
Ischy, Earline Davisb. 20 Jun 1933 Note: s/w Louis
Ischy, Margie Ruthb. 2 Nov 1940 Note: s/w Walter
Johnson, Larry Geneb. 18 Jan 1951 Note: s/w Arlena
Johnson, Arlena Daleb. 2 Jan 1948 Note: s/w Larry
Knight, Wade Andersonb. 20 Sep 1927 Note: s/w Hilda
Knight, Hilda Jeanb. 29 Mar 1928 Marker Text: mg 5 Aug 1951 Note: s/w Wade
Lambert, Nancy Gibbsb. 16 Nov 1930 Note: s/w Billie
Lewis, Patricia Salyerb. 29 Nov 1929 Note: s/w John
Logan, Ray E.b. 18 Jan 1916 Note: s/w Dell
Logan, M. Note: no dates
Logan, Dell W.b. 9 Nov 1921 Note: s/w Ray
Malone, Tempie Sb. 24 Mar 1930 Note: s/w Cecil
Millard, R.H.  
Moczygemba, Denise Frenchb. 12 Mar 1957 Note: s/w Richard
Moczygemba, Richard Wayneb. 12 Mar 1953 Marker Text: mg 15 May 1976 Note: s/w Denise
Montgomery, Matilda Marker Text: wife of J.J.
Montgomery, Connie Leeb. 17 Jan 1930 Marker Text: sister
Montgomery, A.W. (Dub)b. 8 Feb 1927 Marker Text: brother
Morgan, Margaret R Forehandb. 14 Sep 1935 Note: s/w Arlis
Morgan, Arlis Nb. 21 Jan 1929 Marker Text: mg 18 Aug 1953 Note: s/w Margaret
Murray, Georgia Whitfieldb. 14 Jul 1925 Note: s/w Thomas
Nations, Darthy Ib. 22 Mar 1924 Note: s/w Manton
Nations, Manton Ab. 21 Oct 1922 Note: s/w Darthy
Parker, Juneb. 28 Aug 1920 Marker Text: s/w F.W. "Jack"
Pierce, Velma Lee Salyerb. 6 Jul 1932 Marker Text: mg 16 Jul 1950 Note: s/w Allen
Rader, Albina Bb. 28 Nov 1926 Marker Text: nee Stacha Note: s/w Dan
Rogers, Hattieb. 1894 Note: s/w Norman
Schneider, Mary Lois Sybertb. 6 Jul 1928 Marker Text: mg 1 Jan 1946 Note: s/w Wilford
Scoggins, Patricia L (Formby)b. 23 Jun 1934 Note: s/w Franklin
scott, George Ab. 14 Mar 1848 Marker Text: a Mason Note: stone sinking-death date covered
Shell, Mary Frances W.b. 17 Jun 1933 Marker Text: mg 3 Dec 1955; picture on stone Note: s/w Walter
Shelton, Dorothy F Gilmoreb. 14 May 1927 Note: s/w Earl
Shelton, Earl E.b. 23 Mar 1928 Note: s/w Dorothy
Sudduth, Clara Zenia (Raum)b. 17 Jul 1907 Note: s/w John
Sudduth, J.N. (Bim)b. 15 Feb 1920 Note: s/w Ida
Sybert, Bonnell Rb. 1 Jan 1917 Note: s/w J. Everett
Sybert, Bonnie R. Shawb. 26 Jul 1954 Note: s/w Leslie
Taylor, Juanita Whitfieldb. 22 Jun 1922 Marker Text: mg 21 Oct 1951 Note: s/w Harry
Thomas, Robert Oliverb. 20 Nov 1923 Marker Text: mg 15 Oct 1943 Note: s/w Carrie
Tucker, Norman Edwinb. 15 Feb 1930 Marker Text: mg 3 Nov 1951 Note: s/w Eleanor
Tucker, Eleanor (Perriraz)b. 3 Feb 1929 Note: s/w Norman
unknown, Note: eroded, cannot read
unknown, Note: stone is eroded
unknown, Marker Text: O.S.M.
Williams, M. Merdellb. 14 Mar 1921 Note: s/w Joe
Williams, Maryettab. 13 Aug 1936 Note: s/w Ike, Jr.
Williams, W.O. Marker Text: Co. K, 34 Ark Inf C.S.A.
Williams, Gladys Gardnerb. 21 Jan 1943 Note: s/w James
Wininger, Ollie B Note: no dates; metal funeral marker
Wittera, Amelia Lb. 26 Dec 1913 Note: s/w Bohous
Young, Norma Jean Bairdb. 1 Apr 1928 Note: s/w Rolland [Sr.]
Young, Rolland Rayb. 9 Nov 1927 Note: s/w Norma
Montgomery, Thomas Pb. 25 Oct 1832 d. 12 J 1867Note: stone broken on death month
W[illi]ams, Kb. 31 Mar d. 16 AprNote: broken in many pieces
Roberts, Benjamon Travisb. 19 Dec 1861 d. 17 JulMarker Text: son of Travis & Mary Ann Note: death year eroded
Montgomery, [--nil]b. 29 Apr 1885 d. 7 M 1887Marker Text: of I & M Note: last part of name is nie or nil


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