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Sheboygan Volunteers Who Were Rejected Because Of Physical Disqualification - World War I

The Sheboygan Press - July 17, 1917 - Pg. 1

Seventy young men of Sheboygan county, most of them from the city of Sheboygan, offered their services to their country through Company C or Troop M between April 3 and July 5, and were rejected by reason of some slight physical disqualification.

These young men were willing and anxious to "do their bit" and for the most part it was a sore disappointment to them that they were refused enlistment. In most of the cases the announcement of the examining physicians that they were disqualified was a surprise to the volunteers.

The physical requirements are very exacting. Some were rejected because of their height and weight, some for defective eyesight, some for broken arches in their feet, some for weak hearts, and a number of other physical ailments that the men know nothing about. It was nothing to their detriment that they were rejected but to the contrary The Press is glad to publish the list of those who volunteered their services that every honor possible may be shown them.

Those who volunteered from April 3 to July 5 and were rejected are:

Ahrens, George
Ahrens, George
Balthisties, Peter
Bauer, Christ
Bauer, Christ
Beihl, Marvin
Bauman, William
Baumgartner, Lester
Boeldt, Gilbert
Bohnsack, Leon
Butters, Arno
Byrum, Edward
Case, William
Corson, Roy
Damrow, Fred
DeBruine, Henry
Dietz, Gottlieb
Freutel, Leslie
Gierke, Herman
Gross, Fred
Hahr, Oscar
Hanson, Ashley
Henning, August
Hidde, Otto
Hienemann, William
Huibregtse, Dennis
Huibregtse, Leroy
Jensen, Nels
Johne, Arvin
Kann (?), Frank
Kaufman, Paul
Klib, Elmer
Knuth, Carl
Krause, David
Kurtz, Gustave
Laubach, George
Leher, Bruno
Lindberg, Charles
Loose, August
Lutheran (?), Walter
Mabee, Benno
Marohn, Arthur
Matkevich, Joseph
Monroe, Ellis
Mulligan, Edward
Narewski, Joseph
Neuenfeld, William
Nieubius, William
Olsen, Andrew
Ormdey, Walter
Phillips, Charles
Pieper, Harley
Pierce, Harry
Rehm, Miland
Schieble, Alvin
Schlieder, Frank
Schmidt, Carl
Schneider, August
Schroeder, Carl
Schultz, Edward
Shelendich, Mike
Soderstrom, Harold
Sonntag, Fabian
Stenger, Joseph
Themar, Clarence
Vasselos, Ernst
Weisse, Arvin
Williams, Cedric

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