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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with F

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Fairbanks, Arimenta (1854-UNKNOWN)
Fairbanks, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Abraham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Andrew Jackson (1813-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Archibald (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Davis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Delilah Houston (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, George Wash. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Harriet (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Jacob (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, John (ABT 1736-1814)
Fanning, Joseph (Jr) (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Joseph (Sr) (ABT 1768-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Louisa (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Martha Ann Catherine (14 FEB 1856-10 OCT 1936)
Fanning, Mary Walker (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Nathan (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, Sampson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fanning, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Farley, Arminta (14 DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Farnsworth, Laura (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Farrell, Lavena (BEF 1870-AFT 1885)
Fauber, Barbara (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Faulkner, Amy Carol (22 JAN 1959-22 JAN 1959)
Faulkner, Ann (Private-)
Faulkner, Babyboy (27 SEP 1960-27 SEP 1960)
Faulkner, Barbara Jean (Private-)
Faulkner, Brenda (Private-)
Faulkner, Darla (Private-)
Faulkner, David Mark (Private-)
Faulkner, Diane Marie (Private-)
Faulkner, Duane William (Private-)
Faulkner, Duane William (Private-)
Faulkner, Duane William (Private-)
Faulkner, Duane William (Private-)
Faulkner, Gary LeRoy (Private-)
Faulkner, Grover McKinley (Private-)
Faulkner, Jay Dee (Private-)
Faulkner, Joanne (Private-)
Faulkner, Kathy (Private-)
Faulkner, Larry (Private-)
Faulkner, Loretta (Private-)
Faulkner, Lydia (Private-)
Faulkner, Mack (Private-)
Faulkner, Michael Lee (Private-)
Faulkner, Mildred Jean (Private-)
Faulkner, Perry Dean (Private-)
Faulkner, Rachel (Private-)
Faulkner, Randy Joe (Private-)
Faulkner, Rickie Allen (Private-)
Faulkner, Roxanne (14 JUL 1960-3 APR 1981)
Faulkner, Sharon Kay (Private-)
Faulkner, Steve Allen (Private-)
Faulkner, Tonya Lynn (Private-)
Faulkner, Trish Marie (Private-)
Faulkner, Wanda (Private-)
Faulkner, Wes (Private-)
Faulkner, William Henry (22 AUG 1892-7 OCT 1971)
Faulkner, William Henry , Jr. (Private-)
Faust, Alvin Andrew (12 JUL 1914-22 APR 1984)
Faust, Donnie Wayne (--living--)
Faust, Katherine (1773-AFT 1860)
Faust, Keith Dewayne (--living--)
Faust, Peggy Jean (8 AUG 1937-27 SEP 1994)
Featherstone, Sarah Anne (1674-17 JAN 1744)
Feigley, Anna Catharine (7 APR 1751-22 APR 1846)
Feigley, Johannes (ABT 1728-UNKNOWN)
Feldman, Joy (Private-)
Felstet, Emil Nels (Private-)
Felstet, June (Private-)
Felstet, Kathleen June (Private-)
Felstet, Shirley (Private-)
Felstet, Yvonne (Private-)
Fenstermaker, (Pel Raymond) Perry (12 JUL 1869-18 NOV 1926)
Fenstermaker, Amos (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fenstermaker, Charles Henry Hubbard (12 MAY 1867-5 AUG 1944)
Fenstermaker, David Amos (26 OCT 1871-14 JUL 1933)
Ferda, Joe (Private-)
Ferguson, Betty (Private-)
Fetzer, Tischia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Archibald (1796-UNKNOWN)
Fields, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Lucy (-)
Fields, Richard (1762-1827)
Fields, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Filmore, Cherokee (21 SEP 1889-1925)
Fimpel, Thomas H. (6 DEC 1838-4 AUG 1916)
