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Waak, Chris (Private-)
Waddington, Alice E. (22 OCT 1868-21 JUL 1930)
Waddington, James (1839-1895)
Waddington, Robert (1805-1870)
Wagner, Nancy C. (Private-)
Walker, Hannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, John (ABT 1797-10 JUN 1877)
Walker, Josh (UNKNOWN-)
Walker, Ronnie (UNKNOWN-)
Wallace, Annie C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, Melissa (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Waller, Maxicene (Private-)
Walls, Charlie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walls, Lucian Orlie (1 JUN 1885-10 JUN 1937)
Walters, Beth (UNKNOWN-)
Walters, Christina (WFT Est 1835-1874-WFT Est 1854-1958)
Walton, Mary Hughes (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wand, Ethel (Ford) (ABT 1890-ABT 1970)
Ward, Mary (ABT 1641-AFT 28 SEP 1711)
Wargo, Pauline (30 MAY 1913-JAN 1980)
Warman, Mary (1737-3 SEP 1811)
Warnell, Timmothy Lee (Private-)
Warnken, Patricia Marie (Private-)
Warren, Yvonne (Private-)
Warriner, Nancy J. (BEF 1825-AFT 1840)
Warsinske, Erica Ann (Private-)
Waters, George W. Buckskin (UNKNOWN-)
Watkins, Elizabeth Emily (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Weaver, Jacob (ABT 1794-JUN 1815)
Weaver, Thurza (27 JUL 1819-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Susan (UNKNOWN-)
Wegner, Ariona Sabina (23 MAY 1919-2 AUG 1987)
Wegner, Fred (12 MAY-WFT Est 1922-1982)
Wegner, Gottlieb (WFT Est 1828-1871-WFT Est 1854-1952)
Welborn, Dam (Private-)
Welch, Chris (Private-)
Welch, David (Private-)
Welch, Nathaniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Welch, Noel (Private-)
Welch, Quentin (Private-)
Welker, Anna Maria (ABT 1784-BEF 1840)
Welker, Leonard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Welker, Sarah (ABT 1793-UNKNOWN)
Welty, Mahala (ABT 1814-UNKNOWN)
Wenz, Frederick A. (26 OCT 1894-25 SEP 1973)
Weschcke, Ernest (Private-)
West, Nancy Ellen (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wetzel, Georgia Anna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Sarah (1785-UNKNOWN)
Whisenhunt, Mary Magdalena (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whisenhunt, Mary Magdalene (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
White, Etta Ada (ABT 1884-UNKNOWN)
White, Sarah (3 JUN 1946-8 JAN 2000)
WhiteHawk, Tyron Joseph (Private-)
Whitehead, Andy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Abraham (16 MAY 1790-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Absalom (15 MAY 1825-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Agens Mary Magdalena (5 SEP 1823-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Anna Maria (BET 1782 AND 1785-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Babara (1828-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Barbara (8 MAR 1822-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Barbara (ABT 1784-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Benjamin (9 FEB 1803-1863)
Whitener, Benjamin (23 JAN 1826-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Benjamin Frank (21 SEP 1851-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Caleb (2 MAR 1834-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Catharine (DEC 1782-5 AUG 1835)
Whitener, Catherine (ABT 1782-2 FEB 1866)
Whitener, Catherine (23 MAR 1823-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Catherine (4 NOV 1829-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Catherine (22 MAR 1819-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Catherine Shell (15 MAY 1825-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Charity (ABT 1786-BEF 1840)
Whitener, Corinthia (NOV 1830-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Daniel (1 MAR 1800-17 NOV 1851)
Whitener, Daniel (3 AUG 1813-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, David B. (26 OCT 1800-31 OCT 1858)
