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Trenbaths in other countries

Last reviewed 05 October 2014

The American Census returns are in a separate section

Have you any Trenbaths in your ancestory who migrated from the UK to other countries and are not included on these pages? Please let me know.

My brother, Brian R Trenbath and Suzanne, are now (2008) living in Perth, Australia, as they have done for many years. The rest of their family also live in various parts of Australia. Hannah Maria Trenbath migrated to South Africa some time before 1858, when her first child was born and Robert Crossley Trenbath migrated to America in about 1872

In 2006 I heard from Derek Tanner in New Zealand. He wrote:

My mother, a lively 88 years has always brought the family up to say:
"Trenbath with an N for Nelly: the only one in New Zealand."
The correct details as taken from my father's Certified Copy of Entry into
the Register-book of Births - New Zealand: Certificate No. 29679
(Christchurch 30/10/1906) are as follows:
Name of child (my father): John Robert Henry
When and where born: 22 September 1906 - 1783 Duncan Street, Spreydon
Christchurch N.Z.
His father's details: John Henry Trenbath
Aged 24 born in Christchurch (1881)
Cabinet-maker - married 27 December 1905 to Robina (nee Russell) aged 22
born in Dunedin N.Z. (1883).
All I know about my grandfather (John Henry Trenbath - with an N) is that he
died when my father was about 10 years of age and his married sister
(Barker) travelled from Kaiti in Gisborne N.Z. to lay claim to furniture
which he had made - apparently his inlaid woodwork was of very high quality
and much admired. I have one photograph of the Trenbath family (which
included my father's younger sister - Aunty Florence and his baby brother),
taken about 1912. 

I believe that the original spelling may have been Trembath, but am awaiting further research.

There is a Naturalization for a William Trenbath on the rootsweb Naturalization Page- He originated from Great Britain, was naturalized on 30 October 1890, at the US District Court, Deadwood - ref: vol1 (1890-1900) 27, record#1219. If anyone can fit him into their family history, please let me know, quoting the URL of this page