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Descendants of William Trenbath, born 1726

reviewed 01 December 2014

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William TRENBATH, b. 1726, ,,CON, occupation Salt Officer, d. 23 Jan 1800, , Wincham, CHS, buried: 26 JAN 1800, St Helen's Church, Witton, CHS. One of the three Trenbath copy books (see later) notes William's date of birth as 1726 but, infuriatingly, doesn't give the place of birth.

He married Ann DRIVER, m. 14 Apr 1748, in Parish Church, Ubbeston, Suffolk, Eng, b. cir CA 1726, d. 26 Jul 1770, , , CHS, buried: 28 Jul 1770, St Helen's Church, Witton, CHS.

Her burial is recorded in Witton Chapel, Northwich, CHS. She was aged 44.

I. Mary TRENBATH, b. 22 Apr 1749, , Heveningham, Suffolk, England,6 d. 30 Nov 1763, , , CHS,6 buried: 1 Dec 1763, Witton Chapel, Witton, CHS. She was the original owner of the 1704 prayer book, which I have in my possession, presumably inherited from Eliza TRENBATH, who died in 1912. It has 'Mary TRENBATH, her book, 1760, born April 22nd 1749' written inside.

II. William TRENBATH, b. 19 Aug 1750, , , SFK. Called 'Billy' by his father in his day book:'July 5th 1756 - pair shoes for Billy 1/6. Ditto myself 6/6.'

III. Ann TRENBATH, b. 5 May 1752, , Heveningham, Suffolk, England,4 d. 26 MARCH 1778, , , CHS.6

IV. Frances TRENBATH, b. 12 Sep 1754, , Lilleshall, Shropshire, England,6 d. 14 May 1758, , Lilleshall, Shropshire, England,6 buried: 16 May 1758, , Lilleshall, Shropshire, England.

V. Martha TRENBATH, b. 23 MARCH 1756, , Lilleshall, Shropshire, England,6 d. 25 May 1758, , Lilleshall, Shropshire, England,6 buried: 27 May 1758, , Lilleshall, Shropshire, England. In William's day book there is an illegible word under the entry of birth... ?'---ing'. It looks like a place-name, so the place of birth and bp given here may be wrong.

VI. John DAMER TRENBATH, b. 28 APR 1757,6 d. 23 Sep 1766,6 buried: 26 Sep 1766, Blessed Virgin Mary Parish Church, Bowdon, CHS.

VII. Richard TRENBATH, b. 7 Mar 1759, ,SAL,6 occupation Shop-keeper, d. 22 Dec 1800, , Northwich, CHS, buried: 28 Dec 1800, St Helen's Church, Witton, CHS.4 It is possible that his shop was a draper's, as the Trenbaths in Australia had a succession of draper's shops. Ron MacIntyre thinks it was a family tradition.

A. William TRENBATH, b. 15 Feb 1790, , Witton, CHS, occupation Clerk/House Agent, d. 26 APR 1866, Elm Place, Stretford, LAN,, William Trenbath b Witton 15 FEB 1790, Married 14 Jan 1827 and died on 6 JUN 1866 at Elm Place, Stretford Road, Hulme

He married Mary ENTWISLE, m. 14 Jan 1827, in St Mary's, Manchester, LAN, (daughter of James WATKIN and Hannah ENTWISLE) baptized 20 MAR 1802, , Manchester, LAN,14 ,11 occupation Corset Maker, d. MAR 1873, , Chorlton, CHS. Mary: In Parish Register: (spelt' Entwisle'). There is an Entwistle one-name study in existance. After her husband died she went to New York, where she wrote home using a headed note-paper describing herself as 'Corset Maker'. FRC Index gives her age at death as 71.

In a volume of the Great Bridgewater Street Sunday School staff rosters there are references to Mary Entwisle, girls teacher 1822-1825. (SRC:Winifred Johns of Australia in 2001).

1. Mary TRENBATH, b. 1828, Hulme, Manchester, Lancashire, England,11 Occupation: Assistant,11 d. SEP 1907, , Ormskirk, LAN. 1861Census - Living at 416 Stretford Road, Elm Place, with her parents and sister.

2. Hannah Eliza TRENBATH, b. 1831, , Oldham, LAN, d. 1835, buried: 2 Aug 1835, All Saints, Chorlton on Medlock, CHS.4 Parish Register: 'of Water St. aged 4 years'.

