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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with C

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Cade, Elizabeth (ABT 1685-UNKNOWN)
Cahill, James (Private-)
Cain, Mary Ann (13 SEP 1845-26 SEP 1923)
Callendar, Lucy (Private-)
Callison, Unknown (UNKNOWN-)
Cameron, Donald (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Jane (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Canepa, John M. (23 JUN 1917-18 AUG 1977)
Canepa, John Michael (19 MAR 1964-18 AUG 1977)
Canepa, Joseph Harold (Private-)
Canepa, Lucy Marianne (Private-)
Canepa, Mary Rose (Private-)
Canepa, Sarah Catherine (Private-)
Capito, Raymond Eastwood (27 AUG 1912-10 FEB 1959)
Caplinna, Mary Lee Antionette (--living--)
Caraway, William Landon (9 MAY 1843-UNKNOWN)
Cardin, Eunice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Carleton, Edna C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Carlson, Erik (Private-)
Carlson, Mr. (Private-)
Carlson, Nipper (Private-)
Carlson, Ron (Private-)
Carlson, Wendy Jo (Private-)
Carpenter, Constance Levina (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Margaret Olivia (ABT 1854-22 MAR 1922)
Carter, Clara Melissa (23 OCT 1858-13 OCT 1948)
Carter, Dean (Private-)
Carter, Dominicus (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Carter, Elizabeth Hill (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Carter, Lula Mildred "Lou" (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Carter, Nancy E. (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Carter, Willard (27 MAR 1856-4 DEC 1941)
Cartwright, Julia Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Case, Martha Diana (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Casselman, Rita Mae (Private-)
Cassidy, Mary (WFT Est 1863-1899-WFT Est 1889-1979)
Castro, Carmen Rosario (10 APR 1949-28 APR 1986)
Cate, Daniel Webster (1856-1927)
Cates, Rachael (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Catherine, Anna (1706-1762)
Catlett, Elizabeth (1663-1710)
Catlett, John (1658-BEF 19 JUN 1725)
Catlett, Sarah (1666-1726)
Catlett, William (1670-1699)
Cato, Ira (--living--)
Catront, Gertrude (ABT 1707-UNKNOWN)
Caughron, George (WFT Est 1866-1895-WFT Est 1919-1981)
Caughron, Hazel (Private-)
Caughron, Ruth (1 MAY 1915-1929)
Cauthon, Bertie Lee (--living--)
Cavener, Mary (1811-UNKNOWN)
Cawood, Esther (1837-UNKNOWN)
Cawood, Joseph (ABT 1780-AFT 1860)
Cawood, Nancy (1839-UNKNOWN)
Chafin, Charles C. (FEB 1901-16 JUN 1965)
Chappell, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chappell, George , 3Rd (Private-)
Chappell, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chappell, Rueben (FEB 1850-AFT 1920)
Chastain, Judith (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cheatham, Edmond (28 MAY 1770-28 AUG 1846)
Cheek, Henry (22 MAY 1769-1838)
Cheek, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Child, (Private-)
Children, 9 Or 10 (Private-)
Choate, Hope Marie (Private-)
Choate, Larry (Private-)
Choate, Mary Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Choate, Melody (Private-)
Christensen, Judith Jenny (Private-)
Christerson, Martha (BEF 1805-AFT 1820)
Christiansen, Alton (Private-)
Christiansen, Richard Albert (29 AUG 1938-1991)
Christman, Glen (Private-)
Christman, Howard (WFT Est 1870-1899-WFT Est 1924-1984)
Christman, Marie (Private-)
Christman, Scott William (Private-)
Christman, Sheila Jean (Private-)
Christman, Steven Glen (Private-)
Christofferson, Debbie (Private-)
Christofferson, Douglas (Private-)
Christofferson, Hans M. (Private-)
Christofferson, Jim (Private-)
Christofferson, Rickey (Private-)
Christofferson, Terry (Private-)
Chrystie, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chu, Alexandria Michael (--living--)
Chu, Derrick Christopher (--living--)
Chu, Jimmy Mann (--living--)
Churchill, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Claiborne, Augustine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Claiborne, Mary Herbert W. (19 JAN 1743-25 JUL 1775)
Clan, Nancy Full Blood Paint (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clardy, Jane Bethuna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clarence, (Private-)
Clark, Alphus R. (23 DEC 1873-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Bob (Private-)
Clark, Bob (Private-)
