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Bristol Farguses (1)

Descendants of John Fargus who died in 1801

Including my Research Notes 

Many of the connections and much of the census information submitted by Julian and Stewart Lyon

Last reviewed on 02 January 2013

John FARGUS , d. 1801 in ?Bristol.

Bristol Directories:

1775 - Not there

1785 - Not there

1791 - Bristol - John FARGUS, broker at 3 Castle Ditch

1794 - Auctioneer at 3 Castle Ditch

1798 - Matthews Bristol Directory: Fargus & Branson at 3 Castle Ditch, Bristol

John (snr)'s Will was proved on 24.12.1801 at Bristol. Ann's, dated 04.10.180(6?), named her "son John (otherwise William)", daughters Catherine FARGUS, Mary CONNERY (husband John), Ann GREEN (husband William) and Elizabeth FARGUS, and grandson William Henry CONNERY.

A codicil dated 16.05.1820 showed that Catherine had daughter, Elizabeth FARGUS, and grandson William Henry CONNERY. It also showed that Catherine had married Charles WESTWOOD and they had a daughter Eliza Ann. The Will was proved on 26.01.1822. (Da. Ann was married 07.01.1790, Mary 06.08.1794, Elizabeth (to John HOARE) 10.08.1804 and Catherine 07.02.1807, all at St Joseph-RC, Bristol.)

He married Ann __________ (?Nancy DAVIS), d. 1822.


1815, 1815 and 1819 - Mrs Ann FARGUS at Brunswick Sq.

I. Elizabeth FARGUS , b. 5 MAR 1782. They married by licence. Both signed the register. She married John HOARE, married 11 Aug 1804 in St Pauls, Bristol, GLS.2

II. John (aka William) FARGUS , b. ? 17 AUG 1784,2 occupation Auctioneer/General Mercht, d. 3rd qtr 1854 in , Bristol, GLS.2 Will index says 'William, commonly called John'.

John (jnr) had an elder brother William who was b. and ch. 28.07.1780 at St Joseph-RC, Bristol and presumably died, hence John's desire to assume his name. His Will, was written in the name of William on 08.03.1854 and proved on 08.08.1854 at London, named his children as Henry Robert, Frederic(k) Charles, Olivia Maria, Emily Frances and Julia Elizabeth, all surnamed FARGUS, and a deceased daughter Mary Louisa MILLS (Will pr.1853, m.Thomas MILLS 26.04.1834).


Bristol Directories entries under Fargus:

1811 - Holden's Vol 2 - 3 Castle street, John Fargus, Auctioneer

1814 - Auctioneer and General Agent at 4 Clare Street. Residence at Duke St.

1815 - As above

1819 - John FARGUS,Auctioneer and general agent; 4 Clare St, Residence Southwell St., Kingsdown

1841 - John FARGUS & son. Auctioneer & general agent at 4 Clare St,, residence at 3 Southwell St. , St Michael: (HD) aged 55, Auctioneer (HO107-0373/12 p 18)

1845 - F C FARGUS; Land Surveyor at 4 Clare St, John FARGUS & son at 4 Clare St. Residence at Southwell St.

1847, Slaters -4 Clare Street, Bristol, Auctioneers

1849 (Hunts) - Not there for Bristol or for Chepstow.

1850 - Fargus & son; Auctioneers and Estate agents; 4 Clare St

Henry FARGUS (of Fargus & son) residence at 11 Hampton Terrace. Whiteladies, Bristol

John FARGUS of the same firm at Southwell House, Kingsdown

F C FARGUS; stock & share broker at 4 Clare St

1854 - As 1851

1855 - Frederick FARGUS at 21 Kingsdown Parade

Fargus & son and Henry FARGUS - as 1851

1856 - Frederick FARGUS at Southwell St., Kingsdown

Henry FARGUS at 11 Hampton Terrace

1857 - FARGUS bros. Auctioneers and general merchants at 4 Clare St.