3. Eliza TRENBATH, b. 1836, , Manchester, LAN, occupation Assistant,11 d. 1 Jan 1912, , Ormskirk, LAN.

B. John TRENBATH, b. 1 Nov 1792, occupation Baker, d. bef ORE 1836, ?Hulme, LAN, buried: Chapel, Bridgewater, CHS. He married Martha ?LOWE.

Martha: Went to New York after husband's death, according to Hugh McC's chart.

Pigot 1833 - John Trenbath at 8 Black Pryme Street, Hulme.

Pigot-1836-Martha TRENBATH, widow, Baker, 8 Black Prime St., Hulme.

1. George Lowe TRENBATH, baptized 22 Nov 1818, The Cathedral, Manchester, LAN. Died young, according to Hugh McCulloch's chart.

2. John TRENBATH, baptized 5 Dec 1824, The Cathedral, Manchester, LAN. Died young, according to HMcC's chart.

3. Richard TRENBATH, d. 4 MAR 1827, Cathedral, Manchester, LAN. His death is recorded as 'Baptised son of John and Martha Trenbath of Hulme, baker.

C. George TRENBATH, b. 25 Aug 1794, , Witton, CHS, occupation Cotton Waste dealer/Tea Dealer, buried: Chapel, Bridgewater, CHS. 1826 - Baines 'Lancashire': George Trenbath, Tea Dealer, with house at 5 Great Ormond St. C.R. (Don't know what CR stands for). Marriage was by banns. Wit. James Ogden and Isabella Abbey.

He married Hannah COXON, m. 14 May 1823, in St Johns, Deansgate, Manchester,,4 b. ABOUT 1802, , Rolleston, STS, d. SEP 1859, , Melton Mowbray, LEI, buried: , Higher Broughton, CHS.

1. Eliza Ann TRENBATH, b. 1825. Died young. Baptismal entry: 'd of George and Hannah TreMbath of Chorlton Row, tea dealer'.

2. Elizabeth TRENBATH, b. ABOUT 1827, , Oldham, LAN.

1851 Census for 82 Gt Clowes St, Broughton: aged 24, at home, born Oldham. Her mother died in Melton Mowbray, so presumably came to live with them just before she died in SEP 1859.

She married George Jonas CROSSLEY, m. 23 Jun 1859, in , Melton Mowbray, LEI, b. cir CA 1819,16 (son of Thomas CROSSLEY and Mary -?-). George: 1881 census for Crossleys in Leicestershire doesn't show any Crossleys in Melton Mowbray.

a. Reginald CROSSLEY. Not yet found in FRC birth indexes.

b. Gertrude CROSSLEY. Unmarried. Living in Bowdon in 1911, according to Eliza TRENBATH'S will, where she is described as Eliza's 'cousin'. Left 20 pa for life.

c. Clark CROSSLEY.

3. Hannah Maria TRENBATH, b. 1828.

4. Louisa TRENBATH, b. ABOUT 1830, , Manchester, LAN. Baptised at same time as Hannah TRENBATH. Also married 'a Janion' in South Africa, according to Hugh McCulloch's notes, had a family

1851 Census for 82 Gt Clowes St, Broughton: aged 21. Born Manchester.

5. Hannah Maria TRENBATH, b. 1834. Possibly the original owner of the 1844 copy of 'The Ancient Mariner', which I have in my possession, presumably inherited through Eliza TRENBATH. The fly-leaf has 'Marie TRENBATH' written in beautiful copper-plate writing.

She married John Bowers JANION and their children were all born in Sout Africa. A record of her marriage has not been found to date (2003)

The SOUTH AFRICAN DESCENDANTS are on a separate page

6. George TRENBATH, b. ABOUT 1837, , Manchester, LAN, occupation ? Spindle Maker. Unmarried.

7. Frederick TRENBATH, baptized 29 Oct 1834, Cathedral, Manchester, LAN,, occupation Warehouseman in 1851, d. OCT 1911, The Cemetary, Sydney, NSW, AUS, buried: 27 Oct 1911, Rookwood, Sydney, NSW, AUS. Migrated to Australia about 1855 and settled in Orange, NSW. In 1875 the family were living in Gulgong, NSW and in 1887 had settled in Sydney.

At one time Frederick was a labourer. Later he was a storekeeper in the Orange area - probably of a haberdashery, as this occupation has been carried on by later members of the family.

He married Mary Ann MAY, m. 8 Aug 1861, in , Orange, NSW, AUS, b. 12 Aug 1844, , Kirby Muxloe, LEI, (daughter of Samuel MAY and Jane ASTILL) d. 19 Dec 1895, Callan Pk Psychiatric Hosp, Sydney, AUS, buried: 21 Dec 1895, Rookwood, Sydney, NSW, AUS.