Fimple, Annie Margaret "Maggie" (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Arthur O. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Asenith (7 MAR 1842-4 FEB 1923)
Fimple, Audrey Pearl (10 DEC 1920-15 JUL 1989)
Fimple, Burlie Verda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Caleb B. (1819-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Charles Elsworth (22 JUL 1891-22 SEP 1942)
Fimple, Courtny (UNKNOWN-)
Fimple, Daniel Elisha (SEP 1859-BEF 1920)
Fimple, Daughter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Deborah Van Elizabeth (16 JAN 1857-18 MAR 1928)
Fimple, Dennis Clarke (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Elmer C. (26 NOV 1881-8 FEB 1923)
Fimple, Elmer Dow (27 FEB 1919-8 DEC 1983)
Fimple, Elmer I. (1864-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, George (BEF 1765-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, George Barcus (1845-19 DEC 1886)
Fimple, George E. (10 DEC 1904-28 JUN 1966)
Fimple, George S. (BET 1814 AND 1816-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Ida M. (13 DEC 1886-20 JUN 1906)
Fimple, Jennie M. (JUN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, John David (10 MAR 1922-14 JUN 1949)
Fimple, Karen Lee (UNKNOWN-)
Fimple, Mahala (1852-UNKNOWN)
Fimple, Marvin MonteDow (5 OCT 1944-9 FEB 1999)
Fimple, Melerah Elizabeth (BET 1856 AND 1857-)
Fimple, Paris C. (31 JAN 1847-22 JUN 1902)
Fimple, Rufus Randolph (9 MAY 1829-17 MAR 1898)
Fimple, Sharon Mae (UNKNOWN-)
Fimple, Shawn (UNKNOWN-)
Fimple, Squire T. H. (24 MAR 1825-11 NOV 1890)
Finch, Benjamin Jonathon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Finch, Myrtle (ABT 1886-UNKNOWN)
Finch, Theodore Sanford (4 MAR 1863-27 MAY 1938)
Firth, John (7 MAY 1909-15 JUN 1990)
Fisher, Jedd Lynn (Private-)
Fisher, Mary (ABT 1770-UNKNOWN)
Fisher, Michelle (Private-)
Fix, Brad (Private-)
Fix, Dan (Private-)
Fix, Lori (Private-)
Fletcher, James Garfield (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fletcher, Margaret Elizabeth (1 JUN 1842-11 NOV 1918)
Fletcher, Seth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flournoy, Francis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flournoy, Francis (31 JAN 1687-30 APR 1770)
Flournoy, Jacob (5 JAN 1663-UNKNOWN)
Flournoy, Jacob (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flournoy, Jacques (1608-UNKNOWN)
Flournoy, Jane (1726-1806)
Flournoy, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flournoy, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fluke, Al (WFT Est 1858-1878-WFT Est 1893-1964)
Fluke, Elma (Private-)
Flynn, Catherine (Private-)
Flynn, John (Private-)
Flynn, John B. (Private-)
Flynn, Margaret (Private-)
Folsom, Rhoda Stevens (5 MAR 1816-2 JAN 1901)
Foote, Geoff (Private-)
Foote, Heather (Private-)
Forbes, Daniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ford, Dawnielle Amber (Private-)
Ford, Donald (Private-)
Ford, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ford, Emery D (Private-)
Foreman, Richard Bark (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foreman, Sarah Sallie Bathia (1786-1 SEP 1839)
Foreman, Susan Louella (27 MAR 1832-4 APR 1895)
Forrest, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Forster, Elizabeth Margaretha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Aggie (UNKNOWN-1902)
Foster, Alexander (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Archillah (UNKNOWN-14 JAN 1878)
Foster, Caroline (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foster, George C (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foster, James Chn-war-no-sky (15 JUL 1872-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Mahala (23 DEC 1822-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Rachel (4 SEP 1825-9 DEC 1913)