Frederick FARGUS at 59 Kingsdown Parade

Mrs FARGUS at Southwell St., Kingsdown

Henry Robert FARGUS at 11 Hampton Terrace, Whiteladies

1863 - FARGUS bros.,

Frederick FARGUS at 42 Somerset St., Freemantle Sq.,

Henry Robert FARGUS at West Park Villa, West Park, Cotham

Mrs FARGUS at Southwell House, Kingsdown

1864 as 1863

1866 - FARGUS bros.,

Frederick FARGUS at Kingshill Villa, Cotham New Road

Henry Robert and Mrs FARGUS as 1863

1868 - FARGUS bros.,

Frederick at Kingshill Villa

Henry and Mrs - as before

1891 (Clifton & Redland) - Mrs FARGUS; Clifton Park Road

Mrs H R FARGUS 6 Belgrave Road, Upper Durdham Down

1901 - No FARGUSes.

A. Mary Louisa FARGUS , d. 1853.2 will proved 1853, at Bristol.

She married Thomas MILLS, married 26 APR 1834.2

B. Henry Robert FARGUS , b. circa 1816 in , Bristol, GLS,2,5 occupation Auctioneer, d. Q2 1885 in , Barton Regis,.2 1841 census: Southwell St., Bristol. St Michael: aged 25, Auctioneer.

1871 census at 6 Park Cottages, Westbury on Trym, HD, M, aged 55, Auctioneer

1881 at 10 West Park, Westbury on Trym, Bristol:aged 65 from bristol, Auctioneer

His will was made on 6 FEB 1883 and probate granted on 11 MAY 1885 to Mary Fargus, Widow. It mentions his sister, Olivia Marie Fargus, nephew, Frederick John Fargus and Henry Robert Fargus and sister Emily Richards.

He married (1) Isabella Amelia SMITH, married 8 NOV 1845 in , Berkely, GLS,2 b. circa 1824 in , Berkeley, GLS,6 d. SEP qtr 1860.

Isabella: 1841 census at Salter St., Berkeley, aged 17, da of George (a Land Steward) and Eliza Smith.

He married (2) Mary PERRY, married 22 JUN 1861 in , Clifton, GLS,2 b. circa 1829 in , Bristol, GLS, d. Q2 JUNE 1896 in , Barton Regis,.2 Mary: 1871 census at 6 Park Cottages, Westbury on Trym, WI, M, aged 41 from Bristol

1881 10 West Park, Westbury upon Trym: WI, aged 50 from Bristol

1891: Cupa Hotel, Lyme, DOR: WD, aged 62, Living on own means, from Bristol.

C. Olivia Maria FARGUS , b. circa 1819, d. Q4 1885 in , Honiton, DEV.2 1841 census at Southwell St, Bristol, St Michael, aged 20.

D. Ellen Georgiana FARGUS , b. 18 AUG 1821.2

E. Frederick Charles FARGUS , baptized 26 JUN 1823, d. Q2 1868 in Clifton, Bristol, GLS. had sons:- (1) Frederick John (b.26.12.1847, d.05.05.1885 Monte Carlo, the author "Hugh Conway" and father of the Cambridge and Gloucestershire cricketer Archibald Hugh Conway FARGUS); (2) Henry Robert (jnr) (ch.04.06.1850, mr.Q4/1878, Richmond, Helen Mary SKINNER, great-grandhildren living today); (3) William Charles (c.24.2.1852, dr.Q2/1900, Droxford aged 49).

1841 at Southwall Street, Bristol, aged 18.

He married Elizabeth MARSON, married 1847 in , Bath, GLS,2 d. Q1 1864 in Clifton, Bristol, GLS.2

1. Frederick John (aka Hugh Conway) FARGUS , b. 26 DEC 1847 in , Bristol, GLS,2 occupation Auctioneer, Author and Playwright, d. 15 May 1885 in , Monte Carlo, Monaco. 1871 census at Vale House, Westbury on Trym, GLS: Son, Unmarried, aged 23, born Bristol. Living with his Aunt, Emma Welsby (49) and cousin John Welsby, (23).

