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 The 'Goldenes Schatz Kåstlein Der Kinder Gottes'

( Last reviewed 22 October 2014)

 Golden Treasure-Chest.

copyright Peter Rahr (2000)

This old book of 'scriptures' has text in German and is dated 1734 and belonged to Sophie Caroline Goldt's mother.



[of the] Children of God

Whose treasure is in heaven:

Consisting of exerted passages from the Holy Scriptures

Complete with included Verses.

12th printing, along with a Foreword on the proper

Use of this golden Treasure-Chest

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21

The chest is the Scripture, the treasure is JESUS CHRIST

Blest are we whose heart is such a [Treasure] Chest

HALLE, in conjunction with Waisen-Haus 1734

[Translation by Eugene M Wiese2004]

It contains lots of entries from the 18th century written in Danish and translated into English by V D Rahr.

There is an entry {translated}: "21 Feb 1726 I was born in the evening at 7 o'clock"

and "1779 - 17 Oct was to me a sorrowful day when I lost my dear good husband with whom I had lived 36 years and had 15 children of which I in my great sorrow live with 12 of which 9 are not provided for. God grant that I may live with them all thus? I may be with them in God's kingdom and say 'Lord here I am and all the children thou hast given."

Sophie Caroline Goldt's mother was Catharine Kjerrumsgaard  born 21/2/1726. She  married Johan Ditlef Goldt on 12th February 1743. J D Goldt  was born on the 20th April 1714  and died in 1779 - on either 17th July or October. He was, for  24 years, a customs official in Assens on Fyn and then moved in 1767 to Ribe and was a Customs official there.

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Their children were:
1.  5/11/1744   Sophie Caroline
2. 30/1/1746    Martha Dorothea
3. 11/11/1746   Stillborn
4. 19/9/1749     Elizabeth
5. 5/8/1751      Anne Bolette
6.  13/3/1753   Martha Charlotte Maria
7.  18/10/1754  John August
8.  21/2/1756   Johannes Frederick
9.  27/7/1757   Ahregott Sophie
10. 13/6/1759  Mathias Joachim
11. 19/9/1760  Christiane Christine
12. 15/10/1761 Adam Gottlieb Christian Caspar Magnus Ludwig
13. 26/11/1762 Frederikke Margarethe
14. 11/3/1765   Rebekka Jacobine
15. 27/9/1767  Bartholamaeus

This was taken from hand written details in Danish, so some of the spellings may not be quite correct.