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Officers And Members Of Co. C. Second Wis. Inf.

The Sheboygan Press - July 16, 1917 - Pg. 1

Adams, Arthur1217 Alabama Ave.Private
Anderson, Clarence 817 Niagara Ave.Corporal
Baldewein, Alfred1013 Superior Ave.Private
Bayens, Daniel522 Spencer Ct.Private 1st Class
Bayens, Peter 522 Spencer Ct.Corporal
Berger, Edward623 National Ct.Private
Bleck, Hasso (?)PlymouthPrivate
Bolz, Edward1013 Superior Ave.Private
Breder, Fred919 Huron Ave.Private
Browne, Chester1705 So. 10th St.Private
Browne, Joseph1705 So. 10th St.Private
Bub, Walter509 Wisconsin Ave.Private
Burk, Joseph729 No. 11th StPrivate
Carey, RichardSheboygan FallsPrivate
Chiginski, Alex1224 Alabama Ave.Private
Chudobbn, Otto1218 No. 15th St.Private
Costas, SamuelSheboyganPrivate
Damrow, ArvinR. No. 3 SheboyganPrivate
Daniels, Elmer416 Wisconsin Ave.Private
DeBruine, Harry1403 Bluff Ave.Private
Doering, Herman1840 So. 13th St.Private
Donlevy, WaldoSheboygan FallsBugler
Dotz, Christ919 Niagara Ave.Private
Dramel, Frank1102 N. 8th St.Private
Dreps, Anthony1401 N. 8th St.Private
Drews, John1222 Geele Ave.Private
Dupras, EugeneTwo Rivers, Wis.Private
Felzman, Joseph1937 So. 12th StSergeant
Filtach, FloydLancaster, Wis.Private
Fitzpatrick, Joseph2432 So 7th St.Private
Foerster, Carl1513 No. 4th StPrivate
Gainway, WillisSheboygan FallsPrivate 1st Class
Gennert, GeorgePlymouth, Wis.Private
Glaeser, AllenGlenbeulah, Wis.Private
Godez, Joseph522 No. Water StPrivate 1st Class
Graefe, Arthur15 16 So. 7th St.Private 1st Class
Graskamp, Herman1602 No. 5th St.Corporal
Gray, Harold 817 N. 8th St.Corporal
Grube, George1825 No. 7th St.Private 1st Class
Gruden, Frank729 No. 11th St.Private
Helderscheld, Lawrence1316 N. 8th.Private
Hill, HarryWaldo, Wis.Private
Hoffman, Frank916 New York Av.Private
Hoffman, Theobald916 New York Ave.Private
Jensen, William N.1819 North 13th St.1st Lieutenant
Jerzewski, JosephHika, Wis.Private
Jirovec, AloisAntigo, Wis.Private 1st Class
Juekem, Constant1824 No. 6th St.Private
Kallenberg, EdgarPlymouth, Wis.Private
Kinuek, Edgar1529 Oakland AveBugler
Knauf, Gottlieb1211 No. 8th St.Private
Kohn, Henry1529 No. 4th St.Mechanic
Kopf, Jacob2033 No. 12th St.Private
Kreuter, Arthur 836 Niagara AveSergeant
Krizay, Joseph918 Georgia Ave.Private 1st Class
Kunovou, Andrew1102 No. 8th StPrivate
Kutzback, VictorSheboygan FallsPrivate
Ladewig, WalterPlymouth, Wis.Private
Lapitz, Joseph832 New Nersey Ave.Private
Lawrence, LouisR. 14, Cedar GrovePrivate
Lederer, Christ1010 St. Clair Ave.Private
Legois, JohnGreen Bay, Wis.Private
Lehmann, Louis R. No. 3, SheboyganCorporal
Leibham, Jacob2306 No. 11th StPrivate
Leimets, Julius1127 Bluff Ave.Private
Leining, Christ1116 No. 14th St.Private
Lemkull, HarveySheboygan FallsPrivate
Loesing, Arthur914 Superior Ave.Private
Mahnke, Arno1936 So. 13th St.Private 1st Class
Manderle, OttoPlymouth, Wis.Private
Manthey, John1036 Superior Ave.Private 1st Class
