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 Ann Fargus, nee Owen
 Enid Gillett
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American Census Returns for 1790, 1860, 1870, and 1880

Last reviewed on 30 August 2014

In there are 82 results for Fargus in the US census returns of 1860 and 1880. Are there any enthusiastic researchers out there who could transcribe a few of these?

There are a total of 503 Fargus entries if you include the 19th century.

The following are taken from Riverside Regional library website

see also usa1880census.htm


Census Year







Where born

Wm Fargus 1790 SC York No Township listed        
Fargus 1870 PA Clinton Woodward Township 81 F W PA
Ferd Fargus 1860 NE Washington Logan PCT 22 M W NCOD
Henry Fargus 1860 NJ Hudson 2-WD Jersey City 26 W IRL  
J Fargus 1860 GA Cass Stamp Crk 18 M W GA
John Fargus 1860 MO Cedar Box Township 42 M W VA
Margaret Fargus 1860 MA Worcester Clinton 25 F W IREL
Robt Fargus 1860 IN Vanderburg Evansville 44 M W ENGL
Samuel Fargus 1860 NJ Warren Greenwich Township 26 M W NJ
Thomas Fargus 1860 VA Pittsylvania Danville PO 55 M W VA
William Fargus 1860 Rockingham Reidsville PO   51 M W VA
Hary Fargus 1870 GA Henry Loves Dist 45 M Black GA
JT Fargus 1870 VA Pittsylvania Whitmell PO 64 M W VA
James Fargus 1870 PA Philadelphia 3-WD 7-Dist 30 M W SCOT
Laura Fargus 1870 NJ Burlington Burlington Township 12 F Black NJ
William Fargus 1870 TN Monroe Loudon PO 48 M W A
Edward Fargus 1870 PA Clinton Woodward Township 33 M W PA
Edward Fargus 1880 PA Clinton Woodward Township 33 M W PA