Clark, Bob (Private-)
Clark, Bob (Private-)
Clark, Buster Alvin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Cecil Alvin Clark (29 NOV 1930-25 JUL 1978)
Clark, Charlotte Elizabeth (30 DEC 1861-25 DEC 1899)
Clark, Ellen (16 NOV 1826-8 DEC 1891)
Clark, Heather Marie (Private-)
Clark, John Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Joseph Nicholas (Private-)
Clark, Kimberly Mae (Private-)
Clark, Living (UNKNOWN-)
Clark, Nelda (9 SEP 1905-30 DEC 1940)
Clark, Robert Gordan (Private-)
Clark, Robert Gordan (Private-)
Clark, Robert Gordan (Private-)
Clark, Robert Gordan (Private-)
Clarke, Samuel (ABT 1754-UNKNOWN)
Clarke, Shirley E. (Private-)
Clay, Araminta (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Clay, Jane (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Clay, Jefferson (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Clay, John (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Clay, Polly (ABT 1863-UNKNOWN)
Clay, Robert (ABT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Clayman, Alvina (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clemens, Pamelia Goggin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Anthony (ABT 1811-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Daniel (ABT 1813-UNKNOWN)
Cline, David (1769-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Dock (ABT 1819-UNKNOWN)
Cline, George (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Jesse Abel (ABT 1807-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Leonard (ABT 1815-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Linda (ABT 1823-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Louisa (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Rudolph (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Sarah (ABT 1821-UNKNOWN)
Cloninger, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clossen, Dasha (Private-)
Clossen, Doug (Private-)
Clossen, Drew (Private-)
Clower, Nancy (22 OCT 1807-31 OCT 1861)
Clubb, Mary Polly (1794-24 DEC 1845)
Co, Randy (Private-)
Cochran, John (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Cockman, Hailey Rae (--living--)
Cockman, Jason Thomas (--living--)
Cockman, Tom (UNKNOWN-)
Coe, Mary (WFT Est 1746-1764-WFT Est 1769-1849)
Coffman, Frances Darlene (Private-)
Cole, Harriet Amelia (11 MAY 1855-1902)
Cole, John (UNKNOWN-WFT Est 1955-1983)
Cole, Pauline (1920-)
Coleman, Elizabeth F. (22 FEB 1834-UNKNOWN)
Collaer, Jane Marie (Private-)
Collett, Esther Ann (3 FEB 1858-14 MAR 1946)
Collier, Elizabeth (BEF 1736-AFT 1750)
Collier, John (25 APR 1882-22 MAR 1973)
Collins, Adrian Ivan (Private-)
Collins, Amanda Christine (Private-)
Collins, Ammie Barbara (Private-)
Collins, Anne Marie (Private-)
Collins, Arnold Lee (24 OCT 1909-9 DEC 1980)
Collins, Calley Ann (Private-)
Collins, Carol Elizabeth (Private-)
Collins, Corrina (Private-)
Collins, Diane (Private-)
Collins, Ina Rose (Private-)
Collins, Joel Lee (Private-)
Collins, Leah Kaye (Private-)
Collins, Matthew Charles (Private-)
Collins, Nancy (Private-)
Collins, Orlin Lee (Private-)
Collins, Phillip James (Private-)
Collins, Phillip N. (Private-)
Collins, Renee Allen (Private-)
Collins, Robert Monek (Private-)
Collins, Robin (Private-)
Collins, Vivian Marie (Private-)
Collins, Wendall Roy (Private-)
Combs, Eugene D. (Private-)
Combs, Floyd (Private-)
Combs, Kristen Michelle (Private-)
Combs, Richard Floyd (Private-)
Compton, John (BET 1825 AND 1860-BET 1866 AND 1939)
Conant, Hannah (WFT Est 1751-1777-WFT Est 1812-1866)
Conley, Jess W. (18 JAN 1854-29 JAN 1917)
Conley, Jessie (14 NOV 1882-7 JAN 1955)
Conley, John (1885-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Joseph (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Louise Elizabeth (29 SEP 1893-13 JUL 1973)
Conley, Manuel Columbus (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Margaret Ellen (1874-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Mary E. (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Paralee Francis (11 MAY 1876-1946)
Conley, Sintha A. (1857-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Susan (1878-UNKNOWN)
Conn, Ellen (Private-)
Connick, Ann (13 AUG 1810-7 OCT 1896)
Connick, James (5 MAY 1770-19 NOV 1858)
Connors, Kathryn Rose (Private-)
Conrad, Charlotte "Charity" (ABT 1784-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Clarissa (1819-1896)
