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Gable, Clark William (Private-)
Gable, Douglas Arthur (Private-)
Gable, Jacklynn (Private-)
Gable, Jennifer Lynn (Private-)
Gable, Jill Marie (Private-)
Gable, Pauline Amelia (14 APR 1847-25 NOV 1920)
Gable, Susan Kay (Private-)
Gable, Tracy Lynn (Private-)
Gable, William Clark (Corky) (18 NOV-)
Gaebel, (Baby) (14 MAR 1854-WFT Est 1855-1944)
Gaebel, Alan Roy (Private-)
Gaebel, Albert (WFT Est 1864-1893-WFT Est 1870-1972)
Gaebel, Albert Joseph (Private-)
Gaebel, Amelia (Emilie) Mathilde (22 MAR 1849-ABT 6 MAY 1926)
Gaebel, Anna Augusta (12 MAR 1855-WFT Est 1856-1949)
Gaebel, Anna Caroline Helena (21 JAN 1903-10 AUG 1974)
Gaebel, Anne N. (Private-)
Gaebel, Anne Viviar (Private-)
Gaebel, Antoinette (Private-)
Gaebel, Antoinette (Private-)
Gaebel, Antoinette Mae (Private-)
Gaebel, Antoinette Mae (Private-)
Gaebel, Arnold Vincent (13 AUG 1899-13 FEB 1959)
Gaebel, Barry Eugene (Private-)
Gaebel, Bertha Albertine Augusta (14 FEB 1850-9 AUG 1933)
Gaebel, Bertha Francis (28 JUL 1904-11 MAY 1966)
Gaebel, Beverly Marlene (Private-)
Gaebel, Carl Howard (Private-)
Gaebel, Caroline (Private-)
Gaebel, Clarke Arthur (1 OCT 1936-9 JUN 1936)
Gaebel, Cynthia Leah (Private-)
Gaebel, David Francis (Private-)
Gaebel, Donald (Private-)
Gaebel, Dorothy Aileen (Private-)
Gaebel, Douglas Verne (Private-)
Gaebel, Frank (Private-)
Gaebel, Garfield (Private-)
Gaebel, George (WFT Est 1864-1893-WFT Est 1870-1972)
Gaebel, Gerald Charles (29 APR 1917-16 MAR 1972)
Gaebel, Gordon (Private-)
Gaebel, Gordon (Private-)
Gaebel, Gordon Russel (Private-)
Gaebel, Gordon Russel (Private-)
Gaebel, Gottfried (27 JUL 1799-7 FEB 1887)
Gaebel, Grant Clinton (Private-)
Gaebel, Gustav Adolph Wilhelm (8 MAR 1847-WFT Est 1848-1937)
Gaebel, Harry Ronald (Private-)
Gaebel, Henry , Jr. (WFT Est 1864-1893-10 JAN 1933)
Gaebel, Hilda Irene (Private-)
Gaebel, Inza Maude (Private-)
Gaebel, James A. (Private-)
Gaebel, Janice Charlene (Private-)
Gaebel, John Emmerson (Private-)
Gaebel, Judith Patricia (Private-)
Gaebel, Julia (WFT Est 1864-1893-WFT Est 1869-1975)
Gaebel, Julius (30 JUL 1841-WFT Est 1842-1931)
Gaebel, Karl Heinrich (Carl) (25 SEP 1843-1928)
Gaebel, Keith Eugene (Private-)
Gaebel, Lillian (WFT Est 1864-1893-WFT Est 1869-1975)
Gaebel, Louis E. (WFT Est 1864-1893-WFT Est 1889-1972)
Gaebel, Louis H. (Private-)
Gaebel, Margaret (Private-)
Gaebel, Marion Lamoyne (Private-)
Gaebel, Mary Ann (Private-)
Gaebel, Mervyn Henry (7 AUG 1901-6 SEP 1966)
Gaebel, Mildred Amy (4 SEP 1912-24 JAN 1963)
Gaebel, Millicent Mansfield (Private-)
Gaebel, Richard (Private-)
Gaebel, Robert Arthur (Private-)
Gaebel, Rose (WFT Est 1864-1893-WFT Est 1869-1975)
Gaebel, Sheila Lorraine (Private-)
Gaebel, Stanley Albert (Private-)
Gaebel, Sterling D. (Private-)
Gaebel, Wallace Ian Edward (Private-)
Gaebel, Wanda Elizabeth Darlene (Private-)
Gaebel, Warren Arthur John (Private-)
Gaebel, Wayne Alexander Stewart (Private-)
Gaebel, Wendy Rose Anita (Private-)
Gaebel, William Alexander Stewart (1871-1943)
Gaebel, William B. (Private-)