1881 13 Oakfield Road, Clifton, GLS: HD, M, 33, b Bristol, Auctioneer.

Author of 'Called Back' and other books and plays which were popular in England and America. There are numerous references to him in the New York Times and also on the internet.

Probate of will and codicil granted 11 JUL 1885, at the Principal Registry Office. Formerly of 2 Buckingham Villas, but late of 15 Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol. Beneficiaries are Amy Fargus, widow and relict, Henry Robert Fargus of 10 Lancaster Place, Strand, MDX, Esquire, the brother two [sic] of the executors. The will was written on 30 NOV 1874 and gives his address at the time of 2 Buckingham Villas, Clifton. He gives his occupation as Auctioneer.

It mentions a William Henry Stephens, flax manufacturer, of Bristol

See Encyclopaedia Brittanica for obituary at

He married Amy SPARK, married Q3 1871 in , Clifton, GLS, b. 20 JAN 1847 in , Knowle, GLS, d. Q1 1941 in , Bristol, GLS.10 Amy: 1871 census at Redcliffe house, Clifton, GLS: DA, Unmarried, aged 24, from Knowle, SOM.

1881 census at 13 Oakfield Road, Bristol: WI, M, 32, b Clifton, Bristol.

1891 census at Clifton Park Road, Bristol: HD, WD, aged 40, b Knowle. Living on own means.

1901 census she is HD, WD, aged 49, living at The Pines, Martinhoe, Devon, Living on own means.

a. Harold FARGUS , b. 15 Feb 1873 in , Clifton, GLS,2 occupation Brigadier-General, CB, DMG, DSO,2 d. 28 Dec 1962 in Cranford Nursing Home, Exmouth, DEV.2 OBE 1919; CMG 1916; Duke of York's Light Infantry;

Educated Clifton College. Entered army 1895; Adjutant 1900; Captain 1901; Major 1912; Lt-Col 1916; served S Africa 1899-1902 (despatches, DSO, Queen's Medal 4 clasps, King's medal 2 clasps); Brigade Major, Essex Infantry Brigade 1911; served European war 1915 - 1919; commanded 1st Bn Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry; 125th Inf. Bd 1916-'19; (despatches 5 times, DMO) promoted Bn Col. 1918; OBE; retired pay, 1919; Col, 192(?0). (Source: Who Was Who Vol 6 1961-70)

Died at Cranford Nursing Home, Cranford Avenue, Exmouth, DEV

Greg Finch writes (2001):'last night, my mother told me that she recalled a Brigadier-General Fargus living in Exmouth (my home town). This was about 50 years ago when she worked in a Boots Library, and he was a member, an old man at the time. She remembers him as a very courteous and friendly old man. She also recalls that his birthday was either the 13th or 15th February because he had told her that had he been born either the day before or day after (she can't remember which) he would have been named Valentine'.

Supplied by Julian Lyons (2005):

1881 census for 13 Oakfield Road, Clifton - son, aged 8, b Clifton, scholar.

1891 census: 65 Clifton Park Road, Clifton, bristo, - son, aged 18, b Clifton.

He married Alice Gertrude EVANS, married Q4 1899 in , Bristol, GLS,2 b. 30 AUG 1873,2 d. 6 OCT 1952.2 Alice: Da. of JL Evans....'Evans of yew House, Bramshott (Burkes).

b. Dora FARGUS , b. DQ4 1874 in , Clifton, GLS,2 d. MAR 1961 in , Devizes, WIL. 1881 census for 13 Oakfield Road, Clifton - DA, aged 6, b Clifton, Scholar.

1891 census for 65 Clifton Park Road, DA, aged 16, b Clifton, Scholar.

c. Frederick Noel FARGUS , b. Q1 1876 in , Clifton, GLS,2 d. SEP 1955 in , , Essex SW. 1881 13 Oakfield Road, Clifton: SO, aged 5, born Clifton.

1891 census for 65 Clifton Park Road, Clifton: Son, aged 12, b Clifton, Naval Cadet.

1901 census for Portsmouth: HD, Married, aged 25, b Clifton, Lieutenant, Royal Navy.

