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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with P

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P, Janet (Private-)
Packer, Asa Ebenezer Howland (11 JAN 1878-11 MAR 1964)
Packer, Barbara Ann (12 NOV 1885-10 OCT 1961)
Packer, Emma Christiana (1 FEB 1872-3 JUL 1928)
Packer, Ewell K. (28 DEC 1881-9 FEB 1967)
Packer, Finis Howland (20 AUG 1892-26 AUG 1892)
Packer, Helen Diana (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Packer, Henry Alonzo (11 OCT 1865-22 FEB 1866)
Packer, Jonathan Taylor (11 MAR 1880-30 JUL 1959)
Packer, Jonathan Taylor (26 JUL 1817-26 JAN 1889)
Packer, Lillian R. (16 SEP 1888-22 SEP 1888)
Packer, Martha Senora (9 SEP 1875-11 AUG 1908)
Packer, Mary Henrietta (7 OCT 1869-1 SEP 1907)
Packer, Nephi Ewell (27 JUL 1838-13 FEB 1906)
Packer, Nephi Taylor (29 MAY 1863-25 JUN 1915)
Packer, Pirena (14 SEP 1883-5 OCT 1942)
Packer, Sarah Avilda (29 JUL 1867-25 APR 1956)
Packer, William Carlos (15 FEB 1874-30 JAN 1890)
Paden, Benjamin Franklin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paden, Jennie May (24 SEP 1885-UNKNOWN)
Padilla, Lorento (10 DEC 1871-30 NOV 1918)
Pair, Susannah (1779-AFT 1830)
Palmer, Beulah Miriam (5 MAY 1899-1977)
Palmer, Grace Edith (25 NOV 1895-4 SEP 1939)
Palmer, Janet Nadine (Private-)
Palmer, Jean Wilma (Private-)
Palmer, Robert Dwane (Private-)
Palmer, Sarah Florence (AUG 1906-SEP 1906)
Palmer, William A. Saunders (23 JUL 1901-8 JUN 1972)
Palmer, William Milton (8 APR 1867-17 FEB 1943)
Palmer?, William (WFT Est 1793-1828-WFT Est 1852-1912)
Paquette, Elmer (UNKNOWN-16 MAR 1918)
Parcel, Leticia Frances (1890-1947)
Pare, Julia Francis (17 JUL 1823-19 JAN 1876)
Parent, Talitha Cumi (13 JAN 1915-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Charles Estes (BET 1841 AND 1861-BET 1889 AND 1947)
Parks, Francenah Hodgdon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Parnell, Polly (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Parson, Diana Jo (--living--)
Parson, Raymond William (--living--)
Parsons, Emit Dodd (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Mary E. (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Patton, Mitilda Rebecca (27 FEB 1848-10 NOV 1899)
Pavlenko, David Joseph (Private-)
Pavlenko, Denise Joy (Private-)
Pavlenko, Susanne Marget (Private-)
Payet, Dena Mary Bernadean (Private-)
Pearson, Richard L. (28 NOV 1966-UNKNOWN)
Pearson, Ricky Allen (Private-)
Pedersen, Allen Dale (Private-)
Pedersen, Casey Aaron (Private-)
Pedersen, Chad Allan (Private-)
Pedersen, Charles (WFT Est 1871-1900-1940)
Pedersen, Charles James (12 AUG 1923-10 APR 1947)
Pedersen, Clarence Harold (Pete) (24 OCT 1921-11 DEC 1990)
Pedersen, Corey Aric (Private-)
Pedersen, Florence Ruby (Private-)
Pedersen, Kathy (Private-)
Pedersen, Soren (WFT Est 1831-1874-WFT Est 1871-1955)
Pederson, Brent (Private-)
Pederson, Britta Bishop (Private-)
Pederson, Hanna Bishop (Private-)
Pelligreen, Deborah Rose (Private-)
Pemberton, Chole (1805-)
Pemberton, William R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pendergrass, Polly Ann (1833-1895)
Pennington, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penrod, Liola (21 MAY 1871-UNKNOWN)
Penrod, Mary Ella (11 SEP 1876-JUN 1938)
Penrod, Mazetta (18 SEP 1876-20 JUN 1938)
Peppers, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Peregoy, Joseph Mark (Private-)