Gaebel, William Reinholt (19 JUL 1900-2 AUG 1957)
Gage, Anderson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gaines, Elizabeth (1652-UNKNOWN)
Gallagher, Allisa Marie (Private-)
Gallagher, Bernard , Jr. (Private-)
Gallagher, Bernard (Private-)
Gallagher, Craig Michael (Private-)
Gallagher, Eric John (Private-)
Gallagher, Jessica Lynn (Private-)
Gallagher, Margaret (Private-)
Gallagher, Mary Francis (Private-)
Gallagher, Megan Lee (Private-)
Gallagher, Paul (Private-)
Gallagher, Sean Patrick (Private-)
Gallagher, Timothy John (Private-)
Galpin, Tod Lee (Private-)
Gammel, Oscar (31 AUG 1909-30 DEC 1964)
Gardner, Laura (1858-UNKNOWN)
Gardner, Lorin S. (23 MAY 1827-2 MAR 1879)
Gardner, Mahala A. (1854-UNKNOWN)
Gardner, Mary Elizabeth (JUN 1859-15 FEB 1923)
Gardner, Moses Isaac (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gardner, Peggy (Private-)
Gardner, Philitus (1855-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Anne Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Lihu (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Garwood, Tammorah Jean (Private-)
Gaul, Kathleen Anna (Private-)
Gaynor, Geoffery Francis (Private-)
Gaynor, George Norris (Private-)
Gaynor, George Norris (Private-)
Gaynor, George Norris (Private-)
Gaynor, George Norris (Private-)
Gehrt, Pauline (WFT Est 1844-1867-WFT Est 1889-1955)
Gemmill, Alexander (ABT 1818-6 NOV 1844)
Gemmill, Alexander Christie (MAY 1858-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Alexandria (--living--)
Gemmill, Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Andrew (MAR 1820-11 OCT 1902)
Gemmill, Andrew Brody Robert (Bob) (12 MAY 1909-11 DEC 1989)
Gemmill, Andrew Joseph (--living--)
Gemmill, Andrew Ryan (--living--)
Gemmill, Andrew W. (ABT 1853-ABT 1854)
Gemmill, Barbara Marie (--living--)
Gemmill, Barbara Rae (15 OCT 1938-19 APR 2000)
Gemmill, Brandie Lynn (Private-)
Gemmill, Brittany Lynn (Private-)
Gemmill, Carol Ann (--living--)
Gemmill, Chris Alan (--living--)
Gemmill, Christopher (UNKNOWN-)
Gemmill, Doris Kay (Private-)
Gemmill, Eligh Gabriel (--living--)
Gemmill, Elizabeth (ABT 1850-ABT 1860)
Gemmill, Elizabeth (Eliza) (ABT 1811-29 JUL 1912)
Gemmill, Elizabeth Lanier (--living--)
Gemmill, Elsie Dot (--living--)
Gemmill, Eva Irene (23 AUG 1919-6 NOV 1982)
Gemmill, Evelyn Eileen (--living--)
Gemmill, Francis (1 APR 1846-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Fred (6 JUL 1910-19 AUG 1910)
Gemmill, Gilbert Lee (--living--)
Gemmill, Grizel (Grace) (ABT 1792-27 JUL 1851)
Gemmill, Hannah Lacy (--living--)
Gemmill, James Hall (JUN 1855-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Jamie (UNKNOWN-)
Gemmill, Jamie (--living--)
Gemmill, Janet M. (13 MAR 1858-21 APR 1911)
Gemmill, Jean Marie (UNKNOWN-)
Gemmill, Jennifer (--living--)
Gemmill, John (ABT 1761-14 APR 1844)
Gemmill, John Anthony (Private-)
Gemmill, John Henry (10 NOV 1848-27 APR 1873)
Gemmill, John R (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, John R. (ABT 1811-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Johnathan (UNKNOWN-)
Gemmill, Jonah (--living--)
