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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with R

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Rachter, Jane (Private-)
Rader, David (ABT 1789-UNKNOWN)
Radke, Bryan (Private-)
Radke, Christopher (Private-)
Radke, Jeff (Private-)
Radke, Lee (Private-)
Radke, Steve (Private-)
Ragsdale, Hester (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Raivala, Norma Helen (Private-)
Randolph, Isham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Randolph, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Randolph, Peyton (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Randolph, Susannah (BEF 1745-AFT 1770)
Randolph, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Randolph, William (BET 1700 AND 1735-AFT 1738)
Rasmussen, Daniel Chester (Private-)
Rasmussen, Julia Ann (1918-)
Rasmussen, Kevin Charles (Private-)
Rasmussen, Kirsten Lori (Private-)
Rasmussen, Kyla Janine (Private-)
Rasmussen, Minnie (WFT Est 1838-1877-WFT Est 1871-1962)
Ratliff, Curtis (Lenny) (Private-)
Rattlinggourd, James T. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rautio, Jacob Michael (Private-)
Rautio, Robert Owen (Private-)
Rautio, Sarah Lynn (Private-)
Rebecca, (Private-)
Redfield, Betsey (Elizabeth) (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Reece, Bertha (--living--)
Reece, Cathola (4 JAN 1913-31 JAN 1998)
Reece, Clarence (--living--)
Reece, Dora (UNKNOWN-)
Reece, Ellen (--living--)
Reece, Frances (UNKNOWN-)
Reece, Frances (25 JUN 1936-9 SEP 1972)
Reece, Glen (--living--)
Reece, Glenn (1 JAN 1945-)
Reece, Harley (--living--)
Reece, Homer (2 OCT 1932-17 MAR 1993)
Reece, James Franklin "Jim" (9 JAN 1907-15 MAY 1962)
Reece, James Lee (--living--)
Reece, Lavon (--living--)
Reece, Lee (--living--)
Reece, Pauline (--living--)
Reece, Sharon (--living--)
Reece, Susie (--living--)
Reece, Thelma (--living--)
Rees, Lori Aerene (Private-)
Reeves, Addie Lee (Private-)
Reeves, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Reeves, William Arthor (13 MAR 1906-UNKNOWN)
Regains, Charles Wesley (Private-)
Regains, Patrick Allen (Private-)
Regains, Wallace Gorden (Private-)
Reid, Jane Amanda (27 MAY 1817-UNKNOWN)
Remus, Duane Patrick (Private-)
Rennie, Nellie Wilmina (10 FEB 1915-1993)
Renus, Henry (Butch) (Private-)
Repps, Mary (ABT 1653-ABT 1710)
Rexrhades, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Christian (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Elizabeth (4 DEC 1802-1842)
Rice, Jennifer (UNKNOWN-)
Ricemuller, Karen (Private-)
Richard, Jr. Foster (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Alexander Miller (30 JAN 1843-25 JAN 1902)
Richardson, Betty (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, Branda (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, Clifford L. (12 JUN 1948-27 MAR 1966)
Richardson, Clifford L. (11 NOV 1924-18 AUG 1966)
Richardson, Dowel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Duke (25 JUN 1901-24 APR 1963)
Richardson, Glenn Oliver (--living--)
Richardson, Henry Christopher (1849-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Hillsberry (Wm.) (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Hillsbury (ABT 1818-6 FEB 1864)
Richardson, Iona (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, Jammie (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, Janice (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, John (10 JUN 1843-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Joseph L. (12 JUL 1845-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Joseph P. (1846-)
Richardson, Justin William (Private-)
Richardson, Leroy Merrill (17 OCT 1920-11 NOV 1959)
Richardson, Lida A. (28 JAN 1860-25 FEB 1943)
Richardson, Lida May (26 AUG 1896-5 DEC 1941)
Richardson, Liza (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Lorenzo Dow (10 MAR 1875-18 JUN 1932)
Richardson, Mark Clayton (Private-)
