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He died in 1899.

This is the last Will and Testament of me, Viggo Dannefaerd Rahr of the City of Manchester, Merchant. I appoint my wife, Elizabeth Rahr, my son, Alfred Edwin Rahr and my friend, Arthur Herbert Trenbath [note: actually his son-in-law] (hereinafter called my Trustees) Executors and trustees of this my will.

I bequeath to my said wife all articles and effects of personal, domestic or household use or ornament belonging to me. I bequeath to the said Arthur Herbert Trenbath in case he shall prove my will and accept the trust thereof, the sum of Twenty Five pounds, free of duty. I give, devise and bequeath all my real and personal property not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my trustees, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns according to the nature and tenure thereof Upon Trust that my trustees shall sell, convert and get in the same, but with the fullest discretionary power to postpone such sale and conversion and getting in indefinitely (but nevertheless that the income of unconverted property shall from the time of my death go in the same manner as the proceeds thereof would have been applicable if the same had been converted). And shall, out of the proceeds, pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and the legacies bequeathed by this, my Will or any Codicil hereto, and shall invest the residue thereof at the discretion of my Trustees, in the names, or under the legal control of my Trustees in, or upon, any stocks, funds or securities authorised by law for such funds, or upon the security of freehold, copyhold or leasehold securities in England or Wales (whether subject, or not, to ground, or other, rent, or in, or upon the debentures or debenture, or the Guaranteed Preference, or ordinary stock or shares of any Railway Company, or any Public or Municipal or local body or authority in the United Kingdom; or on the security of rates or tolls made or levied by any such body or authority as aforesaid; or in Danish Government or Bank Stocks and may at such discretion as aforesaid vary or transpose such investments into or for others of any nature hereintobefore authorised.

And shall pay the income of my residuary estate, and the investments thereof to my said wife during her life, but without power of anticipation. And after the death of my said wifeshall stand possessed of the said trust premises and the income thereof.

Upon Trust to pay thereout the sum of seven hundred pounds to my said son, Alfred Edwin Rahr, the sum of Five Hundred pounds to my son, John Detlev Rahr, the sum of one Hundred Pounds to my daughter Emily Barratt, the sum of One Thousand pounds to my daughter Hilda Ormerod and the sum of One Thousand pounds to my daughter Helena Amelia Trenbath.

And, as to the residue of the said Trust premises, in Trust for all or any of my children or child living at my death and the children, or child, then living of any then deceased child of mine, who being male, attain the age of twenty one years, or being female, attain that age, or marry. If more than one, in equal shares, but so that the children of any deceased child of mine shall take equally between them only the share which their parent would have taken, had he or she survived me and attained a vested interest.

Provided always And I declare that if my son John Ditlev Rahr shall survive me, my Trustees shall retain any legacy bequeathed to him or his share and interest of and in any residuary trust funds (whether original or accruing) and hold the same upon the trust following: that is to say in Trust to invest the same at their discretion in any of the investments authorised by this, my will, with power to vary such investments and to pay the income of the said legacy and share, and the investments representing the same unto the said John Ditlev Rahr, until he shall assign, charge, or otherwise dispose of the said income, or some part thereof, or become bankrupt, or do, or suffer something whereby the said income, if belonging absolutely to him, or some part thereof, would become payable to, or invested in, some other person (which of the said events shall first happen). And if the trust hereinto before declared shall determine in the lifetime of the said John Ditlev Rahr then In trust during the remainder of the life of the said John Ditlev Rahr to pay and apply the income thereof for the maintenance and support or otherwise for the benefit of all or such one or more exclusively of the other or others of the sid John Ditlev Rahr and his issue for the time being (if any) or if he shall for the time being have no issue living, then for the benefit of all or such one or more exclusively of the others or other of the said John Ditlev Rahr and his brother and sisters, nephews and neices for the time being in such manner in all respects as my Trustees shall in their uncontrolled discretion think fit.

And from and after the decease of the said John Ditlev Rahr then In trust for all his children, who being sons shall attain the age of twenty one years, or being daughters shall attain that age or marry, in equal shares;