Gemmill, Jordan Thayer (--living--)
Gemmill, Karen Taylor (UNKNOWN-)
Gemmill, Kyi (--living--)
Gemmill, Laura Mae (13 JUN 1915-28 SEP 1998)
Gemmill, Leslie Marie (Private-)
Gemmill, Leslie Oliver (Bub) (Private-)
Gemmill, Lisa Marie (Private-)
Gemmill, Lynn Michael (Private-)
Gemmill, Margaret (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Marjorie Lynn (--living--)
Gemmill, Martha Elizabeth (17 APR 1827-16 FEB 1915)
Gemmill, Martha Ellen (24 MAY 1866-3 APR 1948)
Gemmill, Mary Ellen (16 OCT 1904-9 JUL 1973)
Gemmill, Matthew A. (ABT 1851-2 MAR 1868)
Gemmill, Nancy Arlene (Private-)
Gemmill, Oliver Leslie (Leck) (29 JUN 1913-4 SEP 1988)
Gemmill, Peter James (16 MAY 1923-6 NOV 1930)
Gemmill, Peter Thomas (--living--)
Gemmill, Philip Cyrus (--living--)
Gemmill, Phoebe Estella (Pege) (Private-)
Gemmill, Ruth Marie (3 NOV 1920-8 NOV 1986)
Gemmill, Sarah Esther (14 JUL 1907-11 JAN 1995)
Gemmill, Stanley Lawrence (--living--)
Gemmill, Sylvanus Sr. (23 OCT 1821-23 JAN 1909)
Gemmill, Sylvanus A. Jr. (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Gemmill, Terry Alan (Private-)
Gemmill, Terry Allen (Private-)
Gemmill, Theresa Marie (Private-)
Gemmill, Timothy Wayne (--living--)
Gemmill, Tina Marie (Private-)
Gemmill, Walker (--living--)
Gemmill, William F. (ABT 1850-ABT 1853)
Gemmill, William Gilbert (29 MAR 1906-25 NOV 1988)
Gemmill, William Sinclair (16 APR 1868-7 NOV 1946)
Gemmill, William Travis (--living--)
Gemmill, William Wayne (--living--)
Gentry, Patsy (1 NOV 1799-1892)
Gentry, Winnie (ABT 1794-1857)
George, Beverly Kay (Private-)
George, Travis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gerdin, Jeff (Private-)
Gerdin, Jeff (Private-)
Gerdin, Jeff (Private-)
Gerdin, Jeff (Private-)
Gerdin, Jeff (Private-)
Gerdin, Jeramia Jeffery (Private-)
Gerdin, Zackaria (Private-)
Gilbert, Gertrude A. (2 JAN 1850-1 JUN 1887)
Gilbert, Hannah A. (1850-1882)
Gilbert, Mr. (WFT Est 1781-1810-WFT Est 1835-1895)
Gilbert, Sarah (ABT 1832-ABT 1870)
Gill, Dollie Mae (2 NOV 1919-27 OCT 1987)
Gill, Jason (-)
Gill, John (UNKNOWN-)
Gill, Justin (-)
Gillespie, Hazel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilliam, Anne (BEF 1754-AFT 1770)
Gilliam, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gillilan, Mary (Private-)
Gilliland, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, Agnes J. (WFT Est 1850-1874-WFT Est 1897-1963)
Gilmore, Amelia Anne (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, Billie Ruth (--living--)
Gilmore, Carrolle May (Private-)
Gilmore, Caswell C. (29 NOV 1830-2 JUL 1904)
Gilmore, Charles Gibson (6 APR 1881-)
Gilmore, Edith Eva (4 JUN 1884-)
Gilmore, Elijah Gale (11 FEB 1850-11 FEB 1918)
Gilmore, Enlo Leon (13 JUN 1924-18 DEC 1995)
Gilmore, Ethel Jane Narcissus (11 FEB 1877-)
Gilmore, Flora (18 NOV 1888-)
Gilmore, Fountain Livingston (14 FEB 1854-20 FEB 1919)
Gilmore, Francis Rosa (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, James (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, John (ABT 1820-AFT 1908)
Gilmore, John (BET 1770 AND 1780-BET 1840 AND 1850)
Gilmore, John (18 DEC 1839-1865)
