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Taber, Carol Renee (--living--)
Taber, Clarence Dean (--living--)
Taber, Jackie Danell (--living--)
Taber, Laurence Stacy (--living--)
Taber, Ronald Dean (--living--)
Tagart, Charles Dunlap (8 APR 1859-28 JUL 1943)
Tagart, Lucy B. (25 DEC 1857-19 MAR 1934)
Tagart, Mary Elizabeth (1856-JUL 1915)
Tagart, Nathaniel Lyon (16 JUL 1861-27 JUL 1929)
Tagart, William Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taliaferro, Frances (1654-ABT 1710)
Taliaferro, Robert (1652-6 JUN 1726)
Talley, Caleb (1815-1905)
Talley, Lucinda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tammie, (Private-)
Tanner, Martha (ABT 1663-ABT 1729)
Tatham, ??? (UNKNOWN-AFT 1881)
Tatham, George W. (18 MAR 1858-8 JUL 1940)
Taylor, Cristine (UNKNOWN-)
Taylor, James Allen (UNKNOWN-)
Taylor, Jimmy Ray (UNKNOWN-)
Taylor, Melissa (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Nolen (--living--)
Taylor, Unknown (UNKNOWN-)
Taylor, Wesley Dean (UNKNOWN-)
Templeton, Abby Ann (Abbia) (25 MAR 1847-31 JAN 1906)
Templeton, Charles Fremont (21 JUN 1856-3 JAN 1913)
Templeton, Emma Jane (1 DEC 1849-1906)
Templeton, Horatio (29 MAY 1819-19 MAR 1895)
Templeton, Horatio Manser (12 JUL 1840-29 MAR 1901)
Templeton, Joel h. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, John Stevens (18 DEC 1843-20 OCT 1936)
Templeton, Lillian May (21 SEP 1862-1923)
Templeton, Rhoda Amanda (29 JAN 1842-9 JAN 1891)
Tenney, Smauel Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Teresia, (Private-)
Terrill, Mr. (WFT Est 1794-1857-WFT Est 1934-1954)
Terrill, Susan (Private-)
Thayer, Debra Viola Jeannette (Private-)
Thiel, Janice Kay (Private-)
Thielmann, Helena (28 APR-WFT Est 1922-1988)
Thomas, Artemisia (BET 1810 AND 1815-BEF 1837)
Thomas, Charlotte (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Dorothy (ABT 1680-BET 1743 AND 1750)
Thomas, Edith (ABT 1682-4 MAR 1739)
Thomas, Elizabeth (1688-BET 1708 AND 1770)
Thomas, Gar (WFT Est 1867-1904-WFT Est 1913-1984)
Thomas, John (BEF 1650-BEF 4 DEC 1689)
Thomas, John (ABT 1684-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Marjorie (Private-)
Thomas, Sarah (22 SEP 1772-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Sarah (ABT 1686-BET 1690 AND 1770)
Thomas, Shirley (Private-)
Thome, Doris Ann (Private-)
Thompson, Dennis (Private-)
Thompson, Elizabeth (BEF 1683-ABT 1710)
Thompson, Frank (Private-)
Thompson, Gina Renee (Private-)
Thompson, Jonathon Dean (Private-)
Thompson, Robert Brian (19 FEB 1941-11 AUG 1972)
Thomson, Janet (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thorgramson, Mildred Irene (Private-)
Thornborough, Judith (17 DEC 1757-UNKNOWN)
Thornborough, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Eldon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thorpe, Edna (18 JUN 1889-17 JUN 1969)
Thorsen, Carrie (UNKNOWN-1981)
Thorsen, Clarice Irene (14 AUG 1907-1921)
Thorsen, Dick (Private-)
Thorsen, Ellis Christian (Private-)
Thorsen, Fay Gerald (30 AUG 1905-1950)
Thorsen, Frank G. (WFT Est 1926-1949-WFT Est 1951-1995)
Thorsen, Greg (Private-)
Thorsen, Harold (Private-)
Thorsen, Hazel Elvina (25 FEB 1898-22 APR 1931)
Thorsen, Helen Lenora (21 MAR 1896-24 SEP 1919)
Thorsen, Inge Thorwaldine Marthine (19 DEC 1878-4 JAN 1879)
Thorsen, Ingebord Angnette Helmara (Ida) (17 JUL 1888-27 NOV 1926)
Thorsen, Jack (Private-)
Thorsen, Jeanne (Private-)
Thorsen, Mabel Sofia (22 APR 1894-24 APR 1968)
Thorsen, Marthin Theodore (22 FEB 1880-JUL 1954)
Thorsen, Richard Francis (7 MAY 1912-JAN 1980)
Thorsen, Robert (Private-)
Thorsen, Robert Theodore (NOV 1914-FEB 1930)
Thorsen, Selmer James (Private-)
Thorsen, Sigurd Gustav Marius (14 JAN 1886-14 NOV 1890)
Thorsen, Sigurda Johanna (26 NOV 1890-31 JAN 1969)
Thorsen, Sigvald George (2 AUG 1892-22 OCT 1893)
Thorsen, Sivert Ellis (30 MAR 1851-15 JUL 1925)
Thorsen, Thomesina Karoline (15 SEP 1882-4 DEC 1972)
Thorsen, Wilber Everett (Private-)
Thrall, Ambrose (10 MAY 1815-1889)
Thrall, Cordellia (2 MAY 1847-16 NOV 1931)
Thrall, Russell (1 MAR 1782-24 SEP 1845)
Tillman, George (UNKNOWN-)
Tinker, Martha Withnul (17 MAR 1846-21 OCT 1940)
Tinsley, Caroline Matilda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tracy, Augusta Mae (Private-)
Tracy, Bonnie Pearl Mackey (Private-)
Traffenstatt, Susan (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Trigg, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tull, Lisa (UNKNOWN-)
Turbyfill, Pickney (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Turner, Nicole Lee (Private-)
Turner, Ronald Kenneth (Private-)
Turnmire, David Washington (Sr) (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Turnmire, Issac (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Elisha (ABT 1716-)
Turpin, Elizabeth (1680-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Josiah (ABT 1720-1768)
Turpin, Martha (ABT 1718-)
Turpin, Martha l. (1686-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Mary (ABT 1744-AFT 1786)
Turpin, Matthew l. (ABT 1690-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Michael (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Michael (7 OCT 1632-ABT 1677)
Turpin, Philip (UNKNOWN-14 AUG 1718)
Turpin, Philip (ABT 1684-BEF 25 NOV 1763)
Turpin, Philip (1659-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Philip (ABT 1720-)
Turpin, Thomas (1682-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Thomas (1687-)
Twining, Alfred John (WFT Est 1867-1896-WFT Est 1921-1981)
Twining, Anne Marie Christine (Private-)
Twining, Daniel Alfred (Private-)
Twining, Daniel Boone (26 MAY 1918-29 OCT 1989)
Twining, David Lee (Private-)
Twining, James Firnand (Private-)
Twining, Jeffrey Daniel (Private-)
Twining, Jennifer Leigh (Private-)
Twining, Linda Rae (Private-)
Twining, Michael John (Private-)
Twining, Nickolas Boone (5 JUN 1985-2 JUL 1989)
Twining, Paul Joseph (Private-)
Twining, Richard Michael (Dick) (Private-)
Twining, Steven Jeffrey (Private-)
Tyler, Henry (ABT 1680-UNKNOWN)

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