Marks, Leo 1114 Georgia Ave.1st Sergeant
Matsdorf, Walter PlymouthSergeant
Medlow, Frank522 No. Water St.Private
Meiger, William1700 No. 15th St.Private
Melger, William1709 No. 15th St.Private
Meyer, Eltel829 Ontario Ave.Private
Mueller, HermanSheboygan FallsPrivate
Multer, Elmer1511 Michigan Ave.Private
Novak, Frank514 No. 9th StPrivate
Oostdyk, Martin512 Superior Ave.Private
Ostheider, Carl1511 No. 5th St.Private
Parakovich, Frank729 No. 13th St.Private
Part, Frank827 Indiana Ave.Private
Petty, HiramBrillion, Wis.Private
Phalen, John Sheboygan FallsCorporal
Phalen, Theodore Sheboygan FallsSupply Sergeant
Radtke, Charles817 No. 9th St.Private
Ramaker, EugeneSheboygan FallsPrivate
Reick, ArnoPlymouth, Wis.Private
Reif, Gerhard1529 No. 10th StPrivate
Reightley, AlbertPlymouth, Wis.Private
Reik, Frank432 No. Water St.Private
Reinhardt, Christ 303 Wisconsin Ave.Corporal
Richards, AlfredSheboygan FallsPrivate 1st Class
Roska, Herbert Sheboygan FallsSergeant
Rosman, Frank1429 No. 8th St.Private
Rothe, Martin1405 Martin Ave.Cook
Ruppel, David1211 No. 8th St. 
Ruppick, John618 Jefferson Ave. 
Saane, WalterPlymouth, Wis.Private
Scheffier, Arno1335 Mehrtens Ave.Private 1st Class
Schipper, JosephSheboyganPrivate
Schlegel, Louis322 No. Water St.Private
Schleider, Lester Sheboygan FallsMess Sergeant
Schmelter, Leo506 So. River St.Private 1st Class
Schmidt, Paul W.416 Superior Ave.Captain
Schneider, William1602 No. 5th St.Private
Schultz, Fred1922 Calumet RoadPrivate
Schurrer, Peter1839 No. 15th St.Private
Shimek, Emil422 So. 13th St.Private
Spatt, Joseph 1617 So. 14th St.Corporal
Speckmann, Arno1420 Lincoln Ave.Private
Stahl, August912 Ontario Ave.Private
Stange, Carl1642 Seaman Ave.Private
Staniach, Emil922 Martin Ave.Private
Stefanski, John432 No. Water St.Private
Steffen, Arthur821 National Ct.Private
Stenger, Arthur921 Union AvePrivate
Sweeting, Leon1516 Michigan Ave.Private
Taubenheim, Charles921 High Ave.Private
Theune, WilliamCedar GrovePrivate
Thomas, RobertSheboygan FallsPrivate
Trader, Frank1010 Wisconsin Ave.Private 1st Class
Urbanic, Joseph818 New York Ave.Private
Urmer, EdwardR. No. 5, SheboyganPrivate
VanHandel, Rudolph734 No. 3rd St.Private
Verhuist, JacobR. No. 12, OostburgPrivate
Volker, Tony808 Indiana Ave.Private
Vretener, Joseph514 No. 9th St.Private
Wachsmuth, William705 Seaman Av.Private
Wade, AllenPlymouth, Wis.Private
Walsh, WilliamWaldo, Wis.Private
Waterstradt, Louis1510 No. 3rd St.Cook
Wendlandt, FrankR. 34, Town RhinePrivate
West, Kenneth623 Rnd Ct.Private
Westphal, Ernst 1114 So. 9th St.Sergeant
Wick, CharliePlymouth, Wis.Private
Wolf, August1014 Superior Ave.2nd Lieutenant
Wolfert, LouisSheboyganPrivate
Wondergem, Peter80 Lincoln Ave.Private
Yamnick, John1120 Alabama Ave.Private
Zaen, Louis432 North Water St.Private
Ziata, John827 Indiana Ave.Private
Zinkgraf, William PlymouthCorporal
Zorman, Frank2433 No. 8th St.Private

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