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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with O

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O'Brien, Addison (21 DEC 1921-6 JAN 1922)
O'Brien, Anna Gertrude (24 JUL 1907-23 APR 1983)
O'Brien, Chuck (Private-)
O'Brien, Cory (Private-)
O'Brien, David Henry (Private-)
O'Brien, Donald George (5 DEC 1915-WFT Est 1916-1995)
O'Brien, Dorothy Ella (5 DEC 1915-18 JUL 1993)
O'Brien, Fred LeRoy (Private-)
O'Brien, George Titus (5 JAN 1884-23 MAR 1943)
O'Brien, Gerald Elvin (Private-)
O'Brien, Harold Melvin (21 DEC 1921-7 JAN 1922)
O'Brien, Henry Lincoln (12 FEB 1917-6 APR 1977)
O'Brien, John Deere (Private-)
O'Brien, John William (WFT Est 1833-1862-WFT Est 1887-1947)
O'Brien, Pauline Eleanor (Private-)
O'Brien, William (Private-)
O'Leary, Lisa Kathleen (Private-)
O'Leary, Russell (Private-)
O'Nalley, Carol (Private-)
Oberfoell, Marvin (Private-)
Oberfoell, Matthew Eugene (Private-)
Oberfoell, Molly Rose Anna (Private-)
Oberg, Bernadine Joyce (Private-)
Odegaarden, Olaus Pedersen (WFT Est 1831-1860-WFT Est 1885-1945)
Odegard, Peter (2 AUG 1882-13 NOV 1914)
Odegard, Phyllis Sigurde (8 MAY 1915-17 MAY 1939)
Odegard, Signe Astrid (5 OCT 1913-18 JUN 1914)
Oldakowski, Gary (Private-)
Olds, Christopher William (Private-)
Olds, Ted William (Private-)
Olmstead, Benjamin John (Private-)
Olmstead, Bryan (Private-)
Olmstead, Charles (Buve) Andrew (18 OCT 1925-25 JUN 1952)
Olmstead, Charles Anthony (Private-)
Olmstead, Charles Clark (Private-)
Olmstead, Dale Patrick (Private-)
Olmstead, Daniel Mark (Private-)
Olmstead, Dennis Richard (Private-)
Olmstead, Diana Lynn (Private-)
Olmstead, Hiram Eugene (22 JUL 1892-APR 1964)
Olmstead, James Richard (Private-)
Olmstead, James Thorsen (14 FEB 1920-22 MAY 1943)
Olmstead, Jennifer Anne (Private-)
Olmstead, Joseph Andrew (Private-)
Olmstead, Katherine Ann (Private-)
Olmstead, Kathleen Jo (Private-)
Olmstead, Kathleen Marie (Private-)
Olmstead, Linda Louise (Private-)
Olmstead, Mark Wayne (Private-)
Olmstead, Mary Jean (Private-)
Olmstead, Michael Steven (Private-)
Olmstead, Patricia Rae (Private-)
Olmstead, Patrick John (12 MAY 1923-15 SEP 1983)
Olmstead, Phillips Eugene (Private-)
Olmstead, Stephen Leo (Private-)
Olmstead, Steven Leo , Jr. (Private-)
Olmstead, Thomas Leo (Private-)
Olmstead, Thomas William (Private-)
Olmstead, Tim Roy (Private-)
Olmstead, William Michael (Private-)
Olmstead, William Thomas (Private-)
Olson, Amber Alida (Private-)
Olson, Bessie Artie (Private-)
Olson, Billy Jack Cockerham (Private-)
Olson, Candra Jo (Private-)
Olson, Dallas (Private-)
Olson, Douglas Allen (Private-)
Olson, Faleisha Dawn (Private-)
Olson, Jenny Lynn (Private-)
Olson, Keith Edward (Private-)
Olson, Kimberly Sue (Private-)
Olson, Liisa Ann (Private-)
Olson, Lynn Marie (Private-)
Olson, Myron Allen (1917-UNKNOWN)
Olson, Myron Robert (Tub) (Private-)
Olson, Roy (Private-)
Olson, Sondra Jo (Private-)
Olson, Stuart Riley (Private-)
Olson, Theodore Donald (Ted) (Private-)
Olson, Zachery Ranger (Private-)
Orr, Allison Cuningham (Private-)
Osborn, Kathy (Private-)
Osborne, Andrew (1837-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Cameliza (1857-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Enoch (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Jane (12 SEP 1854-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Jonathan (ABT 1814-AFT 1870)
Osborne, Julia A. (1846-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Louisa (1842-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Mary A. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Mary Ann (1832-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Rebecca (1835-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Solomon (1839-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Susan (1843-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Tabitha J. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Thomas (1641-1733)
Osborne, William (ABT 1812-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, William (1845-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, William (1851-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, William F. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Otterley, Martinus (WFT Est 1806-1835-WFT Est 1860-1920)
Otterstrom, Joyce (Private-)
Owen, David James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Owen, Ethel (15 FEB 1904-11 FEB 1970)
Owens, Alice (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Owens, Doris (Private-)
Owens, Gloria (Private-)
Owens, Janice (Private-)
Owens, Jess (Private-)
Owens, Sarah Ann (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)

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