Gilmore, Lilly Arrena (13 AUG 1885-)
Gilmore, Mary M. (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, Narcissus (12 APR 1834-AFT 1908)
Gilmore, Ora Agens (21 AUG 1878-)
Gilmore, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, Robert (31 JAN 1803-16 FEB 1888)
Gilmore, Robert Nathaniel (16 OCT 1879-1947)
Gilmore, Rowena (ABT 1818-1904)
Gilmore, Roy Oscar (29 NOV 1890-)
Gilmore, Samuel Edward (30 JUL 1883-)
Gilmore, Sarah (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, Serena (ABT 1842-BEF 1879)
Gilmore, Silas Minor (ABT 1824-AFT 1862)
Gilmore, Wilburn Isaacs (ABT 1805-25 JUL 1880)
Gilmore, Wilburn William (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, William Elijah (29 MAY 1902-16 OCT 1958)
Gilmour\Gilmore, Elizabeth (ABT 1791-ABT 1850)
Girl, (Private-)
Girty, Simon (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Glass, Lucinda Harstin (ABT 1821-BEF 1900)
Glavin, James Anthony (31 OCT 1946-15 FEB 1987)
Glavin, Jason (--living--)
Glavin, Kandis (--living--)
Glavin, Kenneth Wayne (--living--)
Glavin, Makenzie (--living--)
Glavin, Walker (--living--)
Glenn, Brandon Lee (-)
Glenn, Gerald Alvin (UNKNOWN-)
Glenn, Linda (Private-)
Glenn, Marcia (Private-)
Glenn, Sally Jo (Private-)
Glenn, William E. , Jr. (Private-)
Glenn, William E. (Private-)
Glenn, William E. (--living--)
Glenn, William E. , Jr. (--living--)
Goerzen, Larry (Private-)
Goerzen, Stevem (Private-)
Gouge, Sarah (1 FEB 1792-20 MAR 1874)
Gow, Janice (Private-)
Grange, Noira Joy (Private-)
Grange, Raymond B. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Donald (WFT Est 1901-1931-27 MAR 1975)
Grant, Donna Kay (Private-)
Grant, Sandra Rae (Private-)
Gray, Ellis K. (Private-)
Greaves, Clayton (Red) (18 MAR 1925-17 JAN 1984)
Green, Austin (1894-15 FEB 1923)
Green, George F. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Green, Harold (Private-)
Green, Joyce Evelyn (Private-)
Green, Linda Lee (Private-)
Green, Mamie Lee (17 DEC 1895-24 OCT 1956)
Greenaway, Iris Mildred (Private-)
Greene, Newton (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Greener, Charles (1910-4 JUN 1970)
Greenfield, May L. (26 MAY 1889-19 MAR 1961)
Greenhaugh, Elizabeth (BET 1641 AND 1660-)
Greenwood, Lynne (Private-)
Grelland, Helle Nilsen (WFT Est 1840-1863-WFT Est 1885-1951)
Grenager, Gwendolyn (Scoshy) (Private-)
Grenager, Jess (Private-)
Grenager, Karen (Private-)
Grenager, Karl (Private-)
Grenager, Kimberly (Private-)
Grenager, Lyle (Private-)
Griffin, Lydia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Griffin, Sarah (WFT Est 1757-1773-WFT Est 1826-1867)
Griffith, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Griggs, Henford (BET 1839 AND 1859-BET 1884 AND 1945)
Gritts, Wesley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Gross, (Private-)
Groundhog, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Grounds, David (1800-ABT FEB 1840)
Grounds, Margaret (1821-13 MAR 1891)
Gua-Li-Uka, Old Hannah (-)
Gudmunsen, Carol (Private-)
Gustin, Amariah Alpheus (2 FEB 1849-6 MAY 1936)

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