Conrad, Columbus W. (1834-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Elizabeth (25 OCT 1812-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Harriett Esther (ABT 1826-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Jacob Lewis (6 DEC 1783-25 DEC 1869)
Conrad, John Lewis (15 DEC 1799-)
Conrad, Joseph Emanuel (1842-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Malinda (1815-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Margaret (BET 1781 AND 1784-)
Conrad, Mary (1829-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Mary (BET 1788 AND 1790-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Peter Rudolph (16 SEP 1782-12 AUG 1843)
Conrad, Polly (1800-1820)
Conrad, Priscilla (4 MAY 1813-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Rudolph (ABT 1740-AFT 1800)
Conrad, Sarah Ann (1821-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Sarah J. (1832-UNKNOWN)
Conrad, Susannah (1786-AFT 1850)
Constandine, Francis (Private-)
Convary, Sharon (Private-)
Cook, Ivy (Private-)
Cook, Lana Mary (17 JAN 1841-1910)
Cook, Mr. (WFT Est 1842-1873-WFT Est 1868-1956)
Cook, Pearl (BEF 1890-AFT 1913)
Cooke, Polly (BET 1750 AND 1785-AFT 1779)
Coombe, Alice Vera (Private-)
Coombs, Christopher (Private-)
Coombs, David (Private-)
Coombs, Rebecca (Private-)
Cooper, Kathleen (WFT Est 1901-1920-WFT Est 1926-1995)
Coporale, (Private-)
Corbett, Claudia (Private-)
Corcoran, Steven P. (Private-)
Corcoron, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Cordell, Isabelle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Corney, Olive M. (8 JUL 1882-1979)
Corporale, Michael (Private-)
Corporale, Robert (Private-)
Cottrell, Beverly Jean (Private-)
Coulson, Ruth Van Verventer (UNKNOWN-)
Counsell, Daryl Roger (Private-)
Counsell, Marion (Private-)
Counsell, Marlene Ann (Private-)
Counts, Anthony R. (Private-)
Covington, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cowan, Okla Jean (4 DEC 1920-24 SEP 1988)
Cox, Nancy Jane (4 JUL 1857-UNKNOWN)
Crabb, Catherine June (Private-)
Craddock, Emily (1808-UNKNOWN)
Crader, Benjamin (ABT 1820-UNKNOWN)
Crader, Henry (22 NOV 1808-26 SEP 1876)
Crader, Mary (18 OCT 1823-19 MAR 1855)
Crader, Susan Adaline (12 FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Crain, Mildred M. (--living--)
Cram, Albert Henry (1858-1931)
Cramer, Kyle (UNKNOWN-)
Cramer, Marjorie Lynn (--living--)
Crandall, Joni Lynn (Private-)
Crandall, Laura Lee (Private-)
Crank, Sarah (1822-UNKNOWN)
Crase, Char Inez (Private-)
Crawford, Ethel (WFT Est 1863-1886-WFT Est 1908-1974)
Crawford, Terissa (1820-1851)
Creech, Martha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cressman, Elizabeth (1779-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Alexander (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Alfred (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Elizabeth (ABT 1834-UNKNOWN)
Crider, John A. (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Lydia M. (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Mary Catherine (ABT 1826-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Mary E. (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Melinda (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Rhesa (ABT 1826-UNKNOWN)
Crider, Samuel (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Crider, William (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Cristine, (UNKNOWN-)
Crites, Barbara (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crites, Cartherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crow, Brandy (UNKNOWN-)
Crow, Donna Harris (UNKNOWN-)
Crow, Eva L. (--living--)
Crow, Kenneth Ray (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cude, Harley (--living--)
Cunningham, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Janice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Curtis, Charles Peter (Private-)
Curtis, Christine Allicen (Private-)
Curtis, Laurie Anne (Private-)
Curtis, Lesley Ruth (Private-)
Curtis, Lyle Anthony (Tony) (Private-)
Curtis, Lyle Zimri (Private-)
Curtis, Norman "David" (Private-)
Curtis, Norman William (Private-)
Curtis, William "Paul" (Private-)
Curtis, William Alfred (ABT 1891-23 MAR 1986)
Cutler, Harriett (13 MAY 1828-4 MAY 1880)
Cvetkovich, Lilian (Private-)

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