The AUSTRALIAN DESCENDANTS are on a separate page

D. Thomas TRENBATH, b. 25 Jul 1796, Castle, Northwich, CHS,4 occupation Glass dealer, Clerk/Agent/Auctioneer, d. 6 Mar 1850, , Witton, CHS [Winton in will].

He married (1) Mary WRIGHT, m. 21 JAN 1824, in St John's Church, Manchester, LAN, (daughter of Robert WRIGHT and unknown) baptized 17 MAR 1800, , Nantwich, CHS,1 d. Before 1833. Mary: After she died Thomas married a much younger woman and lost his job as a result.

There is a bp for a Mary Wright at Bolton Dukes Alley Independant on 5 OCT 1807 (born 19 JUN 1807).

The IGI gives one on 17 MAR 1800 at Nantwich, da of Robert Wright. Also one for Ann on 15 JUN 1802, da of Robert Wright.

He married (2) Catherine LAWTON, m. 27 JAN 1833, in St Mary's, Manchester, LAN, b. cir CA 1814, , ?Church Lawton, CHS,12 (daughter of Mr LAWTON and Ellen ??) occupation Grocer & Corn dealer, d. 13 Feb 1873, , Barton, Cheshire, England.

1. Richard TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Mary WRIGHT) b. ?NOV 1824, Deansgate, Manchester, LAN, d. Deansgate, Manchester, LAN,39 buried: 16 FEB 1825, All Saints, Chorlton on Medlock, CHS.4 PR: 'Aged 3 months, of Deansgate'. The relationship with Thomas and Mary as parents is not proved, but quite possible.

2. Robert Wright TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Mary WRIGHT) b. 27 Dec 1825, , Patricroft, Cheshire, England, occupation Shirt Manufacturer/Mcht, d. 4 Oct 1902, , Bowdon, CHS, buried: 6 Oct 1902, St Mary's Parish Church, Bowdon, CHS.

He married Emily CROSSLEY, m. 21 Dec 1850, in The Cathedral, Manchester, LAN, b. 1828, , Manchester, LAN, (daughter of Thomas CROSSLEY and Mary -?-) d. 6 Dec 1868, Albert Square, Bowdon, CHS, buried: 9 Dec 1868, Bowdon Churchyard, Bowdon, CHS.

Emily: Married on the same day, but at a different church, as Fanny Crossley. Buried in same grave as Robert, Ada and Cecil. Reputed to have been related to Lady Mabel Crossley. It was William John Crossley who started the carpet factory. Frederick Wm Crossley m Emily Kerr at St Margarets, Dunham Massey 1 JUN 1871

Emily's death was reported as being due to 'Marasmus', which means severe malnutrition or severe malabsorbsion of nutrients. I wonder if this may have been due to coeliac disease, from which her grand-daughter (Sheila Trenbath) suffers mildly.

a. Robert Crossley TRENBATH, b. OCT 1851, , Chorlton, CHS, occupation Silk and Cotton Importer., d. 18 Oct 1911, , Bernardsville, NY, USA, buried: Oakwood Cemetary, Troy, NY, USA. Farmer in Yakima Valley (?and Somerville, NJ.) Organist and choirmaster in Episcopalian Church. Also a buyer for ATSewart & Co. Returned to farming in later years. See A L Rowse 'The Cornish in America'. Came to America about 1871/2.

He married Alice Aloa WIGHT, m. 17 Jun 1874, in Presbyterian Ch, Fifth Ave, NY, USA, b. 21 Mar 1849, , Troy, NY, USA, occupation Lay Artist, d. 21 Nov 1906, , Somerville, NJ, USA, buried: Oakwood Cemetary, Troy, NY, USA. Alice: Pen and ink drawings, but used colour also. Fond of farm scenes. Died at 64 West End Avenue, Somerville.

The AMERICAN DESCENDANTS are on a separate page

b. Ada Emily TRENBATH, b. 29 Jan 1853, Harriet St., Stretford, LAN,42 d. JUN 1933, , Bucklow, CHS,, buried: 7 Jun 1933, Parish Church, Bowdon, CHS.44 Unmarried. Mentioned in Eliza TRENBATH's will - 'of Bowdon' Buried with Emily, Robert and Cecil. Born at Harriet Street, Stretford; Barton upon Irwell registration district. Registered by her father. A Church District Visitor and member of the Ladies Guild in 1897 - source: Bowdon Parish Magazine for 1897. Received 25 pa from will of Eliza Trenbath.