He married Lucy Edith COLE, married Q2 1900 in , Portsea, HAM.2 Lucy: 1901 census for Portsmouth: WI, M, aged 33, b Southsea, Hants.

d. Archibald Hugh Conway FARGUS , b. 15 SEP 1858 in , Barton Regis,,2, d. 6 OCT 1963 in Eastville, Bristol, GLS.13 Cambridge University Alumni on Ancestry Plus gives him as a Graduate of Pembroke College in Dec 15, 1898 [needs checking]. He entered the College in the Michaelmas term of 1898.

1881 at 13 Oakfield Road, Clifton - son, aged 2, born Clifton.

1891 1891 for 65 Clifton Park Road, - son, aged 12, b Clifton, scholar.

1901 census: aged 22, born in Clifton, GLS, living at 'The Pines', Martinhoe, Barnstaple, Devon. Undergraduate at Cambridge University.

A  cricketer, playing for Gluctershire and CambridgeUniversity: See (2005) .

2. Henry Robert FARGUS , baptized 4 JUN 1850 in ?Clifton, Bristol, GLS,12,6 occupation Solicitor, d. Aft 1901.2 1871 Vale House, Westbury on Trym, GLS: brother, unmarried, age 20

1881 Arundel House, Richmond, SRY: HD, M, aged 30, from Clifton, Bristol, solicitor.

1891 34 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, SRY: HDm M, aged 40 b Clifton, Bristol

1901 Milton House, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, HD, M, aged 50 b Clifton, Bristol.

At time of his brother, Frederick John's death he is in London - Clayton & Fargus, 10 Lancaster Place, Strand, London, in a directory.

He married Helen Mary SKINNER, married Q4 1878 in , Richmond, SRY,2 b. circa 1856 in , , , India.2 Helen: Grand-daughter of Col. James Skinner, the originator of 'Skinner's Horse', a famous Indian Cavalry Regiment:

Perhaps the most prominent Anglo-Indian to help establish the British Raj in India was the legendary James Skinner. He was born in 1775, the son of a Scotsman and a Rajput woman. He was also known as Sikander Sahib. He raised a freelance force, which fought on behalf of many Indian ruling princes. His men were known as the "yellow boys", since they used to wear yellow shawls in battle. Skinner’s irregular cavalry was called "Skinners' Horse". It became the finest regiment of the Honourable East India Company (which usually acted very dishonourably). Skinner’s Horse later became a part of independent India’s Army. In 1978 the Indian Government issued a postage stamp to celebrate 175 years of the Skinners' Horse Regiment. Similarly, the Gardner's Horse, founded by Colonel William Linnaeus Gardner, is also one of India's proud regiments today. (found on internet)

a. Nigel Harry Skinner FARGUS , b. SEP 1881 in , Richmond S. SRY,,2 occupation The Royal Scots, Lothian Regt.,2 d. 1962 in , Edinburgh, SCT. From LG Pine's 'Burkes genealogy and History of the Landed Gentry' 17th edition (1952) under Fargus of Woodlands, St Arvan's, Chepstow., Mon. DSO (1915), OBE (1919), 2nd Lt Royal Scots, 1900, Major 1915, Lt Col. 1929, ret 1933; served in S African War 1900 - 1902, and in WWI 1914-1918, educ Rugby.

He married Charlotte Mary TRIMMER, married 14 Aug 1915 in , Knutsford, CHS,2 b. cir CA 1881 in , , CANada, occupation Nanny of King George III, d. 1952 in , Edinburgh, SCT. Charlotte: Greg Finch says (2001): Charlotte Fargus (nee Trimmer) lost her brother Alfred Syer Trimmer in World War One - he was a Major in the Canadian Army, and was killed at Vimy Ridge in 1917. So she lost her brother and her husband lost his brother during the same conflict. Not a unique tragedy I fear, but still quite poignant.