Foster, Richard (2 JUL 1801-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Thurza (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Elizabeth (1685-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Frank (1860-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Josiah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fowlkes, Anne (Private-)
Fox, Clara Mae (Private-)
Fox, Vernie C. (Private-)
Frailey, Mary Francis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Francis, Brian (Private-)
Francis, Clyde Henry (Private-)
Francis, Daniel Antony (6 JUN 1849-27 AUG 1890)
Francis, Fay Elinor (Private-)
Francis, John Paul (Private-)
Francis, John Paul (Private-)
Francis, John Paul (Private-)
Francis, John Paul (Private-)
Francis, Julie (Private-)
Francis, Kenneth Clyde (6 JUL 1915-OCT 1989)
Francis, Michael (Private-)
Francis, Miles (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Francis, Steven (Private-)
Francis, Truston P. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Frandson, Gena (5 SEP 1882-10 JAN 1972)
Franger, Allison Lorraine (Private-)
Franger, Charles William (Chuck) (Private-)
Franger, Mark Allen (Private-)
Franger, Marvin James (Private-)
Franger, Marvin James (Jim) , Jr. (Private-)
Franklin, Andrew Jackson (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Fraser, A. D. (WFT Est 1820-1840-WFT Est 1854-1926)
Fraser, Benton Reed (Private-)
Fraser, David James (Private-)
Fraser, George William (WFT Est 1875-1904-WFT Est 1929-1989)
Fraser, Paul William (Private-)
Fraser, Ross Thomas (Private-)
Fraser, Sandra Ann (Private-)
Fraser, Thomas McLennon (Private-)
Frazee, Brad (Private-)
Frazee, Christy (Private-)
Frazee, Clinton Jon (Private-)
Frazee, Dee Ann (Private-)
Frazee, Julie (Private-)
Frazier, Diamond (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Frazier, John James (10 JAN 1907-1 FEB 1961)
Frazier, Wilma Lee (--living--)
Freda, (Private-)
Frederick, Abraham Lee (Private-)
Frederick, Bobbi Jo (Jo Jo) (Private-)
Frederick, Brianne Leslie (Private-)
Frederick, Cheri Dawn (Private-)
Frederick, David Lewis (Private-)
Frederick, Esther Carolyn (Private-)
Frederick, Heather Marie (Private-)
Frederick, Jason Lewis (Private-)
Frederick, John Paul (24 DEC 1949-11 OCT 1950)
Frederick, Joseph William , Jr. (Private-)
Frederick, Joseph William (13 FEB 1942-1 APR 1984)
Frederick, Keianna Marie (Private-)
Frederick, LeRoy Daniel (Private-)
Frederick, Lewis LeRoy (5 JUN 1912-14 AUG 1937)
Frederick, Mark Edward (Private-)
Frederick, Marlana Joy (Private-)
Frederick, Martha Ann (Private-)
Frederick, Mary Jane (Private-)
Frederick, Megan (Private-)
Frederick, Peter James (Private-)
Frederick, Rachelle Lynn (Private-)
Frederick, Ruth Elizabeth (Private-)
Frederick, Samuel Duane (Private-)
Frederick, Samuel Duane , Jr. (Private-)
Frederick, Sarah Dean (Private-)
Frederick, Shane Lewis (Spook) (Private-)
Frederick, Shawn Wayne (Bum) (Private-)
Frederick, Stacey Lee (Private-)
Frederick, Teresa Marie (Private-)
Frederickson, Angela (Private-)
Frederickson, David (Private-)
Frederickson, Wade (Private-)
Fredrickson, Kathleen (Private-)
Freed, Kim Marie (Private-)
Freeman, Barbara Jean (Private-)
Freeman, Mose T. (14 APR 1904-15 MAY 1973)
French, Dallia (MAY 1860-AFT 1920)
French, Giles W. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
French, Jennifer (Private-)
Frigley, Ann Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fritter, Nancy Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Frizzell, Andrew Jordon (Private-)
Frizzell, Rodney (Private-)
Frost, Albert Jabe (13 OCT 1924-5 NOV 2000)
Frost, Daniel Lee (--living--)
Frost, Darrell Albert (--living--)
Frost, Johnny Eugene (--living--)
Frost, Mysty Lynn (--living--)
Frost, Tina Lynn (--living--)
Fry, Mary Ann (ABT 1779-5 AUG 1877)
Fry, Nancy (25 OCT 1780-28 SEP 1853)
Frye, Nicholas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fur, Sande (Private-)

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