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Officers And Members - Troop M, 1st Wis. Cav.

The Sheboygan Press - July 16, 1917 - Pg. 1

Kohler, Herbert606 New York AveCaptain
Runge, HermanVirginia Ave1st Lieutenant
Phalen, TheodoreSheboygan Falls2nd Lieutenant
Adams, Thomas517 No. 9th St.Private
Albrecht, Richard1538 So. 14th St.Private
Armstrong, George1331 S. 8th St.Private
Barrens, CharlesChilton, Wis.Private
Beer, John Jr.Adell, Wis.Private
Biwan, Joseph1538 No. 10th St.Private
Brockman, ClarencePlymouth, Wis.Private
Brown, LesterPlymouth, Wis.Private
Bub, ArthurWisconsin Ave.Private
Carrivean, Alex1422 So. 12th St.Private
Clinton, UrialAdell, Wis.Private
Croghan, Geo.Cascade, Wis.Private
Cuddy, Douglas1505 No. 6th StSergeant
Davis, RoyalSo. 7th St.Private
De Ruyter, Cornelius2507 No. 8th St.Private
Deen, PeterCedar Grove, Wis.Private
Dehne, Fred1933 No. 9th StSupply Sergeant
Dobratz, EdwardPlymouth, Wis.Private
Dwyer, EarlCascade, Wis.Private
Ebbling, arwed715 New York AveMess Sergeant
Ebelt, AlmundCascade, Wis.Private
Egan, FrederickBrillion, Wis.Private
Elchhorn, LesterSheboygan FallsPrivate
Elsinger, OscarR. 15, Cedar GrovePrivate
Fistler, William1606 No. 5th St.Private
Frank, Thomas1311 New Jersey Ave.Private
Fredricks, Delbert1635 Indiana Ave.Private
Gabrich, AnthonyCor. 7th & CenterPrivate
Grande, Arvin1215 Trimberger Ct.Private
Gruber, Joseph1036 Superior Ave1st Sergeant
Gutsch, Victor1035 Penn. Ave.Private
Hacker, John909 Erie AveSergeant
Helmer, ThomasPlymouth, Wis.Private
Hensel, Arthur518 No. 7th St.Stable Sergeant
Hollenberger, FloydPlymouth, Wis.Private
Holzschuh, CasperR. 23, ElkhartPrivate
Jacobs, Peter2223 No. 6th StPrivate
Kalk, LeonardSheboygan FallsPrivate
Keli, Harry1636 No. 7th StPrivate
Kemkes, Theo.Park HotelPrivate
Kleas, John1626 New Jersey St.Private
Knocke, Arvin823 New York Ave.Private
Koch, HenryAdell, Wis.Private
Kuehl, Joseph1720 No. 12th StPrivate
Kuehl, Thomas1720 No. 12th StPrivate
Labaunke, Henry620 Georgia Ave.Private
Ladwig, HerbertPlymouth, Wis.Private
Landgraf, Albert526 So. 13th St.Corporal
Landgraf, Hugo1104 Superior AveCorporal
Lentz, RaymondFranklin HousePrivate
Leonard, Carl1607 Alexander CourtPrivate
Lorens, Herman1536 No. 5th StPrivate
Lorenz, Curtis710 No. 5th St.Private
Melius, OscarCascade, Wis.Private
Miley, alfredSheboygan fallsPrivate
Nichols, VerneMilwaukee, Wis.Private
Ninnemann, HerbertCascade, Wis.Private
Oglan, AndrewAdell, Wis.Private
Papendieck, 12424 No 5th St.Sergeant
Payleitner, FerdinandR. No. 2, SheboyganPrivate
Peterson, FloydCascade, Wis.Private
Piper, GeorgeCascade, Wis.Corporal
Prack, AlexR. No. 14, Cedar GrovePrivate
Pray, LeslieSheboygan FallsPrivate
Reinhold, WalterPlymouth, Wis.Private
Resch, Edward725 Alabama Ave.Corporal
Revoir, Fred1810 Huron ave.Private
Schmelter, Anton506 So. River St.Private
Schroeder, Anton1542 John's CourtPrivate
Schuelke, Barney1323 So. 11th St.Private
Schultz, Harvey818 So. 13th St.Private
Schultz, Wm.1235 Lincoln Ave.Private
Schuster, Isadore1507 Bell aveCorporal
Seekins, Edward828 New York Ave.Private
Silverthorn, Julian1309 No. 4th St.Private
Skelton, JosephCascade, Wis.Private
Smith, Clark616 No. 5th St.Private
Smith, James1625 Union Ave.Private
Stielow, Emil913 New York AveSergeant
Stier, WaldemarAdell, WisPrivate
Sturm, HenryPlymouth, Wis.Private
Trass, Peter626 Huron Ave.Private
Tropp, RichardR. 20, Cascade, Wis.Private
Van Alten, Daniel2507 No. 8th St.Private
Van De Loo, EdwardR. 3, SheboyganPrivate
Vesey, WaynePlymouthPrivate
Vollrath, Jacob2123 No. 6th StPrivate
Warnecke, Walter1519 No. 4th StPrivate
Warner, FrankR. No. 12, OostburgPrivate
Weinberger, Gottlieb1311 N. 14th St.Private
Winter, Michael1029 So. 8th St.Private
Wittkopp, Wm.Cascade, Wis.Private
Wolf, Erwin1705 No. 9th StCorporal
Young, Alex1537 So. 10th St.Private
Young, RaymondAdell, Wis.Private
Zinn, Luther J.Plymouth, Wis.Corporal

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