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Lacek, Mary (WFT Est 1868-1891-WFT Est 1913-1979)
LaCounte, Alysia (Private-)
LaCounte, Darilyn (Private-)
LaCounte, Darryl (Private-)
LaCounte, Daryl (WFT Est 1906-1935-1987)
LaCounte, Kathilee (Private-)
LaCounte, Kelly (Private-)
LaCounte, Monte (Private-)
Lacy, Earl III (Private-)
Lacy, Earl III (Private-)
Lacy, Earl DeJon (Private-)
Lacy, Earl DeJon (Private-)
Lacy, Edward DeLon (Private-)
Lafata, Dawn Rena (Private-)
Lafata, John Michael (Private-)
LaFraniere, Francis (Private-)
LaFraniere, Mary Francis (Private-)
Lahtinen, Lauri Richard (Private-)
Lake, James Francis (UNKNOWN-)
Lake, Katrina Nadine (-)
Lake, Melissa Ann (-)
LaLanne, Ethel Henrietta (Private-)
Lamphier, George Paul (Private-)
Lamphier, Jamie Danielle (Private-)
Lamphier, Kirk LeRoy (Butch) (Private-)
Lamphier, Paul (17 FEB 1922-1992)
Lamphier, Shawnna Lee (Private-)
Lamphier, Vanessa Sue (Private-)
Lance, Ken (Private-)
Lance, Larry (Private-)
Lance, Mark (Private-)
Landers, Darlene (Private-)
Landman, Georgia Louise (Private-)
Landmen, George C. (WFT Est 1869-1898-WFT Est 1923-1983)
Lane, Barnabas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lanier, Brenda Joyce (--living--)
Lappalainen, Pirkko Liisa (Private-)
Larson, Albert Daniel (Private-)
Larson, Alice Christina (Christy) (Private-)
Larson, Armor Burton (Private-)
Larson, Arthur Paul (Private-)
Larson, Berniece Dawn (Private-)
Larson, Bridgitte Anne (Private-)
Larson, Danielle Joy (Private-)
Larson, Ervin Clarence (Private-)
Larson, Gerald Robert (Private-)
Larson, Harold John (Private-)
Larson, Harry Gilbert (19 MAY 1948-25 JAN 1992)
Larson, James Armor (Private-)
Larson, Jeffery Allen (Private-)
Larson, Jerry Jay (Private-)
Larson, Jieh Lawrence (Private-)
Larson, John (Private-)
Larson, Krista Lee (Private-)
Larson, Lawrence Albert (Private-)
Larson, Margaret Elizabeth (Private-)
Larson, Michelle Jean (Private-)
Larson, Nikole Alice (Private-)
Larson, Paul Allen (Private-)
Larson, Ryan Lee (Frazer) (Private-)
Larson, Yan Nickolas (Private-)
Lassey, Frank (Private-)
Lassey, Jerry Lee (Private-)
Lassey, Rhonda Lynn (Private-)
Lassey, Rodney Lee (Private-)
Laughlin, Agnes (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Laureys, Ed (Private-)
Laws, Martha E. (1861-1911)
Lawson, Simpson Lizzie (7 OCT 1882-1 FEB 1937)
Layman, Mabel (WFT Est 1871-1890-WFT Est 1892-1975)
Leach, Janet (Jessie) (ABT 1823-20 SEP 1912)
Leach, Matthew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Leach, Neason Ah-le-jar Ne-ae-se-ne (UNKNOWN-1865)
Leadbetter, Margaret Jane (14 JUL 1830-27 FEB 1914)
Lear, Olive Amanda (16 DEC 1890-OCT 1964)
Leardt, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
LeBeau, Warren (Private-)
Ledbetter, Daniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ledington, Catharina (1836-UNKNOWN)
Ledington, James (1843-UNKNOWN)
Ledington, Jeremiah (1840-UNKNOWN)
Ledington, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Brian Donald (Private-)
Lee, Chelsea Marie (Private-)
Lee, Debra Anne (Private-)
Lee, Donald Ralph (Private-)
Lee, Dorothy Helen (Private-)
Lee, Ellis Eric (Private-)
Lee, Ellis Eric , Jr. (Private-)
Lee, Eric (WFT Est 1835-1864-WFT Est 1889-1949)
Lee, Harriet Fantine (Private-)
Lee, James David (Private-)
Lee, Judy Eva Gertrude (Private-)
Lee, Karen Marie (Private-)
Lee, Kenneth Robert (Private-)
Lee, Kimberly Kay (Private-)
Lee, Krista Yvonne (Private-)
Lee, Marvin Theodore (Private-)
Lee, Mary Helen (Private-)
Lee, Ole E. (21 OCT 1886-18 JUL 1965)
Lee, Patricia Cheryl (Private-)
Lee, Ralph Donald (Private-)
Lee, Randy (Private-)
Lee, Robert Edward (Private-)
Lee, Sharon Kay (Private-)
Lemaster, Edward (25 FEB 1877-8 MAR 1947)
Lemmon, James (14 FEB 1793-UNKNOWN)
Lemmon, Sarah Jean (17 AUG 1820-24 SEP 1913)
Lemons, Mary Catherine (ABT 1837-BEF 1869)
Leng, Brigid Lee Kooi (Private-)
Leonard, Martin S. (5 JUN 1806-20 DEC 1884)
Lessard, Bob (Private-)