c. Arthur Herbert TRENBATH, b. 11 Feb 1860, Albert Square, Bowdon, CHS, occupation Travellr/Co Director, d. 18 Jan 1932, 10 Aughton Road, Southport, LAN. Photo

He married Helena Amelia RAHR, m. 9 Apr 1896, in Parish Church, Bowdon, CHS, b. 17 Dec 1867, , Withington, Lancs, England,52 (daughter of Viggo Dannefoerd RAHR and Elizabeth WHITE) d. 8 Sep 1947, , Southport, LAN, buried: Trinity Ch-Alexandra Rd, Southport, LAN. Photo

(1)Donald Rahr TRENBATH, b. 29 Jun 1898, Ashlee, Vicarage Lane, Bowden, CHS, occupation Bank Manager, d. 8 Apr 1988, , Highcliffe, DOR, buried: CREMATORIUM, , Bournemouth, DOR. Photo

He married Enid May GILLETT, m. 24 May 1930, in St Augustine's, Hull, ERY, b. 7 Sep 1903, W Sculcoates, Hull, ERY, (daughter of Thomas Augustus GILLETT and Emily FARGUS) d. 23 Jul 1990, General Hospital, Southampton, HAM, buried: CREMATORIUM, , Southampton, HAM.

(a) Sheila Rosemary TRENBATH, (details excluded)

She married (1) Cyril Vincent WESTON, (details excluded)

                   (2) Philip SCHIMMER, (details excluded)

(b) Brian Rahr TRENBATH, (details excluded)

He married Suzanne DE ROUGEMONT, (details excluded).

(2) Inger Mary TRENBATH, b. 14 Sep 1901, , Bucklow, CHS,, d. 23 Nov 1991, General Hospital, Bath, SOM.

She married Alfred Joseph Collins WOOD, m. JUN 1927, in , Ormskirk, LAN, b. 29 Mar 1901, occupation Company Director, d. Abt 1986, Hospital, Lymington, HAM. Alfred: Descended from Sir John Moore, who took part in the naval battle of Corunna in the late eighteenth century. Also from a General Wood, I believe.

(a) Virginia Mary WOOD, b. 3 Jun 1929, , Southport, LAN, d. NOV 1931, , Southport, LAN.

(b) Caroline Gay WOOD, (details excluded).

She married (1) Gordon CLARK, (details excluded).

She married (2) Stanley WINCOTT, b. 11 Sep 1918, , Lee, S London,, occupation C of E Minister, d. 5 Aug 1991, , Southampton, HAM. Stanley: Died at 20 Mayfield Road, Bitterne.

(c) Susan Helga WOOD, (details excluded).

She married David Allan VENABLES, (details excluded).

d. Frederick Ernest TRENBATH, b. JUN 1861, , Altrincham, CHS, occupation Agent, d. MAR 1935, , Newcastle on Tyne, LAN.37

He married Elizabeth TAYLOR, m. JUNE 1886, in , Altrincham, CHS,37 b. cir CA 1860, , Bowden, CHS,,40 d. 3 Aug 1925, 50 Lodore Road, Newcastle on Tyne, LAN.17 Elizabeth:

Will: Elizabeth Trenbath, of Lodore Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Wife of Frederick Ernest Trenbath. Probate granted at London on 9 NOV 1925 to John Taylor, Gentleman, and Ruth Taylor, spinster, and James Mottram, Bank Manager. Effects 914.5.6.

The codicil gives her new address as 18 Leslie Crescent, N upon T. It mentions moneys held in trust for her daughter and belonging to the estate of her late father, Samuel Taylor.

(1) Frederick (Eric) Taylor TRENBATH, b. JUN 1887, , , Newcastle on Tyne, NBL, occupation Soldier, d. 30 Oct 1917, , , Poicapelle, Belgium.

(2) Ethel Mary TRENBATH, b. DEC 1888, , Newcastle on Tyne, LAN,37 d. UNKNOWN. It is assumed that this is the correct marriage. She would have been 37. Look up P Register at SOG for 'Bucklow', CHS.

She married Frederick J LIBBY, m. DEC 1925, in , Bucklow, CHS,.

e. Cecil TRENBATH, b. MARCH 1863, , Altrincham, CHS,55 occupation Wholesale Shirt Mnfctr., d. 21 APR 1932, Bowdon, CHS, buried: 23 Apr 1932, Parish Church, Bowdon, CHS.