Richardson, Martha (ABT 1848-11 JAN 1933)
Richardson, Nell (1907-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Ottis Oliver (26 APR 1890-7 OCT 1969)
Richardson, Priscilla (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, Samuel Calaway (1 MAY 1822-25 JAN 1892)
Richardson, Suzzie (UNKNOWN-)
Richardson, Unknown (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Velma Louise (19 JAN 1928-1 FEB 1980)
Richardson, Will (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, William Doyle (7 DEC 1847-12 DEC 1929)
Richerson, Ruby Kathern (3 FEB 1922-UNKNOWN)
Rickhoff, Henry (Private-)
Rickhoff, LaVonne Mae (Private-)
Riddle, Nancy Arminda (13 MAR 1858-27 SEP 1915)
Rider, Barbara (Private-)
Rider, Cherie (Private-)
Rider, Clayton (Bud) (Private-)
Rider, Linda (Private-)
Rider, Robert (Private-)
Ried, Aneta Verna (Private-)
Ried, Arthur Francis (Private-)
Ried, Elvin Carl (Private-)
Ried, Garnet Leon (Private-)
Ried, Helen Ramona (Private-)
Ried, Joyce Bernice (Private-)
Ried, Kathleen Lucille (Private-)
Ried, Marguerite Jacqueline (Private-)
Ried, Maude Elizabeth (Private-)
Ried, Milton (Private-)
Ried, Neal Allan (Private-)
Ried, Reta Marie (Private-)
Ried, William Alexander (Private-)
Riedel, Ilene (Private-)
Roach, Joshua A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Roach, Nancy (ABT 1841-1895)
Roberts, Belle (SEP 1871-1932)
Roberts, Mary Anne (Private-)
Robertson, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, John (Private-)
Robertson, Margaret (ABT 1826-28 JUL 1912)
Robertson, William (Private-)
Robins, Sarah Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Damon (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, George H. (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Jesse (1817-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Jesse (1791-ABT 1817)
Robinson, John L. (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Joshua (UNKNOWN-1817)
Robinson, Leigh Harold (Private-)
Robinson, Margaret E. (4 MAY 1853-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Oscar Fitz Allen (ABT 1822-BEF 1870)
Robinson, Philip (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, William A. (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Rogness, Jared (Private-)
Rogness, Jessica (Private-)
Rogness, Larry (Private-)
Rogness, Ryan (Private-)
Rohwer, Daniel (Private-)
Romero, Dolores M. (Private-)
Ronchak, Dolores Jean (Private-)
Rose, Vivian Gordon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Harry (Private-)
Rowe, John Michael (26 DEC 1849-8 JUL 1929)
Rowell, Gary (4 NOV 1953-18 AUG 1986)
Rowell, James Charles (28 FEB 1972-UNKNOWN)
Rowell, Justin Lee (--living--)
Rowell, Kirsten Michelle (--living--)
Rowell, Nicholas Kane (--living--)
Rowell, Rebecca Sara (--living--)
Rowell, Shane Tyler (--living--)
Roy, Robert (Private-)
Ruffin, Edmund (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ruffin, Mary (5 JUN 1739-10 DEC 1767)
Rushing, Renee (Private-)
Russel, Lucy (1 JAN 1884-12 OCT 1971)
Russell, Alexander (DEC 1758-UNKNOWN)
Russell, David (BEF 13 MAY 1722-UNKNOWN)
Russell, David (OCT 1756-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Elizabeth (9 NOV 1752-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Jean (14 MAR 1768-6 JUN 1857)
Russell, John (JAN 1761-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Lynn Mary (Private-)
Russell, Margaret (OCT 1754-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Peter (ABT 1763-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Robert (BEF 28 MAR 1731-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Robert (SEP 1670-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Robert (JUL 1693-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Thomas (BEF 1670-UNKNOWN)
Ryen, Kerri Jane (Private-)
Ryen, Michael (Private-)
Ryen, Thomas Jeffrey (Private-)
Ryne, Tommy (UNKNOWN-)

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