Peregoy, Joseph Mark (Private-)
Peregoy, Susan (Private-)
Perguson, Danny Kaye (--living--)
Perguson, Jimmy Dwayne (--living--)
Perguson, Raymond Jack (--living--)
Perguson, Sandra Gail (--living--)
Perkins, Margaret Catherine (2 MAR 1839-16 FEB 1923)
Perkins, Pauline (1820-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Eliza Clarissa (14 NOV 1851-15 NOV 1928)
Perry, Emma Orrilla (27 FEB 1854-11 JAN 1946)
Perry, John Marcellus (1821-1854)
Person, Helen Elizabeth (Beth) (Private-)
Peters, Angela Esther (Private-)
Peters, Brian G. (Private-)
Peters, Ian Victor (Private-)
Peters, Katherine (Private-)
Peterson, Agnes (WFT Est 1878-1901-WFT Est 1923-1989)
Peterson, Ardyss (Private-)
Peterson, Bruce Freeland (Private-)
Peterson, Dawna (Private-)
Peterson, Diane (Private-)
Peterson, Donald (Private-)
Peterson, Duane (Private-)
Peterson, Elenora Christine (Private-)
Peterson, Gary David (Private-)
Peterson, Jason Allen (Private-)
Peterson, Jesse Lee (Private-)
Peterson, Kathleen Marie (Private-)
Peterson, Laurance H. (WFT Est 1869-1898-WFT Est 1923-1983)
Peterson, Lori (Private-)
Peterson, Mary (WFT Est 1843-1866-WFT Est 1888-1954)
Peterson, Michael Gary (Private-)
Peterson, Michelle Marie (Private-)
Peterson, Patty Ann (Private-)
Peterson, Selmer (Private-)
Peterson, Toni Ann (Private-)
Petrasko, Bradley Thomas (Private-)
Petrasko, Jaime (Private-)
Petrasko, Paul (Private-)
Phelan, James Nickolas (7 SEP 1835-WFT Est 1951-1953)
Phillips, Ben (BET 1832 AND 1852-BET 1877 AND 1938)
Phillips, Cherry (UNKNOWN-)
Phillips, Clara (UNKNOWN-)
Phillips, Kathrene (UNKNOWN-)
Phillips, Lesley Willie (26 JUL 1915-24 OCT 1996)
Phillips, Marion (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Virgie Marie (20 FEB 1907-26 DEC 1992)
Philps, Morris Calvin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Albert Henry (11 FEB 1874-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Alta Frances (26 FEB 1912-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Alta Francis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Bertha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Betty Rae (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Carol Jessie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Daniel Parcel (1920-)
Pierce, David Mansfield (29 JAN 1869-1941)
Pierce, Eliza Lyda (28 SEP 1862-28 SEP 1878)
Pierce, Emma Bell (1897-)
Pierce, Emma Jane (30 APR 1860-1939)
Pierce, Evelyn Caroline (16 JUL 1911-27 MAY 1996)
Pierce, Florence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Frank (--living--)
Pierce, George Stuart (9 JAN 1920-)
Pierce, George Stuart (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, James Henry (6 JUN 1840-29 DEC 1913)
Pierce, Jessie Frances (1900-1961)
Pierce, John G. (10 MAY 1880-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Jonathan (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Lester William (8 AUG 1878-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Lincoln Warren (11 FEB 1867-5 JAN 1935)
Pierce, Lula Ella (29 JAN 1876-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Martha Ella (6 MAR 1859-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Matthew (ABT 1680-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Melburn Sherman (22 OCT 1864-1922)
Pierce, Mildred Rae (1917-2000)
Pierce, Rebecca (15 NOV 1821-11 DEC 1850)
Pierce, Robert Alfred (11 FEB 1874-2 FEB 1962)