3. Thomas TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Mary WRIGHT) b. SEP 1827, d. 1831, , Manchester, LAN, buried: 27 May 1831, All Saints, Chorlton on Medlock, CHS.4 Parents were 'of M/c'. Surname is written as TreSSbath at baptism. He is probably the son of Thomas b 1796, and Mary Wright. PR says he was 3 years and 8 months when he died. Thomas Trenbath, glass dealer, and Mary Wright were married at St John's in 1824.

4. Sarah TRENBATH, (daughter of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 1833, Deansgate, Manchester, LAN, d. 3 FEB 1834, Deansgate, Manchester, LAN,39 buried: 5 Feb 1834, All Saints, Chorlton on Medlock, CHS.4 'Aged 5 months' at her death. At Preston CRO a Sarah Trenbath is named in a Coroner's Account book for 'inquisition post mortem at Manchester'. Ref: QSP 2997/174. She died on Feb 3rd. This is a page from the Accounts of the Treasurer of County of Lancaster, with a list of names and (presumably) fees - 1.0.0 each. Sarah is listed as 'of Manchester'. Perhaps there are more details at Manchester - Coroner's report or newspaper.

5. Frances Louisa TRENBATH, (daughter of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 11 Feb 1836, , Barton, Cheshire, England. Probably died very young as there is another Francis baptised in 1844. No Frances Louisa Trenbath found in death index, so probably before they began.

6. Thomas TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 21 Apr 1837, Patricroft, Barton on Irwell, England, occupation Coal Agent. N/C Preacher, d. 15 Jun 1915, , Eccles, LAN, buried: Cemetary, Eccles, LAN.

He married Margaret BENNETT, m. 11 Feb 1862, in St John's Ch., Manchester, LAN, b. 1839, d. 3 Apr 1912, , Eccles, LAN,62 buried: Cemetary, Eccles, CHS.

a. William Bradshaw TRENBATH, b. 11 Jul 1862, Canal Bank, Patricroft, Cheshire, Eng., occupation Railway Clerk, d. 28 Sep 1923, , Fylde, LAN.

He married Ellen PLANT, m. MARCH 1888, in , Barton I, Cheshire, England,37 b. cir CA 1866, d. 1939, , Fylde, LAN. Ellen: It is assumed that this is the wife of Wm Bradshaw TRENBATH. According to John Young, she was 'aged 75' when she died. She inherited 1,278.15.9 from her husband.

(1) Marianne Ellen TRENBATH, b. JUN 1889, , Barton I, Cheshire, England.37 William Vernon's sisters were Marie and Phyllis. Further research required as to which of several alternatives are correct.

She married Robert H ASPDEN, m. SEP 1933, in , Hayfield, DBS. Robert: The marriage was registered at Huddersield.

(2) William Vernon TRENBATH, b. 21 May 1891, 162 New lane, Winton, CHS,, occupation N/C Minister, d. 0 Dec 1957, , Salford, LAN. Was Officer in WW1. Which regiment? Also a wrestling champion. He was a legend in his branch of the family. Ronald says that the skill in wrestling comes through from Cornwall! He became a reverend after Hilda's death in 1918.

He married (1) Hilda ROBINSON, m. MAR 1918, in , Barton, Cheshire, England, b. cir CA 1895, d. MAR 1918, , Barton, Cheshire, England. Hilda: She was a VAD. She died during a 'flu epidemic, aged 23.

He married (2) Eva STRINGER, m. JUN 1926, in , Cannock, STS.

(a) Margaret J TRENBATH, (details excluded).

She married James A BARR.

(b) David T TRENBATH, (details excluded).

He married Aline WELCH.

(3) Horace Lawton TRENBATH, b. SEP 1897, , Barton I, Cheshire, England, d. 1960, , Sarisbury Green, HAM.

He married Lily FIELDEN, m. SEP 1925, in , Fylde, LAN, d. MAR 1976, , Southend on Sea, ESX.

Lily: It may be she who died at Southend on Sea in March quarter of 1976. If so, she was born on 14 JUN 1898.

(a) Marie P TRENBATH, (details excluded).

She married Roland T DARVELL.

(4) Phyllis TRENBATH, b. SEP 1906, , Chorlton, CHS,37 d. JUN 1907, , Chorlton, CHS. She may have married a Mr Bamber in 1929 at Fylde, but there is a Phyllis Gertrud Trenbath in my files also.

b. Eleanor TRENBATH, b. MAR 1864, , Eccles, CHS, occupation Cotton Reeler in 1881, d. 24 Aug 1930, , Glossop, LAN, buried: Cemetary, Eccles, CHS.