Charlotte Trimmer (c.1881-1952) was the daughter of Wilfred Trimmer of Huntsville, Ontario. (c.1850- bef 1907), cousin of my great grandmother Ethel Rose Trimmer (1871-1946). In 1915 she married Nigel Harry Skinner Fargus (1881-1962) in Cheshire - probably in Knutsford, home of her aunt Jessie Spurrier (nee Trimmer).

Nigel and Charlotte Fargus were living at Woodlands, St. Arvans Monmouthshire by 1940, when Nigel acted as Executor in the will of Charlotte's late aunt Jessie Spurrier. She had moved to St.Arvans herself after her husband George died in Cheshire in 1934.

Rev'd Henry Scott Trimmer (1778-1859) m.(1805) Mary Driver Syer (d. 1859) lived mainly at Heston, Middlesex

1. Rev'd Henry Syer Trimmer (1806-1876) m. Charlotte (1825-1915) lived mainly at Marston-on-Dove, Derbys

1.1 Wilfred Henry Trimmer (c.1850-c.1907) emigrated to Canada c.


1.1.1 Charlotte Mary Trimmer (c.1881-1952) m. (1915) Nigel Harry Skinner Fargus Brian Alfred Fargus (1918- 1999/2000)

1.1.2 Alfred Syer Trimmer (c.1883- 1917) Major in Canadian Army, d. Vimy Ridge

1.2 Jessie Mary Trimmer (1853-1940) m. (1882) George Henry Spurrier (1856-1934) lived mainly at Knutsford, Cheshire

2. Rev'd Barrington James Trimmer (1809-1860)

3. Frederick Edmund Trimmer (1813-83) m. Adelaide Withers (1830-85) lived mainly at Heston, Middlesex

4 elder siblings

3.5 Ethel Rose Trimmer (1871-1946) m. Charles Thomas Wm. Finch (1868-1937) lived mainly in Exeter & Lydford, Devon

3.5.1 Edmund Charles Trimmer Finch (1893-1968) m. 1918 Vera

Maude Hart (d.1969) lived in Norbury, S. London

3.5.2 Peter Terence Trimmer Finch (1919-43) d. in Far East as Japanese prisoner

3.5.3 Michael Finch (1930- ) 2 sons 2 other girls who died young

3.5.4 Vivien Joyce Finch (1907-96) lived mainly in east Devon Christopher Dick Finch (1932- ) m. 1959 Mary Abbott (1933- ) Exmouth, Devon Greg Peter Finch (1960- ) m. 1997 Julie Jaremko

2 daughters

3 brothers.

(1) Brian Alfred FARGUS , b. 3 Jan 1918, d. 1 JUL 2002 in , Gullane, SCT.14,2 LGPine: Major, Royal Scots; served in WWII 1939-1945.

He married Shiona Margaret Lay MacKichan, married 21 Sep 1945 in , , , Hong Kong,14,2 b. 1918, (daughter of Alexander J. MACKICHAN and Daisy LAY) d. JUL 2002 in , Edinburgh, SCT.14 Shiona: Met Greg Finch in March 2002.

(a) David Nigel Alexander FARGUS , b. 31 Jul 1947 in , , , Germany.15 In 2004 was living in Singapore.

He married Bernice KLUVER, married 1975 in , , , Hong Kong.

[1] Andrew J FARGUS , b. 20 MAY 1978 in , Edinburgh, SCT.15

[2] Christopher J FARGUS , b. 4 OCT 1979 in , , , Hong Kong.15

[3] Joanna L FARGUS , b. 3 JAN 1982 in , , Hong Kong.15

(b) Diana E FARGUS , b. 1951.

She married Mr RUNDELL.

(c) Three Children .

b. Henrietta Helen Olivia Roberts FARGUS ,

b. Q2 1880 in , Richmond S. SRY,,2 d. 18 FEB 1949 in , Crawley, SRY.2 1881 at Arundel Villa, Richmond, Surrey: DA, aged 1, b Richmond, SRY.

1891 34 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham: DA, aged 11, Scholar.

1901 Milton House, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham: DA, aged 21, Unmarried, born Richmond, SRY.

Wealthy Widow. The last victim of the Acid-bath murderer, John Haigh. The photograph has been copied from a book on John Haigh, obtained through the inter-library loan system (UK).