Pierce, Ronald Alfred (3 OCT 1910-27 MAR 1993)
Pierce, Ronald Alfred (--living--)
Pierce, Roneen Leticia (--living--)
Pierce, Wilbur Lester (1914-1986)
Pierce, William (--living--)
Pierson, Polly Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pike, Sharon Leigh (Private-)
Pinnell, Horace R. (ABT 1825-UNKNOWN)
Pinner, Alyssa Marie (--living--)
Pinner, Unknown (--living--)
Pinto, Christopher J. (UNKNOWN-)
Pinto, Deborah "Debbie" Kay (--living--)
Pinto, Hermanegildo Manuel (--living--)
Pitsley, Iona Belle (10 APR 1915-5 MAR 1989)
Pittsley, Ernest (Private-)
Plane, Laura Pearl (Private-)
Plott, Catherine (ABT 1804-UNKNOWN)
Plott, Elias (1784-UNKNOWN)
Plott, Elias W. (4 JUL 1820-9 JUN 1905)
Plott, Elizabeth (ABT 1816-UNKNOWN)
Plott, Isaac J. (BET 1821 AND 1825-UNKNOWN)
Plott, Lucinda (19 NOV 1816-21 SEP 1896)
Plott, Margaret (19 JUN 1804-5 JUN 1899)
Plott, Rudolph Conrad (1 JUL 1814-12 DEC 1906)
Plott, Susannah (1824-UNKNOWN)
Ploung, Dale (Private-)
Ploung, Wendy (Private-)
Porter, Charlene Ann (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, John David (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, John David Fimple (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, Jose Antonio (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, Mary Elizabeth Fimple (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, Rhonda Lee (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, Rhonda Rebecca (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, Ruth Aurora (UNKNOWN-)
Porter, Walter Floyd Fimple (UNKNOWN-)
Portius, Barbara Portues or (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Potter, Alice R. (16 OCT 1872-3 MAY 1956)
Potter, Bonnie (--living--)
Prestwood, Mary C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Prigan, Erna (Private-)
Primrose, Katherine (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
Prince, Shirley (Private-)
Pringle, William H. (Private-)
Pritchard, Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pritchard, Elmyra (9 JAN 1850-17 MAR 1909)
Proctor, Nancy Nannie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Proseus, Albertine (15 DEC 1826-1 JAN 1887)
Proseus, Henry (WFT Est 1778-1809-UNKNOWN)
Proseus, Joseph (7 NOV 1832-1904)
Proseus, Mary Jane (27 MAY 1831-1 OCT 1866)
Prouse, Kathy Jo (UNKNOWN-)
Pudivable, David Anthony (Private-)
Pudivable, Jonathan (Private-)
Puerari, Judith (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Puette, Johnson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Puhek, Gail Nadine (Private-)
Puhek, Jack Rudolph (Private-)
Puhek, Jack Rudolph (Private-)
Puhek, Lauren (Private-)
Puhek, Mary Jean (Private-)
Puhek, Rudolph J. (Private-)
Puhek, Rudolph J. (Private-)
Pullen, Earl Bedford (1 JAN 1898-4 MAR 1984)
Puschmann, Anne Marie (Private-)
Puschmann, Carrie Lynn (Private-)
Puschmann, Darla (Private-)
Puschmann, Dennis Craig (Private-)
Puschmann, Eric Robert (Private-)
Puschmann, John Bradley (Private-)
Puschmann, John William (3 JUL 1946-12 APR 1981)
Puschmann, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Puschmann, Reinhart Emil (WFT Est 1859-1888-WFT Est 1913-1973)
Puschmann, Stacy Maejean (Private-)
Puschmann, William Julius (22 OCT 1910-12 JUL 1976)
Puschmann, William Paul (Private-)
Putnam, Arias L. (Private-)
Pyatt, Caroline (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)

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