1881 - Aged 17, living with her parents. In 1926 she was living with her father at 21 Park Street, Patricroft. In 1932 a directory shows a Miss E Trenbath at 1 Bankfield Road, Cheadle Hulme, which might be her. She was left œ1,000 of stock in the Midland Railway Co. by Eliza Trenbath in 1912..described as 'daughter of Thomas Trenbath, of Patricroft'.

c. George TRENBATH, b. 23 Feb 1866, Peel Green, Winton, Cheshire, England, occupation Electrical Engineer, d. 18 Nov 1935, Whiteley View, Glossop, DBS.37

He married Edith Mary TAYLOR, m. 26 Dec 1895, in Trinity Chapel-Liverpool Rd, Patricroft,, b. 12 Feb 1870, , Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, Eng, (daughter of Daniel John TAYLOR) d. Dec 1958, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Birmingham.71

(1) Jack TRENBATH, b. DEC 1896, , Chorlton, CHS, occupation Engineer'g student/2nd Lt, d. 8 Sep 1918, , , Flanders, France. He was an engineering student at Manchester University, studying engineering. He had the B.Com. from Salford Tech.

(2) Dorothy TRENBATH, b. 28 Sep 1902, 15 Park Grove, Levenshulme, LAN, d. 24 Jan 1997, Arden Cottage, Combe, OXF.

She married Fred Alexander Maughan OLDHAM, m. SEP 1924, in , Glossop, LAN, b. 4 Apr 1893, , Dunkinfield, LAN, occupation Engineer/Co.Director,79 d. 1965, , Hampton in Arden, W MID.

(a) Marjorie Maugham OLDHAM, (details excluded).

She married John G YOUNG, (details excluded).

(b) Janet OLDHAM, (details excluded).

She married Philip George MANASSEH, (details excluded).

(3) Marjorie Belshaw TRENBATH, b. JUN 1906, , Salford, LAN, d. JUN 1965, Hints Farm, Tamworth, STS, buried: , Sutton Coldfield, STS.

Died of cancer, while staying with her niece, Janet, and Philip Oldham She did ambulance work during the war. She lived with her mother until her mother died. After Edith's death she became companion to Lady Floyd of Chearsley for six years until she (Marjorie) died at Hints Farm, Tamworth.

7. Elizabeth Ann TRENBATH, (daughter of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 2 Nov 1839, Winton, Barton on Irwell, LAN, d. 1918-1920.

She married James ROYLE, m. 28 Nov 1864, in Methodist Chapel, Barton I, CHS,37 b. cir CA 1841, occupation Chandler/Basket Maker.

8. George TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 26 Jan 1842, , Barton, CHS, occupation Town Councillor etc etc, d. 8 Feb 1902, , Fylde, LAN, buried: 11 Feb 1902, Peel Green Cemetary, Eccles, LAN.

He married Rachel Ann BAGSHAW, m. JUNE 1868, b. 4 Sep 1848, , New Mills, LAN, d. JUNE 1924, , Stockport, CHS.

See separate chart for Descendants of George Trenbath and Rachel Ann Bagshaw.

9. Eleanor Jane TRENBATH, (daughter of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 26 Jan 1842, , Chorlton, CHS, d. MAR 1864, , Barton, Cheshire, England.37

Research note for the 1881 Census: There is an E Jane Trenbath, 30, SV, b Claughton Wit. in the household of George Starbuck (he was born in CON). ref 358899 f38. But this EJT died in 1842. She is the twin of George.

10. Frances TRENBATH, (daughter of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. JAN/FEB 1844, , Chorlton, CHS, d. MAR 1852, , Barton I, Cheshire, England.37

11. Sarah TRENBATH, (daughter of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 23 May 1845, , Barton, Cheshire, England. She doesn't appear to have been registered. The only Sarah I have found around this time was in the third quarter of 1845 and registered at Redruth.

12. William TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 25 Feb 1847, , Barton, Cheshire, England, occupation Commercial Traveller, d. 20 Dec 1924, Wallasey, Liverpool, CHS.

 He married Hannah LEWTHWAITE, m. DEC 1873, in , West Derby, LAN, b. 1850, , Liverpool, LAN,,40 d. MAR 1910, , Birkenhead, CHS.

a. Kate TRENBATH, b. DEC 1874, , Barton, LAN, England,55 ,40 d. 1967.

She married Mr ROBINSON, m. JUN 1900, in , Birkenhead, CHS.

(1) Kathleen ROBINSON, b. 1900. Received œ4 from her grandfather, William Trenbath's will, in 1912, to be kept in trust for her when she reached 21.

b. William Frederick TRENBATH, b. JUN 1877, , Barton, Cheshire, England,37 occupation Textile importer/exporter/Salesman Cotton Goods,40 d. 18 Jan 1940, 23 Lyndhurst Road, Wallasey, CHS.

