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Sheila R Weston, nee Trenbath

Last reviewed 01 December 2014

My 70th birthday 

I live in Romsey, which is a market town in the south of England, near to Winchester and Southampton. In my working life I was a Pharmacist, and have had a varied career in Retail, Hospitals and Industry, as well as with the Crown Agents in Malaya and 15 months in Barbados, where I was variously, a Drug Representative and a Hotel Receptionist. When I first qualified I could think of nothing worse than staying in the same job all my working life and I succeeded in avoiding this fate, with a vengeance!

In my 50s I took an Open University Degree in Psychology, Geology and Family History - as ever an eclectic approach. The psychology was put to good use when I later counselled for Cruse Bereavement Care and Victim Support.

Family History and Genealogy have been my main hobby for many years and I was able to indulge them to the full when I retired. These have  led to a fascination with all things computing and, in the early 2000s I edited the U3A newsletter and later the website for Romsey and District U3A (which has since been redesigned).

For three or four years Philip and I were involved with 'Sailability' (Sailing for the Disabled), as volunteers. We helped to give people with disabilities an experience of sailing in uncapsizable dinghies on a small lake near Ringwood.

Currently (2012) we drive people to medical appointments for Romsey Good Neighbours, enjoy our garden and walking in the countryside.

This photograph was taken on my 70th birthday in 2001. I look rather different now (2014) after a year of steroids to keep my arteritis ((NOT 'arthritis!) under control.

Dystonia Society, having had a voice spasm (Spasmodic Dysphonia) since the mid-‘90ss - possibly brought on by a particularly nasty bout of 'flu.

My Ancestor Chart is on a separate page. Further details can be seen on World Connect. My parents files are on the family pages of this site, as is my Trenbath grandfather, Arthur H Trenbath. Details about my Gillett ancestors are on the Gillett website