Whitener, Delilah (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Elijah (24 MAR 1821-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Eliza (NOV 1824-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Elizabeth (25 APR 1824-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Elizabeth (1 APR 1813-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Elizabeth Caroline (29 SEP 1832-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Elizabeth Caroline (9 SEP 1830-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Ellen (31 MAR 1831-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Emma (5 MAR 1832-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Francis (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, George C. (6 JUN 1836-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Gertrude (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Hannah (1800-AFT 1850)
Whitener, Henry (12 OCT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Henry (14 OCT 1814-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Henry (1752-1811)
Whitener, Henry (24 APR 1787-17 NOV 1864)
Whitener, Henry B. (4 FEB 1817-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Henry D. (22 MAY 1828-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Jesse (ABT 1789-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Johannes Heinrich (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, John (ABT 1798-25 DEC 1850)
Whitener, John J. (OCT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, John Quincy Adams (29 APR 1827-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Lucinda (20 JAN 1824-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Mahala (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Mahalah (1826-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Mary (ABT 1784-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Mary M (6 FEB 1829-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Mary M. (25 FEB 1818-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Michael G. (29 SEP 1832-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Miles (15 MAR 1829-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, N.B. (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Phillip D. (10 MAR 1814-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Rachael (7 FEB 1829-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Rachael Emaline (23 MAR 1823-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Sarah Adeline (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Solomon (4 OCT 1794-8 DEC 1871)
Whitener, Sophia C. (22 AUG 1836-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Unknown (1818-UNKNOWN)
Whitener, Unknown (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Whiteroth, Christina Elisabeth (1869-UNKNOWN)
Whiteside, Jess O. (Private-)
Whitesides, Mary Lucetta C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitman, Danny (Private-)
Whitman, Danny (Private-)
Whitman, Danny (Private-)
Whitman, Danny (Private-)
Whitman, Emil (Private-)
Whitman, Michael (Private-)
Whitmire, George Washington (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitmire, Stephen (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Whittenburg, Bejamin (15 NOV 1818-UNKNOWN)
Whittenburg, Eliza (1810-UNKNOWN)
Whittenburg, Frederick (3 APR 1814-UNKNOWN)
Whittenburg, Henry (1776-BEF 1829)
Whittenburg, Solomon (26 FEB 1812-25 FEB 1858)
Whittenburg, William (17 JUL 1816-12 NOV 1884)
Wicklund, Barbara Jean (Private-)
Widdoss, Connie (WFT Est 1909-1932-10 APR 1947)
Wierzbicki, Krzysztof M. (Private-)
Wiitala, Lu Ann (Private-)
Wiitala, Martin (Private-)
Wilcox, Alfred (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilcox, Louisa (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Wilcox, Rebecca (ABT 1819-BEF 1870)
Wilcox, Unknown (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wildanger, Louise (Private-)
Wilder, Delores (Private-)
Wilhite, Alpheus (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Wilhite, Benjamin A. (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Wilhite, Bessy A. (1842-UNKNOWN)