She married Mr DURAND-DEACON.

c. Frederick Brian Arthur FARGUS , b. Q3 1887 in , Brentford, G LON,5 occupation BA. Lieutenant in army, d. 1 Jan 1915 in , Ypres, Belgium.2 1891 for 34 Waldegrave Rd, Twickenham, SRY: SO, aged 3, from Twickenham

1907 to 1908 - Private in OTC Volunteers.
Addresses given:34 Waldegrave Park, Twickenham and Milton House, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham.
He was a 2nd Lt in the Cadet Corps at Rugby School and in the Inns of Court Mounted Infantry Regiment.

Solicitor. member of firm of Clayton sons and Fargus, 10 Lancaster Place, Strand

He was a Lieutenant in the 9th battalion, London regiment.

Killed at Ypres, Belgium, on Friday, 1st January 1915, aged 27. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial at Ieper. See the War Graves Commission web-site for more details

 The will was probated in London on 1 MAY 1915 Executor was Henry Robert Fargus, solicitor (?=beneficiary). FRC Index ref. vol 0.1 p 74.

d. Esme Rose Theodora FARGUS , b. 11 Jun 1889 in 34 Waldegrave Park, Twickenham, MDX, d. DEC 1974 in , Tonbridge, KEN. 1891 for 34 Waldegrave Rd, Twickenham: DA, aged 1 b Twickenham, SRY

1901 census: aged 11, born Twickenham, living at Twickenham

I have a note that she was meant to be connected with the Yorkshire Farguses, but no connection has  yet been found (source: Eleanor Fargus in W Australia to Brian on phone circa 1990).

e. Angela Frances FARGUS , b. Q4 1884 in , Richmond, SRY.12,2 1891 at 34 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham: DA, aged 6 from Richmond, SRY

1901 census, aged 16, at Eastbourne School, Sussex. pupil.

3. William Charles FARGUS , baptized 24 FEB 1852, d. Q2 1900 in , Droxford,.2 aged 49 at death

1871 census at Vale House, Westbury on Trym, Bristol: BR, UnM, aged 19 from Bristol, Auctioneer's Clerk.

1881 census for Arundel Villa, Richmond, SRY, BR, aged 29, from Bristol, Auditor (Acct)

1891 for 7 Park Cresc., Brighton, SRY: BDR, WD, aged 39 from Bristol, Assistant Company Secretary.

He married Agness Francisca RUGE, married Q2 1892 in , Brighton, SSX,2 b. in , , , Germany. Agness: 1901 census at Brighton, St Martin - sister to Hedvig Ruge, WD, aged 51 from Germany.

F. Emily Frances FARGUS , b. 2 NOV 1824. 1841 Southwell St, Bristol, St Michael, aged 15

Left bequest in Henry Roberts' will.

She married Charles RICHARDS, married 23 OCT 1856 in St Michael, Bristol, GLS,2 b. 1817/18 in , Bridgewater, SOM,10 occupation Medical Galvanist.2

Charles: Son of William Richards, Grazier.

Living at St David's Exeter, at time of marriage.

Had a varied career in medicine.

Charles Richards' birth has not yet been traced.

At his marriage, Charles (Medical Galvanist) was living at St David's, Exeter, and Emily at Southwell St., Bristol. His father was William RICHARDS (Grazier).

At the 1871 Census Charles (53, Dispenser of Medicines) and Emily Frances (46) were living in Archenfield with their son John Fargus (3). Emily G (13, Exeter) was lodging with her aunt Olivia M Fargus (52, Bristol) at the home of William and Sarah Manning in Clifton, Bristol. Francis Charles has not yet been found.

At the 1881 Census Charles (63), Emily Frances (56) and Emily (23) were living in Goodrich Road, Archenfield, near Ross-on-Wye; his occupation is not stated. Francis Charles (17, Exeter, Railway Clerk) was a visitor at the home of Mrs Sarah Ridlee at 9 Camden Gardens, London. (Mrs R., a widow of 47, was born in Bristol. Was she a relation?) John Fargus (Richards) has not yet been found.