Lessard, Shawn (Private-)
Lessley, Annie Lornine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lett, John (BET 1670 AND 1685-UNKNOWN)
Levno, Beulah Ann (Tootie) (Private-)
Levno, Dana Lee (Private-)
Levno, David Elgin (19 AUG 1935-8 JAN 1939)
Levno, Delwyn Henry (Private-)
Levno, Dorothy Mae (6 APR 1930-SEP 1991)
Levno, Ellen Louise (Private-)
Levno, Greta Llyn (Private-)
Levno, Henry (Hank) (14 JUN 1910-11 NOV 1988)
Levno, Iona Lee (Private-)
Levno, Joseph (WFT Est 1859-1888-WFT Est 1913-1973)
Levno, Richard Gene (Private-)
Lewis, Annette Louise (Private-)
Lewis, Galen Wayne (Private-)
Lewis, Gary Paul (Private-)
Lewis, George (-)
Lewis, Joe (--living--)
Lewis, Judy (--living--)
Lewis, Marian (Private-)
Lewis, Mark (--living--)
Lewis, Michael Stanley (Private-)
Lewis, Mr. (Private-)
Lewis, Paula Jo (--living--)
Lewis, Scott David (Private-)
Light, Angelina (2 NOV 1850-29 SEP 1914)
Light, Baby Girl (Private-)
Light, Nacole Marie (Private-)
Light, Naomi Grace (Private-)
Light, Noel X. (Private-)
Light, Samuel (1811-UNKNOWN)
Liimatta, Peter John (--living--)
Lilley, Harvey W. (6 JUN 1840-UNKNOWN)
Lilley, Terry Louise (Private-)
Limbaugh, Catherine (1817-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Daniel (1816-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Daniel R. (1801-1862)
Limbaugh, Frederick (10 DEC 1818-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Henry (1826-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Jacob (BEF 1790-BEF 28 DEC 1827)
Limbaugh, Jason Hunter (SEP 1857-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, John M. (1828-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Joseph Headley (11 SEP 1844-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Lawson (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Michael (1819-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, N. Pinkston (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Rachael (APR 1850-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Salina (24 DEC 1820-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Sarah Ann (9 JAN 1853-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, Susan H. (1858-UNKNOWN)
Limbaugh, William (1815-UNKNOWN)
Lindeman, Ann Marie (Private-)
Lindeman, Carol Louise (Private-)
Lindeman, James F. (Private-)
Lindsay, a (Private-)
Liston, Commodore Perry (1 MAR 1821-27 JAN 1879)
Liston, Elizabeth Jane (1829-OCT 1869)
Liston, George (UNKNOWN-6 DEC 1856)
Liston, Hannah Williams (22 FEB 1829-16 AUG 1889)
Liston, John (1826-UNKNOWN)
Liston, Mahala (1823-UNKNOWN)
Liston, Margarette (BET 1818 AND 1819-18 DEC 1892)
Liston, Mary (1825-1848)
Liston, Nancy (1817-BEF 1850)
Liston, Susannah (1831-UNKNOWN)
Livingston, Margaret (15 APR 1806-8 FEB 1868)
Llapitan, Ronnie James (Private-)
Lockwood, Hazel (24 JAN 1899-JAN 1968)
London, Temperance (ABT 1804-ABT 1850)
Longjohn, Lucinda Lucy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lottie, (Private-)
Lound, Ann (ABT 1630-AFT 1708)
Low, Margaret A. (ABT 1810-1895)
Lowell, Carolyn (Private-)
Lowry, Guy (WFT Est 1854-1883-WFT Est 1908-1968)
Lowry, Myrel Irene (Private-)
Lox, Donna Lea (Private-)
Lox, Henry Arlen (Private-)
Lox, John L. (Private-)
Lox, John L. , Jr. (Private-)
Lox, Joseph Aaron (Private-)
Lucas, Alice Ann (1876-UNKNOWN)
Ludlum, Darren (UNKNOWN-)
Lujan, Rose (--living--)
Lund, Chrys Merree (Private-)
Lutes, John (12 FEB 1830-BEF 1875)
Luttrell, Shelton (12 MAY 1794-6 APR 1882)
Lyles, Willie Ella (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lynch, Brandon Leslie Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, Cynthia Marie (Private-)
Lynch, Desaree Nickole Manson (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, John Theodore (Private-)
Lynch, Laura Louise (Private-)
Lynch, Melissa Jean (Private-)
Lynde, Harold John (Private-)
Lynde, Jerry Michael (Private-)
Lynn, Karen (Private-)
Lytle, Blanche (Private-)

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