Wilhite, Doris Louise (Private-)
Wilhite, Mary E. (18 APR 1843-UNKNOWN)
Wilkerson, Hallie Olive (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Will, Andrew Rennie (Private-)
Will, Jonathan (Private-)
Will, Kimmie (Private-)
Will, Rodney (Private-)
Willbanks, Hiram (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Willbanks, Isena (ABT 1828-BEF 1870)
Willbanks, Lucinda G. (1 AUG 1829-17 NOV 1862)
Willett, Lee Bryan (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Willett, Unknown (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Amy (Private-)
Willey, Stacey (Private-)
Willey, Steven (Private-)
Willey, Tami (Private-)
William, (Private-)
William, Ryan (Private-)
Williams, Daisy Olive (19 OCT 1882-8 FEB 1959)
Williams, Henry Oscar (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Lori Ann (Private-)
Williams, Rusty (Private-)
Williams, Sara (Private-)
Williams, Shelly Jo (Private-)
Williams, William Henry Harrison (14 AUG 1840-6 JUL 1911)
Williams, William Wesley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Alice Alida (Private-)
Williamson, Barbara Marie (Private-)
Williamson, Bonnie Lynn (7 APR 1963-ABT 1989)
Williamson, Curtis (Willie) (Private-)
Williamson, Curtis Eugene (Private-)
Williamson, Harold Janus (Private-)
Williamson, Isaac Chauncey (29 MAY 1823-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Kenneth (Private-)
Williamson, Loren Michael (Private-)
Williamson, Matthew Emzy (Private-)
Williamson, Michael Shane (Private-)
Williamson, Robert (Private-)
Williamson, Robert Edward (Private-)
Williamson, Vincent Carlton Curtis (Private-)
Willis, Harmon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Virginia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Elizabeth Sina Jane (6 APR 1833-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Jeremy (18 NOV 1977-FEB 1979)
Wilson, Joey Sherrie (Private-)
Wilson, John (Private-)
Wilson, Sarah Catherine (5 APR 1825-15 APR 1907)
Wilson, Steve (Private-)
Wilson, Terri Lee (Private-)
Wilson, Thomas (ABT 1750-AFT 1818)
Wilson, Vernon (Private-)
Wilson, Zola Ruth (Private-)
Wimberly, Lewis , Sr (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wimberly, Winnifred (1781-ABT 1844)
Winfrey, Anne (7 JUL 1725-7 OCT 1725)
Winfrey, Betsy (BET 1761 AND 1793-AFT 1808)
Winfrey, Charles Jacob (ABT 1672-2 FEB 1717)
Winfrey, Elanor (6 APR 1707-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Elizabeth (10 APR 1709-27 MAR 1714)
Winfrey, Henry (22 APR 1776-7 MAY 1849)
Winfrey, Henry (4 FEB 1710-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Hilly (1741-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Israel (1770-1856)
Winfrey, Israel (1718-1785)
Winfrey, Israel Jefferson (21 MAY 1812-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Jacob (14 MAY 1704-1772)
Winfrey, James Madison (1783-APR 1869)
Winfrey, Jane (25 DEC 1701-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, John (ABT 1740-AFT 1786)
Winfrey, John (ABT 1806-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, John (17 SEP 1699-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, John , Jr (1774-1844)
Winfrey, John (17 AUG 1728-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Judy Elizabeth (1765-22 SEP 1842)
Winfrey, Lucy Lucinda (29 DEC 1795-ABT 1859)
Winfrey, Martha (27 DEC 1786-1 MAR 1879)
Winfrey, Mary (OCT 1736-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Mary (1786-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Mary T. (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Nancy (AFT 1761-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Nicholas (28 MAY 1797-AFT 1840)
Winfrey, Patsy (1788-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Peter (28 JUL 1726-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Philip (1744-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Phillip (23 MAR 1805-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Phillip (20 MAY 1764-28 FEB 1843)
