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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with J

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Jackson, Tammy Theresa (--living--)
Jackson, Unknown (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jacobs, Mary Adeline (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jaescke, Julianna (Julie) (23 DEC 1817-3 MAR 1894)
Jagger, Paul (Private-)
James, Helen Margaret (Private-)
Jameson, Henry W. (WFT Est 1852-1881-WFT Est 1906-1966)
Jameson, Madge Nadine (Private-)
Jarrard, Audry Sybie (-)
Jarvi, Anna Mae (--living--)
Jeffrey, Daniel James (Private-)
Jeffrey, James (Private-)
Jeffrey, Katherin Lacaron (Private-)
Jenkins, Arvid Ivan (Private-)
Jenkins, Donald (Private-)
Jenkins, John (Private-)
Jenkins, Lona (Private-)
Jenkins, Sheila Rose (Private-)
Jenkins, Todd Allen (Private-)
Jennings, Alexander Muncy (ABT 1859-)
Jennings, Alice (23 DEC 1883-)
Jennings, Claiborne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Cora Elizabeth (29 NOV 1857-6 JUN 1939)
Jennings, David C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Elizabeth (1 DEC 1838-8 MAY 1903)
Jennings, Ellen M. (26 MAR 1874-1 NOV 1944)
Jennings, Elzie D. (11 MAR 1880-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, George W. (1846-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Hannah (WFT Est 1664-1688-WFT Est 1719-1776)
Jennings, Herschell (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Isham (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Jesse (26 OCT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Jesse Dodson (23 DEC 1802-27 JUL 1884)
Jennings, Jesse Dodson (6 APR 1844-14 MAY 1917)
Jennings, Jonathan (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Joseph (25 AUG 1869-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Lucinda (10 JAN 1877-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Margaret (10 SEP 1886-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Martha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Mary (6 APR 1873-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Obediah (1849-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Obediah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Obedience (WFT Est 1704-1727-WFT Est 1753-1816)
Jennings, Penelope (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Pleasant (1842-16 JAN 1865)
Jennings, Rachel (BET 1810 AND 1826-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Sarah (1836-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Thomas (2 AUG 1877-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Virginia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Walker (17 JAN 1871-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Walker R. (13 NOV 1853-23 MAY 1948)
Jennings, Walker R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, William (3 DEC 1834-2 DEC 1861)
Jennings, William Clayborn (25 DEC 1861-UNKNOWN)
Jenson, Betty Lucille (Private-)
Joe, Sammy (UNKNOWN-)
John, (Private-)
Johnson, Abraham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Adam Richard (Private-)
Johnson, Alfred (ABT 1810-22 SEP 1895)
Johnson, Allen Lee (Private-)
Johnson, Barbara Lynette (Private-)
Johnson, Bev (Private-)
Johnson, Cecil Monroe (Private-)
Johnson, Charlene (Private-)
Johnson, Christopher (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Colleen (Private-)
Johnson, Dale Keith (Private-)
Johnson, Darel Ann (Private-)
Johnson, Darlene (--living--)
Johnson, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, David Lynn (Private-)
Johnson, Dennis Leland (Private-)
Johnson, Donene Jo (Private-)
Johnson, Dora Elizabeth (28 MAR 1875-2 MAY 1945)
Johnson, Douglas Marshall (Private-)
Johnson, Everett Bruce (Private-)
Johnson, Finessa Franchesa (Private-)
Johnson, Frank (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Gary Michael (Private-)
Johnson, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Gerald Irvin (Private-)
Johnson, Gorden Allen (Private-)
Johnson, Gregory David (Private-)
Johnson, Harry George (20 APR 1897-WFT Est 1941-1989)
Johnson, Irvin Harry (31 JAN 1931-22 APR 1984)
Johnson, James (17 MAY 1820-31 AUG 1877)
Johnson, James Dean (Private-)
Johnson, Jeffrey Bruce (Private-)
Johnson, Jennifer (Private-)
Johnson, Joani Lynn (Private-)
Johnson, Joanne (Private-)
Johnson, Justin Harry (Private-)
Johnson, Kathie Jo (Private-)
Johnson, Katie (Private-)
Johnson, Kimberly Jo (Private-)
Johnson, Kneil (Private-)
Johnson, Linda (Private-)
Johnson, Lisa Rose (Private-)
Johnson, Lu Anne (Private-)
Johnson, Michael Walter (Private-)
Johnson, Milton (Private-)
Johnson, Mr. (Private-)
Johnson, Norman (Private-)
Johnson, Norris (Private-)
Johnson, Oscar (4 NOV 1889-WFT Est 1923-1980)
Johnson, Patricia Elaine (--living--)
Johnson, Rayleen Kaye (Private-)
Johnson, Richard Clare (Private-)
Johnson, Rita Sue (Private-)
Johnson, Robert (31 OCT 1924-31 AUG 1976)
Johnson, Samantha Kay (Private-)
Johnson, Sarah Vandetta (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Stephen Scott (Private-)
Johnson, Steven Allen (Private-)
Johnson, Tammie Lee (Private-)
Johnson, Thomas Michael (Private-)
Johnson, Todd (Private-)
Johnson, Vernon Joseph (Private-)
Johnson, Vickie Dale (Private-)
Johnson, Violet Lucille (Private-)
Johnson, Walter (Private-)
Johnson, Willie Emey (ABT 1789-UNKNOWN)
Johnsrud, Jeffery (Private-)
Johnsrud, Rodney (Private-)
Johnston, Elizabeth (1680-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, Isaac P. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, George Orlando (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Basil R. (--living--)
Jones, Basil R. (Private-)
Jones, Basil Roy (Private-)
Jones, Basil Roy (Private-)
Jones, Bradley Ross (Private-)
Jones, Cadwallader (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jones, David Gillard (11 SEP 1879-22 APR 1944)
Jones, Douglas Wayne (Private-)
Jones, Elizabeth (1659-1707)
Jones, Frances Ann (ABT 1680-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Martha (1662-1729)
Jones, Michael A. (Private-)
Jones, Mr. (Private-)
Jones, Raded Lynn (Private-)
Jones, Repp (ABT 1664-AFT 19 FEB 1688)
Jones, Richard (ABT 1788-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Sarah P. (ABT 1820-ABT 1864)
Jones, Sharon Louise (Private-)
Jones, Tamra D. (Private-)
Jones, Terri D. (Private-)
Jones, Thomas (1600-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Thomas (ABT 1638-ABT 1672)
Jones, Thomas (BEF 1791-AFT 1808)
Jones, Thomas (ABT 1665-22 JAN 1687)
Jones, Tracy E. (Private-)
Jones, William (WFT Est 1869-1898-WFT Est 1923-1983)
Jones, William Wayne (Private-)
Jordan, Adeline (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jorgens, John O. (24 MAY 1890-7 AUG 1960)
Jorgens, Opal (Private-)
Jorgens, Robert Myron (25 MAR 1933-22 MAR 1953)
Jorgenson, Charles (5 APR 1920-1975)
Jorgenson, Edward Irving (Private-)
Jorgenson, Jeffrey Charles (Private-)
Jorgenson, Mary Jean (Private-)
Jorgenson, Rose Mary Ann (Private-)
Jorgenson, Susan Jayne (Private-)
Joslin, Carolyn (Private-)
Joynt, Caroline Ann (Private-)
Joynt, James Samuel (15 SEP 1915-25 OCT 1977)
Joynt, Janice Elaine (Private-)
Joynt, Robert James (Private-)
July, Jane (ABT 1810-ABT 1887)

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