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From the PRO website, which also refers to the National Archives of Scotland:; also:

"Guidelines for Those Who Propose To Reproduce Works Among Records Held in the Public Record Office"

"The Crown now waives its copyright in Crown copyright material in public records that are available to the public and that were unpublished when they were transferred. This means that such material can be copied, indexed, transcribed, published and broadcast without formal permission, payment of a copyright fee or acknowledgement of copyright. The change affects not only public records in the PRO but also those in all places of deposit outside the PRO, the National Archives of Scotland and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. Material in private copyright, published Crown copyright material, and non-public records are all unaffected."

"In addition the waiver does not apply to the reproduction of Public Record Office images of documents in the form of photographs, microfilm, microfiche and digital copies, for which the permission of the Image Library is required."


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