Winfrey, Reuben (1739-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Samuel (1804-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Sarah (11 FEB 1762-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Sarah Jane (17 NOV 1817-24 DEC 1899)
Winfrey, Susanna (3 MAR 1705-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, Thomas (25 JAN 1775-20 JAN 1830)
Winfrey, William (ABT 1646-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, William (1742-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Winfrey, William (1779-1861)
Winters, Albert Tipton (JUN 1846-23 JAN 1930)
Winters, Caroline (ABT 1818-1846)
Winters, Carrick W. Nelson (16 OCT 1855-10 FEB 1941)
Winters, Charlotte (1856-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Daniel Wilbur (1844-1886)
Winters, Elizabeth Harriet (10 FEB 1855-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Florence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Hulda Wilson (ABT 1818-UNKNOWN)
Winters, John H. (11 MAY 1845-17 DEC 1893)
Winters, John James (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Winters, LuScyntha (ABT 1825-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Malinda (1 DEC 1847-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Martha A. (1850-7 NOV 1924)
Winters, Martin Monroe (ABT 1827-AFT 1914)
Winters, Martin W. (1854-19 FEB 1923)
Winters, Mary (ABT 1816-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Mary (ABT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Mary Jane (1837-9 DEC 1915)
Winters, Nancy O. (ABT 1808-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Nathanial (APR 1858-29 MAY 1914)
Winters, Nellie (ABT 1807-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Rebecca (ABT 1826-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Sally (ABT 1815-12 JUN 1896)
Winters, Sarah (ABT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Sarah Ellen (1840-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Stephen (7 NOV 1817-UNKNOWN)
Winters, Stephen Henry M. (SEP 1828-11 JUN 1890)
Winters, William (1767-20 FEB 1845)
Winters, William (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Winters, William (15 OCT 1852-2 JUN 1935)
Winters, William A. (ABT 1817-1904)
Winters, Zachariah (ABT 1802-ABT 1850)
Wise, Mary Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wise, Susannah (1810-UNKNOWN)
Wiseman, Daniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wiseman, Lutishia (1856-1877)
Wiseman, Nancy (15 DEC 1855-2 NOV 1941)
Wisenberg, Sharon Elizabeth (Private-)
Withers, Henry (Private-)
Wittig, Dan (Private-)
Wofford, Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wold, Karen (Private-)
Wood, Robert (BET 1666 AND 1692-BET 1715 AND 1758)
Woods, Elizabeth E. (ABT 1814-UNKNOWN)
Woods, John (BEF 1834-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Joseph (6 FEB 1794-17 MAY 1879)
Woods, Nelson Alexander (14 FEB 1816-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Newton Harvey (31 AUG 1834-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Rebecca (ABT 1820-UNKNOWN)
Woodward, Cheryl (Private-)
Woodworth, Bud (Private-)
Woodworth, Jilleen (Private-)
Woolridge, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wooten, Joyce Marie (--living--)
Workman, Alexander (29 OCT 1881-28 JUN 1956)
Workman, James (Private-)
Workman, Mary Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Workman, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wrazidlo, Mark (Private-)
Wright, Achsah (17 JUL 1789-WFT Est 1790-1879)
Wright, Alissa Ann (Private-)
Wright, Almeda (29 APR 1857-4 JUL 1921)
Wright, Amasa (WFT Est 1743-1777-WFT Est 1812-1862)
Wright, Anna A. (Private-)
Wright, Anna Elizabeth (21 NOV 1880-16 DEC 1960)
Wright, Baby (20 MAR 1792-8 APR 1792)
Wright, Bertha Elizabeth (Private-)
Wright, Beth Mae (Private-)
Wright, Blanche Gertrude (14 SEP 1918-14 SEP 1918)
Wright, Brian (Private-)
Wright, Cephas L. (2 AUG 1851-5 OCT 1937)
Wright, Charles Edwin (Private-)
Wright, Charles Manser (3 APR 1867-25 APR 1936)