At the 1891 Census Charles (73, Living on his own means) and Emily Frances (66) were in Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire. Francis Charles and John Fargus have not yet been found.

1. Emily G RICHARDS , b. circa 1857 in , Exeter, DEV.10

2. Francis Charles RICHARDS , b. circa 1863 in , Exeter, DEV,10 occupation Insurance Clerk.10 At their marriage in June 1893 Francis Charles (29, Insurance Clerk) and May Elizabeth French (said to be 22) were both living at 5 Birkbeck Road, Acton, their fathers being Charles French (Wool Merchant, deceased) and Charles Richards (Surgeon - an apparent exaggeration!). May's birth has not yet been located.

At the 1901 Census Francis (37, Insurance Clerk), his wife May (28) and four children, Jim (8), Marjorie (6), Dorothy (5) and Oliver (1) were at Risca House, Portland Road, South Norwood. (Were all, as stated, born in South Norwood? If James was aged 8 at 31st March, his birth must have preceded his parents' wedding.)

He married May Elizabeth FRENCH, married 24 JUN 1893 in Parish Church, Acton, MDX,10 b. circa 1872 in , , LON.10

a. Oliver Fargus RICHARDS , b. 22 MAY 1899 in , South Norwood, SRY,10 occupation Organist/Teacher,10 d. 31 JAN 1946 in . Liverpool, LAN.10

He married Winifred Maude FOWLER, b. 12 AUG 1905 in , Kingston, SRY,10 d. 12 JUN 1992 in , Guildford, SRY.10

(1) Hugh Fargus RICHARDS , b. 16 MAY 1932 in , Liverpool, LAN,10 occupation Teacher. Married twice and has issue.

(2) Elizabeth Mary FARGUS , b. 17 MAY 1935 in , Liverpool, LAN,10 occupation Music teacher.10

She married Colin Stewart Sinclair LYON, married 9 AUG 1958 in St Agnes - Toxteth, Liverpool, LAN,10 b. 22 NOV 1926,19 occupation Actuary.10 Colin: Called Stewart.

(a) four sons & one daughter .

b. James (Jim) RICHARDS , b. 1892/3 in ?South Norwood or Acton.10

c. Frances Marjorie (Madge) RICHARDS , b. Q3 1894 in , South Norwood or Croydon, SRY.10

d. Dorothy May RICHARDS , b. Q2 1895 in Kingston, South Norwood, SRY.10

e. Francis Meredith RICHARDS , b. Q4 1904 in , Kingston District, SRY.10

f. Colin RICHARDS .

g. Denys A RICHARDS , b. 24 SEP 1907 in , Bristol, GLS,10 d. DEC 1991 in , Bournemouth, DOR.

h. Elizabeth RICHARDS .

3. John Fargus RICHARDS , b. circa 1867 in , Ilminster, SOM.10

G. Julia Elizabeth FARGUS , b. 24 SEP 1827.2

She married John Francis PERRY, b. 24 SEP 1827 in ? Bristol, GLS,10,18 d. Q2 1901 in , Bristol, GLS.2 John: 1891 census: Cups Hotel, Lyme, DOR: Border, M, aged 59, from Bristol, Living on own means (with Kate Perry m, aged 51 from Devonport, DEV. - ?2nd wife - and his sister (sic), Mary Fargus.

III. Catherine FARGUS , b. 19 APR 1786.2

She married Charles WESTWARD or WESTWOOD, married 7 FEB 1807.2

A. Eliza Ann WESTWARD .

IV. Maria (or Mary) FARGUS .

She married John CONNERY, married 6 AUG 1784.2

V. Anna FARGUS .

She married Gulielmus GREEN, married 7 JAN 1790 in St Joseph's RC, Bristol, GLS.

VI. William FARGUS , b. 28 JUL 1780 in St Joseph's RC Church, Bristol, GLS.10 Presumably died before John was born.