Unmarried. Founder of ?Hartington and Trenbath, with branches in S Africa & N York & later in Oslo. Rosa Trenbath  also lived at 23 Lyndhurst Road, as did William TRENBATH, who died in 1925. (The house was called 'Fernbank' then) William's will was proved in Liverpool on 22 MAY 1940. He left everything to Stanley Robinson, Company Director, and Kathleen Robinson, Spinster. Effects were 2,6220.2.1. Executor was Harold Vernon, who was also his brother, William's, executor.

c. Harold Vernon TRENBATH, b. SEP 1879, , Barton, Cheshire, England, occupation Commerc'l Representative/Traveller,,40 d. MAR 1951, , Hale, CHS. Last address was Devonshire House, Ashley Road, Hale, CHS. Wife, Edith and also Harold Vernon Oxton TRENBATH, Dental Surgeon, named in will. In 1925 he is described as 'of Liskard, CHS' in his father's will. 1932 directory gives his address as 'Martholme, Oldfield Lane, Oldfield, Altrincham.

He married Edith Constance LEE-OXTON, m. SEP 1912, in , Birkenhead, CHS, b. 1890, d. 1985.

(1) Harold Vernon Oxton TRENBATH, b. 19 Jul 1913, , Berkenhead, CHS,37 occupation Dental Surgeon, d. DEC 1971, , Bucklow, CHS,.37 His address was 286 Oldfield Road, Altrincham, Cheshire in 1962. The birth index is to be rechecked. I have noted the mother's name as Stanley.

(2) William Ronald TRENBATH, (details excluded).

He married Valerie Antonia PICKFORD, (details excluded).

d. Rose TRENBATH, b. MAR 1881, , Barton, LAN, England,37 d. JUNE 1957, , Birkenhead, CHS.71 Unmarried. Her last address was 23 Lyndhurst Road, Wallasey. Her will left everything to Stanley Trenbath, Co. Director. (her brother). Called Rosa in index, but called Rose in her father's will of 1925, when she is left all his personal property and money, so long as she remains unmarried.

e. Leonard TRENBATH, b. SEP 1882, , Barton, Cheshire, England,37 d. 20 Aug 1882, , Eccles, LAN.

f. Percival TRENBATH, b. SEP 1882, , Barton, Cheshire, England, d. 18 Oct 1882, , Eccles, CHS.

g. Stanley TRENBATH, b. DEC 1886, Liscard, Birkenhead, CHS,37 ,40 d. JUN 1962, Edgley Grange N. Home, Stockport, CHS,.71

He married Lucy EASTHAM, m. DEC 1916, in , Fylde, LAN, b. cir CA 1887, d. SEP 1961, , NE Cheshire, CHS.

(1) Patricia TRENBATH, b. SEP 1917, , Fylde, LAN,37 d. FEB 1995, , , Wales. May have died in Bala.

She married Alan Jerome EVANS, m. JUN 1945, in , Manchester, LAN, b. , , , USA.

(a) Alan EVANS.

(b) Nicholas EVANS, (details excluded).

He married Gosia -?-, b. , , , Poland.

13. Alfred TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 7 May 1848, , Barton, Cheshire, England,37 occupation Solicitor, d. SEP 1922, , Macclesfield, CHS.

He was left the income from 500 legacy by Eliza Trenbath in 1912. He experienced poor health. An unfortunate case with criminal clients led to his decline, although he was totally exonerated from blame. (This needs verification). 1919 Directory gives an Alfred Trenbath as living at 40 Poplar Grove, Sale, which may be him.

I think he was at no 7 Worsley Road in 1881 census (3883-112-25).

He married Sis THISTLETHWAITE, m. JUN 1874, in , Barton, Cheshire, England.

14. John Henry TRENBATH, (son of Thomas TRENBATH and Catherine LAWTON) b. 18 Dec 1849, Winton, Barton on Irwell, LAN,50 occupation Tax Collector/Dep.Regstr., d. 19 Aug 1912, , Eccles, LAN.

He married Sarah Jane THISTLETHWAITE, m. 19 Oct 1886, in Parish Church, Eccles, CHS,37 b. cir CA 1859, 2 Avenue, Barton I, CHS,12 d. MAR 1933, , Shardlow, CHS. Sarah: Her father was William Thistlethwaite, Grocer. Her address at marriage was Patricroft, by licence. Both were 'of full age'.

a. Dorothy TRENBATH, b. 31 Jul 1890, 2 Avenue, Barton I, CHS, d. 1975. Brought up by Elizabeth Ann Royle (nee Trenbath).