Wright, Cheryl Kay (Private-)
Wright, Clarence Edward (Private-)
Wright, Clifford Allen (Private-)
Wright, Clinton Eugene (Private-)
Wright, David Allen (Private-)
Wright, David Edwin (30 JUL 1891-ABT 1910)
Wright, David Martin (1 OCT 1955-25 SEP 1971)
Wright, Deidra (Private-)
Wright, Dennis (Private-)
Wright, Diane Marie (Private-)
Wright, Doris Katherine (Private-)
Wright, Dorothy (Private-)
Wright, Edna Mabel (Private-)
Wright, Edward Kilpatrick (23 AUG 1881-WFT Est 1929-1973)
Wright, Edwin Charles (7 MAR 1909-3 AUG 1916)
Wright, Edwin Lewis (1 AUG 1835-3 JUN 1901)
Wright, Esther (Private-)
Wright, Fnu (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Franklin (10 JUN 1808-WFT Est 1809-1898)
Wright, Galen (Private-)
Wright, George Charles (Private-)
Wright, Georgina Ann (Private-)
Wright, Gregory Paul (Private-)
Wright, Harley Charles (23 MAR 1951-4 FEB 1977)
Wright, Harold Vernon (Private-)
Wright, Hayes (1 FEB 1843-18 JAN 1907)
Wright, Hazel Idean (Private-)
Wright, Heidi (Private-)
Wright, Hervey (25 AUG 1797-WFT Est 1798-1887)
Wright, Horace Martin (Private-)
Wright, James LeRoy (Private-)
Wright, Janice Edith (28 AUG 1940-28 AUG 1940)
Wright, Janice Ruth (12 MAY 1939-6 NOV 1986)
Wright, Jason Paul (Private-)
Wright, Jeanne (Private-)
Wright, Jerome Roy (Butch) (Private-)
Wright, Jessica Deeann (Private-)
Wright, Jeweleen Deloris (Private-)
Wright, Jo Ellen (Private-)
Wright, John (26 MAR 1803-WFT Est 1804-1893)
Wright, John (Private-)
Wright, Joshua (Private-)
Wright, Joyce Adeline (Private-)
Wright, Judith Ann (Private-)
Wright, Kathi (Private-)
Wright, Kathleen (Private-)
Wright, Kathleen Marie (23 MAR 1949-WFT Est 1980-1995)
Wright, Kristina Kay (Private-)
Wright, Leola May (Private-)
Wright, Lewis (9 JUL 1894-WFT Est 1895-1984)
Wright, Lewis (26 MAR 1805-14 OCT 1868)
Wright, Lewis Horatio (3 JAN 1864-15 JUN 1894)
Wright, Lewis Manser (Private-)
Wright, Lula Blanche (29 MAY 1912-11 FEB 1913)
Wright, Lula May (19 FEB 1872-7 JAN 1907)
Wright, Mae Helen (17 AUG 1904-17 OCT 1929)
Wright, Margie (Private-)
Wright, Mary Ellen Smith (9 SEP 1865-9 JAN 1902)
Wright, Mathias Edwin (16 MAY 1877-18 JUN 1961)
Wright, Matt (Private-)
Wright, Maury (Private-)
Wright, Michael Dean (Private-)
Wright, Mildred (Private-)
Wright, Mildred Eunice (9 JUL 1903-8 JUL 1940)
Wright, Monte (Private-)
Wright, Mortimer (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Mrs. Wayne (Private-)
Wright, Nancy (14 FEB 1840-10 MAY 1912)
Wright, Nathan (Private-)
Wright, Opal Rebecca (Becky) (Private-)
Wright, Ora Lou (Private-)
Wright, Pearl Bertha (29 MAY 1909-20 DEC 1988)
Wright, Perry Glenn (Private-)
Wright, Perry John (5 JAN 1914-1984)
Wright, Persa (2 APR 1810-WFT Est 1811-1904)
Wright, Persia (24 AUG 1790-30 JUL 1800)
Wright, Rhoda Amanda (19 APR 1907-28 FEB 1982)
Wright, Ricky Dale (Private-)
Wright, Robert Norman (Private-)
Wright, Roy Joseph (Private-)
Wright, Roy Templeton (29 DEC 1913-1993)
Wright, Russell Dale (Private-)
Wright, Sallee (30 SEP 1793-2 AUG 1800)
Wright, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Wright, Sarah Jaenette (Private-)
Wright, Sharon Elaine (Private-)
Wright, Stephanie (Private-)
Wright, Steven Allen (Private-)
Wright, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Timothy (Private-)
Wright, Wayne Vernon (Private-)
Wright, Zachery Bruce Martin (Private-)
Wrightsman, Charles Albert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wrightsman, Charlotte Louise (7 AUG 1920-UNKNOWN)
Wrightsman, Karen Ann (Private-)
Wrightsman, Michael John (Private-)
Wrightsman, Newton Elmer (Private-)
Wrightsman, William Albert (14 OCT 1921-1964)
Wrightsman, Winston Willard (16 SEP 1924-1985)
Wucherer, Chris (Private-)
Wucherer, James Edward (Private-)
Wucherer, John Christopher (Private-)
Wucherer, Timothy David (Private-)
Wyatt, Kimberly Ann (--living--)
Wyman, Bertha (UNKNOWN-)
Wynia, Delores (Dee) (Private-)

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