She married Ivor BELLRINGER, m. DEC 1917, in , Barton, Cheshire, England, occupation Mainten'ce Engineer/Trade, d. 1950.

Ivor: He was a Maintenance Engineer with Metropolitan Vickers, but changed his job for one at Derby, thought to have better prospects, only to be made redundant soon afterwards. He moved to Blackpool and bought shoe shops which failed, so he returned to Metrovics and later worked for Petrocarbons.

(1) Kath BELLRINGER, b. 1918, occupation Chemist, d. MAR 1996.

She married Fred HAMPSON.

(a) Jean HAMPSON.

She married Steve ACKERY, occupation RAF Officer.

(b) Chris HAMPSON.

She married Garth -?-, occupation RAF Officer.

(2) Joyce BELLRINGER, (details excluded).

She married Ashley KIRBY, occupation Engineer.

(a) Daughter KIRBY, occupation Classics scholar.

(b) Son KIRBY, occupation Medical Consultant.

E. Sarah TRENBATH, b. 1798, , Northwich, CHS, occupation Straw Hat maker, d. 9 Jun 1886, , , Maryborough, Australia. 1822 Pigot & Dean Directory: Sarah Trenbath at 6 Eltoft St., Manchester, Straw bonnet maker.

F. Frances TRENBATH, b. 1801, , Northwich, CHS, occupation Straw hat maker.

She was born after her father had died. It may be she who died in 1/1852 - St Cath House registers. OR.... Possibly the mother of Frances Thacker, milliner, who was living with her Aunt, Sarah TRENBATH at Tivoli Cottage, Worsley Road, Peel Lane in 1851. She died in Australia, I think. Bob Carter is investigating.

1851 Census for Tivoli Cottage, 147 Peel Lane, Worsley Road, Broughton:

Sarah TRENBATH, head, unmarried, 52, Milliner, b Northwich (Witton is part of Northwich);

Frances THACKER, niece, U, 23 (thus born about 1827), Milliner, b Hulme, Manchester.

VIII. Frances TRENBATH, b. 16 Nov 1760, ,,SAL, d. ?. She was 40 when she married William Thompson.

She married William THOMPSON, m. 19 Oct 1801, in St Helen's Church, Witton, CHS,4 b. cir CA 1776, occupation 'Rockgetter'.

William: He was a widower, aged 35, when he married Frances. The marriage was by licence. The licence (Chester CRO ref 283/48 and /49) was dated 18 OCT 1801 and records him as being 'of Witton, CHS.  The witnesses were Jn Wilding and Jas Swindall. Both signed and the marriage was by licence. 

IX. Thomas TRENBATH, b. 15 Jan 1763, ,Witton, CHS.6 Living in Bury when William was born (assuming that I have linked William to the correct parents) and in Stockport in 1792 when Thomas was born. No further references to him have been found, unless the death of Thomas Trenbath in Stockport (13 August, 1793) refers to him and not to his son.   

William TRENBATH, b. 10 Mar 1790, , Bury, LAN, occupation Clerk/Agent - being researched. William Trenbath - born 10 MAR 1790 at Bury, Bp 13 MAR 1791 at St Mary's, Bury.

Thomas TRENBATH, b. 5 Jul 1792, , Stockport, CHS,4 buried: 13 AUG 1793, St Mary's, Stockport, CHS.8 Thomas Trenbath

bp 5 JUL 1792 at Stockport, CHS. bp 6 AUG 1792 at St Mary's, Stockport. The Parish register says 'of Thomas and Mary Trenbath of Stockport'.

In the National Burial Index there is a Thomas Trenbath who was buried at St Mary's, Stockport, on 13 August, 1793 and I have assumed that this is the Thomas born in 1792, although it COULD refer to his father. The index and Parish register could be looked at to see if more details are given..

X. Mary TRENBATH, b. 2 Feb 1766, , Dunham Woodhouses. 6 I have assumed that the family were at Dunham Woodhouses by now.

XI. Charlotte TRENBATH, b. 12 Jun 1768, ,Dunham Woodhouses, CHS,6 d. 3 May 1769, ,,CHS, buried: 5 May 1769, Parish Church, Bowdon, CHS.

XII. Benjamin TRENBATH, b. 12 May 1770, ,,CHS,6 d. 6 Aug 1770, , , CHS, buried: 7 Aug 1770, St Helen's Church, Witton, CHS.

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